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Property in Sa Torre for Sale

Sa Torre property market overview 


  1. A brief overview of Sa Torre

  2. Popular Property Types in Sa Torre for Sale

  3. What is the Average Property Price in Sa Torre?

  4. Typical types of property in Sa Torre to buy and their prices

  5. Investment attractiveness of Sa Torre property

  6. Real Estate Agency in Sa Torre

A brief overview of Sa Torre

Located in the southern part of Mallorca, Sa Torre falls under the jurisdiction of Llucmajor, the largest municipality on the island, covering an expansive 327 square kilometres. Llucmajor boasts a population of 37,000 permanent residents, with foreign nationals constituting less than 20 per cent of the total population. Notably, German citizens comprise 6 per cent of the residents here, which is steadily growing.

Sa Torre, also called La Torre in Catalan, is home to 3,610 people. Its proximity to the sea makes it one of the most coveted areas in the island's southern region, appealing to those seeking permanent residence or investment opportunities. The breathtaking sunsets witnessed here daily create unforgettable memories. Travelling from Palma de Mallorca to Sa Torre is a mere 10-minute journey by car or public transport.

Citizens from Germany, the UK, France, Spain, and other European countries opt for Sa Torre when considering property investments. This choice is driven by the considerably lower prices in this region compared to the southwest coast, nearly half as much. One of the key advantages of such an investment lies in acquiring larger homes or properties situated directly along the beach for the same budget.

Popular Property Types in Sa Torre for Sale

  • Private Houses in Sa Torre

  • Luxury Villas in Sa Torre with Sea Views

  • Townhouses in Sa Torre with Communal Pools

  • Houses in Sa Torre within Complexes Featuring Communal Swimming Pools

In this unique corner of Sa Torre, Mallorca, you'll discover diverse property offerings, including those nestled along the coastline and beachfront. Over recent years, a noticeable surge in interest has surrounded Sa Torre's real estate market. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have spurred many Europeans to consider Mallorca an ideal location for owning properties with private gardens. Such properties provide opportunities for enjoying nature and the seaside, offering high comfort and security within the bounds of potential restrictions.

This increased interest in the area has caught the attention of construction companies and investors, resulting in a flurry of activity in building coastal properties in Sa Torre. Presently, you have a wealth of new properties to choose from and access to available land for constructing villas and residential developments in Sa Torre. The area holds promise for property investments, with its allure steadily on the rise.

What is the Average Property Price in Sa Torre?

Currently, the average price per square meter for a property in Sa Torre stands at 3,388 euros. This figure is notably 15% lower than the island-wide average price in Mallorca, which sits at €3,987 per square meter. Sa Torre's competitive pricing makes it an appealing destination for property investment, especially compared to other regions on the island.

What's worth noting are the price dynamics. Over the past year, property prices in Sa Torre have witnessed an 8.6% increase. In five years, this area has seen substantial price growth, rising from €2,436 per square meter to the current rate of €3,388 per square meter, marking a 28% increase. This consistent growth underscores the enticing investment prospects that Sa Torre has to offer.

The data strongly suggests that Sa Torre presents a promising opportunity for property investment, characterized by favourable price trends and relatively affordable current values. It could be an enticing choice for those seeking property opportunities in Mallorca.

Typical types of property in Sa Torre to buy and their prices

Property type

Brief description


Luxury Villa in Sa Torre

Reference number ST-0381

Luxury villa in Sa Torre with sea views, including 5 bedrooms, spacious interiors with modern finishes and access to the pool. The villa provides the perfect combination of comfort and luxury.

 2 800 000 €

Villa with pool in Sa Torre 

Reference number ST-2018

Cosy 4-bedroom villa in a quiet neighbourhood, just a few steps from the sea. Bright and spacious accommodation, private pool and picturesque gardens create the perfect place for family life.

1 750 000 €

A house with a common wall.   Casa Pareado

Reference number ST-0994

Charming villa with private garden and swimming pool. This property offers 3 bedrooms, stylish interiors and a cosy environment for your family.

795 000 €

Private house with swimming pool in Sa Torre

Reference number ST-0233

Family villa with swimming pool, 4 bedrooms and spacious terrace. This house is ideal for family living and enjoying the Mediterranean climate.

955 000€

The property types listed above in Sa Torre offer a range of attractive buying options. Whether it's a luxurious villa boasting breathtaking sea views or a welcoming family home with a private pool, Sa Torre provides choices for various budgets and tastes. Regardless of your selection, purchasing a property in this area assures a comfortable and high-quality lifestyle. 

The Most Affordable Property in Sa Torre: 

• Property Type: Family Apartment in a Residential Complex with Swimming Pool and Garden Areas. 

• Brief Description: This charming 2-bedroom house with a spacious living/dining room offers excellent prospects for creating your Mediterranean haven. The house currently features a generous living area, a kitchen with a breakfast bar, 2 bedrooms, and a large terrace with wooden storage. Additional amenities include double-glazed aluminium windows, parquet floors (in need of refurbishment), a new gas water heater, air conditioning (3 splits), and an internal wooden structure. 

• You can acquire such a property in Sa Torre for €179,000.

This is an outstanding opportunity to initiate your property investment journey.

The Priciest Property in Sa Torre: 

• Property Type: Luxury Finca in Sa Torre with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, including a guest house and a pool. 

• Brief Description: This rural estate features 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, along with a guest house and a refreshing swimming pool. Situated on an extensive plot spanning over 100 hectares, it includes orchards with almond trees, vineyards, and even space for domestic animals. The total living area encompasses 3,100 square meters, incorporating farm structures. 

• Price: €5,300,000

Have you ever imagined owning a vast plot where you can indulge in farming? This finca in Sa Torre, Mallorca, offers a unique opportunity to craft your countryside haven, and the timing might be just right for your investment.

Regardless of your budget, Sa Torre offers diverse property choices, from budget-friendly apartments to luxurious sea-view villas. Now is an opportune moment to invest in property in this charming location, as the market presents chances to acquire a property that's appreciating before prices soar too high.

Investment attractiveness of Sa Torre property 

Like any seaside location, Sa Torre properties are in high rent demand. Those seeking a peaceful and reputable place for themselves and their families flock to Sa Torre from all over Europe. The average rental rate in Sa Torre stands at €12.5 per square meter, 24% lower than the island's average of €16.5 per square meter. Unsurprisingly, the area is highly coveted for long-term rentals.

Investing in a property in Sa Torre presents a fantastic opportunity. When you buy a property in Sa Torre for renting purposes, you secure a high and consistent income stream and open doors to meet fascinating individuals from diverse countries.

Real Estate Agency in Sa Torre

Yes! Mallorca stands as the premier real estate agency in the Sa Torre region. Our catalogue boasts 51 properties for sale in South Mallorca, including Sa Torre. We consistently update our listings of properties available for sale in Sa Torre, offering a diverse array of options:

  • Villas.

  • Apartments.

  • Homes directly from owners and property developers.

  • Plus, we can access exclusive property listings that are not publicly viewable.

For more information on available property offers in Sa Torre, please visit our website: Sa Torre Property for Sale.

The town of Sa Torre is one of the finest places to reside in Mallorca, whether for vacation or as a permanent residence.

In this neighbourhood, you'll find:

  • Well-planned infrastructure.

  • Convenient transportation connections.

  • Educational institutions for children.

  • A unique coastal location.

  • A wide array of affordable properties.

  • Sa Torre's prestigious reputation as a desirable residential area.

  • Availability of Spanish and European banks.

Sa Torre is an excellent choice for vacationing and property investment in Mallorca. Here, you'll discover everything you need for a quality and respectable lifestyle.

For available property offers for purchase in Sa Torre and related areas, please click on the following link: Properties for Sale in South Mallorca.

You can also find a complete list of properties for sale in our catalogue: Mallorca Property Purchase.