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Experience Mediterranean Luxury Living: Discover Sa Vinya residential complex in Bendinat

sign at the entrance to Sa Vinya in Bendinat

Mallorca, the enchanting island known for its rich culture, breathtaking beaches, and remarkable architecture, offers many diverse property options. Nestled in the heart of this paradise lies Sa Vinya in Bendinat, a residential complex that presents a unique opportunity for those seeking a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle on this magnificent Mediterranean island.

Developed between 2005 and 2006, Sa Vinya in Bendinat comprises 100 apartments, penthouses, and townhouses. This exclusive residential community allows residents to live near a golf course and the mesmerizing seaside. Designed with utmost comfort and style, Sa Vinya Bendinat has become one of the most sought-after residential areas in Mallorca. In this article, we will delve into the incredible offerings of this residential complex.

Location of Sa Vinya Residential Complex in Bendinat

Sa Vinya residence location

The Sa Vinya luxury apartment complex is located in one of the most attractive and sought-after areas of Mallorca, Bendinat. This quiet and cosy area in the south-west of the island perfectly combines the advantages of coastal living with proximity to basic amenities. Bendinat is renowned for its white sand beaches, marinas, educational facilities, medical centres, supermarkets, banks and restaurants. In addition, the centre of Palma is only 10 minutes away by car, making this location very convenient and accessible for all of life's needs.

Today, there are at most 1000 permanent residents in Bendinat. Wealthy people from European countries such as Germany, France, England, Holland and others are chosen to buy a property in Bendinat.

Bendinat real estate attracts wealthy Europeans not only for its elite status. Bendinat property for sale is often advertised in new construction. 

Market Insights: The Price of Sa Vinya in Bendinat

Sa Vinya Residential Complex in Bendinat

The flat growth of Bendinat property shows that the demand for local housing is stable and even. At the same time, the growth dynamics of Bendinat real estate are relatively high. Which certainly brings Bendinat property owners high profits. With elegant architecture, fantastic amenities and stunning views, Sa Vinya Bendinat offers its residents the opportunity to enjoy the Mallorcan lifestyle.

The average price per m2 in Bendinat is 8.596 €/m2, which is 52.7% above the Mallorca average. This compares to an average price per m2 in Mallorca of 4.063 €/m2. A year ago, the price per m2 in Bendinat was 7.423 €/m2, which means that the price has increased by 13.6% in a year. In 5 years, the property market in Bendinat has grown from 4.553 €/m2 to 8.596 €/m2, a 43% increase. 

These numbers show that investing in a property in Bendinat is a wise and profitable decision, as the demand for local housing is stable and the growth dynamics are high. By buying a property in Sa Vinya Bendinat, you are securing a comfortable and luxurious home and a valuable asset that will bring you high returns.

The Benefits of Sa Vinya in Bendinat

Sa Vinya Bendinat offers its residents a range of benefits that make a living in this complex a wonderful experience. Some of these benefits are:

  • Elegant architecture: Sa Vinya Bendinat has a modern and elegant design, spacious and bright rooms, high-quality materials and finishes, and large terraces with stunning sea views, the golf course or the mountains.
  • Fantastic amenities: Sa Vinya Bendinat has everything you need to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing lifestyle, including swimming pools, gardens, parking spaces, storage rooms, security and concierge services.
  • Stunning views: Sa Vinya Bendinat offers breathtaking views of the natural beauty of Mallorca, from the blue sea to the green golf course to the majestic mountains. You can enjoy these views from your terrace, living room or bedroom and feel this island's peace and tranquillity.
  • Mallorcan lifestyle: Sa Vinya Bendinat allows you to immerse yourself in the Mallorcan lifestyle, which is characterized by its warm and sunny climate, its delicious and healthy cuisine, its rich and diverse culture, and its friendly and hospitable people. You can explore the island's attractions, such as its historical monuments, charming villages, natural parks and festivals, or simply relax and enjoy the sun, the sea and the sand.

Sa Vinya Complex: A Prime Location in Bendinat

view from apartments in Sa Vinya in Bendinat

Sa Vinya Complex, Bendinat, is situated in a convenient and attractive area, with many amazing places and amenities nearby. Here are some of the things you can enjoy close to the complex:

Beaches: You can walk to the beautiful white sandy beach of  Playa de Ses Illetes, where you can swim in the clear Mediterranean water and relax under the sun. You can also explore other beaches and coves in the area, such as Cala Comtessa, Cala Bendinat and Cala Fornells.

Golf Courses: If you love golf, you will be happy to know that Sa Vinya Bendinat is right next to  Bendinat Golf, a top-class golf course with 18 holes and stunning views. You can also visit other golf courses in the vicinity, such as Golf de Andratx, Golf Santa Ponsa and Golf Son Vida.

Note: To find your ideal golf property in Bendinat, read our guide "Golf properties for sale in Mallorca - things to know."

Shops and Restaurants: You can find shops, restaurants and cafes near the complex, where you can taste delicious local and international dishes and do some shopping. You can also go to the nearby shopping centres, such as Porto Pi and Festival Park, for more options.

Marina: You can enjoy luxury marinas close to Sa Vinya, such as  Puerto Portals, where you can rent a yacht or go on a sailing holiday. You can also admire the impressive boats and yachts or have a drink or a meal at one of the bars and restaurants.

Palma centre: You can easily reach the centre of Palma, the capital of Mallorca, by car in just 10 minutes. There you can discover the cultural and entertainment attractions of the city, such as the cathedral, the castle, the museums, the theatres and the nightlife.

With abundant amenities nearby, Sa Vinya in Bendinat offers an exceptional living and holiday experience in Mallorca, providing everything you need for a comfortable and varied lifestyle.

Sa Vinya Residential Complex : A Place with Great Amenities

The pool at Sa Vinya

Sa Vinya Residential Complex in Bendinat offers many amenities and conveniences to enhance its residents' and guests' comfort and enjoyment. Here are some of the standout features:

Swimming Pools: The complex boasts three swimming pools, including one heated pool. These inviting pools provide the perfect setting for relaxation, swimming, and outdoor leisure activities.

Mediterranean Gardens: The picturesque Mediterranean gardens surrounding the complex create a serene and enchanting atmosphere, adding lush greenery to the surroundings.

Underground Parking: Sa Vinya provides residents with the convenience and security of a covered underground parking facility. Each apartment is assigned a designated parking space, ensuring hassle-free and safe parking.

Storerooms: Every flat in Sa Vinya is equipped with a dedicated storeroom, offering residents a convenient space to store personal belongings, bicycles, paddleboards, and other equipment.

Privileged Location: The complex's proximity to beaches, golf courses, and various amenities makes Sa Vinya in Bendinat an ideal choice for both permanent living and recreational purposes. Residents can easily access the best of what Mallorca has to offer.

Security: Sa Vinya prioritizes its residents' safety and peace of mind, providing security measures and access control systems to ensure a secure living environment.

Scenic Views: Many apartments in the complex offer breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding natural landscapes, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings.

These exceptional amenities at Sa Vinya in Bendinat contribute to its appeal as an attractive place to live and vacation, offering its residents a high standard of comfort and quality of life.

Sa Vinya in Bendinat: A Variety of Property Types for Sale

The height of buildings in Sa Vinya does not exceed three floors

Suppose you want a property in the Sa Vinya residential complex in Bendinat. In that case, you will be happy to know that there are different types of properties for sale, each with its features and advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Apartments: You can find apartments of different sizes and layouts in the Sa Vinya complex, with modern amenities and comfort. The apartments are ideal for living permanently or as a second home in Mallorca.
  • Penthouses: You can enjoy a luxurious space with stunning sea and nature views from the penthouses in Sa Vinya. The penthouses have large terraces and high-quality materials, making them a premium option for buyers.
  • Duplexes: You can have a larger space with several floors and rooms in the duplexes in Sa Vinya. The duplexes are located close to the sea and the golf courses, allowing you to enjoy different activities and lifestyles.
  • Garden Apartments: You can have your own garden in some of the flats in Sa Vinya, called Planta Baja apartments. These apartments offer residents comfort, privacy, and a touch of greenery and nature.
  • Spacious Terraces and Rooftops: You can relax and enjoy the outdoors in the spacious terraces and rooftops that many of the properties in the complex have. The terraces and rooftops offer panoramic views of the surroundings, perfect for admiring the island's beauty.

These diverse property types at Sa Vinya Residential Complex ensure buyers have a wide range of choices to find the perfect option that aligns with their needs and lifestyle preferences.

Investment attractiveness of the Sa Vinya residential complex

Apartment with garden in Sa Vinya

The Sa Vinya residential complex in the coveted Bendinat area of Mallorca offers a highly appealing investment opportunity for buyers and investors. Here are several key factors that contribute to its investment attractiveness:

Prime Location: Situated in one of Mallorca's most exclusive neighbourhoods, Sa Vinya benefits from its luxurious location. Bendinat is renowned for its tranquillity, security, and desirability, attracting high-profile individuals and those seeking a premium lifestyle.

Proximity to the Sea: Sa Vinya's direct access to the sea is a major draw for beach and water enthusiasts. The convenience of enjoying the coastal beauty and various water activities further enhances the property's appeal.

Golf Courses: Bendinat boasts exceptional golf courses, making Sa Vinya a sought-after destination for avid golfers and enthusiasts of the sport. The proximity to these prestigious courses adds value and allure to the complex.

Modern Amenities: Sa Vinya offers a range of contemporary amenities, including swimming pools, well-maintained gardens, private parking facilities, and storage spaces. These features enhance the comfort and convenience of residents and contribute to the property's investment appeal.

Scenic Views: Properties within Sa Vinya provide breathtaking panoramic views of the sea and the picturesque natural surroundings. The allure of these stunning vistas adds significant value to the complex.

Rental Opportunities: The high demand for properties in the Bendinat area presents attractive rental opportunities for investors. Sa Vinya's desirability and location make it an appealing choice for long-term rentals, offering the potential for stable additional income. On average, apartments in Sa Vinya can command a monthly rental value of €3000.

Growth Potential: The Bendinat area has consistently increased property values over time, indicating strong growth potential for investors. This presents an opportunity for capital appreciation and long-term investment gains.

Quality Construction: Sa Vinya prides itself on using top-quality materials and modern construction techniques, ensuring the durability and comfort of its properties. This commitment to high standards adds value and reassurance to potential investors.

Considering these factors, Sa Vinya stands out as an exceptional investment option for those seeking a prestigious property in a prime location, with the potential for both stable rental income and long-term appreciation.

What you can buy today at Sa Vinya Residential Complex in Mallorca

Sa Vinya, nestled alongside a prestigious golf course and the captivating coastline, has become a highly sought-after destination for property buyers in Mallorca. With its prime location, properties within the complex are swiftly snapped up by discerning investors.

The prices of properties for sale in the Sa Vinya Residential Complex vary depending on several factors, including property type, location, views, size, recent renovations, and individual seller preferences. Here are a few examples:

  • A mid-floor apartment of approximately 100 m2 is available for purchase at €850,000. Please note that some renovation work may be required for this particular unit.
  • For those seeking modern luxury, a penthouse within the esteemed Sa Vinya complex can be acquired for €1,500,000.
  • A newly renovated Planta Baja apartment boasting generous living space can be yours for approximately €1,800,000.

To obtain the most up-to-date information on available properties for sale within the esteemed Sa Vinya complex, we invite you to contact our agency, Yes! Mallorca Property. With direct connections to numerous property owners in Sa Vinya, we can swiftly provide comprehensive details on the latest property listings in Bendinat.

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