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Avintia Mare: Exclusive Real Estate in Residential Complex Santa Ponsa, Mallorca

Avintia Mare residence in Santa Ponsa

Mallorca, the jewel of the Balearic Islands, is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, stunning seascapes, and delightful climate. Avintia Mare is a testament to luxurious modern living within this Mediterranean paradise.


  1. The Location of Avintia Mare

  2. What's Nearby Avintia Mare Complex in Santa Ponsa

  3. Amenities at Avintia Mare Residential Complex

  4. Property Prices at Avintia Mare

  5. Property Types Available at Avintia Mare for Sale

  6. Investment attractiveness of the Avintia Mare residential complex

  7. Available Properties at Avintia Mare in Mallorca

Constructed in 2020 and masterminded by the experienced Housage construction company, Avintia Mare has established itself as the go-to destination for those who value quality and style.

This residential complex boasts a diverse range of properties, from charming two-bedroom apartments to opulent penthouses with private pools. Each residence within Avintia Mare is a masterpiece, meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of comfort and elegance.

This article will explore every facet of life within this residential haven, from its enviable location to a detailed look at the available property options. You'll discover the myriad benefits that Avintia Mare offers, shedding light on why it has become increasingly popular among those seeking comfortable and contemporary living in Mallorca.

The Location of Avintia Mare

Avintia Mare Santa Ponsa residence on Google map

Avintia Mare is nestled in the sought-after town of Santa Ponsa in southwest Mallorca.

One of its key advantages is the sheer convenience of its location. A mere 20 kilometres, or approximately a 20-minute drive, from the island's capital, Palma de Mallorca, Avintia Mare offers accessibility to urban amenities. If you prefer public transportation, a bus ride of about 40 minutes will take you to the heart of Palma.

The proximity to the Ma-1 motorway ensures seamless travel around the island, allowing residents to relish the tranquillity of the residential complex without compromising on access to essential urban services.

You'll find a comprehensive range of essential services within the neighbourhood, including kindergartens, schools, medical centres, restaurants, pharmacies, banks, supermarkets, etc. Just a kilometre from the complex lies the Santa Ponsa beach, where you can bask in the sun and sea within minutes.

For comprehensive information about the Santa Ponsa area of Mallorca, encompassing infrastructure, navigation, attractions, property prices, and more, visit the following link: Santa Ponsa City Guide: Discover the Best of Mallorca's West Coast.

What's Nearby Avintia Mare Complex in Santa Ponsa

The Avintia Mare complex in Santa Ponsa offers a range of amenities and activities right at your doorstep, catering to diverse interests and preferences.


Living in Avintia Mare means you're always close to beautiful beaches, making it an ideal spot for sun and sea enthusiasts. The main beach, Playa Santa Ponsa, is just a short kilometre away, a mere 5-minute stroll. Whether you're into family picnics, water sports, or simply relaxing on the sandy shores, this location covers you.

Yacht Clubs: 

For those with a penchant for sailing and yachting, the Club Nautico Santa Ponsa Yacht Club is just a short drive from Avintia Mare. You'll have ample opportunities to hoist sails and explore the stunning Mediterranean coastline.

Golf Courses: 

Golf fans will delight in the proximity of several exceptional golf courses near the complex. Just a quick 3-minute drive away, you'll discover three top-tier golf courses, providing the perfect backdrop for a round of golf surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery.

Important Note: Before considering the purchase of a golf property in Mallorca, take a moment to read our guide: Golf Properties for Sale in Mallorca - Things to Know.

Restaurants and Shops: 

Santa Ponsa, near the Avintia Mare complex, boasts various restaurants and cafes serving multiple culinary delights. You'll find something to tantalize your taste buds from traditional Spanish cuisine to international dishes. Additionally, the proximity to shops and supermarkets ensures convenience for everyday shopping needs.


Santa Ponsa is also home to various attractions, including historical sites such as Es Malgrat and museums, providing cultural exploration and enrichment opportunities.

All of these factors combine to make Avintia Mare a place that caters to a wide array of needs and desires, offering comfort and entertainment that allows you to enjoy life on Mallorca fully.

Amenities at Avintia Mare Residential Complex

In the center of the Avintia Mare residential complex there is a large swimming pool

At Avintia Mare, we've taken every measure to provide our residents with modern amenities to ensure their comfort and enjoyment. Here, attention to detail is paramount, all tailored to enhance your overall satisfaction.

  • Swimming Pool: Avintia Mare boasts a refreshing swimming pool nestled amidst lush greenery—a perfect spot to cool off and unwind during those scorching summer days.

  • Playground: Families with children will appreciate the dedicated garden at Avintia Mare, offering a secure environment for your little ones to play, have fun, and create lasting memories while making new friends.

  • Private Gardens and Terraces: Many of our apartments and penthouses come with their private gardens or terraces. These spaces allow you to enjoy the outdoors, host al fresco dining experiences, and take in the breathtaking views.

  • Fitness Facilities: Our complex features well-equipped gyms for those who value an active lifestyle to help you stay fit and healthy.

  • Elevators and Underfloor Heating: Avintia Mare prioritizes your comfort with convenient elevators for easy access between floors and underfloor heating to keep you cosy during chilly winter days.

  • Sealed Gas Boiler Heating: Our heating

system is designed for efficiency and eco-friendliness, ensuring a warm and comfortable living environment throughout the year.

These amenities collectively create an environment where Avintia Mare residents can savour a contemporary and comfortable lifestyle amidst the stunning backdrop of Mallorca. This apartment complex has been thoughtfully equipped to meet your needs and enhance your overall quality of life.

Property Prices at Avintia Mare

The property prices at Avintia Mare are a testament to this residential complex's exceptional quality and comfort. Owning a property here isn't just an investment; it's an invitation to savour the luxurious essence of Mediterranean living.

Recent surveys show apartments measuring 91 m2 at Avintia Mare are priced at 575,000 euros. The average cost per square meter in Avintia Mare is 6,320 euros. This reflects the compelling value for money that makes this residential complex a clear choice for those seeking property in Mallorca.

Comparatively, when we contrast the cost per square meter at Avintia Mare with the average rate in Santa Ponsa, where the typical price is €5,700 per square meter, it becomes evident that Avintia Mare offers top-tier properties at a competitive price point. This allows prospective buyers to acquire luxurious accommodation without compromising essential conveniences or the island's natural beauty.

Property Types Available at Avintia Mare for Sale

Stunning penthouse with pool in a new Avintia Mare complex in Santa Ponsa

Avintia Mare presents a diverse range of property types designed to cater to the various preferences and requirements of potential residents:

  1. Two-Bedroom Flats: Ideal for couples and young families, these two-bedroom flats at Avintia Mare offer a perfect blend of comfort and practicality for everyday life. These spacious and well-lit apartments cover an area of 88 m2 and are priced at 585,000 euros.

  2. Three-Bedroom Flats: Families seeking ample space for a comfortable living experience will find their ideal conditions at Avintia Mare. These three-bedroom flats provide generous space for every family member to enjoy quality time together, with an area of 105 m2. Prices for these apartments at Avintia Mare start at 690,000 euros.

  3. Four-Bedroom Flats: The four-bedroom flats at Avintia Mare offer maximum roominess and luxury for those needing even more space. These apartments are well-suited for families that value both space and luxury. Please consult with our Mallorca property agents for details on the price and size of these apartments.

  4. Penthouses with Private Pools: The penthouses at Avintia Mare epitomize luxury living. They feature rooftop terraces and private pools and provide breathtaking sea views and the highest comfort level. A penthouse at Avintia Mare can be acquired for 1,220,000 euros.

  5. Apartments with Private Gardens: If you dream of having a lush green oasis outside your door, the apartments with private gardens at Avintia Mare are the perfect choice. They offer the opportunity to create your tranquil corner of nature where you can enjoy quality time with family and friends. Please get in touch with our Mallorca property agents for pricing and availability of Planta Baja apartments.

This diverse selection of properties ensures that every potential buyer can find their ideal home to match their unique needs and lifestyle. Regardless of your choice, Avintia Mare guarantees comfort, quality, and the captivating beauty of Mallorca's island life.

Investment attractiveness of the Avintia Mare residential complex

Livingroom with access to private terrace in the apartments of the Avintia Mare complex

Avintia Mare doesn't just offer exceptional living conditions but also presents compelling investment opportunities. Here are some key aspects that enhance the attractiveness of this residential complex for investors:

  1. Rental Yield: One notable advantage is renting properties within this complex. With initial rental rates starting at €2,000 per month, Avintia Mare becomes an appealing choice for long-term rentals. This potential provides a stable source of additional income for investors.

  2. Property Value Growth: The Santa Ponsa area, home to Avintia Mare, has consistently increased property values. Over the last 5 years, the region's worth of 1 square meter has surged by 48%. This trend signifies the potential for property investments to appreciate and offers the possibility of significant returns upon resale.

  3. Prestigious Location: Avintia Mare occupies a highly sought-after location in Mallorca, drawing interest from residents and foreign investors. Its prestigious positioning, proximity to the sea and marinas, and access to the Santa Ponsa peninsula render it a prime location where your investment is poised to be in demand.

  4. Growth Prospects: The steady rise in the value of 1 square meter in Santa Ponsa underscores sustained demand for property in the area. The continuation of this trend positions investment in Avintia Mare favourably for long-term growth.

These factors collectively contribute to Avintia Mare's allure as a promising property investment in Mallorca. It offers residents comfortable living and holds the potential for profitable investments for discerning investors.

Available Properties at Avintia Mare in Mallorca

Presently, there are three enticing apartments available for purchase within the Avintia Mare residential complex:

  1. Apartment with garden in Avintia. 585.000 euro

  2. New apartment with 2 Bedrooms in Avintia. 599.000 euro

  3. Impressive penthouse with swimming pool. 1.220.000 euros   

If you want to acquire a property in the prestigious Avintia Mare complex, contact our agency, Yes! Mallorca Property. We maintain direct connections with numerous property co-owners in Avintia Mare, enabling us to promptly provide comprehensive information on available properties for sale in Nova Santa Ponsa, Mallorca.

Many of our properties for sale are concealed within our exclusive property database, accessible solely to our clients. By becoming our client, you gain immediate access to this hidden treasure trove of Yes! Mallorca Property.

Renowned as the finest real estate brokerage in Mallorca, we boast a database encompassing over 1,000 properties, including these exclusive hidden gems. Don't hesitate to contact us now, and let us guide you in acquiring your dream property within a luxurious residential complex in Mallorca.

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