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Property in Cala Vinyes for Sale

Cala Viñes
Stunning modern villa with fantastic views in Cala Vines
255 m2
3 500 000 €
Cala Viñes
Excellent apartment with sea views in Cala Vines
101 m2
485 000 €
Cala Viñes
Spacious villa with pool in Cala Vines
641 m2
2 399 000 €
Cala Viñes
Luxury lapartment on the first line of the sea in Cala Vines
185 m2
1 590 000 €
Cala Viñes
Luxurious new and modern villa in Cala Vines
392 m2
3 500 000 €
Cala Viñes
Apartment in a complex with access to the beach in Cala Vines
155 m2
625 000 €
Cala Viñes
Excellent duplex with panoramic sea views in Cala Vines
90 m2
575 000 €
Cala Viñes
Spectacular 3 bedroom penthouse in Cala Vines with panoramic sea views.
125 m2
925 000 €
Cala Viñes
Wonderful semi-detached house in a gated community in Cala Vynes
166 m2
850 000 €

Overview of the property market in Cala Vinyes


  1. Cala Vinyes: An Overview

  2. The most popular types of property in Cala Vinyes

  3. Property Prices in Cala Vinyes

  4. Typical Property Types and Their Prices for Sale in Cala Vinyes

  5. The investment attractiveness of real estate in Cala Vinyes

  6. Real Estate Agency in Cala Vinyes

Cala Vinyes: An Overview

If you're thinking about buying a property in Cala Vinyes, Mallorca, we strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with the useful information offered by the experts at Yes! Mallorca real estate agency.

Nestled in the charming southwest region of Mallorca, Cala Vinyes is a picturesque village in the Calvia municipality. To its west, it shares its borders with the prestigious enclave of Sol de Mallorca. Meanwhile, to the east, the well-known resort of Magalluf beckons. The verdant beauty of La Porrassa graces the northern periphery of Cala Vinyes, while the sea gracefully laps its southern edge. Cala Vinyes boasts a tranquil population of approximately 700 residents.

The village's name mirrors Cala Vinyes Bay, a beloved destination for tourists and Mallorca's inhabitants alike. All the properties in Cala Vinyes are nestled along the scenic bay, providing stunning sea vistas for nearly every residence.

Cala Vinyes boasts another gem for visitors, the captivating Cala Cap Falcó, a must-visit cove on the island. Many tourists choose to stay here, often in camper vans, and the area also offers exhilarating mountain biking trails.

For history enthusiasts, Cala Vinyes presents the intriguing Naveta Alemany. These are ancient ruins dating back to the Bronze Age (circa 1600 BC), with some structures still standing today.

Thanks to its prime seaside location, Cala Vinyes is regarded as an elite destination.

Luxury properties for sale in Cala Vinyes, situated on the bay's western edge, tend to attract German and Swiss nationals. This area offers luxurious villas with frontline sea views and panoramic vistas or apartments in Cala Vinyes directly on the seafront. For instance, you can acquire a stunning seafront apartment in the exclusive Imperial Garden residential complex, predominantly inhabited by Germans and features secure parking, a sizable pool, and private access to the sea.

• On the bay's eastern coast, you'll find a livelier scene with more cafes, bars, and restaurants, drawing a diverse crowd, including shoppers from England and Spain. Here, the focus is on sea-view apartments in Cala Vinyes, ideally situated right on Cala Vinyes Beach. Consider, for example, purchasing a seafront apartment on the east side in the sought-after Royal Savoy Cala Vinyes residential complex.

The most popular types of property in Cala Vinyes

  • Houses in Cala Vinyes Right by the Sea

  • Stately Manor Houses for Sale in Cala Vinyes

  • Seaside Flats in Cala Vinyes

  • Luxury Villas in Cala Vinyes, Frontline to the Sea

  • Apartments in Cala Vinyes with Stunning Sea Views

  • Holiday Homes in Cala Vinyes

Following the relaxation of COVID-19-related restrictions, the Cala Vinyes Town Hall swiftly issued a significant number of permits to construction firms, ushering in a construction boom in 2022. This resulted in the developing of new luxury villas, contemporary seafront apartments, and upscale townhouses in Cala Vinyes.

It's worth noting that the demand for real estate in Cala Vinyes remains robust and continues to grow steadily. As a result, many of the newly constructed properties in Cala Vinyes are already off the market. However, our premier real estate agency, Yes! Mallorca Property maintains direct connections with all of Cala Vinyes' builders. Thus, even in this high-demand environment, you can rely on us to secure a new construction property in Cala Vinyes.

Property Prices in Cala Vinyes

The current average price for 1 square meter (m²) in Cala Vinyes is €5,888.

In contrast, the average price per square meter in Mallorca is €3,987, which is €1,901 lower than the prevailing property rates in Cala Vinyes. Just a year ago, the value of 1 m² in Cala Vinyes was €5,304, marking a notable annual growth of 10%. Over the past five years, property values in Cala Vinyes have surged from €3,049 per m² to €5,888 per m², reflecting an impressive 48.2% increase.

Luxury properties in Cala Vinyes command prices on par with those in the neighbouring Sol de Mallorca. However, what sets Cala Vinyes apart is its more dynamic price appreciation, both over the past year and the last five years. This trend is primarily driven by the increasing number of individuals with substantial purchasing power drawn to Cala Vinyes. Additionally, the significant inventory of newly constructed properties for sale in Cala Vinyes contributes to this growth.

Typical Property Types and Their Prices for Sale in Cala Vinyes

1.     Villas: Villas are the most sought-after property type in Cala Vinyes. You can find villas by the sea ranging from €905,000 to €12,000,000. Typically, these are newly constructed villas with pools, featuring a land area of 1,382 m², a living area of 397 m², 4 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. The cost of such a villa is €1,840,000. Ref. no. CV-2061.

2.     Flats: Flats, particularly penthouses and luxury flats, are also quite popular in Cala Vinyes, with prices ranging from €500,000 to €3,000,000. For instance, a furnished flat in Cala Vinyes with a community pool can be purchased for €950,000. This flat offers a living area of 105 m², a garden area of 280 m², terraces spanning 150 m², 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. Ref. no. CV-1897.

3.     Houses: Houses in Cala Vinyes are relatively affordable, typically falling between €750,000 to €1,200,000. Mallorcan investors and construction companies often consider such properties. Given the strong appreciation and increasing demand for real estate in Cala Vinyes, buying a house for renovation here can be an excellent investment opportunity.

4.     Plots: As Cala Vinyes is regarded as an elite destination for property purchases in Mallorca, it attracts construction companies eager to build new villas. Consequently, plots are another sought-after property type in Cala Vinyes, with prices ranging from €700,000 to €1,500,000. For example, a plot for constructing a new villa in the first line in Cala Vinyes, covering an area of 1,200 m², can be acquired for €850,000. Ref. no. CV-1345.

The most budget-friendly property in Cala Vinyes starts at €400,000, which can get you a flat right by the sea in a multi-story building within a residential complex featuring a pool.

On the other end of the spectrum, the most expensive property currently available for sale in Cala Vinyes is a new construction villa with panoramic sea views. It boasts a land area of 1,290 m², a living area of 745 m², a spacious living room, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a modern open kitchen equipped with top-of-the-line appliances. This villa in Cala Vinyes has an infinity pool and is priced at €12,000,000. Ref. no. YC-1527.

The investment attractiveness of real estate in Cala Vinyes

Cala Vinyes, much like the majority of districts within the southwestern Calvia municipality, stands out as a highly coveted location for property investment with a focus on generating passive income through short-term rentals. The average rental rate in Cala Vinyes stands at €16.7/m², reflecting a 11% increase over the past year, and this upward trend persists.

What sets renting in Cala Vinyes apart is that owners of exclusive villas and flats here enjoy a stream of regular clientele for summer rentals, often booking these properties several years in advance.

For instance, weekly rentals for villas in Cala Vinyes with sea views can fetch up to €20,000 per week. At the same time, flats in Cala Vinyes typically command no less than €2,200 per week.

Real estate experts in Cala Vinyes strongly recommend considering investments in the local property market, given its potential for generating passive rental income and capital appreciation.

Real Estate Agency in Cala Vinyes

Yes! Mallorca Property is a prominent real estate agency operating in Cala Vinyes. Within the Yes! Mallorca Property company directory, you will find a comprehensive listing of 26 properties available for sale and purchase in Cala Vinyes. Our property listings in Cala Vinyes are updated daily to ensure their relevance and accuracy. We specialize in selling luxury villas, newly constructed villas from reputable builders, and flats offered by private sellers.

At Yes! Mallorca Property, our clients are our top priority, and they are always the first to receive exclusive offers for urgent property sales in Cala Vinyes. We proudly host a team of highly regarded real estate agents in Cala Vinyes. Our agency has earned an excellent reputation with an outstanding Google rating of 4.9. Whether you want to purchase or sell a property in Cala Vinyes, our dedicated team is committed to facilitating swift and profitable transactions.

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