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Property in Porreres for Sale

Porreres: A Rural Idyll in South-Central Mallorca

Location and Popularity

Porreres is a secluded town and municipality in the countryside in south-central Mallorca, situated in the Llano region. Porreres boasts a unique character that sets it apart, even among the many charming small towns on the island.

The town is adorned with stone buildings, cosy squares, and numerous winding streets, creating a distinct atmosphere of village charm. The main street, Avinguda Bisbe Campins, stretches from the church to the town hall, lined with bars and cafes. Inside the town hall is a small modern art gallery featuring two works by Salvador Dali.

An Ideal Place to Live and Relax

In the heart of a region with a rich agricultural tradition, Porreres is renowned for its high-quality food and drink. The abundance of delicious local cuisine makes it an ideal destination for those who value quality and authenticity.

Agriculture forms the backbone of the city's economy, with the successful cultivation of cereals, almonds, vineyards, and apricots. The latter fruit even takes centre stage at the annual fair held here in June.

International Community

It's no coincidence that Porreres attracts the attention of foreign travellers and investors. Almost a fifth of the population consists of foreigners, drawn to the tranquillity and comfort of this corner of Mallorca. The peace and comfort, coupled with excellent transport accessibility, make it appealing to various nationalities.

Evolution of the Real Estate Market in Porreres

In the last 12 months, house prices in Porreres have steadily grown 6.1%. Average house prices range from €199,060 to €2,300,000, with an average price per square meter of €2,062—significantly lower than the average price in Mallorca (€4,063).

Variety of Properties and Recommendations

The market offers apartments with an average price of €449,990 and houses with an average price of €640,000. The average price per square meter of houses in Porreres (07260) is €2,062, and the average price of apartments is €1,737 per square meter. The sales price of 80% of houses ranges from €195,000 to €2,300,000, and 80% of flats range from €187,500 to €960,000.

Rental Options

The average monthly rental price of houses currently on the market in Porreres is €2,500. The monthly rental cost of 80% of houses ranges from €1,200 to €3,300. The average annual rent per square meter for houses in Porreres (07260) is €115.

The average monthly rental cost of apartments currently on the market is €800. The monthly rental cost of 80% of the apartments ranges from €400 to €995. The average annual rent per square meter for apartments in Porreres (07260) is €104.

Your Oasis in Porreres with Yes! Mallorca Property

Buying a home in Porreres is a choice for those seeking privacy in natural beauty while maintaining easy access to all necessary amenities. Regardless of budget, everyone will find their oasis here. Contact Yes! Mallorca Property to support you in making your Mallorcan home dream come true.