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Ariany Real Estate Review 

Ariany, a small town in the heart of Mallorca, offers a unique proposition with its central location. Situated close to cities like Arta and Manacor, Ariany attracts those searching for a serene and secluded setting yet desiring proximity to essential amenities.

The appeal of Ariany lies in its distinct charm and tranquillity, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking accommodation away from the typical tourist hubs. This demand is evident both for permanent residency and holiday destinations.

Ariany has piqued the interest of foreigners, with citizens from Scandinavia, the UK, and Germany leading the pack. Their appreciation for the region's uniqueness and authenticity has contributed to the active real estate interest.

The real estate market in Ariany presents a variety of property types, ranging from cosy flats to spacious villas. The average house price currently stands at €975,000, with prices per square meter spanning from €260,000 to €2,655,000. Conversely, flats are available at an average price of €238,500, with prices per square meter ranging from €197,880 to €476,000.

The property value in Ariany is justified by its distinctive combination of location, nature, and authenticity. While the average price per square meter is €2,003, which is lower than the Mallorca average of €4,063 per square meter, it reflects the demand for this region and its unique qualities.

Over the past year, house prices in Ariany have witnessed a stable 7.3% increase, indicating sustained interest in this location. At Yes! Mallorca Property, our team of experts is ready to assist you in making informed decisions whether you are buying or selling property in Ariany. Trust the professionals to turn your Mallorcan dream into a reality.