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Turnkey Property in Mallorca: A Complete Guide for Potential Buyers

Turnkey and move-in ready houses in Mallorca


  1. Turnkey property in Mallorca: Explanation

  2. Understanding the Turnkey Strategy in Real Estate

  3. Deciphering the concept of "turnkey finishing"

    1. Cost Accounting

  4. Comparing Turnkey and Furnished Properties

  5. The pros and cons of buying a turnkey property

  6. Turnkey Property in Mallorca - Illustrative Examples

  7. Definition of Ready-to-Move-In Property in Mallorca

    1. Is "Ready to Move In" the Same as "Turnkey" in Spain?

  8. Conclusion: Who and Why Should Buy a Turnkey Property in Mallorca?

  9. Unlock a World of Comfort with Yes! Mallorca Property

Are you exploring Property Investment in Mallorca? It's crucial to grasp the concepts of "turnkey" and "move-in ready" properties. This article will delve into these property types' definitions, strategies, costs, and advantages, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate the real estate market with assurance.

Turnkey property in Mallorca: Explanation

In Mallorca, a turnkey property is more than just a house; it's a fully furnished and equipped haven primed for immediate occupancy. Think of it as the whole package, where every aspect, from interior design to appliances, is thoughtfully attended to. So, what exactly does a "turnkey sale" entail? Simply, it signifies that the property is sold in a ready-to-move-in state, sparing you the hassles of renovation or furnishing.

Understanding the Turnkey Strategy in Real Estate

The turnkey strategy in real estate involves acquiring a property that has already undergone all necessary repairs and improvements. Investors opt for this approach to mitigate risks and expedite the process, as the property is immediately poised to generate rental income or provide a comfortable residence.

In simple terms, when you purchase a turnkey property in Mallorca, you're eliminating the need for additional expenditures and time investments in hiring a designer, carrying out repairs, buying furniture, appliances, decor elements, etc. These expenses can range from 10% to 20% of the property's value. While the initial cost of a turnkey property in Mallorca may be slightly higher than an unprepared property, it ultimately results in greater money and personal time savings.

Deciphering the concept of "turnkey finishing."

A turnkey finish implies that the property has been meticulously completed to meet the highest standards, typically featuring top-quality materials, contemporary appliances, cutting-edge energy solutions, advanced heating systems, and an aesthetically pleasing and professionally designed interior. It is synonymous with luxury and convenience.

Cost Accounting

The price of a turnkey house in Mallorca is influenced by various factors, including its location, size, level of finishing, contemporary standards, quality of materials, and interior decor. While the initial cost of a turnkey property may be higher, it can ultimately result in long-term savings by negating the necessity for immediate repairs or modernisation efforts on your Mallorca property.

Comparing Turnkey and Furnished Properties

Interior designer working on home design at a furniture store

Turnkey and furnished properties share similarities, but they are different. While both provide a move-in-ready solution, a turnkey property encompasses more than just furnishings; it includes the entire space, from furniture to fixtures.

The pros and cons of buying a turnkey property:



Time-saving: Instant check-in without delays.

-       High initial cost: The initial purchase price may be higher. Options can also be sold at a higher price than bought on the market. 

Convenience: No need to make decisions about renovating or buying furniture.

-       Limited personalisation: Minimal room for customisation.

Investment Potential: Attractive to tenants looking for carefree living.

- Standardised design: More uniqueness may be needed compared to a bespoke renovation.

Immediate income opportunity when buying to rent.

Turnkey Property in Mallorca - Illustrative Examples

As the quest for comfort, convenience, and effortless living grows, more individuals are embracing turnkey solutions when investing in Mallorcan real estate. This option offers new property owners a comprehensive suite of services, from interior design and decor to furniture and appliance installation.

  • Prevalence and Advantages: The practice of acquiring turnkey properties in Mallorca is rising. This trend is understandable, as it permits new property owners to enjoy their residences immediately, bypassing the inconvenience and time-intensive expenses associated with renovations.

  • Popular Choices: Among Mallorca's most favoured turnkey properties are contemporary apartments and villas. Geographically, sought-after locations for these properties include luxurious resorts and esteemed neighbourhoods with outstanding infrastructure.

Here are some prime examples of locations where turnkey properties are in high demand in Mallorca:

Palma de Mallorca:

Mallorca South West:

 South Mallorca:

Son Vida


Badia Gran   

Son Rapinya

Portals Nous

Ses Salines


Costa d'en Blanes

Badia Blava


Nova Santa Ponsa

Puig de Ros

El Paseo Maritimo

Puerto d´Andratx

Sa Torre

Sol de Mallorca

Cala Viñes

Average Price per Square Meter by Region as of August 2023:

  • Palma de Mallorca - €3,827/m2

  • Mallorca South West - €5,900/m2

  • South Mallorca - €3,198/m2

• Expert Recommendation: Turnkey solutions are especially advisable for those who value their time and prefer to bypass the intricacies of home decoration and furnishing. It presents an ideal choice for those eager to bring their interior design ideas to life and own property without unnecessary concerns.

A turnkey property in Mallorca represents the perfect fusion of style, comfort, and convenience. It's an option that will be cherished by those seeking the ultimate readiness for a new phase in life, along with quality and hassle-free property ownership on this remarkable island.

Examples of turnkey property sales in Mallorca:

  1. Luxurious new penthouse in Son Rapinya, Palma. Price 1.590.000 €

  2. Designer Luxury Villa in Santa Ponsa. The Price: 4.500.000 €

  3. New townhouse in Calvia, Mallorca. The price is 570.000 €

  4. Modern villa with stunning sea views in Cala Viñes. The price is 3.950.000 €

  5. Luxury garden apartment in Portals Nous. The price is 1.700.000 €   

Definition of Ready-to-Move-In Property in Mallorca

A "ready to move in" property in Mallorca is essentially a turnkey property. It refers to a fully finished, furnished, and equipped house ready for immediate occupancy upon purchase. "ready to move in" and "turnkey" are commonly used interchangeably.

Is "Ready to Move In" the Same as "Turnkey" in Spain?

Yes, in the context of the Spanish property market, "ready to move in" and "turnkey" essentially have the same meaning. Both terms refer to a property that is fully prepared for immediate occupancy without the need for additional work.

In Spain, the term 'ready to move in' is becoming increasingly important, particularly in selling new-build properties. New constructions labelled 'ready to move in' have already undergone construction, architectural, and engineering work.

However, it's crucial to exercise caution. Property developers in Spain may use the term "ready for occupancy" to indicate that the construction is complete, finishing touches have been applied, and engineering communications are in place. But this doesn't necessarily mean the property is furnished and decorated. The specific meaning of "ready to move in" can vary. Hence, it's advisable to inquire with each developer in Mallorca and Spain.

To find a newly built property ready to move in or a turnkey property in Mallorca, your first step should be to contact a reputable real estate agent. Professional estate agents in Mallorca have connections and information about all trustworthy property developers. Realtors in Mallorca can assist you in purchasing a new turnkey property. Property developers and brokers often have reliable partners who can handle interior design work, minor repairs, and furnishing.

Another option for acquiring a property ready for immediate occupancy in a new development is to purchase a showroom from the developer. However, you may need to wait until other properties are sold because developers typically sell showrooms last.

Conclusion: Who and Why Should Buy a Turnkey Property in Mallorca?

A family moves into a ready-made house, parents and children bring boxes into the new house

Purchasing a turnkey property in Mallorca is a wise and financially prudent decision that offers numerous advantages to a diverse range of potential buyers. This option particularly appeals to those who value convenience, time efficiency, and confidence in the quality of their investment.

Here's why and who should explore turnkey properties in Mallorca:

  1. Immediate Move-In Ready: A turnkey property means you can start enjoying your new home immediately without needing months of repairs and renovations. This is especially advantageous for those who dream of residing in Mallorca promptly. It's also valuable for non-permanent residents, allowing them to spend their precious sunny days on holiday rather than settling in.

  2. No Risk or Effort: When you purchase a turnkey property, you sidestep the hassle of selecting materials, coordinating construction, and overseeing repairs. Every detail has already been meticulously planned and executed by professionals.

  3. Thoughtful Design and Quality: Turnkey properties typically boast a high standard of finishing and design. You won't need to consider selecting furniture, finishes, or accessories—everything has been crafted with the latest trends and quality standards in mind.

  4. Investment Potential: Buying a ready-made property in Mallorca can mean generating income immediately after purchase, especially if considering it a rental property. Finished and comfortable homes attract tenants, enhancing profitability.

  5. Time and Stress Savings: Acquiring a turnkey property spares you the stress of renovations and the complexities of moving. It's the perfect solution for those who value their time and wish to avoid unforeseen hassles.

  6. Maximum Holiday Enjoyment: For those planning to use their Mallorca property as a holiday destination, ready-made accommodation offers the chance to savour the island from the very first days of their stay, minimising concerns about daily life.

In conclusion, purchasing a turnkey property in Mallorca is optimal for those seeking comfort, certainty, and time savings. This approach suits investors and individuals aiming to establish a cosy residence or holiday getaway in this enchanting corner of the world.

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