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Property in East Mallorca for Sale

Cala Dór
New apartments near the sea in Cala d´Or
78 m2
340 000 €
Porto Cristo
New modern semi-detached villa in Porto Cristo
105 m2
507 000 €
Porto Cristo
New modern semi-detached villa in Porto Cristo
234 m2
799 000 €
Cala Dór
Building with residential building and restaurant in Cala Dor
617 m2
1 950 000 €
Cala Dór
Seafront villa in Cala Dor
650 m2
3 750 000 €

East Mallorca Property Market Overview


Benefits of Investing in East Mallorca Real Estate

The most popular locations to buy property in the East of Mallorca

Property Prices in East Mallorca

Common Property Types in East Mallorca and Their Prices

Property Price Range in East Mallorca

Investment attractiveness of East Mallorca property

Real estate agency in the east of Mallorca

Benefits of Investing in East Mallorca Real Estate

The eastern coast of Mallorca is undeniably one of the most alluring regions for property investment on the island. This area boasts unique attributes that captivate investors and those envisioning their slice of this stunning Mediterranean paradise.

This article will delve into what sets this region apart, highlight its most sought-after locations, and provide valuable insights for prospective property buyers. If you aspire to own a piece of property in this Mediterranean haven of beauty, you've come to the right place. Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about investing in real estate in East Mallorca.

Top 6 significant municipalities from the southeast to the northeast of the island:

Name of municipality

Population of the municipality

The average cost of 1 m2 as of August 2023 


12,321 people

4.800 €/m2


 18,357 people

2.837 €/m2


45,352 people

2.034 €/m2

Sant Llorenç Des Cardassar

 9,035 people

3.248 €/m2

Son Servera

11,378 people

2.834 €/m2


12,081 people

3.239 €/m2

The eastern coast of Majorca is home to a permanent population of 108,500 residents, constituting approximately 9 per cent of the Balearic Islands' total population of 1,200,000.

Currently, approximately 39,980 property listings are available for sale in East Mallorca. As of 2023, have been 3,171 properties published for sale in this region, accounting for roughly 8 per cent of all property listings on the island.

This diverse range of listings in East Mallorca encompasses various property types, including apartments, luxury villas, houses, townhouses, and country estates. Additionally, you can find properties for renovation and plots of land available in this area.

The east coast of Mallorca is a popular choice for the island's residents and for Spanish speakers from the mainland and other European countries, including Germany, Denmark, the UK, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, France, and Belgium.

Respected Europeans opt to invest in East Mallorca for several compelling reasons:

  1. Tranquil Seclusion: East Mallorca offers a serene escape, far removed from the bustling capital of Palma, providing an atmosphere of tranquillity.

  2. Natural Beach Wonders: Many of the East Coast's beaches are considered natural marvels, often likened to the renowned beauty of the Maldives.

  3. Golfing Paradise: The region boasts some of the world's finest golf courses, drawing professional golfers from across the globe. Golf enthusiasts frequently invest in properties here. For a comprehensive overview of golf properties, refer to our article: Golf properties for sale in Mallorca - things to know.'

  4. Rafa Nadal Academy: East Mallorca is home to the esteemed Rafa Nadal Academy, the world's premier tennis academy. Parents of talented young athletes often purchase properties in this area to be near the academy where their children study.

  5. Breathtaking Sunrises: With the sun rising in the east, Mallorca treats residents to spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Many individuals seek property in East Mallorca solely to savour these breathtaking daily views.

The most popular locations to buy property in the East of Mallorca

Location in the east of Majorca

The average cost of 1 m2 as of August 2023 

Pueblo Santanyi

4.800 €/m2

Cala Figuera 

5.752 €/m2

Porto Cristo

2.250 €/m2

Cala Murada

3.984 €/m2

Cales de Mallorca

2.627 €/m2

Manacor Centro

1.504 €/m2

Cala Millor

2.848 €/m2

Sa Coma

3.389 €/m2

Porto Colom

3.619 €/m2

Cala D'Or

4.709 €/m2

It's important to highlight that the eastern region of Majorca is currently experiencing active development. New residential complexes, private homes, and villas are under construction, along with newly available country estates (fincas) east of Mallorca.

With the emergence of new properties and a relatively low average cost per square meter, a robust and consistent demand exists for real estate in East Mallorca. Investing in a property in this region can be an excellent choice for those seeking profitable capital investments.

Property Prices in East Mallorca

The average price per square meter (m²) for East Mallorca properties is €3,165/m². This figure is notably 20.6% lower than the Mallorca average of €3,987/m². The average price for 1 m² in the southwest of Mallorca is €5,881/m², making it 46.2% more expensive than in the east of Mallorca. In the southeast, the average price per m² is €3,023, while in the capital city of Palma, it's €3,863/m².

The demand for properties in East Mallorca has thrived in recent years. This can be attributed to the ongoing construction of luxury villas and homes in the region and the increasing influx of tourists, who continue to visit the area in more significant numbers each year. With the average cost per m² being lower than luxury properties in the southwest of Mallorca, many buyers opt to invest in luxury real estate in the eastern part of the island.

Common Property Types in East Mallorca and Their Prices

Properties in East Mallorca come in various types depending on their location.

  • Exclusive Fincas: In the secluded areas of East Mallorca, exclusive fincas are highly sought after. For instance, in Son Servera, you can purchase a luxury finca for €3,410,000 (Reference number SO-2127).

    • Bedrooms: 5

    • Bathrooms: 6

    • Plot size: 16,257 m2

    • Constructed area: 362 m2

    • Additional features: Pool

This magnificent finca boasts a classic style amidst nature with partial sea views in Son Servera, on the east coast of Mallorca. The property holds great potential and offers numerous utilization options.

  • Coastal Properties: Along the coastline, apartments and townhouses by the sea are in high demand, perfect for summer holidays. In the east of Mallorca, you can, for instance, acquire a new townhouse in Cala Millor for €590,000.

    • Bedrooms: 3

    • Bathrooms: 2

    • Plot size: 172 m2

    • Constructed area: 153 m2

    • Additional features: Newly Built, Pool

This spacious 3-bedroom townhouse is part of a new development in the exclusive neighbourhood of Cala Millor. It offers a generous living space with a dining area, an open-plan kitchen with modern appliances, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a guest toilet, a storage room, a laundry room, and an enclosed garage for one car. The modern complex features a communal garden and a large swimming pool, with construction to be completed in 2022.

  • Luxury Villas: Luxury enthusiasts will also find suitable properties in East Mallorca. For instance, you can acquire a luxurious villa in Porto Cristo for €6,450,000.

The open and spacious interiors create a sense of roominess and extraordinary brightness. The main level comprises 3 en-suite bedrooms, a guest toilet, a modern open-plan kitchen, a wine cellar, and a spacious living room. Each room on this level has access to a partially covered terrace.

The lower level features 2 bedrooms, each with an individual bathroom, a fitness room with a spa area, a guest toilet, a technical room, and a laundry room. The house has a silent lift that takes you to a stunning sun terrace with fantastic views. The large swimming pool has a glass front with an infinity effect, immersing you in the sensation of being right by the sea.

Property Price Range in East Mallorca

Investing in property east of Mallorca offers a wide range of options, catering to different budgets.

Minimum Price: If you're seeking an affordable option, finding properties for under 100,000 euros is entirely feasible. For instance, a studio apartment in Manacor can be acquired for 75,000 euros, providing a living space of 35 m2.

Maximum Price: For those with a higher budget, exquisite options are available. The most luxurious offering in East Mallorca is a stunning finca in Son Servera, boasting panoramic views. Priced at 23,000,000 euros, this fully furnished property features lavish interiors and encompasses a vast area of 1,100 m2. It includes 10 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, ensuring spacious and comfortable living.

Investment attractiveness of East Mallorca property

If you're considering investing in property, the east of Mallorca presents an attractive opportunity. The average rental price per square meter here is 10.3 €/m2, notably lower than the island's average of 16.5 €/m2. This price difference is enticing for many tourists, making properties in the east of Mallorca a cost-effective choice for accommodation.

This affordability works in favour of property owners as well. With lower rental costs, properties in this region are in high demand, resulting in quicker returns on investment compared to other coastal areas on the island. It's a win-win for property buyers and those looking to rent in this picturesque part of Mallorca.

Real estate agency in the east of Mallorca 

The east of Mallorca stands out as one of the finest destinations on the island, whether you're considering it for a holiday getaway or a permanent residence.

  • Fully developed infrastructure

  • Convenient transportation hubs

  • Secluded and private surroundings

  • Esteemed neighbours

  • Direct proximity to the sea

  • Diverse range of affordably priced properties

  • Unparalleled natural beauty

  • Proximity to golf courses

  • Access to educational institutions

  • Presence of Spanish and German banking facilities

  • And much more

Mallorca's eastern region offers an exceptional choice for holidaymakers and property buyers. It provides all the elements necessary for an esteemed and high-quality standard of living.

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