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Property in Costitx for Sale

Buying Property in Costitx: Your Path to the Ideal Home

Location and Popularity

Costitx, a small town in the centre of Mallorca, is emerging as a rising star among the island's cities, seamlessly blending an authentic island lifestyle with modern comforts. This amiable town is situated conveniently close to Palma and Inca. It offers tranquillity and easy access to key population centres. The region is celebrated for its natural beauty, historical heritage, and diverse landscape.

Costitx captivates attention with its unique character. Boasting a modest population of just over 1,200, it has been home to several generations of residents. The town draws pedestrians, cyclists, and archaeology and astronomy enthusiasts. Here, you'll discover historic houses with green shutters, terracotta-tiled roofs, a market square, a parish church, and traditional annual festivals that foster the unity of the local community.

Who is it Recommended For?

Costitx is ideal for those seeking tranquillity while maintaining proximity to city amenities. Families searching for a lifestyle surrounded by nature will find their perfect home here.

Attractiveness for Foreigners

The region draws foreign buyers from Germany, Scandinavia, and the UK. Costitx proudly embraces its ethnic diversity.

Evolution of Prices

Prices in Costitx (07144) have seen a 3.4% increase over the past 12 months, underscoring the steady rise in demand for housing. Historical data spanning the last 20 years reveals a 4.9% increase in prices for apartments and houses over the past 2.5 years.

Property Types and Prices

The market offers apartments and houses with average prices of 385,000 euros and 498,000 euros, respectively. 80% of houses are sold in the price range from 220,000 to 991,000 euros. The average price per square meter of a house in Costitx (07144) is €2,737.

Rental Options

The average monthly rental cost of houses is currently 1,600 euros. 80% of offers range from 910 to 2900 euros per month. The annual rent per square meter of living space is €169.

The average monthly rental price for apartments is currently 1,400 euros. Most offers (80%) range from 590 to 1650 euros per month. The average annual rent is €128 per square meter.

Price Justification and Recommendations

The average cost per square meter of a house in Costitx (07144) is €2,737, justified by the demand for the silence and beauty of nature. Moreover, the price is significantly lower than the average cost per square meter in Mallorca (€4,063).

Costitx is ideal for those looking for a cosy home in nature. Luxury villas and budget houses are available for buyers with different budgets.

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