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Commercial Property in Mallorca for Sale

Luxurious agro-hotel with a large plot of land in Llucmajor
2000 m2
Commercial real estate
11 700 000 €
Charming boutique hotel in Felanitx
1500 m2
Commercial real estate
3 000 000 €
Popular bar in the tourist area in Paguera
40 m2
Commercial real estate
159 000 €
Santa Ponsa
Popular bar in a great location in Santa Ponsa
300 m2
Commercial real estate
550 000 €
Santa Ponsa
Lovely commercial building with parking in Santa Ponsa
625 m2
Commercial real estate
2 050 000 €
Port Adriano
Popular restaurant near Port Adriano
360 m2
Commercial real estate
1 825 000 €
Costa de la Calma
Commercial property in the famous mall in Costa de la Calma
71 m2
Commercial real estate
99 900 €
House under restoration in the center of Palma
461 m2
Commercial real estate
1 525 000 €

Overview of the commercial property market in Mallorca 


  1. Advantages of Investing in Mallorca's Commercial Real Estate

  2. The Most Popular Locations for Buying Commercial Property in Mallorca

  3. Commercial property prices in Mallorca

  4. Common Types of Commercial Properties and Prices in Mallorca

  5. Price Range of Commercial Properties in Mallorca

  6. Investment Opportunities: Commercial Property in East Mallorca

Advantages of Investing in Mallorca's Commercial Real Estate

In this article, we invite you to delve into the realm of commercial property in Mallorca and consider its potential for a thriving business venture. We'll examine the various types of commercial properties, highlight sought-after locations, and provide valuable insights for those contemplating investments in this unique market.

Suppose you're intrigued by the prospect of acquiring commercial property in Mallorca or wish to explore how this market can elevate your business. In that case, this article is tailored to your interests. Let's embark on a journey together to uncover the promising business prospects on this picturesque island.

Mallorca, with its breathtaking landscapes, natural wonders, and inviting Mediterranean climate, has traditionally drawn tourists and investors alike. Beyond its pristine beaches and scenic mountains, Mallorca presents distinctive opportunities in commercial real estate.

Purchasing commercial property in Mallorca may strike some as an unconventional choice. Still, there are compelling reasons why it can be a lucrative and forward-thinking decision. Currently, 1,910 commercial property listings are available for purchase in Mallorca, constituting 5% of the island's total property offerings.

Fresh listings for sale are infrequent, as owners of commercial properties in Mallorca often prefer to lease them, ensuring a steady, passive income stream. Let's explore the primary factors motivating investors to explore commercial property acquisition on this captivating island.

1. Thriving Tourism Sector

Mallorca is one of the Mediterranean's premier tourist destinations, attracting over 15 million visitors annually in pursuit of sunshine, sea, and unforgettable experiences. This continually expanding tourism sector fuels substantial demand for commercial properties, including restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, entertainment complexes, and more.

2. Strategic Location

Mallorca's strategic location within the Mediterranean region makes it an appealing hub for business. With well-connected sea and air links, the island provides seamless access and a gateway between Europe and neighbouring areas.

3. Diverse Business Prospects

Mallorca offers various commercial opportunities, from seaside restaurants and cafés to stores specializing in local products and vacation rental properties. The possibilities are abundant.

4. Resilient Property Market

The demand for property in Mallorca remains robust. It consistently grows, fueled by the island's allure for tourists and permanent residents. Investing in commercial property in Mallorca can be a steadfast means to fortify your financial future.

5. Distinctive Atmosphere and Lifestyle

Mallorca boasts a unique lifestyle that entices locals and international visitors alike. Rich cultural heritage, culinary delights, and a serene ambience make the island an appealing business destination. Notably, tourists and property buyers in Mallorca exhibit solid financial stability.

In conclusion, investing in commercial property in Mallorca presents an opportunity to engage with a promising and expanding market brimming with excellent business potential. Whether it's a beachfront restaurant or a charming guesthouse, Mallorca offers an array of avenues for prosperous commercial property ventures.

The Most Popular Locations for Buying Commercial Property in Mallorca

Palma, the island's capital, takes the lead in commercial property sales in Mallorca and across the Balearic Islands. Buyers often acquire commercial spaces to establish restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, boutiques, retail stores, offices, and more. However, the most common purpose for buying commercial property in Mallorca is for rental income.

Among other sought-after areas, the major tourist destinations on the island stand out:

The most popular locations for purchasing commercial property are found in the southwest of Mallorca:

  • Palmanova

  • Puerto Portals

  • Santa Ponsa

  • Port Adriano

  • Paguera

  • Andratx and Puerto de Andratx

The most favoured locations for buying commercial property in the north of Mallorca:

  • Puerto de Alcudia

  • Port Pollensa

  • The entire Playa de Muro coastline

  • Can Picafort

  • Sóller and Port de Sóller

The most in-demand locations for buying commercial property in the south of Mallorca:

  • Es Arenal

  • Puig de Ros

  • Santanyí

  • Sa Rapita

The most sought-after locations for buying commercial property are located in the east of Mallorca:

  • Cala Figuera

  • Porto Cristo

  • Cala Murada

  • Cales de Mallorca

  • Manacor Centro

  • Cala Millor

  • Sa Coma

  • Porto Colom

  • Cala D'Or

Commercial properties for rent are highly sought after in these areas. Consequently, investors who generate passive income from their properties acquire real estate in these regions. This results in a limited supply of available properties and drives up prices for commercial real estate in Mallorca.

Commercial property prices in Mallorca

The average price per square meter (m²) for commercial property in Mallorca is 2,083 €/m². This figure is notably lower than the average price for residential property in Mallorca, marking a 47.6% difference compared to 3,987 €/m². This cost differential often plays a pivotal role for investors considering commercial property investments in Mallorca.

The affordability of commercial property prices can be an attractive feature for potential investors. However, it is essential to remember that prices can fluctuate based on location, property type, and overall condition. For instance, properties in the heart of popular tourist areas may command higher prices than those in less frequented locales.

Common Types of Commercial Properties and Prices in Mallorca

Commercial properties in Mallorca come in various types and are scattered across different locations.

  • For instance, a substantial commercial building in the highly sought-after commercial zone of Son Bugadelles in the southwest of Mallorca is available for purchase at 2,050,000 €.

This expansive commercial structure boasts a sizable warehouse, a separate office space with two rooms, two restroom facilities, and ample parking space for up to 20 vehicles. Situated in the commercial district of Santa Ponsa, this property spans a total area of 625 square meters, resting on a land plot of 675 square meters. The offices are equipped with air conditioning and heating systems.

  • Alternatively, in the popular tourist hub of Santa Ponsa, you can find a turnkey bar for sale, priced at 550,000 €.

This well-frequented bar is conveniently located just steps away from the central beach in Santa Ponsa, on the southwest coast of Mallorca. It boasts a total area of 300m² and an additional 120m² of outdoor terrace space. Inside, the bar can accommodate up to 200 patrons, while the outdoor terrace offers seating for 90 guests. The property is equipped with all necessary water and electricity connections, and it provides ample parking for customers. The central sandy beach is merely a stone's throw away.

  • In Mallorca, you can also find commercial properties that are already equipped as boutique hotels or eco-hotels for sale. For example, you can acquire such a turnkey hotel on the southeast coast for as little as €3,000,000.

This estate comprises nine spacious en-suite bedrooms in the main house and three en-suite bedrooms in a separate building. All rooms offer stunning views of the picturesque countryside; some even feature private terraces. The ground floor encompasses a bright lounge, a sitting room, a kitchen, and a charming dining area with a wood-burning cooker in the oldest section of the building, retaining many period features.

Upstairs, in addition to the nine unique bedrooms, there is a spacious lounge for relaxation and an upper terrace suitable for yoga classes, offering breathtaking vistas of the lush landscape and mountains beyond. Outdoors, you'll find a shaded dining terrace, a swimming pool, and a garden area. Across from the main building is a fenced enclosure where the resident chickens reside. This hotel currently offers yoga sessions, cycling adventures, and horse riding experiences, holds a wedding license, and is ideal for hosting various events. This charming hotel promises tranquillity and an opportunity to immerse oneself in nature and the surrounding landscape.

Price Range of Commercial Properties in Mallorca

Acquiring affordable commercial property in Mallorca is entirely feasible. It's possible to find options for purchasing commercial property in Mallorca for as low as 100,000 euros. For instance, with a budget of 35,000 euros, you can secure a compact commercial space of around 80 m2 in one of Palma's districts—ideal for a small bar or café.

On the other end of the spectrum, the highest-priced commercial properties in Mallorca are typically holiday hotels. The cost of these hotels can range from 20 to 50 million euros. This valuation hinges on the hotel's number of rooms, star rating, location, and operational status.

Investment Opportunities: Commercial Property in East Mallorca

East Mallorca presents unique prospects for property investors. The average rental rate is €11.3 per square meter, indicative of a thriving commercial property market. Commercial properties here often boast lease terms spanning 5 to 10 years, underlining the robust demand.

Investing in commercial property in Mallorca not only aligns with sound financial strategies but also promises substantial returns.

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