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Property in Ses Salines for Sale

Ses Salines
Fantastic finca with panoramic views in Ses Salines
462 m2
2 590 000 €
Ses Salines
Villa under construction in Ses Salines
428 m2
3 150 000 €

Ses Salines: The Gold of the Sandy Shores of Southeast Mallorca

Location and Popularity

Ses Salines is a charming municipality in the picturesque southeastern part of Mallorca, bordering Campos and Santanyi. This quaint town, boasting a rich history dating back to the Bronze Age, beckons bird enthusiasts to its sandy shores and coastal salt marshes. It's a haven for those seeking solitude, pristine beaches, and unspoiled nature. Cap de Ses Salines, Mallorca's southernmost point, offers an excellent vantage point for observing migratory birds.

The cityscape of Ses Salines is a pleasure to explore, adorned with abundant local Santanyi sandstone that takes on a golden hue in the sunlight. Not far from Ses Salines, on the road to Santanyi, lies Botanicactus, one of Europe's most extensive botanical gardens, featuring bamboo groves, palm trees, and an extensive collection of cacti.

Recommendations for Buyers

Buying property in Ses Salines is highly recommended for nature lovers, history enthusiasts, and those seeking a tranquil retreat. The city seamlessly blends traditional island style with modern comfort, offering a perfect haven for relaxation.

Property Types and Prices

A diverse range of properties awaits buyers, with houses ranging from 340,000 to 3,150,000 euros and apartments from 300,000 to 1,600,000 euros. The average price per square meter in Ses Salines is €4,742 for houses and €3,139 for apartments, generally aligning with the Mallorca average of €4,063.

Cost Justification

The past year has witnessed a steady 11.3% increase in housing prices. This growth is attributed to the unique blend of beaches, nature, and cultural heritage that positions Ses Salines as an attractive investment destination.

Rental Options

For those inclined towards renting, options abound, with average monthly prices ranging from 996 to 2,860 euros for houses and 730 to 5,880 euros for apartments.

Recommendation: Yes! Mallorca Property

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