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Property in Puerto de Alcudia for Sale

Puerto de Alcúdia
Modern apartment with fantastic sea views in Port of Alcudia
170 m2
1 200 000 €

Buying Property in Puerto de Alcudia: Holidays and Investments

Overview of Puerto de Alcudia

Puerto de Alcudia (Alcúdia), situated on the northeast coast of Mallorca, stands out as a favoured resort town, drawing holidaymakers from mid-April to the end of September. Brimming with vitality, the city beckons people eager to partake in the diverse activities the port and its surroundings offer.

Residential Landscape

Around the port and along the beach, one finds residential buildings tailored for holiday living and small hotels catering to a range of visitors, including young people, families, and seniors. Port d'Alcudia is a hub for boat trips to Menorca and Barcelona, boasting a spacious marina for large ferries.

Attractions and Activities

Key attractions include the expansive beach and many beach activities, such as catamaran sailing, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), and paragliding. Nearby lies Alcudia, a historical village with a rich cultural heritage and ancient past. Visitors can explore the restored old city centre and soak in the influences of Roman, Phoenician, and Arabic cultures.

Popularity and Investment Opportunities

This northeastern part of the island seamlessly blends breathtaking arid landscapes with various outdoor activities, including golf, water parks, and, naturally, beach activities. Puerto de Alcudia appeals to tourists and those contemplating property purchases in this unique corner of Mallorca. Competitive prices are available for luxury villas and stylish apartments.

Real Estate Market Overview

Over the past 12 months, house prices in Puerto de Alcúdia have surged by 13.6%; over 2.5 years, the increase stands at 18.8%. Currently, the average price of houses on the market is €1,100,000, with a price per square meter of €4,331. Apartments, ranging from €139,900 to €950,000, have an average price per square meter of €2,775—significantly lower than the average price in Mallorca (€4,063 per square meter).

Rental Market Trends

The average monthly rental price for houses in Puerto de Alcudia is €2,000, while apartments cost €1,200. Rental prices span from €748 to €4,850 for houses and €748 to €3,000 for apartments. The annual rent per square meter of living space is €180 for houses and €200 for apartments.

Investing with Yes! Mallorca Property

The region holds allure for both investors and enthusiasts of quality recreation. Purchasing a home in Puerto de Alcudia could prove an excellent investment, given the upward trajectory of prices. Yes! Mallorca Property provides a range of property options, from apartments to villas, ensuring a tailored approach to your real estate needs.