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Property in North Mallorca for Sale

Land plot with project in Muro
14000 m2
Land plot
335 000 €
Son Serra de Marina
Tourist license
Traditional style house with sea views in Son Serra de Marina
388 m2
1 050 000 €
Magnificent new villa with sea views in Alcudia
408 m2
2 400 000 €
Puerto de Alcúdia
Modern apartment with fantastic sea views in Port of Alcudia
170 m2
1 200 000 €
Can Picafort
Cozy finca with a beautiful garden in Can Picafort
330 m2
695 000 €
Great finca with a traditional-style pool in Pollensa
200 m2
955 000 €

North Mallorca property market overview


  1. What Makes the Northern Part of Mallorca Attractive

  2. Top 10 municipalities in North Mallorca

  3. Popular Locations for Homebuyers in North Majorca

  4. Property Prices in Northern Mallorca

  5. Choosing the Right Property in North Mallorca: Types and Prices

  6. Investment attractiveness of property in North Mallorca

  7. Real estate agency in the north of Mallorca

What Makes the Northern Part of Mallorca Attractive

Interest in purchasing property in Mallorca, especially along its northern coast, has seen a significant uptick in recent years. This region presents exceptional opportunities for individuals seeking second homes or investment properties.

In this article, we will delve into the realm of real estate in Northern Mallorca, exploring the reasons behind its allure for property buyers. We will also look closer at popular locations and property types within this region, providing valuable tips for a successful purchase. Suppose you've long dreamed of owning property in this captivating part of the world. In that case, our article aims to provide comprehensive insights to navigate this endeavour successfully.

Top 10 municipalities in North Mallorca 

Name of municipality

Population of the municipality

Average price of non-residential property 1 m2 as of August 2023 


17,126 people

3.395 €/m2


 20,717 people

4.002 €/m2


7,667 people

1.527 €/m2

Santa Margalida

 12,776 people

2.637 €/m2


8,062 people

2.552 €/m2


3,067 people

1.361 €/m2

Maria de la Salut

2,273 people

1.389 €/m2


2,392 people 

2.145 €/m2

Sa Pobla 

14.005 persons.

1.518 €/m2


2,719 people

2.391 €/m2

The northern region of Mallorca is home to approximately 91,000 permanent residents, constituting 7.6% of the island's population of 1,200,000.

Regarding available properties, there are approximately 39,980 listings across Mallorca, with 2,379 in the island's northern part. This accounts for roughly 6% of the total properties available in the Mallorcan real estate market.

Within this pool of offerings, you'll find a diverse range of property types for sale in northern Mallorca, including:

  • Seaside apartments in Northern Mallorca
  • Flats in northern Mallorca towns
  • Luxury villas in north of Mallorca
  • Vacation homes in the north of Mallorca
  • Townhouses in northern Mallorca
  • Exclusive country estates (fincas) in the north of Mallorca
  • Properties undergoing renovation north of Mallorca
  • Land for new construction projects in north of Mallorca

Notably, many properties in northern Mallorca come with valid tourist licenses. This makes the north region a highly sought-after destination for summer property rentals on the island. This popularity is further amplified by the presence of Playa de Muro, the island's most renowned and expansive beach in this region. For more details on this stunning beach, refer to our comprehensive guide: "The Touristic Guide of Playa de Muro in Northern Mallorca."

Popular Locations for Homebuyers in North Majorca

Location in the south of Mallorca

The average cost of 1 m2 as of August 2023


1.527 €/m2

Son Serra de Marina

2.637 €/m2

Puerto de Pollenca

3.734 €/m2

Sa Pobla

1.518 €/m2


3.519 €/m2

Can Picafort

2.796 €/m2

Puerto de Alcúdia

3.869 €/m2


3.395 €/m2

The northern region of Mallorca stands out as one of the island's more densely developed areas. However, it's important to note that the construction of new housing developments in North Mallorca is considerably less frequent than the construction of villas and houses in the same region. New construction projects in North Mallorca comprise only 19% of the total houses.

This distinctive mix of existing properties and relatively lower average cost per square meter has created a robust and enduring demand for real estate in North Mallorca. For those looking to make a sound capital investment, purchasing property in the northern part of Majorca presents an excellent opportunity.

Property Prices in Northern Mallorca

In the picturesque region of North Mallorca, the average property price per square meter stands at 2,291 €/m². This notably contrasts with the island's overall average of 3,987 €/m², making North Mallorca a cost-effective choice. Comparatively, in the southwestern part of Mallorca, the average price per square meter soars to 5,881 €/m², a substantial 61% higher than in the north. Meanwhile, the southeastern region averages 3,023 €/m², and in the capital, Palma, it's 3,863 €/m².

The northern part of Mallorca has witnessed a significant surge in demand for properties in recent years. This growth can be attributed to the active construction of luxurious villas and houses in the southern part of the island. Additionally, the ever-increasing influx of tourists adds to the region's appeal year after year.

Considering the more affordable average cost per square meter in North Mallorca compared to luxury properties in the southwest, it's no wonder that many investors and buyers are turning their attention to this charming part of the island. It offers an enticing opportunity for both savvy investments and comfortable living.

Choosing the Right Property in North Mallorca: Types and Prices

When it comes to properties in the north of Mallorca, the type you choose often depends on the location:

  1. Exclusive Fincas in Remote Locations
    • Example: In Sa Pobla, a stunning finca can be acquired for 1,500,000 euros.
      • Bedrooms: 4
      • Bathrooms: 2
      • Plot size: 61,888 m2
      • Constructed area: 608 m2
      • Additional features: The estate boasts a 59,000 m2 plot, a two-story house, and an adjacent building near an old workshop and stables, ideal for horse enthusiasts. It also has private wells, an automated irrigation system, and a swimming pool.
  2. Coastal Gems: Apartments and Houses by the Sea
    • Example: A sea-view apartment in Puerto de Alcúdia is available for 850,000 euros.
      • Bedrooms: 2
      • Bathrooms: 2
      • Constructed area: 150 m2
      • Additional features: The flat offers a spacious living room with access to a terrace boasting panoramic views of the harbour and sea. It also includes a well-appointed kitchen, 2 bedrooms with wardrobes, and 2 bathrooms. Nearby amenities such as shops, supermarkets, bars, cafes, and restaurants ensure convenience.
  3. Building Your Dream Home: Plot in Muro
    • Example: A plot of land in Muro, complete with a project for a new house, can be yours for 335,000 euros. The plot spans 14,000 m2.
  4. Luxury Villas with All the Trimmings
    • Example: A modern-style villa with sea views is available for 2,400,000 euros.
      • Bedrooms: 4
      • Bathrooms: 4
      • Plot size: 1,054 m2
      • Constructed area: 408 m2
      • Terrace: 250 m2
      • Additional features: This exquisite villa is designed to capture ample sunlight and open space. It encompasses a living room with a spacious dining area, direct terrace access, a sleek kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances, 4 bedrooms (each with an en-suite bathroom and terrace access), a study, laundry room, and storage room. Modern amenities include automatic air conditioning, heated marble floors, and advanced security systems.

For budget-conscious buyers, affordable options are available, even under 100,000 euros. For instance, an apartment with 1 bedroom in the Sa Pobla area falls within this range, with a living area not exceeding 106 m2.

At the other end of the spectrum, the most opulent property in North Mallorca commands a price tag of 11,000,000 euros. This luxurious finca in Pollença offers panoramic views, fully furnished interiors, and a sprawling 2,615 m2 living space featuring 9 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.

Investment attractiveness of property in North Mallorca

The average rental rate per square meter in North Mallorca is 11.6 €/m2, making it 29.7% more budget-friendly than the island-wide rate of 16.5 €/m2. This notable cost advantage has piqued the interest of thrifty tourists seeking economical rental opportunities in the region.

However, summer rental values have been a noticeable uptick in recent years. For instance, a property previously sold by Yes! Mallorca Property, for €450,000 just four years ago, now has a weekly rental rate of 2,000 euros. With a generous total area of 174m2, this property features enticing amenities such as a swimming pool and a prime beachfront location in the northern part of Mallorca.

This surge in rental values underscores the profitability of investing in North Mallorca real estate, especially considering that property prices here have not yet reached the levels in the southwest of the island. 

Real estate agency in the north of Mallorca

The northern region of Majorca boasts numerous advantages that appeal to tourists and permanent residents. Here's a brief overview of what makes this area so enticing:

  1. Infrastructure: Well-developed and tailored to the needs of residents and visitors alike.
  2. Transport: Convenient roadways and transportation hubs ensure easy navigation.
  3. Tourism: A warm and welcoming atmosphere for all guests.
  4. Location: Immediate access to the sea enhances the region's allure.
  5. Property: A diverse range of affordable options that combine quality and value.
  6. Prestigious Neighborhoods: Ideal for those seeking comfort and respectability.
  7. Banking: Presence of major Spanish and German banking institutions.

Undoubtedly, North Mallorca is an exceptional destination for both holidays and property investment, offering a high standard of living.

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