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Property in Bendinat for Sale

Overview of the Bendinat Real Estate Market

Suppose you're considering purchasing a property in Bendinat. In that case, we strongly recommend reviewing this informative content thoughtfully compiled by our seasoned real estate experts at Yes! Mallorca Property.


  1. Bendinat: A brief overview of the town

  2. Property Prices in Bendinat

  3. Typical types of properties for sale in Bendinat and their prices

  4. Bendinat Golf Real Estate

  5. Investment attractiveness of real estate in Bendinat

  6. Real estate agent in Bendinat

A brief overview of Bendinat

If you're thinking of buying property in Bendinat, Mallorca, check out the expert insights from Yes! Mallorca real estate agency.

Bendinat, situated in the easternmost part of the Calvia municipality, is renowned for its elite status and proximity to the prestigious Real Golf de Bendinat.

Dating back to the 19th century, the neo-Gothic Castell de Bendinat stands as one of the prominent attractions in the southwest of Mallorca. For more details about the castle, please visit the official website at

According to legend, King Jaime I paused here for a meal after conquering the island of Mallorca. Following his satisfying lunch, he exclaimed "Bé hem dinat" in Mallorcan, which translates to "We have eaten well." This expression later gave rise to the pueblo's name, Bendinat.

The town is divided into the new seaside neighbourhood, the Bendinat Golf neighbourhood, and the Old Bendinat Mallorca neighbourhood.

The Old Bendinat Mallorca neighbourhood exudes an authentic Spanish ambience, making it the preferred choice for those who appreciate classic architecture and desire to reside in an upscale area of Mallorca. In this region, various property types are available for sale in Bendinat, including flats, townhouses with communal pools, houses, and other real estate options.

At present, Bendinat is home to at most 1,000 residents. Purchasing real estate in Bendinat has become popular among affluent individuals from European countries such as Germany, France, England, Holland, and others.

Properties in Bendinat hold a strong allure for wealthy Europeans, not only due to their elite status but also because of the frequent listings for new construction properties in Bendinat. These new developments in Bendinat encompass luxurious villas and contemporary residential complexes. Within these complexes, one can acquire flats with shared pools, secure premises, smart home systems, and energy certificates ranking above "B."

Property Prices in Bendinat

The average price per square meter (m²) in Bendinat currently stands at €8,591. This marks a significant 53.5% premium over the Mallorca average of €3,987 per m².

Notably, just a year ago, the value of 1 m² in Bendinat was €6,851 reflecting a robust annual increase of 20.3%. The real estate market in Bendinat has seen remarkable growth for five years, with prices ascending from €3,887 per m² to the current €8,591 per m², indicating an impressive 54.8% increase over this period.

This consistent upward trajectory in property prices underscores the sustained demand for housing in Bendinat. Furthermore, the brisk rate of price appreciation in Bendinat's real estate market promises substantial returns for property owners.

Typical types of properties for sale in Bendinat and their prices 

Bendinat is a reasonably balanced area in terms of the types of properties located here. It isn't easy to choose the most popular. Here you can buy properties of different kinds, for example, sea-view apartments, houses, luxury golf villas, new properties and land plots for building a house.

Flat with Sea View

Description: A typical flat for sale in Bendinat is nestled within a gated community by the sea. The complex boasts a communal pool, two communal pools, and a spacious Mediterranean garden. Each flat comes with designated parking spaces. These flats offer a living space of 122 m², complemented by a 63 m² terrace. They feature a separate living room, an American-style kitchen, and 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Price: €895,000

House in Alt Bendinat

Description: Situated in the Alt Bendinat location on Mallorca, these houses exhibit a quintessential Mediterranean style. They come complete with a private pool and a 500 m² plot. The living area spans 223 m², with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Priced at €795,000, these properties are highly sought-after by homebuyers in Mallorca, known for their swift sales and consistently appreciating values.

Luxury Golf Villa

Description: Bendinat offers an extensive selection of luxury villas, exemplified by this type. These properties can reach a staggering €15,000,000 in value, rivalling the luxury of those in the Son Vida district. Positioned atop the hills, typical villas for sale in Bendinat with pools provide panoramic sea views. The territory spans 1,500 m², with a living area of 638 m², featuring a spacious living room, an open kitchen, 5 bedrooms, and 5 bathrooms. These villas in Bendinat are fully furnished and equipped with the latest appliances, a pool, and various relaxation areas.

Price: €4,750,000

Bendinat, located in Mallorca, is a luxurious pueblo, and the properties here mirror its opulence:

  • The most affordable property in Bendinat starts at €250,000. With this budget, you can acquire flats like a one-bedroom unit with a living area of 32 m². These flats, perched on the fourth floor of multi-story buildings, offer enchanting sea views.
  • At the upper echelon, properties can command prices up to €12,000,000. An example is a cutting-edge villa atop one of the pueblo's peaks, directly overlooking the Royal Bendinat golf course. This villa is enveloped by lush tropical gardens and extensive outdoor terraces that provide sweeping views of the golf course and the sea. The living area spans three levels, with a roof terrace boasting a spacious recreational area, an open kitchen, and a small pool offering 360-degree vistas of the sea, Bendinat Castle, and the surrounding mountains. This property comprises 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, spread over 750 m² of living space, set within a 1,300 m² territory. The villa in Bendinat even includes an elevator. Ref. no. YC-1504.
Discover the Upscale Residential Complex Sa Viña in Bendinat: A Haven of Luxury Living

Bendinat Golf Real Estate 

Golf properties in Bendinat rank among the most coveted on the island. Within the Bendinat Golf locale, you'll find a range of distinctive properties for sale, including:

·       Luxury Flats in Bendinat with Golf Course Views

·       Luxury Villas in Bendinat Situated Directly on the Golf Course

·       Exclusive Properties for Sale in Bendinat

For a comprehensive look at golf properties available in Mallorca, delve into our dedicated article, "Golf Properties for Sale in Mallorca - Things to Know."

Notably, golf properties in Bendinat exhibit a notable trend of appreciating in value at an accelerated rate compared to other property types within the pueblo. Over the past year, Bendinat's golf properties recorded a remarkable 23.8% increase, surpassing the 20.3% growth observed in the average property price in Bendinat.

Investors in Mallorca recognize the strategic significance of golf properties in Bendinat, and this demand has prompted construction companies to actively vie for the opportunity to develop new residences in this prime area. Consequently, within the vicinity of Bendinat's golf courses, it's commonplace for investors to acquire properties earmarked for conversion and redevelopment.

Investment attractiveness of real estate in Bendinat 

Like other coastal regions in the southwest, Bendinat experiences a robust demand for rental properties, given its prime seaside location. These rental properties in Bendinat specifically cater to affluent Europeans accustomed to a heightened standard of living. Notably, the allure of renting property in Bendinat extends beyond the well-off, often attracting renowned individuals.

Consequently, the average rental price in Bendinat stands at €21.4 per square meter, representing a 22,9 premium over the island's average rates.

Investing in real estate in Bendinat presents a compelling opportunity. Acquiring property in Bendinat for rental purposes yields a substantial and consistent income stream. It offers the prospect of mingling with affluent and prominent individuals from around the globe.

Real estate agent in Bendinat

Yes! Mallorca Property stands as a prominent real estate agency in Bendinat. Our extensive directory at Yes! Mallorca Property boasts numerous listings available for sale in this sought-after location. We continuously update the Bendinat property listings to ensure timeliness and relevance. Our offerings encompass a range of real estate options in Bendinat, including luxury villas, seaside flats, houses for rent, and privately owned flats.

Our valued clients receive exclusive access to distressed property sale opportunities in Bendinat. Yes! Mallorca Property takes pride in its team of top-tier German real estate agents in Bendinat. Our agency is renowned for excellence, earning an impressive Google rating of 4.9. Whether you seek to buy or sell property in Bendinat, we are dedicated to facilitating swift and profitable transactions.

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