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Property in Llucmajor for Sale

Modern finca with swimming pool and beautiful garden in Llucmajor
475 m2
1 400 000 €
Traditional 4 bedroom house in the center of Llucmajor
206 m2
450 000 €
Luxurious agro-hotel with a large plot of land in Llucmajor
2000 m2
Commercial real estate
11 700 000 €
Fully renovated house with patio in Llucmajor
150 m2
445 000 €
Beautiful house with stunning sea views in Llucmajor
351 m2
950 000 €
Townhouse ready for renovation in Llucmajor
400 m2
535 000 €

Overview of the Llucmajor property market 


  1. Llucmajor: Overview for Property Buyers

  2. The most popular types of properties for sale in Llucmajor

  3. What Is the Average Property Price in Llucmajor?

  4. Typical types of properties for sale in Llucmajor and their prices

  5. Cheapest property in Llucmajor

  6. The most expensive property in Llucmajor

  7. Investment attractiveness of real estate in Llucmajor

  8. Real Estate Agency in Llucmajor 

Llucmajor: Overview for Property Buyers

If you are considering the purchase of a villa, house, apartment, or any other type of property in Llucmajor, located in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, we strongly recommend acquainting yourself with valuable information found below.

Llucmajor, situated within Mallorca, the Balearic Islands, boasts the distinction of being the largest municipality on the island, covering an expansive 327 km2. The permanent population in Llucmajor stands at approximately 37,000 residents, with foreigners constituting a minority, making up less than 20% of the total populace. Notably, the German community accounts for 6% of this foreign demographic, and their numbers are steadily increasing.

The geography of Llucmajor spans from the southern coastline and gradually ascends northward towards the island's interior. Consequently, prospective property buyers can acquire real estate directly along the seaside or invest in fincas nestled in more secluded locations within Llucmajor.

Individuals from Germany and other European nations gravitate towards real estate opportunities in Llucmajor, primarily due to the comparative cost advantages. Properties in Llucmajor are approximately half the price of those in the southwestern region of Mallorca. Therefore, with the same budget as the southwest, one can acquire more significant properties or those positioned right along the coast in Llucmajor. Moreover, the town offers a substantial variety of fincas and vacation residences.

Estate agents in Llucmajor recommend two main property types, primarily determined by their proximity to the sea.

Real estate in Llucmajor by the sea

Properties in Llucmajor, away from the sea

Badia Blava

Llucmajor Interior

Badia Gran

Ses Palmeres


Cala Blava

Cala Pi



Puig de Ros


Son Verí


Sa Torre

The most popular types of properties for sale in Llucmajor:

  • Finca in Llucmajor with a Private Pool

  • Privately Owned House in Llucmajor

  • Luxury Villa in Llucmajor with Sweeping Sea Views

  • Townhouse in Llucmajor with Access to a Community Pool

  • Residence in Llucmajor Situated within a Complex with Communal Pool

Among the highly favoured areas for property acquisitions in Llucmajor are the captivating coastal resorts of Badia Blava, Badia Gran, Cala Blava, Puig de Ros, and Sa Torre. These locales offer prime opportunities for purchasing properties in Llucmajor, either directly along the shoreline or in the immediate vicinity.

Properties near Pueblo Llucmajor also command significant interest, presenting the option to invest in a traditional finca in Llucmajor or a charming village house.

Recent years have witnessed a substantial surge in the demand for property in Llucmajor. In the wake of the pandemic's repercussions, numerous European citizens have opted to acquire houses complete with private gardens in Mallorca. This allows them to experience extended respite amidst nature by the sea, especially during potential recurring restrictions.

The heightened demand has piqued the interest of developers and investors actively engaged in construction ventures within the coastal regions of Llucmajor. Many newly constructed properties are available in this area, with opportunities for building new villas in Llucmajor on available land parcels.

What Is the Average Property Price in Llucmajor?

The average price per square meter (m²) in Llucmajor stands at 3,195 €. Notably, this figure is 20% lower than the average cost of 1 m² in Mallorca. Over the past five years, the average property value in Llucmajor has exhibited a robust 27% increase.

However, it's essential to note that Llucmajor's property market showcases unique characteristics compared to many other locales in Mallorca. The municipality's extensive territorial expanse leads to significant price variations across its diverse regions.

Location of Llucmajor

Average cost of 1 m2 2022

Average cost of 1 m2 2023

Badia Blava-Badia Gran-Tolleric

2.824 €

3.166 €

Cala Blava-Bellavista

3.729 €

3.743 €

Cala Pi

4.253 €

4.600 €

Llucmajor Interior

2.152 €

2.365 €

Puig de Ros

3.393 €

3.644 €

S'Arenal-Son Verí

2.520 €

2.697 €

Sa Torre

2.794 €

3.388 €

Ses Palmere

2.186 €

2.681 €

This data shows that demand for coastal areas is higher, and prices in some locations are comparable to the most expensive region of Mallorca, the southwest.

The average price of 1 m2 in the southwest of Mallorca is 5,884 €.

Typical types of properties for sale in Llucmajor and their prices

Despite the considerable demand for seafront properties in Llucmajor, one must recognize the prevalence of fincas in this area. Seeking to buy a finca in Mallorca ranks as the second most popular property request, and Llucmajor is a hotbed for this property type.

Finca in Llucmajor:

A typical finca in Llucmajor boasts a sprawling plot of 14,000 m², encompassing a generous living area of 330 m². It comprises 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, featuring a spacious living room and a well-appointed kitchen. Ample relaxation areas, including a BBQ zone, are present. This finca in Llucmajor is complemented by a pool and garden. The price for this type of property is 1,350,000 euros.

House with Pool:

The second most sought-after property in Llucmajor is a house with a pool. In the prestigious location of Puig de Ros, one can acquire a new home in Llucmajor for 690,000 euros. Nestled on a 400 m² plot, the house boasts a living space of 180 m², spanning two stories and offering 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Conveniently situated by the sea, this furnished house in Llucmajor is ready for immediate sale.

Luxury Villa in Llucmajor:

With the growing interest in the area, Llucmajor villas for sale have been gaining popularity, especially luxury villas. The modern villas found here are in abundance. These villas typically feature a plot size of 1,000 m² and a villa area of 546 m². They include a spacious living room, a contemporary kitchen, 4 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. Equipped with a lift and a pool, these villas in Llucmajor boast captivating sea views. The price for such a villa for sale in Llucmajor is 1,700,000 euros (Ref. no. ST-2073).

Flats in S'Arenal:

Llucmajor encompasses the popular tourist hub of S'Arenal, offering an opportunity to purchase cost-effective flats, especially those directly along the coast. The typical price for an apartment in Llucmajor by the sea is 385,000 euros. These flats offer an impressive living area spanning 175 m², 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, all for 385,000 euros.

Cheapest property in Llucmajor

When considering budget-friendly property options in Llucmajor, finding properties starting from 200,000 euros is feasible. Within this price range, one-bedroom flats in various coastal areas of Llucmajor become available, or you might explore the option of acquiring a plot of land in Llucmajor for future construction.

There are opportunities to purchase properties in Llucmajor for as low as 100,000 euros. These would typically consist of privately sold flats in Llucmajor, offering compact living spaces of up to 35 m². It's worth noting that such properties often necessitate significant renovations, requiring 50,000 euros or more investments to bring them up to desirable standards.

The most expensive property in Llucmajor

For those seeking the epitome of opulent living, the most exclusive property in Llucmajor commands a price tag of up to 5,000,000 euros. This prestigious offering is a lavish seafront villa nestled in the coastal enclave of Son Veri Nou.

Distinguished by its fully furnished interiors and exuding an aura of pure luxury, this villa boasts an expansive footprint of 850 square meters. It comprises 6 generously proportioned bedrooms and 5 well-appointed bathrooms. The opportunity to acquire this magnificent luxury villa in Llucmajor is available for 4,800,000 euros. Reference number: SV-1187.

Investment attractiveness of real estate in Llucmajor

In Llucmajor, the average cost of renting 1 square meter of accommodation is €12. Remarkably, this figure is 27% below the island's average rental rate. As a result, many tourists opt for savings by choosing rental properties in Llucmajor.

Take, for instance, the opportunity to rent a luxurious villa in Llucmajor for 520 euros per day, as referenced under Ref. no. ST-2073. Notably, the cost of this villa for sale in Llucmajor is 1,700,000 euros. Consequently, such a villa in Llucmajor can generate an annual return of up to 10% of the investment. Additionally, the property's inherent appreciation will further benefit its owner in Llucmajor.

Furthermore, it's worth mentioning that the municipality of Llucmajor is gaining traction among investors. With its comparatively lower prices than the rest of Mallorca and a continuous uptick in prestige, property values and rental rates are poised for an upward trajectory. Therefore, for those considering a profitable property investment in Llucmajor, we strongly recommend acting now before prices align with those of the coveted southwest Mallorca region.

Real Estate Agency in Llucmajor

Yes! Mallorca Property stands as a prominent real estate agency in Llucmajor. Our extensive portfolio comprises 45 listings for property acquisitions in Llucmajor, including luxury villas, holiday homes, privately owned houses, fincas, townhouses, and apartments.

Dedicated to serving our clients effectively, we ensure they are the first to receive notifications about time-sensitive property sales in Llucmajor. Yes! Mallorca Property boasts a team of top-tier real estate agents in Llucmajor. With a stellar Google rating of 4.9, we are consistently praised by our satisfied clientele.

Whether you want to purchase or sell property in Llucmajor, our agency is committed to facilitating a swift, profitable, and trustworthy transaction.