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Property in Selva for Sale

Buying a Property in Selva: Embracing Nature's Tranquility

Location and Popularity

Nestled in the northern part of Majorca, Selva is a charming town situated at the base of the Tramuntana mountain range. This idyllic locale offers residents and visitors a retreat into nature, with rural highlights and breathtaking views that provide an authentic taste of Mallorca. Selva is renowned for its quaint rustic architecture and is a perfect backdrop for hiking, cycling, and scenic routes.

Evolution of House Prices

Over the past year, property prices in Selva have seen a steady 9.4% increase, reflecting the market's stability. Various property types, from houses to flats, cater to different preferences. Houses span 254,500 to 3,300,000 euros, while flats range from 213,000 to 690,000 euros. The average prices are €650,000 for houses and €315,000 for flats. With prices per square meter ranging from €2,036 to €2,768, Selva emerges as an attractive option for smaller budgets, given that the average price in Mallorca is €4,063.

Recommendations for Buyers

Selva is an ideal haven for those seeking tranquillity and inspiration amidst nature. Purchasing property in this region holds particular value for outdoor enthusiasts eager to explore hiking and cycling trails. Selva's allure lies in its clean air, scenic beauty, and unique atmosphere, offering a home and a distinctive way of life.

Rentals in Selva

For those preferring to rent, Selva caters to both houses and flats. The average monthly rent is €2,500 for houses and €540 for flats. Annual rental rates per square meter stand at €118 for houses and €74 for flats, providing a variety of choices to align with your preferences and budget.

Foreigners in Selva

Selva attracts a diverse community of foreigners, predominantly Europeans, contributing to a friendly and vibrant atmosphere that adds to its unique charm.

Yes! Mallorca Property - Your Reliable Partner

If you are considering buying or selling property in Selva, we recommend contacting Yes! Mallorca Property. Our experts are prepared to assist you in turning your dreams into reality.