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Property in Inca for Sale

4 bedroom villa with mountain views in Inca
375 m2
1 800 000 €

Inca: Property Acquisition in North-Central Mallorca

About the City of Inca

Inca, a Spanish town and municipality in north-central Mallorca, holds a unique position as the third-largest city on the island. Positioned along the motorway between Palma and Alcudia, it is renowned as the "City of Leather" due to its extensive history of leather goods production. The city boasts distinctive architecture and a culturally rich heritage.

Location and Popularity

Situated at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, Inca offers convenient transportation links and excellent connectivity across the island. Home to both locals and a modest expatriate community, Inca is celebrated for its abundance of boutiques, fashion shops, cafes, and cellar restaurants.

Dynamics of Housing Prices

Over the past 12 months, house prices in Inca have experienced a 6.7% increase. Ranging from €115,800 to €2,399,000, the average house price currently stands at €360,000. Inca's average cost per square meter is €2044, significantly lower than the Mallorca average (€4063).

Flats on the market have an average price of €212,000, with 80% of house prices falling between €118,360 and €320,000. The average price per square meter of flats in Inca is €1778.

Recommendations for Buyers

Inca is an ideal destination for those seeking a blend of traditional Spanish charm and the conveniences of a modern city. It is suited for residents who appreciate history and culture and those desiring a tranquil environment with easy access to city pleasures.

Rental Opportunities

For houses currently available, the average monthly rental cost is €1,500. In 80% of cases, monthly rental costs range from €550 to €8900. The average rent per square meter of houses in Inca (07300) is estimated at €137 per year.

Flats, on average, have a monthly rental value of €800, with 80% falling between €400 and €1,400. The average rental rate per square meter of flats in Inca (07300) is estimated at €146 per year.

Foreign Presence

Inca attracts foreign buyers, fostering cultural exchange and diversity in the community.

Agency: Yes! Mallorca Property

Inca presents a unique opportunity to acquire homes steeped in history and tradition at competitive prices. The diverse range of accommodations caters to the needs of both budget-conscious and luxury-seeking buyers. Contact Yes! Mallorca Property for assistance in buying or selling your property in Inca.