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Moving to Mallorca Explained — pros, cons, tips, and advises 

Mallorca auf der Karte

  1. Why relocate to Mallorca

  2. The best places to live in Mallorca

  3. Immigration to Mallorca for the UK Citizens (after Brexit)

  4. Moving to Mallorca from the EU or Germany

  5. Moving to Mallorca from Switzerland

  6. Immigration to Mallorca, Spain, for the US citizens

  7. Driving License in Mallorca, Spain, for foreigners

  8. How much money do I need to emigrate to Mallorca

  9. When a citizen becomes a tax resident on the island

  10. Relocation to Mallorca with Children

  11. Migrating to Mallorca for Retirees

  12. Is it challenging to find a job in Mallorca

  13. What professions are in demand in Mallorca

  14. Migrating to Mallorca - property search issues

  15. Examples of prices for typical properties

  16. Health insurance and medical care in Mallorca

  17. Relocation to Mallorca - checklist for moving

  18. Expat forums about Mallorca

Why relocate to Mallorca 

Mallorca has always attracted people from England, northern Europe, and Germany. Europeans and the English moved to Mallorca mainly because of the mild Mediterranean climate, warm weather, proximity to the sea, delicious food, and lower living costs. But the island (compared with mainland Spain) has a lower unemployment rate, and employees with native knowledge of English, German and French are always highly valued in the Mallorcan job market.

The nationality composition of those coming to live on the island is very diverse. But it is citizens of Germany (19,000), England, Switzerland, Austria, and Scandinavia who are most numerous.

Most officially registered expats from these countries are under 40 years old and have moved to Mallorca because of the warmth and low competition in the job market for those who speak foreign languages. They most often work in Mallorca in the tourism business or the restaurant business.

In 2022 the Mallorca tourism market has been steadily revitalized. Many job offers have appeared, and the tense situation in the energy sector makes emigration to Mallorca in 2022-2023 even more attractive.

Affluent citizens are another category of expats in Mallorca. They buy property on the island as a second or third residence. Often, they only live there permanently and visit their luxury property in Mallorca during the holidays.

The best places to live in Mallorca 

Villa in Mallorca

An essential step in moving to Mallorca is choosing the best location. 

Most often, people who plan to work in Mallorca choose a location to live close to the scheduled place of work. The most common sites are in the tourist areas of the island. 

Southwest Mallorca: Palmanova, Santa Ponsa, Pueblo Andratx, Paguera, Magaluf, and Son Ferrer. 

South Mallorca: Sa Tore, El Arenal, Maioris and Sa Rapita.

North Mallorca: Pollenca, Muro, Can Picafort. 

But the most popular location is the capital, Palma. It is a convenient location to work anywhere on the island and a possible job change. There are expensive and cheap property options in the Palma de Mallorca area, better transport links, and dense bus schedules.  

Retirees and wealthy people who emigrate to Mallorca are not restricted by choice of location based on geography. Therefore, they choose to live in the island's most picturesque and respectable areas.

The following locations are worth mentioning:

Southwest Mallorca: Santa Ponsa, Sol de Mallorca, El Toro, Cala Viñes, Puerto de Andratx, Bendinat, Portals Nous, Costa den Blanes, Pueblo Calvia, Es Capdella, and Camp de Mar.

These are the most prestigious areas of South-West Mallorca where you can buy property close to the sea with stunning views and fincas with flowering gardens.

girl holds British flag

Best Places to Visit and Stay in Mallorca

Immigration to Mallorca for the UK Citizens (after Brexit)

As of 1 January 2021, British citizens cannot apply for the simplified immigration procedure in Spain. Nevertheless, many British citizens still want to emigrate to Mallorca.

By the end of 2020, the Spanish government has introduced a special residence permit for British citizens.

If you already live in Spain, you must convert your current registration to this new type of permit.

Suppose you are still in the UK but want to migrate to Mallorca. In that case, you will need to start the application process directly without first obtaining EU permission.


  1. EX20 application form (on the Spanish consulate website)
  2. Valid passport + copy

  3. Certificate of registration ("empardronamiento"), which must not be older than three months

  4. Financial guarantee. For example, an employment contract, registration as a self-employed person, or a personal bank account balance at the rate of 5600 euros for one person.

  5. Insurance Certificate

Moving to Mallorca for the EU or Germany

Relocation to Mallorca is easier for EU citizens. Citizens from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, and others can freely work in Mallorca. No permits are required for this. Also, EU citizens who emigrate to Mallorca do not need a residence permit, which makes it much easier to stay in the country.

A law requires you to de-register in Germany if you have been living in another country for more than six months. Suppose you decide to move to Mallorca from Germany. In that case, you must de-register in your home country and register for your new place of residence in Mallorca (this is a must by law).

Suppose you decide to emigrate to Mallorca as a pensioner. In that case, you should also obtain registration at your new residence, even if you only spend the winter months in Mallorca.


Mallorca Immigration requirements:

The Número de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE) must be obtained when registering as a foreign national in Mallorca. NIE is needed everywhere: to rent or buy a property in Mallorca, get a job, or get a discount card in a shop. The procedure for obtaining it is not complicated. You must apply to the Policia Nacional with the appropriate application form and passport.

Read more about how to move to Mallorca for German citizens

Moving to Mallorca from Switzerland

Switzerland is part of the Schengen area but is not part of the European Union. Therefore, citizens of this country who want a job in Mallorca are required to obtain a permit. Otherwise, the procedure for legitimizing a stay in Mallorca for Swiss nationals will be the same as for German citizens.

Driving License in Mallorca, Spain, for foreigners

Another critical issue is the driving license. If you reside in Mallorca for less than 183 days per year, you can use a driving license issued in your country. Otherwise, you must change your driving license to Spanish within the first two years of moving to Mallorca.

Immigration to Mallorca, Spain, for the US citizens

US citizens can also relocate to Mallorca. The easiest way is to obtain a Spanish visa without work permission (Visado de Residencia No Lucrativa).

In this case, US citizen needs:

  • Application for a national visa on the Spanish Consulate's form

  • Non-working visa application

  • Valid passport

  • Passport photo

  • Proof of financial guarantees. Proof of available funds in bank accounts at the rate of $3000 per month for each adult family member and €657 per month for each dependant

  • Voluntary medical insurance policy by a company accredited in Spain.

  • Medical certificate issued within 90 days. It proves you do not suffer from a severe illness that might be harmful to others

  • Proof of residence registration.

  • Fees payment. For US citizens, the price is $140.

  • Proof of clean criminal record.

Important! All documents issued to you in a language other than Spanish must be translated and certified by an accredited translator (traductor Jurado) in Spain and have an apostille.

How much money do you need to move to Mallorca, Spain?

Moving is always an additional cost, and often it's not a small one, especially when moving to another country. Yes! Mallorca Property Team has made detailed analysis and calculated that you should have 25,000 euros for a family of 2 adults to relocate comfortably to Mallorca.

Your monthly costs will be at least 600 euros per person without considering the rent cost.

You can find detailed information about living costs in Mallorca in the article The Cost of Living in Mallorca compared to the UK.

Fiscal residency in Mallorca, Spain

A foreigner becomes a fiscal resident in Mallorca if:

  • stay in Spain for more than 183 calendar days. In this case, the individuals become tax residents in Spain unless they provide proof of their residence in another country.

  • The base of activity and sphere of interest is permanently located in Spain. Direct or indirect. For example, the permanent residence of dependents in Spain. Or they are running on business in Spain.

Also, each foreigner should pay Real Estate Taxes (when buying, selling, or renting the property out) despite the fiscal residency. Please refer to Real Estate Taxes in Mallorca Explained.

Relocation to Mallorca with children

Moving to Mallorca with kids is viable for nationals of many central European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Holland, and more. 

The climate is very suitable for a child's healthy growth, and education is of a very high standard and valued worldwide.

How to choose a school when living in Mallorca with children?

Choosing the right school for your children in Mallorca is easier than you might think. There are 590 educational institutions on the island.

There are public (free), private and semi-public schools. To make it easier for you to choose a school for your children and to understand how much a school in Mallorca costs, we have compiled a detailed report on schools in Mallorca.

Tip! It's optional to learn the Spanish language in advance.  Schools in Mallorca have a multilingual system so that they can learn Spanish during classes.

For child benefits when emigrating to Spain, it is worth consulting a lawyer for advice.  In Spain, there are childbirth allowances for children under two years of age if their income does not exceed €30,000 per year.

Moving to Mallorca as a retiree

Happy Seniors in the Swimming Pool in Mallorca

Relocation to Mallorca is in high demand among retirees from the UK, Northern Europe, and Germany. Spending time on the sunny island is suitable for health and well-being.

Living in Mallorca is also cheaper than in the UK or Germany. The only nuance is insurance. Retirees who emigrate to Mallorca must take out a voluntary health insurance policy. This policy will cost 50 euros per person.

Finding a job in Mallorca, Spain

The unemployment rate in Mallorca (9.29%) is considerably lower than the Spanish average.  (In 2022 — 12.5%).

This situation is due to the excellent tourist attraction of the island. The tourism and property market on the island is very well developed. So, expats have excellent employment opportunities. As a reminder, EU citizens do not need to obtain a work permit, so the employment process is greatly simplified.

The Adecco Group, an international consultancy, estimates that the average salary in the Balearic Islands is now 1,598 euros per month.

It is worth noting that finding a job in Mallorca when relocating is relatively easy. Many foreign and international companies on the island are more than happy to employ expats. For companies whose business involves dealing with customers, it is essential to have multilingual employees who can communicate with the client in their language.

Most people who move to Mallorca prefer to work in their own country and spend their money in Mallorca. It has also become trendy to work remotely. More and more entrepreneurs and internet professionals are allowing themselves to work under the palm trees by the pool in Mallorca.

What are the most in-demand Jobs in Mallorca, Spain? 

  • Hotelier
  • Real Estate Agent

  • German teacher

  • Foodservice

  • Seller of cars

  • Furniture seller

  • Seller of yachts

  • Yacht maintenance

  • Lawyer

  • Architect

  • Construction industry

  • Tourism field

  • Maritime job

  • Office worker

  • Services in the private sector (cleaning, landscaping, domestic help, nanny, driver, etc.)

  • Adult entertainment and leisure 

Where to live in Mallorca — buy or rent out?

The average property price in December 2022 in Mallorca is 3.690 € per m2 ( + 9,7% compared to 2021).

The average cost to rent a property in Mallorca is 13,5 €/m2 (+ 14.4% per annum).

Mallorca Property Prices Examples



Rent out (per month)

Detached house with 2 bedrooms

382.000 €

1.500 €

2-bedroom apartment in a tourist area

350.000 €

1.500 €

Luxury Villa in Santa Ponsa

3.500.000 €

9.000 €

Meditterenian Style Villa

1.800.000 €

4.500 €

New Build Finca

2.200.000 €

от 7.000 €

3-bedroom apartments in Palma de Mallorca

470.000 €

от 1.200 €

When you move to Mallorca, you must decide whether to buy the property outright or rent it first.

Buy Property



1.     You can use your property at any time of the year

2.     Growth in the property market will allow you to earn money in the future

3.     Opportunity to get a golden investor residence

4.     Property in Mallorca is a good inheritance

5.     As a property owner, you can decide how to use the property.

6.     Having your own home by the sea is always a pleasure.

7.     You can always rent it out and get extra income.

8.     Over the last five years, the price of real estate in Mallorca has increased by 32% and continues to grow.

9.     Mallorca property can be mortgaged.

1.     You have to pay a hefty amount at once when you buy a property

2.     You have to pay property acquisition taxes (10%)

3.     You have to pay all the maintenance costs and utility bills

4.     If you choose the wrong location, you will have to sell before you move to the new area

Rent Out



1.     The opportunity to live in the area before buying.

2.     Monthly payments are lower when buying outright.

3.     No purchase tax.

4.     The owners bear the cost of repairing the property

5.     The rent amount is fixed in the contract for the whole period.

6.     Legally, the tenant in Spain is more secure than the owner.

1.     The cost of renting a property in Mallorca is constantly rising

2.     Renting a property with pets is not as easy

3.     To rent a property, you will need to pay a few months' deposits, a real estate agent's fee, and a minimum deposit of 2 months' payment.

4.     Owners may refuse to renew at the end of the tenancy.

5.     You will often be asked to provide a bank guarantee when renting your property. You will have to show your bank account balances.

6.     You will have to communicate with the landlord about the tenancy. There may be a difference of opinion.

7.     The furniture in the rental property is only sometimes new.

If you have savings, buying a property in Mallorca is the best option. But renting also has many advantages. Yes! Mallorca Property can help you. We have lived and worked in Mallorca for a long time and will help you to make the right choice and get the best options in the Real Estate Market of Mallorca. Contact us now!

Health insurance and Medical Care in Mallorca

When relocating to Mallorca, it is worth remembering the importance of medical care. European citizens are used to the highest level of medical care, and the state ensures them.

Several types of insurance are available in Mallorca:

Social insurance

Social insurance for working residents and retirees who receive a pension allows them to be examined and get medical treatment at the largest hospital in the Balearic Islands.  The Son Espases University Hospital, is considered one of the best in Spain. It has state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified specialists.

Another bonus of Social Security is the possibility of buying medicines at a reduced price. The discount on medication can be as much as 70%.

Private health insurance

Private health insurance in Mallorca is highly developed, as it is an essential prerequisite for obtaining residency in Spain. The cost of insurance is between 40 and 50 Euros per month. At the same time, you can get treatment in the best private clinics on the island: Clinica Rotger, Hospital Juaneda Miramar, Hospital Quirónsalud Palmaplanas, and others.

Step-by-Step Guide for moving to Mallorca  

Moving to Mallorca checklist
What do you need to move to Mallorca? Get the checklist below!
  1. Visit the website of the Spanish consulate to prepare all the necessary documents for living in Mallorca.
  2. Prepare the necessary amount of money to move to Mallorca.

  3. Decide whether you plan to sell your property in your country or keep it. If you will keep it, calculate the maintenance costs.

  4. Suspend payment of those utilities that you do not plan to use home internet, TV, gas, etc.

  5. Prepare your luggage for the first 2-3 weeks of living in Mallorca. A delivery company can ship the rest. You can save money if you ship by sea, not by air.

  6. Contact Real Estate Brokers in advance (2-3 weeks before leaving). When you are in Mallorca, you can start viewings without wasting time.

  7. Take care to dispose of unnecessary items. You can give them to acquaintances, sell or give them to charity.

  8. Plan your flight. You can save up to 50% on the ticket price if you buy in advance.

  9. Get a medical check-up in your country before moving to Mallorca. Obtain prescriptions for medication if necessary.

  10. Get legal and tax consultation both in our county and Mallorca.

  11. If transporting a pet, find out what vaccinations it must have. The rules in your country and Spain may differ. Mallorca is a warm place with more pests and ticks’ varieties. Also, be sure to chip your pet.

  12. Check whether your health insurance is valid in Spain and which clinics you can use it for. If it is not, you should cancel it before moving to Mallorca.

  13. If you plan to work in Mallorca, you can look for a suitable position before moving. is a good start.

  14. Read our blog. Here you will find lots of valuable tips and tips for moving and living in Mallorca!

Popular Mallorca forums

Additionally, you can take advantage of tips on emigrating to Mallorca from popular forums:

Wrapping up

Study our Mallorca property for sale catalog to buy property when moving to Mallorca. You will find 800 properties for sale in Mallorca. The Yes! The Mallorca Property database is always up to date. New listings come in every day. Sign up for our weekly mailing list to stay up to date.

If you plan to rent a property in Mallorca, look at the Mallorca rental catalog. Affordable rentals are only sometimes advertised in the general section. To find out precisely what you can rent in Mallorca today, leave a request on our website, and our experts will contact you for advice.

Yes! Mallorca Property has a 5-star rating on Google based on customer reviews. Contact us for the best properties and advice on emigrating to Mallorca. We will be happy to help!


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