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Office Yes! Mallorca Property (outside view)
Office Yes! Mallorca Property (inside view)
Office Yes! Mallorca Property (inside view)

Yes! Mallorca Property is a real estate agency that provides all kind of professional services in choosing and purchasing properties on the island of Mallorca, the Balearic archipelago that is part of Spain.

The company started the business in real estate sphere since 2008. Due to the accumulated knowledge and many years of experience in 2016, we had the opportunity to create an independent brand of the new format “Yes! Mallorca Property ”, which quickly became the popular in the whole property market in Mallorca.

How we work in Yes! Mallorca Property:

  • In our work, our agency focuses on continuous technological development, which allows us to cover the market of buyers from all over the world.
  • The unique standards for working with clients developed within our company are guaranteed to avoid stressful situations and keep the transaction of purchase and sale of real estate criteria mutually beneficial and secure.
  • Our lawyers ensure maximum transparency and legal purity of the transaction for all parties and participants in the process of purchasing and selling real estate in Mallorca.
  • Our database of properties is updating every day exclusively at the expense of our own forces. We do not use for sale duplicates, properties from other web sites and without the written permission of the owners to sell their properties.

We know how to purchase and sell real estate in Mallorca:

  • Quickly! - The fastest growing, 100% updated and extensive real estate base in Mallorca.
  • Profitable! - the possibility of a reasonable negotiation of the value of the property, on the verge of mutual benefit, for all participants in the transaction.
  • Reliable! - An absolute guarantee of the legal purity and security of the transaction. The most important factor for those who do not neglect their future and the future of their relatives .
  • "Yes! Mallorca Property" is the fastest, most profitable and safest way to buy or sell your property on the island of Mallorca in Spain.

Services provided by Yes! Mallorca Property to our clients:

  • Professional customer consultation on the process of purchase and sale of any property in Mallorca
  • Preparing the list of properties and arranging viewings of it based on the individual requests of the buyer
  • Professional individual offer of properties of any type of real estate, regardless of the internal base of the real estate agency
  • Organisation and full support of the purchase and sale of exclusive real estate in Mallorca
  • Preparation of documents for final transaction at the notary office
  • Assistance and maintenance in preparing required documents to open an account with Spanish banks and obtain a mortgage
  • Help and support on obtaining application to NIE number in Spain.
  • Arranging viewings of real estate in Mallorca
  • Help and assistance on the transfer of funds from other countries to Spain
  • Help and assistance in pick-up from the airport with the possibility of personal meeting at the airport if necessary
  • Valuation of real estate
  • Free and professional photo and video shooting (with the possibility of using drones) of a property for sale in Mallorca
  • Verification of the legal purity of the property for sale
  • Help and professional support in the process of obtaining a residence permit in Spain
  • Help in adaptation process when moving to Mallorca at any age.
  • Post-sales support, including: help in paying monthly fees, community fees, local taxes; help in choosing best providers of home internet, local telephony, electricity and water companies to pay less while you are not staying in the island; property maintenance; rentals; interior and exterior design, construction and repair works.

Yes! Mallorca Property is one of the leaders in the real estate market in Mallorca, which is constantly growing up and developing every day. Our professional real estate agents speak fluently Spanish, Russian, German, English and Finnish. Therefore, we work with customers from all over the world.

Main Values of ​​Yes! Mallorca Property:

  • Leadership. To be a leader is to be competent in all main requests.
  • Responsibility. We speak and do only what we are 100% sure of.
  • Reputation. It is this value that helps us to do our work in the efficient and professional way.
  • Openness. We are always open for an honest dialogue.
  • Teamwork. Turning to any employee of our company, you feel turned to the entire team immediately.