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Property in Puig de Ros for Sale

The property market in Puig de Ros 


  1. Popular Property Types in Puig de Ros for Sale

  2. Average Property Prices in Puig de Ros

  3. Typical types of property in Puig de Ros to buy and their prices

  4. Investment attractiveness of Puig de Ros property

  5. Real Estate Agency in Puig de Ros

  6. Conclusion

Puig de Ros is situated in the southern region of Mallorca and falls within the larger municipality of Llucmajor, the largest city on the island, covering an expansive 327 square kilometres. Llucmajor boasts a population of 37,000 permanent residents, with foreigners accounting for less than 20% of the total. Notably, the number of German citizens among these residents stands at 6% and continues to grow.

With a population of 1,700, Puig de Ros enjoys a prime coastal location, making it one of the most coveted areas in the southern part of the island for both living and property investment. The daily sunsets observed here are nothing short of breathtaking.

Citizens from Germany, the UK, France, Spain, and other affluent European nations are drawn to Puig de Ros for property purchases due to its significantly lower prices than the southwest. In Puig de Ros, you can acquire more significant properties or ones right on the waterfront for the same budget as in the southwestern regions of Mallorca.

Popular Property Types in Puig de Ros for Sale

  • House in Puig de Ros from a private seller
  • Luxury villa in Puig de Ros with stunning sea views
  • Townhouse in Puig de Ros with a communal pool
  • Property in Puig de Ros within complexes featuring communal swimming pools

In this unique corner of Puig de Ros, Mallorca, you'll discover a diverse range of property options, some of which are nestled by the sea or right on the beachfront.

In recent years, there has been a notable surge in demand for properties in Puig de Ros. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have prompted many European citizens to view Mallorca as an ideal destination for owning properties with private gardens. These properties offer the opportunity to relish in nature and the sea, providing ultimate comfort and security in times that may bring restrictions.

This heightened interest in the area has piqued the attention of construction companies and investors, resulting in a flurry of construction activity for coastal properties in Puig de Ros. Today, you have many new development properties to choose from and access to land for constructing villas and residential complexes in Puig de Ros.

The region promises lucrative property investment opportunities, and its allure continues to grow.

Average Property Prices in Puig de Ros

The current average price per square meter in Puig de Ros is 3,644 €/m2, representing an 8.6% reduction compared to the island-wide average of 3,987 €/m2. These competitive prices position Puig de Ros as an enticing prospect for property investment, delivering more budget-friendly options when juxtaposed with other regions on the island.

The price trends also bear significance. Over the past year, property prices in Puig de Ros have witnessed a 6.8% uptick. The area has undergone a substantial price escalation for five years, surging from 2,762 €/m2 to the current rate of 3,644 €/m2, translating to a noteworthy 24% increase. This consistent growth underscores the appealing investment prospects that Puig de Ros presents.

In summary, the data underscores the potential for property investment in Puig de Ros, characterized by advantageous price trends and relatively affordable current valuations. It might be appealing to those searching for real estate opportunities in Mallorca.

Typical types of property in Puig de Ros to buy and their prices

Property type

Brief description


Modern villa with sea views 

Ref. number: PR-2156

This modern villa offers a luxurious garden, swimming pool and beautiful sea views. The perfect place for a comfortable and stylish stay.

960 000 €

Luxury 4-bedroom villa 

Ref. number: PR-2147

This luxury villa offers 4 bedrooms and side sea views with a spacious interior and comfortable furnishings.

1 900 000 €

Townhouse with swimming pool

Ref. number: MR-0098

Attractive urban accommodation with a swimming pool and modern facilities. An excellent option for family accommodation in Puig de Ros.

620 000 €

House in the prestigious location of Puig de Ros

Ref. number: PR-1376

Modern villa in a prestigious part of Puig de Ros with modern amenities and luxurious design.

865 000 €

These property listings in Puig de Ros provide a variety of options to buy, ranging from modern villas with sea views to cozy residential complexes with a swimming pool. Prices vary depending on the type of property and its features. You can find more detailed information by following the links provided.

The Most Affordable Property in the Area:

  • Property Type: Apartments
  • Brief Description: Cozy 2-bedroom open-plan apartment spanning 76 m2 in Puig de Ros. It is an excellent choice for those seeking affordability in this appealing locale.
  • Price: €252,000

Have you ever dreamed of owning your slice of Mallorca at such an affordable price?

The Most Luxurious Property in the Location:

  • Property Type: Luxury Villa
  • Description: Luxurious 5-bedroom frontline villa with panoramic sea vistas in Puig de Ros. Boasting an expansive 800 m2 of living space and a 1000 m2 garden area, this is an exceptional offering for connoisseurs of luxury and comfort.
  • Price: €7,000,000

Fancy indulging in a world of luxury living with a sea view in one of Mallorca's most beautiful regions?

Regardless of your budget, Puig de Ros offers various property options. From budget-friendly apartments to luxury sea-view villas, there's something for everyone. Now is an opportune moment to invest in property in this delightful locale, with the market presenting the opportunity to acquire real estate appreciation before prices soar.

Investment attractiveness of Puig de Ros property

High Rental Demand by the Sea

Like any coastal area, Puig de Ros enjoys a strong demand for rental properties. Wealthy individuals from across Europe, accustomed to a high standard of living, seek out Puig de Ros for its tranquillity and prestige. The average rental rate in Puig de Ros stands at €17.3/m2, which is 4.6% higher than the island's average.

Investing in Puig de Ros Property

Investing in the Puig de Ros property presents a fantastic opportunity. Purchasing property here for rental purposes ensures a robust and consistent income. It opens doors to meeting fascinating individuals from diverse countries.

Real Estate Agency in Puig de Ros

Yes! Mallorca stands as the premier real estate agency in Puig de Ros.

With an extensive catalogue of 51 properties for sale in South Mallorca, including Puig de Ros, Yes! Mallorca provides daily updates on listings. Our offerings encompass luxury villas, brand-new apartments from developers, homes directly from owners, and exclusive off-market listings. Discover more property buying options in Puig de Ros here: Puig de Ros Real Estate.


Puig de Ros offers one of the finest living experiences in Mallorca, whether you're seeking a holiday destination or a permanent residence.

Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Well-developed infrastructure
  • Convenient transportation links
  • Educational facilities for children
  • A coastal location
  • A wide range of affordable and luxury properties
  • A prestigious neighborhood in Puig de Ros
  • Availability of Spanish and German banks, and more.

YES! Puig de Ros is an excellent choice for vacation and property investment in Mallorca. You'll find everything you need here for a dignified lifestyle and a high living quality.

Explore properties available in Puig de Ros and neighbouring areas by clicking here: South Mallorca Real Estate for Sale.

For a complete list of properties available for sale, please refer to our Mallorca Real Estate Buying catalogue.

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