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La Perla in Camp de Mar: Your Affordable Golf Property in Mallorca

Aerial view of the Camp de Mar beach
Aerial view of the Camp de Mar 

For those envisioning a property acquisition in Mallorca that seamlessly merges cosy lodging with the distinguished ambience of a golf resort, the exceptional La Perla in Camp de Mar emerges as the quintessential selection. A realm where aspiration meets reality, this distinctive enclave extends an unparalleled prospect to possess a residence within one of the island's most captivating locales, enveloped by the verdant expanse of golf courses and mere footsteps away from the shoreline.


  1. The Location of the Prestigious La Perla Residential Complex in Camp de Mar

  2. Proximity to La Perla: Elevating Luxury Through Surrounding Infrastructure

  3. Property Valuations at La Perla, Camp de Mar

  4. Amenities at the La Perla Residential Complex

  5. Diverse Property Offerings at La Perla

  6. Investment Appeal of La Perla: Envisioning Financial Gains

  7. Current Offerings at La Perla, Mallorca

La Perla, nestled within the esteemed haven of Camp de Mar, situated in Andratx, southwestern Mallorca, embodies superlative accommodations. Constructed in 2004 under the masterful guidance of Taylor Wimpey, a preeminent property developer within Mallorca, La Perla exudes a refined standard of living.

Positioned gracefully along a gentle incline, the row houses within this enclave epitomize the essence of Mediterranean architectural elegance, harmoniously melding age-old tradition with contemporary comforts.

Many residences atop this gentle gradient offer a vantage point that bestows partial sea vistas alongside splendid panoramas of the verdant fairways encompassing the esteemed Club de Golf Andratx.

The fusion of peerless design, accessible allure, and proximity to the golf course converges to render La Perla an immensely coveted residential haven. This complex allows residents to bask in the esteemed status of Camp de Mar whilst being enveloped by the embrace of nature, the picturesque golf landscapes, and the horizons of Mallorca's azure seas.

The Location of the Prestigious La Perla Residential Complex in Camp de Mar

The Location of the Prestigious La Perla Residential Complex in Camp de Mar

Situated within the confines of the esteemed Camp de Mar resort in southwestern Mallorca, the opulent residential development known as La Perla occupies an exclusive address. This unique positioning bestows the complex an indescribable ambience of luxury and distinction. The accommodations offered here seamlessly intertwine natural splendour, top-tier amenities, and unfettered access to the myriad delights that grace the island.

Camp de Mar is a haven where luminaries and fans of luxury carve out their corner of paradise. Notably, La Perla's prestige is underscored by a pivotal aspect: the residence of the global icon Claudia Schiffer within its quarters over many years. A luminary renowned for both her modelling and acting prowess, Claudia Schiffer became not only a beacon for Mallorca but also an early adopter of the manifold advantages that this locale proffers.

Convenience finds a home within this oasis of residence as a swift 25-minute journey whisks you away to Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Balearic Islands. Enthusiasts of yachting and sailing will delight in the proximity of Puerto de Andratx marina, a mere 5-minute drive away. Should you yearn to relish the tactile sensation of sand underfoot and the refreshing sea breeze, the allure of Camp de Mar beach, situated just 300 meters from the complex, eagerly beckons.

The tranquillity of the sea and the embrace of the encompassing nature have converged to render Camp de Mar an irresistible haven for the affluent and renowned. La Perla integrates into this tableau as a sanctuary wherein luxury fuses with refinement. The array of amenities and the distinction of the accommodations accentuate this paradisiacal haven's elevated status.  

Proximity to La Perla: Elevating Luxury Through Surrounding Infrastructure

Golf De Andratx, Camp de Mar Golf Course.jpg
Golf De Andratx, Camp de Mar Golf Course

The La Perla residential complex is a conduit to refined living and a realm of abundant recreational possibilities within its immediate environs.

1.     Beaches: The opulent beaches of Camp de Mar, Peguera, and Sant Elm extend an invitation to bask in the warmth of the sun and indulge in the embrace of tranquil seawaters. Camp de Mar, in particular, garners distinction for its golden sands and crystalline waters, bestowing an idyllic haven for relaxation.

2.     Golf Courses: A gem for golf enthusiasts, the La Perla complex boasts a direct adjacency to the Golf d'Andratx golf course. Here, sport fans partake in rounds amidst awe-inspiring landscapes, all while gazing upon the mesmerizing expanse of the sea horizon.

WARNING: Do not buy a golf property in Mallorca until you have read this: Golf properties for sale in Mallorca - things to know

3.     Retail and Culinary Joys: An array of shops, boutiques, and restaurants resides near La Perla, affording an exquisite realm for shopping and culinary exploration. The local dining establishments within Camp de Mar and its surroundings serve as a gateway to savour the rich tapestry of Mediterranean cuisine.

Among the eminent dining destinations, Restaurant Illeta deserves notable mention. Nestled on Camp de Mar beach, it possesses a distinctive allure as it graces a separate islet, accessible via a footbridge directly from the heart of the beach. The establishment specializes in seafood and Mediterranean fare, offering an enchanting sunset dining experience that leaves an indelible impression.

4.     Yachting Enclaves: Within immediate reach, prestigious yacht clubs, including Club de Vela Port d'Andratx, beckon, unveil avenues for yachting escapades and maritime exploits.

5.     Comprehensive Infrastructure: An expansive infrastructure envelops the locale, encompassing banks, pharmacies, supermarkets, and all prerequisites for a life of convenience.

6.     Cultural Enrichment and Sights: The historically rich Andratx township, replete with venerable landmarks, stands in proximity. The Santa Maria Church, a blend of Gothic and Renaissance styles, is of notable architectural interest, adding a cultural dimension to the surroundings.

La Perla luxuriates in an advantageous placement, granting residents unfettered access to a plethora of recreational, entertainment, and cultural engagements, thereby augmenting the allure of this development and rendering it even more captivating for a diverse spectrum of property seekers within the realm of Mallorca.

Golf properties for sale in Mallorca

City beach at Camp de Mar

City beach at Camp de Mar

Property Valuations at La Perla, Camp de Mar

In the summer of 2023, a meticulously designed adjoining walled house encompassing an area of 119m² within this unparalleled enclave is esteemed at €695,000.

The prevailing valuation, indicative of €6,270 per square meter, within the encompassing locale of Camp de Mar, unveils the inherent value accompanying an investment within this unique complex. Notably, within La Perla, the average cost per square meter is delineated at €5,830.

This strategic financial edge over alternative residential developments in the vicinity positions La Perla as an exceptionally compelling choice that beckons those who hold the paramountcy of a refined standard of living in conjunction with forward-looking investment prospects.

For those pursuing more than just a property acquisition – those seeking the keys to an opulent lifestyle – La Perla in Camp de Mar seamlessly aligns as the discerning choice.

Amenities at the La Perla Residential Complex

View from the terrace to the blooming Mediterranean garden in the luxury complex La Perla
View from the terrace to the blooming Mediterranean garden in the luxury complex La Perla

  • A Fusion of Convenience and Comfort

Harmoniously Marrying Luxury Residences: Originating in 2004, the row houses of La Perla offer a diverse array of 2, 3, and 4-bedroom configurations. Each abode is meticulously adorned with meticulous attention to detail and distinctive design, bestowing a sense of individuality upon every home, where an exquisite union of style and comfort thrives.

Sophisticated Layouts Encompassing Every Nook: A synthesis of lower-level and upper-level floor plans graces the architecture across all residence types. An added "tower room and roof terrace" in select homes introduces an exclusive retreat with captivating vistas, crafting unique sanctuaries for repose.

Uncompromised Comfort and Inviting Warmth: A foundation of gas central heating and underfloor heating envelops every townhouse within La Perla, cocooning each space in a blanket of cosy warmth even during brisk days. The provision of air conditioning ensures a temperate haven in the face of sweltering heat. Certain residences offer the luxury of a private garden, inviting you to revel in verdant tranquillity and fresh breezes.

  • Symbolizing Status and Underpinning Infrastructure

Lush Enclaves and Aquatic Havens: Within the confines of the apartment complex, not one but three communal pools extend an invitation for refreshing immersion and cherished moments shared with loved ones. The meticulously tended gardens, a collective community endeavour, bestow an aura of inviting snugness and aesthetic allure upon your surroundings.

Personal Space in Abundance: Each townhouse has a dedicated parking space, a testament to convenience. For those who seek additional vehicular space, the complex further presents an underground car park, providing secure and easily accessible shelter for your vehicle.

La Perla's Identity: Every intricate facet of La Perla is meticulously curated to forge the haven you deserve. It extends beyond mere living quarters, manifesting as an embodiment of a lifestyle where convenience synergizes with elegance and luxury interlaces harmoniously with pragmatic functionality.

Diverse Property Offerings at La Perla

Big branchy tree on the sea promenade of Camp de Mar
Big branchy tree on the sea promenade of Camp de Mar

As previously highlighted, the available properties within the esteemed La Perla development in Camp de Mar encompass a collection of townhouses characterized by their unique architectural configuration of adjoining walls with neighbouring residences. Upon acquiring a dwelling in La Perla, you unlock an array of exceptional attributes:

Varied Comforts: La Perla presents a selection of 2 or 3-bedroom residences, with the added dimension of larger homes featuring an auxiliary room within the tower on the first floor, thereby affording the option of a flexible 4th bedroom, enhancing the versatility of accommodation arrangements.

Multi-Faceted Abodes: Each abode within the development spans 2-3 floors, bestowing an environment conducive to both living and entertaining while fostering an ambience of serenity.

Unifying Spaces: The ground floor of each residence harmoniously melds an open-plan living and dining domain embellished by a fireplace, creating an inviting setting to gather and engage with cherished friends and family.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms Elevated: The upper floor consistently devotes its expanse to housing bedrooms and bathrooms. The main bedroom luxuriates in the privilege of a private balcony. At the same time, generously sized, partially covered terraces adjoin the living room.

Contemporary Amenities: A suite of modern conveniences constitutes the standard repertoire, encompassing air conditioning, an open-plan kitchen, meticulously crafted wardrobes, and double-glazed aluminium windows. Further enhancements encompass central heating and a designated parking space.

Each dwelling within La Perla stands as a testament to the seamless intertwining of elegance and pragmatic functionality, culminating in creating an environment that epitomizes your comfort and your distinct sense of style. 

Investment Appeal of La Perla: Envisioning Financial Gains

Descend Steps for crystal water in Camp de Mar
Descend Steps for crystal water in Camp de Mar

  • A Calculated Investment Proposition

Contemplating an acquisition within the La Perla enclave extends beyond the realm of a splendid residential haven; it ushers in the unique potential to cultivate a steadfast revenue stream for the future. Astute investors unlock the realms of profitability and allure by embarking upon property rental ventures within this esteemed complex.

  • Fortifying Financial Assurance

Embarking upon leasing such residences within La Perla ushers in a cost spectrum commencing from 2.5 thousand euros per month – an enticing draw for prospective tenants. However, it's essential to note that this represents a baseline, with the prevailing trend often elevating the rental tariff within the complex to a commendable 5 thousand euros or beyond per month.

  • Robust Demand Amplified by Prestige of Locale

The juxtaposition of an illustrious locale, opulent amenities, and propinquity to pivotal landmarks renders the rental properties within La Perla a coveted pursuit, particularly amongst those who seek to embrace an exclusive way of life. The robust demand for upscale lodgings on the Mallorca landscape ensures an unwavering influx of potential occupants, underscoring the viability of such investments.

  • An Endorsement of Fiscal Stability and Prolonged Yields

Electing to channel investments into La Perla emerges as a strategic allegiance to financial steadiness and the latent promise of sustained revenues over time. The triumvirate of locale allure, yield potential, and prestige endows this complex with a magnetic charm, rendering it a magnet for discerning and astute investors.

Current Offerings at La Perla, Mallorca

Given its coveted positioning nestled amidst a golf course and in proximity to the coastline, La Perla exudes exceptional allure amongst property seekers in Mallorca. Consequently, it's unsurprising that units within this establishment are swiftly secured, and new offerings are infrequent.

Yet, if the prospect of acquiring a residence within this esteemed La Perla complex beckons to you, we extend an invitation to liaise with our agency, Yes! Mallorca Property. Our direct engagement with most co-owners of La Perla properties empowers us to promptly furnish you with comprehensive insights regarding available properties for acquisition within La Perla, situated within Camp de Mar, Andratx.

Presently, Yes! Mallorca Property proudly showcases two townhouses in La Perla, envisaged for August 2023. This exclusive selection resides within our concealed property database, accessible solely to our esteemed clientele. By affiliating with us without delay, you'll gain immediate admittance to the veiled catalogue of Yes! Mallorca Property.

Heralding Excellence in Mallorca's Real Estate Landscape

It is with utmost confidence that we assert our stature as the preeminent real estate brokerage in Mallorca. Our expansive database encompasses over 1000 properties, surrounding clandestine listings exclusively disclosed to our discerning patrons. Your hesitation need not endure – seize this moment to engage with us and permit us to guide you seamlessly towards acquiring your envisioned domicile within a luxury residential complex in Mallorca.

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