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Property in Campos for Sale

Exploring Tranquility and Luxury in Campos

Campos (07630) stands as a serene enclave in the southern part of Mallorca, embodying tranquillity and luxury. Situated near the coast and just a few kilometres from Palma, this town beckons those who cherish the traditional Spanish lifestyle.

Foreigner's Haven:

Campos captivates foreign investors with its distinctive tranquillity and proximity to the sea. The demand for property has surged in recent years, especially from Germans and Scandinavians who are enchanted by the town's ambience and the beauty of its surroundings.

Property Types and Prices

Houses and Villas:

  • The current average price of houses is €1,060,000.

  • 80% of the offers range between €350,000 and €3,900,000.

  • The average price per square meter is €3,454.


  • The average price of flats is currently €225,000.

  • 80% of the offers are priced between €148,720 and €490,000.

  • The average price per square meter is €2,249.

Cost Justification:

Property prices in Campos find their justification in the harmonious blend of natural charm and a laid-back lifestyle. The average price per square meter here is slightly below the Mallorca average (€4,063), making the area attractive to those seeking more affordable options.

Yes! Mallorca: Your Guide to the World of Property

Contact Yes! Mallorca Property if you dream of buying or selling property in Campos. The average rental and sale prices here are competitive, and our experts are here to support you every step of the way. We recommend Campos to those seeking privacy, immaculate nature, and a traditional Spanish lifestyle. Secure your property in Campos today and experience the cosiness of this unique place!