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Property in Cala Millor for Sale

Buying Property in Cala Millor: Variety and Comfort

Location and Popularity

Cala Millor, a charming town on the Levante coast of Mallorca, sits between the municipalities of San Lorenzo del Cardezar and Son Servera. Embracing the bay, this coastal gem boasts an extensive two-kilometre beach.

Cala Millor is enticed by its diverse offerings and an idyllic beach. Nestled amidst shops and restaurants, it remains a coveted tourist destination and a solid choice for real estate investors.

Recommendations for Buyers

This locale caters to those who seek the ease of a family vacation. The town's diverse offerings and distinctive character make it equally appealing to buyers and renters.

Evolution of Prices

The property market in Cala Millor has experienced consistent growth, recording a 5.8% increase in the past year and a noteworthy 9.2% rise over the last 2.5 years.

Property Types and Costs

  • Houses: Average price - 715,000 euros, with 80% ranging from 200,000 to 2,950,000 euros. Price per square meter - €3,232.

  • Apartments: Average price - 253,000 euros, with 80% ranging from 159,000 to 495,000 euros. Price per square meter - €2,638.

Rental Market

  • House Rentals: Average monthly cost - 1850 euros, with 80% of offers ranging from 1640 to 6200 euros. Rent per square meter is €148 per year.

  • Apartment Rentals: Average monthly cost - 1400 euros, with 80% of offers ranging from 780 to 2500 euros. Rent per square meter is €202 per year.

Yes! Mallorca Property: Your Reliable Partner

Cala Millor in Mallorca presents a diverse array of property options, combining comfort with stable price growth. For those seeking the perfect blend of lifestyle and relaxation, Yes! Mallorca Property stands ready to be your trusted partner for buying or selling property in this appealing region.