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Santa Ponsa City Guide: Discover the Best of Mallorca's West Coast

View of the seaside Santa Ponca beach on Mallorca

View of the seaside Santa Ponca beach on Mallorca


What is Santa Ponsa in Majorca Like?

What does Santa Ponsa know for?

Is Santa Ponsa a Quiet Area?

Is Sant Ponsa Touristy?

General information about Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa old town and history

Santa Ponsa Map & Location

Nearest Airport to Santa Ponsa

Transfer from Santa Ponsa to Palma Airport

Santa Ponsa city map

What is  Nova Santa Ponsa?

Santa Ponsa webcam

Weather & temperature in Santa Ponsa

Who lives in Santa Ponsa

Lifestyle in Santa Ponsa: Leisure, Work and Business Life

Market in Santa Ponsa

Working and business life in Santa Ponsa

Hotels in Santa Ponsa

Top 10 hotels in Santa Ponsa

Golf in Santa Ponsa

Car hire, bike hire, and yacht hire in Santa Ponsa
Car hire Santa Ponsa

Popular bicycles hire shops in Santa Ponsa

Motorbike or scooter  rental in Santa Ponsa

Yacht and boat charter in Santa Ponsa

What to do on holidays in Santa Ponsa
Delfine und Wale watching

Santa Ponsa Market

Theme Parks Santa Ponsa

Water Parks Santa Ponsa

Museums & Cultural Sights of Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa Beach (Platja de Santa Ponça)

Santa Ponsa promenade

Restaurants, Bars & Cuisine Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa Nightlife

Shopping in Santa Ponsa

Other Activities in Santa Ponsa

Holiday rentals in Santa Ponsa

Buying a home in Santa Ponsa

Wrapping it up

What is Santa Ponsa in Majorca Like?

Santa Ponsa is in one of the most popular resort areas of Mallorca, and it's not just famous for being a popular tourist destination. It's also the top destination for foreigners purchasing property in Mallorca. Pueblo Santa Ponsa is the most sought-after town in the southwest region of Mallorca. It is a top- holiday destination for Germans, Dutch, English, Austrians, Belgians, French, Italians, and even Americans.

What does Santa Ponsa know for?

  • Santa Ponsa has some of the best beaches on the island. There are two: Playa de Santa Ponsa, known locally as the big beach of Santa Ponsa and Caló d'en Pallisser, the small beach of Santa Ponsa.

  • Proximity to golf courses. There are three golf clubs located right in Santa Ponsa itself.

  • Santa Ponsa has an excellent infrastructure with many shops, bars, cafés, restaurants, beach clubs, pharmacies, local markets, beauty salons and interior shops. There are parks, playgrounds, schools and pre-schools.

  • Real estate in Santa Ponsa Mallorca offers the best options for luxury villas, apartments, and newly built properties. And also affordable real estate in Santa Ponsa.

  • Santa Ponsa has one of the best locations on the island. The residential areas are situated on several hills. The rest of the town is flat and convenient for jogging, walking, cycling and more.

  • Santa Ponsa has many good hotels by the sea to suit all budgets.   

Is Santa Ponsa a Quiet Area?

Santa Ponsa is generally considered a quiet area, especially outside the peak summer tourist season. However, during the summer, it can get busier with tourists, and the area may have more noise and activity. Overall, it is a popular destination for those seeking a relaxing holiday in a peaceful setting.

Is Sant Ponsa Touristy?

Yes, Santa Ponsa is a touristy area, particularly during the summer when many visitors enjoy its beaches, restaurants, and nightlife. It has a range of amenities and attractions catering to tourists, such as hotels, holiday apartments, souvenir shops, and water sports activities. However, it is generally a quieter and more laid-back destination outside of the peak season.

The reasons for Santa Ponsa's popularity among foreigners are endless. But as we sincerely believe, the main reason is the perception that Santa Ponsa is of high quality and comfort. This provides a status of a luxury resort in Mallorca.

General information about Santa Ponsa

  • Province: Southwest of Majorca. Administratively part of the municipality of Calvià.
  • Population:12,000 people

  • Area: 4.80 square kilometres.

  • Elevation (altitude difference): The maximum altitude difference within a radius of 4 km in Santa Ponsa is 173 metres, and the average altitude is 24 metres above sea level.

  • Coordinates: 9.509 degrees latitude, 2.477 degrees longitude and 110 feet above sea level

  • Timezone: GMT+1. Central European

  • Area code (postcode): 07180

Santa Ponsa old town and history

In Mallorca guidebooks and travel guides, the city is called Santa Ponsa. But you may also come across the name Santa Ponça. This is the name of the town in the Catalan language, considered the main one among the Mallorcan natives.

In the town of Santa Ponsa in 1229, the Count of Barcelona landed. Later his Holiness King Jaime I of Mallorca eradicated piracy and brought Christianity back to the island, which the Moors had persecuted. A monument to King Jaime I "Cruz del Descubrimiento" was erected in the harbour to symbolise these events. Santa Ponsa hosts a colourful festival dedicated to King Jaime I in the second week of September. During the festival, the city is beautifully decorated with various symbolic trappings of the time and a daily food fair is held.

  • The main attraction of Santa Ponsa is the Puig de Sa Morisca Archaeological Park. Here traces of the first settlers of Santa Ponsa have been found, dating back to the Talayotic culture of 1200 BC. 

  • The Es Malgrat sea cliffs are another natural wonder in which Santa Ponsa is rich. Go to the coordinates: 39.503934, 2.461635, which will lead you to the viewpoint of Santa Ponsa overlooking Es Malgrat. Here you can enjoy the stunning sunset and take great pictures for your social networks. Es Malgrat Islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Santa Ponsa Map & Location

Santa Ponsa on Google map

Santa Ponsa is located southwest of Mallorca. It borders the famous locations of Costa de la Calma to the north and Port Adriano and El Toro to the south. The green Santa Ponsa golf course is at the eastern end of the pueblo.

You can get to Santa Ponsa from Palma, the capital of the Balearic Islands, via Ma-1. The distance between Palma and Santa Ponsa is 22 km. The journey time by car is 23 minutes.

Nearest Airport to Santa Ponsa

The distance from Palma de Mallorca Airport  (PMI) is approximately 30 km. Palma de Mallorca Airport is located directly in Palma, the capital of the Balearic Islands. You can get from Palma de Mallorca Airport to Santa Ponsa via Ma-20 and Ma-1.

  • Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) Address : 07611 Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

  • Airport code (IATA): PMI

  • Phone: +34 902 40 47 04.

  • Interactive airport map: Airport map 

Transfer from Santa Ponsa to Palma Airport

Transfer from Santa Ponsa to Palma airport by car

  1. You will spend 1 hour and 40 minutes on the road by public transport. You should choose the A1 bus which goes to Palma. There you must change to a direct bus to Santa Ponsa. Each bus ticket costs between 3 and 5 euros.

  2. The shuttle service to the Santa Ponsa resort takes 1 hour. The cost will be 12 euros. You can book the shuttle on the airport website or your hotel's website.

  3. The best route by car will take you 28 minutes, including traffic. You can rent a car directly from Palma Airport or similar services. The cost of renting a car varies from 30 to 100 euros per day, depending on the model and time of year.

  4. You can also take a taxi. A taxi from the airport to Santa Ponsa costs around 57 euros.

Santa Ponsa city map

Santa Ponsa city map

The city of Santa Ponsa is divided into three main areas.

The first is a central avenue with many adjoining streets and neighbourhoods. There are several hotels, private apartments, many cafés, bars, restaurants, large hypermarkets, pharmacies, souvenir shops, casinos, beauty salons and much more. The alley is just over 1.5 kilometres long and up to 100 metres wide.

The central avenue starts at the Ma-1 motorway exit. It runs to Playa de Santa Ponsa, located on the town's western border.

The second part of Santa Ponsa is located north of the city. This is where most hotels, inns, apartments, and villas are located.

What is  Nova Santa Ponsa?

The third district of Santa Ponsa is Nova Santa Ponsa, where villas and luxury apartments are most often purchased for permanent residence or seasonal holidays. The primary residents are Germans, English, Dutch, French, Austrians and Danes. Nova Santa Ponsa is situated on a hill that locals call Ensaimada, just like Mallorca's famous dessert.

The Nova Santa Ponsa area extends from the port of Club Nàutic Santa Ponça in the north. It has a southern border with the town of El Toro.

The sea washes the west side of the city. To the east is the famous Santa Ponsa golf course.

Santa Ponsa webcam

You can check the weather and conditions at Santa Ponsa online.

Santa Ponsa Beach - Live Webcam  

Weather & temperature in Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa, Mallorca, has a subtropical Mediterranean temperate climate. There are no extreme temperature variations. However, there is a seasonal division. The hot season lasts from May until the end of October. During these months, sunbathing, swimming in the deep sea of Santa Ponsa and spending the holidays on one of the best beaches in southwest Mallorca is a pleasure.

Average climatic parameters of Santa Ponsa, Balearic Islands, Spain

July and August are the warmest two months of the year in Santa Ponsa Mallorca. Temperatures can easily reach between +30 and +33 degrees Celsius during this time. At night, it can go as high as 25 degrees. The average temperature in Santa Ponsa during July and August is +25 degrees during the day and +22 degrees at night.

The coldest month in Santa Ponsa is January. The temperature can drop to +10 degrees Celsius during the day and +5 degrees at night.

See the current weather for Mallorca in Santa Ponsa online on our website:


Daily rainfall probability in Santa Ponsa


Average sea temperature

The season with warmer water in Santa Ponsa lasts 2.8 months, from 5 July to 30 September, with an average temperature above 24°C. The month with the warmest water in Santa Ponsa is August, with an average temperature of 26°C.

The coldest season lasts 4.5 months, from 13 December to 29 April, with an average temperature below 16°C. The month of the year with freezing water in Santa Ponsa is February, with an average temperature of 14°C.

Average water temperature in Santa Ponsa

Who lives in Santa Ponsa 

Santa Ponsa property for sale attracts buyers from countries with colder climates. Buyers of Santa Ponsa houses are mainly from Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and Denmark.

Santa Ponsa is one of Mallorca's most international areas. People from different parts of the world can be found here. Various inhabitants also mean different budgets. Real estate in Santa Ponsa is zoned by location and value. In Santa Ponsa, you can buy properties ranging from 250.000 euros for a 32 m2 studio apartment to 20.000.000 euros for an exclusive luxury villa in Nova Santa Ponsa.

Celebrities who live in Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa on Mallorca is home to many rich and very famous people. Of course, most of them prefer anonymity. But still, some of them don't mind publicity:

Jürgen Ludwig Drews is a famous German songwriter. Also known for spending a considerable amount of time on the island of Mallorca, Jürgen Drews was nicknamed König von Mallorca (King of Mallorca), a nickname he earned in 2000 after singing the hit song König von Mallorca.

Daniela Katzenberger is a German reality performer, author, actress and singer who has lived for many years in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca.

Dieter Bohlen and his girlfriend Carina, who hardly need an introduction, also have a property in Santa Ponsa where they spend a lot of time. The famous member and founder of the Modern Talking duo can often be found at the local Eroski Santa Ponsa grocery store.

Lifestyle in Santa Ponsa: Leisure, Work and Business Life

Here in Santa Ponsa, as everywhere else in Mallorca, people prefer to take a relaxed approach to everything. Good food, good wine and lots of sun are simply part of it, just like a siesta in the early afternoon.

Directly on the extensive sandy beach Playa de Santa Ponsa is the main artery of life in Santa Ponsa, the main promenade. There you will find various restaurants and bars offering international and local specialities. Souvenir shops invite you to stroll around. Or you can retreat to the shade of the palm trees or the pine trees on the beach to find a little protection from the omnipresent sun.

Every Friday, there is a weekly market in Santa Ponsa, where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables and regional meat and cheese specialities. The sea also provides various types of fish and seafood, fresh daily at the market.

Market in Santa Ponsa

In the industrial area of San Bagadelles, there is a very unusual flea market every Saturday. This market is so popular that it has had to move to an industrial area due to its ever-growing size.

Besides second-hand goods, antiques and collectables such as coins and stamps are offered there. All rarity hunters and collectors from the Calvia region and beyond are regular guests at this market.

But what makes this event special is the social component because part of the proceeds goes to a non-profit organisation that cares for socially disadvantaged and addicted people.

Working and business life in Santa Ponsa

Those looking for work in Santa Ponsa are most likely to find it in the tourism sector, which is the essential industry in the town. Indeed, the German language is an advantage in this sector, considering the number of German-speaking tourists.

The sale of real estate is another promising business segment in Santa Ponsa. The demand is enormous, and many buyers would like to purchase a holiday flat, a finca or even a villa in the trendy resort.

And when it comes to financial services in Santa Ponsa, you will discover the branches and ATMs of all the Spanish central banks. There is also a branch of Deutsche Bank in the centre of Santa Ponsa.

Hotels in Santa Ponsa

Kimpton Aysla Mallorca Hotel in Santa Ponsa
Kimpton Aysla Mallorca Hotel in Santa Ponsa

The resort of Santa Ponsa in Mallorca offers tourists a choice of 48 hotels. Most of them are located right by the sea. Most hotels in Santa Ponsa are relatively inexpensive. Hotels in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca, start at €35. There are modern 4 and 3-star hotels. There are also a few five-star luxury hotels for adults.

Many Santa Ponsa hotels are part of large hotel chains. These are hotels with swimming pools, restaurants, gyms and spa complexes. The hotels have animators and children's clubs. In the evenings there are entertainment programmes and concerts.

Hotels in Santa Ponsa are slightly more expensive than in other parts of Mallorca. In winter, for example, the minimum price for a hotel in Santa Ponsa is 33 euros per night for two people.

During the summer, two adults night in a hotel in Santa Ponsa starts at 109 euros.

Top 10 hotels in Santa Ponsa

Since Mallorca is, first and foremost, a resort, most people are interested in seasonal hotel offers. Whether you want to find a cheap hotel in Santa Ponsa, a hotel with a sea view, an aparthotel in Santa Ponsa or hotels in Santa Ponsa right on the beach, you will find the top 10 hotels in this location. 


Hotel name and address

Number of stars

Rating on 


Cost of accommodation in season. per 2 adults 

Globales Playa Santa Ponsa

Address: Via Puig des Teix, 4, 07183 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears 


6.6 - Good

This cheap hotel in Santa Ponsa is located 300 metres from the beach. It is part of the Globales worldwide chain. It is suitable for a family holiday or as a single guest.

from 120 euros per night

MSH Mallorca Senses Hotel Santa Ponsa

Address: Carrer de Lisboa, 4, 07180 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears 


8.2 - very good

This affordable Santa Ponsa hotel is located directly by the beach. It is also called Reverence Life Hotel - Adults Only. It has all the modern facilities for a relaxing holiday in Mallorca.

level 2 in the "Conscious Journeys" programme

from 133 euros per night

Iberostar Selection Jardín del Sol Suites - Adults Only

Address: Huguet de's Far, s/n, 07180 Calvià, Balearic Islands 


8.8 - Awesome

Level 1 of the Conscious Journeys programme

This adults-only hotel is located on the seafront. All rooms have a sea view. The hotel is 1.1 km from the beach. Part of the large international chain Iberostar

from 145 euros per night

Hotel Boutique Bon Repos - Adults Only

Address: Carrer Gran Via Rei Sanxo, 8, 07180 Calvia (Mallorca, Illes Balears)


8.0 - very good

This is a boutique hotel for those who want to spend a romantic holiday in Santa Ponsa on Mallorca. The hotel is located 200 metres from the beach within walking distance. Couples especially like the location - they rated the accommodation in this area for a couple's trip at 9.0. This hotel is perfect if you want to share your feelings in Santa Ponsa.

from 109 euros per night 

H10 Casa del Mar

Address: Carrer Gran Via Puig Major, 2, 07180 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears 


8.0 - Very Good

The cheap hotel in Santa Ponsa is located directly on the beach. It has a high level of service and is the best location for a holiday in Southwest Mallorca.

There is a gym with a sauna, a Turkish bath, a hot tub and an indoor pool. On the 6th floor is an adult terrace with a pool and the Sa Dragonera Lounge. There is also an on-site restaurant. The hotel even has a workshop to get your bike repaired and cleaned. Golf and water sports are popular in the surrounding area.

from 109 euros per night

Pirates Village

Address: Avinguda del Rei Jaume I, 114, 07180 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears 


7.8 - Good 

Amazingly, the hotel's exterior and interior are situated 450 m from the beach and 150 m from the Eroski Santa Ponsa supermarket.

The hotel is entirely pirate-style and leaves no child or adult indifferent. It is an excellent choice for a family holiday in Santa Ponsa.

from 115 euros per night

Kimpton - Aysla Mallorca, an IHG hotel

Address: Avinguda del Golf, 37, 07180 Santa Ponsa, Balearic Islands 


9.0 - Excellent

A fashionable hotel in Santa Ponsa aimed at adult tourists and located 2,5 km from the beach in a quiet green area, directly on the golf course.

Great for holidaymakers looking for a respectable golf property in Mallorca.

from €500 per night

Whala! isabela

Address: C, Via Puig des Teix, 1, 07183 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears 


7.7 - Good

If you are looking for a cheap hotel for your holiday in Santa Ponsa, right on the beach, this is your option. The hotel is suitable for families and romantic getaways.

from 70 euros per night

Santa Ponsa Pins

Address: Avinguda del Rei Jaume I, 115, 07180 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears


8.1 - Very good

Not a big hotel on the central avenue in Santa Ponsa opposite Eroski. The hotel has just undergone a complete renovation and has updated the interior and exterior.

This hotel is recommended for business and leisure travellers. It is also recommended for couples.

This is one of not many Santa Ponsa hotels open year-round.

from 115 euros per night

Sun Beach Santa Ponca

Address: Carrer de Ramon de Montcada, 25, 07180 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears 


8.3 - Very good

Not a large apartment hotel in Santa Ponsa directly by the beach.

The complex's convenient location in the city centre means that various bars, cafes and restaurants are just a short walk away. 

from 127 euros per night


Golf in Santa Ponsa 

Santa Ponsa 1 golf course
Golf Club Santa Ponsa - 1 

There are ten golf courses in the southwest of Mallorca. Three golf clubs are located directly in the town of Santa Ponsa. It is one golf club divided into three different ones for convenience.

Name and phone number 


Golf Club Santa Ponsa - 1 

Tel. +34 971 69 02 11,

 Located near the town of Santa Ponsa, the course is one of the busiest on the island. The number of holes is 18 — length - 6543 metres. The par is 72.

Golf Club Santa Ponsa - 2

Tel. +34 971 69 02 11,

The course is located close to Club Santa Ponsa - 1. There are ponds on the golf course. Length 6052 metres. Par - 72

Golf Club Santa Ponsa - 3

Tel. + 34971 69 02 11, 

Located near the town of Santa Ponsa, the course is one of the busiest on the island. Only club members and their friends are allowed access. The number of holes is 9. Length - 1599 metres. Par - 30

The most famous golf hotel here is the Kimpton - Aysla Mallorca, an IHG Hotel Address: Avinguda del Golf, 37, 07180 Santa Ponsa, Balearic Islands. This five-star, luxury Santa Ponsa hotel is where golfing greats stay during championships as well as rich and famous people from all over the world who practice the game of golf.

Car hire, bike hire, and yacht hire in Santa Ponsa

 Mallorca-riders is a small family run motorbike rental company in Mallorca

Mallorca-riders is a small family run motorbike rental company in Mallorca

Car hire Santa Ponsa 

There are nine car rental shops in Santa Ponsa. Rental rates in winter cost from 15 euros per day. In the summer, a car rental per day can start from 65 euros. 

Here are some of them with outstanding customer reviews:

Need a car Rosslind 

Address: Via Puig des Teix, 6 local3, 07180 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears

Phone: +34 678 737 518

Route Mallorca

Address: Via Puig des Teix, 6, 07180 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears

Phone: +34 645 031 500 


Address: Gran Via Puig de Galatzó, 16, LOC 0, 07180 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears

Phone: +34 663 019 677 

Centauro - located 5 minutes by car from Palma de Mallorca airport. One of the most convenient car rental services in Mallorca. There is a free shuttle service from the airport to the office. This is an excellent place to rent a car and visit your Santa Ponsa hotel. You need to book the vehicle in advance on the company's website.


  1. When booking a car, you can take out full insurance. This will cost you an additional 40 to 50 euros. You do not need to leave a large deposit for the car.

  2. You will pay much less for your car hire if you travel around Majorca in winter. Car hire rates are reduced by up to 80% between November and March. 

Popular bicycles hire shops in Santa Ponsa

Philipps Bike Team

Carrer d'Huguet d'es Far 11 im Hotel SENTIDO, 07180 Santa Ponsa, Balearic Islands. Phone: +34 670222555

Tramuntbike Mallorca

Avinguda del Rei Jaume I, 54, 07180 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears. Phone: +34 871234489


Hotel Bahia del Sol, Avinguda del Rei Jaume I, 74, 07180 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears. Phone: +34 691763997

Motorbike or scooter  rental in Santa Ponsa

Scooter rental costs: from 29 euros per day

Rental rates for buggies and quad bikes: from 59 euros per day


Address: Carrer del Riu Síl, 2, 07180 Santa Ponsa, Illes Balears

Phone: + 34 687 516 298


Address: Carrer de Lisboa, 2, Planta baja Local 5, 07180 Santa Ponsa, Balearic Islands

Phone: +34 643 983 638

Yacht and boat charter in Santa Ponsa

You can rent yachts, boats, jet skis, paddle surfs, kayaks and other watercraft in Santa Ponsa right on the Santa Ponsa beach. 

But the best place to charter a yacht in Santa Ponsa is Port Adriano, located on the city's southern border.

Here you will find several companies for yacht hire and private boards available for rent.

During high season, it's a good idea to book a boat trip 1-2 weeks in advance. Otherwise, you run the risk of being without a boat. The demand for boat hire in Santa Ponsa is very high. As is the case all over the island.

What to do on holidays in Santa Ponsa 

A holiday in the resort of Santa Ponsa is about more than just having fun in the best hotels in the north of Mallorca. There's entertainment to suit all tastes.

What to do during your holiday in Santa Ponsa:

  • Diving

  • Puddle surfing 

  • Mountaineering

  • Snorkelling

  • Trips on boats, yachts and water scooters

  • Hiking

  • Shopping

  • Foot tourism

  • Cycling

  • Excursions to historic sites and monuments

  • Holidays in hotels 

  • Beach holidays, for those who like to lie in the sun

  • Adult night spots

  • Natural parks 

  • Entertainment for children

  • And much more

Delfine und Wale watching

Dolphins often enter Santa Ponsa Bay, which you can spot directly from Playa de Santa Ponsa or the viewing platforms along the city's coastline.

In 2021, an incredible incident occurred in Santa Ponsa Bay while the waters were not filled with numerous yachts and ships. In Santa Ponsa Bay, very close to shore, a blue whale was seen swimming imposingly in the clear and deep sea of Santa Ponsa. The eye-witnesses filmed the stunning sight on their phones. The video went viral on the internet. The whale incident in 2021 in Mallorca made it into all the Spanish newspapers and news.

Traditional festivities in Santa Ponsa

Festes del Rei en Jaume in Santa Ponsa , photo by Alberto Mainzer from

Festes del Rei en Jaume in Santa Ponsa , photo by Alberto Mainzer from

The inhabitants of Santa Ponsa enthusiastically participate in re-enacting the historic battle between Moors and Christians. The colourful festival of Les Festes del Rei en Jaume is one of the most important festivals in Santa Ponsa. During this celebration, the streets are full of life and joy with parades, music and traditional dances. The inhabitants dress up in typical medieval costumes, recreating the clothing of the soldiers and the Moors in great detail.

The highlight of the festivities is the re-enactment of the battle. The streets become a stage where the confrontation between the two sides is recreated. The participants, with great skill and passion, play the roles of brave warriors. The sounds of clashing swords, thundering drums and war cries fill the air, transporting spectators back in time.

In addition to the battle, Les Festes del Rei en Jaume also offers various cultural and gastronomic activities. Food and drink stalls offer delicious traditional dishes, such as paella and sweets typical of the region. Visitors can also enjoy live music and dance performances, which highlight the rich culture and traditions of Santa Ponsa.

This festival is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of Mallorca and experience the excitement and spirit of the battle between Moors and Christians up close. Discover our Guide Fiestas de Sant Jaume Les Festes del Rei en Jaume)  to get ready to travel back in time and enjoy this unique experience!

Discover information about the Sant Jaume Festival (Les Festes del Reí en Jaume) in Santa Ponsa, take a Journey into History and Culture!

Santa Ponsa Market

The weekly Saturday market in Santa Ponsa is year-round for tourists and locals. Artisans from all over the island bring their wares here. Popular items include bags and hats woven from palm leaves, glassblowers' products, traditional leather shoes, and clothing made from cotton and artificial pearls. There is also a large selection of colours.

The Mallorcan farmers also bring their produce here: local Sobrasada sausage, dozens of varieties of jamon and hundreds of cheeses to choose from. Also, delicious olives, olive oil and some of Mallorca's finest wines.

Opening hours: de 9:00 a 1:30 p.m.

Venue: Av. Hort des

Coordinates: 39.518988, 2.488452

For more information on which markets to visit in Mallorca, read our article: Best Markets in Mallorca: locations, opening hours, prices, advises

Santa Ponsa also has a Christmas fair with trampolines and attractions for children, street food and concerts with live music. 

The Santa Ponsa Christmas Market takes place from mid-December to 7 January at Av son Pillo, 1

Theme Parks Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa is a great destination for families with attractions such as trampolines and carnivals during the holiday season. Hotels also offer daily shows and their own water slides and rides.

Jungle Parc Santa Ponsa is a must-visit destination for families in Santa Ponsa. It's a park built among the trees, featuring ropes courses with routes of varying difficulty levels for kids and adults who enjoy extreme sports. The entry fees start at €21.

Water Parks Santa Ponsa

The nearest water park is very close to Santa Ponsa.

Western Water Park

Address: a Sa, Carretera Cala Figuera, Camí Porrassa, 2-22, 07181 Magaluf, Illes Balears

Phone: +34 626 362 859 

This is one of Mallorca's two best water parks and the best in the island's southwest. Tickets to the park cost between 13 and 45 euros. Depending on the day of the week, age and availability of a discount coupon, you can get it from your hotel in Santa Ponsa.

Museums & Cultural Sights of Santa Ponsa

The traditional wooden Molino de Santa Ponsa, which was built in 1818 and restored in 1971, is a great place to explore Majorca's history.
The traditional wooden Molino de Santa Ponsa, which was built in 1818 and restored in 1971, is a great place to explore Majorca's history

1.    The Parque Arqueologico Puig de Sa Morisca is the Puig de Sa Morisca Archaeological Park. Here traces of the first settlers of Santa Ponsa have been found, dating back to the Talayotic culture of 1200 BC. 

2.    Molino de Santa Ponsa - The mill is a silent symbol of Santa Ponsa. The Santa Ponsa Mill is a cultural site and landmark. You can take great pictures or enjoy a picnic here. Address: Ctra. Santa Ponça-Calvià, 07183 Galatzo, Illes Balears

Santa Ponsa is primarily a tourist destination on the island of Mallorca, offering excellent options for beach holidays. However, for those interested in visiting museums, we suggest spending 1-2 days in the capital city of Palma. You can find tours of the top museums in Palma de Mallorca at any hotel reception. We also recommend taking a sightseeing tour of Palma on a double-decker bus to see the city's top attractions.

Santa Ponsa Beach (Platja de Santa Ponça)

Santa Ponsa Beach is one of the most famous beaches in southwest Mallorca. The coastline is 0.6 km long. The average width of the beach is 45m. Fine white sand, crystal clear waters and all amenities. The beach is wide and provides enough space for everyone. But during the high season, there are still a lot of tourists. 

Santa Ponsa beach infrastructure:

  • Free access;
  • Beach shower with fresh water

  • Free toilets

  • Rescue service

  • Daily cleaning

  • ChiringuitoSantsa Ponsa beach café 

  • Sun lounger hire - €14 per day

 Santa Ponsa Beach Activities:

  • Beach volleyball 

  • Springboard diving

  • Scuba diving

  • Catamaran rides, banana boat rides

  • Water ski

  • Windsurfing

  • Parasailing

  • Puddlesurfing

  • Snorkelling 

  • Kayaks

  • Lots of souvenir shops and shops with beach paraphernalia

A large park with walkways surrounds the beach. Thanks to this, no cars can be heard or seen here. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of relaxation and the purity of nature. In this park, there are various events, festivals and carnivals. For example, the Festes del Rei en Jaume celebrates the recapture of Mallorca from the Moors. The festivities take place during the first week of September. 

Santa Ponsa promenade

The Santa Ponsa promenade is a small area with a wide pedestrian zone. There are hardly any cafés and restaurants here because the path is between the beach and the park. All the cafés, restaurants, shops and pharmacies are just behind the park area.

There are benches right on the seafront for relaxing and meeting sunsets. Several beach bars stay open into the night.

Restaurants, Bars & Cuisine Santa Ponsa

Food is not an insignificant component of any holiday. When on holiday, you not only want to enjoy the best sunsets and the clear sea, but you also want to visit the best restaurants in the resort. There are a total of 135 eating establishments in Santa Ponsa. We have prepared a list of the best restaurants, bars and cafés in Santa Ponsa Mallorca.

1.    Restaurante Las Olas 

Address: Carrer de Ramon de Montcada, 18, 07180 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears

Phone: 971694095

Cuisine: Seafood, Spanish

Average bill: €60.

2.    Pizzeria A Casa Del Padrino

Address: Plaça Santa Ponça, 4, 07180 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears

Phone: 971691983 

Cuisine: Italian

Average bill: 40 euros

We recommend sampling the lasagne here. Or order a takeaway pizza to eat on the beach. 

3.     Bloody Mary Drinks and Snacks Café Bar

Address: Carrer de Ramon de Montcada, 25, local 11, 07183 Rotes Velles, Illes Balears

If you decide to grab a cold drink in a cosy, quiet spot, this bar will please you.

4.     Fat Sams Bar & Grill 

Address: Avinguda del Rei Jaume I, 07183 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears

Cuisine: American, Diner, Grill 

Average bill: 30 euros

The restaurant is located directly by the beach. If you get hungry, you can have a quick and tasty meal as a family here.

5.    Block House 

Address: Av. Central, 07180 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears

Phone: 971594500 

Cuisine: Steakhouse, European, Grill. Suitable for vegetarians. 

Average bill: 65 euros

6.     VIVO! Santa Ponsa

Address: Avinguda del Rei Jaume I, 96, 07180 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears

Phone: 971690469

Cuisine: German, Mediterranean, European, Central European, International, Asian

Average bill: 65 euros

Locals primarily appreciate the restaurant. Tourists rarely find it because of its location. Therefore, this restaurant is a real insider's tip for travellers.

7.    Restaurante Miami

Address: Carrer d'Huguet d'es Far, N⁰34, Local 17, 07180 Santa Ponça

Phone: 640213140

Cuisine: Mediterranean, European, Spanish

Average bill: 65 euros

Santa Ponsa Nightlife

The best nightclubs in Santa Ponsa are on Carrer de Ramon de Montcada. There are plenty of bars and places to party and dance.  

1. Stepps Music Bar

Address: Carrer de Ramon de Montcada, 07183 Rotes Velles, Illes Balears

Phone: 971695952

Live music, a dance floor, food and drink in the venue. 

2.    Manhattan's SantaPonsa

Address: Carrer de Ramon de Montcada, 27, Local 2 & 3, 07180 Rotes Velles, Illes Balears

The programme includes hot drinks, a dance floor and guest DJs. Open until 04:00

3.    Bar Code 7

Opening hours 13:00 - 04:00

Address: Carrer de Ramon de Montcada, n38, 07180 Santa Ponça, Illes Balears

Phone: 971696419

Live music, DJs, dance floor, food and drinks.

4.    Green Hills Disco nightclub

Address: Carrer de Ramon de Montcada, 32, Local 50, 07180 Santa Ponsa, Balearic Islands 

Phone: 653423415

Big dance floor, parties till morning.  

5.     The Zanza Bar - Santa Ponsa nightclub

Opening hours are from 18:00 to 04:00

Address: Gran Via Puig de Galatzó, 20, L9, 07180 Santa Ponsa, Balearic Islands

Phone: 636837912

In addition to nightclubs, bars and beach discos in Santa Ponsa, you can spend an evening or night gambling in casinos. Here in Santa Ponsa, plenty of them exist, and you will easily find gambling establishments on any street.

Shopping in Santa Ponsa 

In Santa Ponsa Mallorca, finding the shop you want is easy. Whether it's food, clothes, furnishings, or souvenirs. There are dozens of outlets, both large chain supermarkets and private shops.

If you need to buy food, go to Eroski Santa Ponsa. It has everything you need at low prices. 

If you want tasty fruit and vegetables, there's a fruit stand that only locals know about. The address is Via Puig des Teix, 13a. We recommend visiting on Tuesdays, as the freshest produce is brought in on that day.

The market on Saturdays is the best place to shop. Here you will buy delicious products from Mallorca's best farmers and traditional clothes and souvenirs.

For an unforgettable shopping day in Mallorca, head to one of Mallorca's major shopping centres. The closest one to Santa Ponsa is Porto Pi Centre Commercial. This is a big shopping centre with the best brands. Here there are many restaurants and entertainment for children. From Santa Ponsa to Porto Pi Centre commercial by car takes at most 20 minutes.

Other Activities in Santa Ponsa

One of the significant events in world sport occurs in the heart of Santa Ponsa. The ATP 250 World Series is held yearly at Mallorca Country Club  Tennis & Padel on 12 courts. The prize money is €1,000,000.

Address: Avinguda del Golf, 20, 07180 Santa Ponsa, Balearic Islands

Phone: +34 611 672 688

All the world's tennis stars are coming to the Mallorca World Cup: Daniil Medvedev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Denis Shapovalov, Pablo Carreno Busta, Roberto Bautista Agut, Botic van de Zandschulp, Miomir Kesmanovic, Nick Kirgios, Jannik Sinner, CarolineGarcia, JuliaGörges, TatjanaMaria, Sofia Kenin and many more. 

The ATP World Series 250 Mallorca Championships takes place at the end of June and beginning of July each year. Tickets should be purchased well in advance. The popularity of the event in Santa Ponsa cannot be overstated.

Holiday rentals in Santa Ponsa

As of February 2023, the average cost per m2 to rent in Santa Ponsa is 17,6 €/m2. This is 20,5% higher than the average rate for Mallorca. It is 14 €/m2. This significant difference is due to the increased popularity of Santa Ponsa for holiday rentals as well as long-term permanent rentals.

It is worth noting that during the high tourist season from May to November, the cost of renting a property in Santa Ponsa can increase even more. Apartments of 80 m2 can often cost from 150 euros per day. And for a luxury holiday villa in Santa Ponsa, you will be asked for at least 800 euros daily.

The most popular types of accommodation to rent in Santa Ponsa:

  • Apartments by the sea

  • Apartment Planta Baja with a private garden

  • House for rent in Santa Ponsa with swimming pool

  • Luxury villa in Nova Santa Ponsa

  • Modern townhouse in Santa Ponsa and Nova Santa Ponsa

  • Villa with a sea view or panoramic view

 If you like to spend a luxurious holiday on some of Europe's best beaches, rent a holiday property in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca. This resort is well-prepared for the summer holidays, and you will have great fun.

Buying a home in Santa Ponsa

The average price per m2 in Santa Ponsa is 5.555€/m2.

In comparison, the price per m2 on average for Mallorca is 3.647€/m2, which is 1.908€ lower than the selling price of a Santa Ponsa property. A year ago, in February 2022, the price per m2 in Santa Ponsa was 4.855€/m2. The increase for the year was 12.6%. In 5 years, the Santa Ponsa property market has grown from 3.090 €/m2 to 5.555 €/m2, an increase of 44.4%.

Santa Ponsa is one of the most desirable places to buy in Mallorca despite its high asking price per m2.

Typical property to buy in Santa Ponsa


Average price

Villa Santa Ponsa 

3-4 bedrooms

3-4 bathrooms

350 - 450 m2 living space

Villa with swimming pool

Villa with sea views

Living space from 450 m2 to 1000 m2

Between €1,000,000 and €5,500,000

Santa Ponsa finca

Living space from 200 m2 to 500 m2

2-4 bedrooms

2-3 bathrooms


Panoramic sea view

between €650,000 and €2,500,000

Flat Santa Ponsa

1-4 bedrooms

1-3 bathrooms

flat with a sea view

seaside flat

apartments with shared pool

- the new communidad building

From 230,000 euros to 1,400,000 euros

Santa Ponsa House 

3-4 bedrooms

2-3 bathrooms


seaside home

living area from 200 m2 to 400 m2

from €650,000 to €1,300,000

If you want to view properties for sale in Santa Ponsa and its surrounding areas, click here. We have a comprehensive catalogue of over 150 properties for sale, including exclusive and hidden gems. We update it daily to ensure that it's always 100% accurate.

Wrapping it up

In summary, Santa Ponsa is an excellent location in Mallorca, whether you're visiting or planning to reside permanently. The area boasts well-developed infrastructure, convenient transportation, numerous dining options, educational institutions, a Blue Flag beach, golf courses, world-class sporting events, and a wide selection of affordable and high-end properties. Nova Santa Ponsa is a respected area to live in, and Spanish and German banks are present. Additionally, there are plenty of reasonably priced hotels and much more to explore.

Mallorca is an ideal destination for vacationing or purchasing a property, providing everything needed to live luxuriously.

As a real estate brokerage in Mallorca, Yes! Mallorca Property has built a reputation for being a dependable and trustworthy source for all your property requirements.

Our Google 5-star rating is a testament to the excellent service we offer our clients.

Contact us today to learn more!


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