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The Art of Residing in Mallorca at Gran Folies, Port Andratx

Sea view from the apartments in Gran Folies residence
Sea view from the apartments in Gran Folies residence

Greetings to an environment of luxury and aesthetic splendour, where existence is savoured by luminaries and those pursuing genuine luxury and distinction.

Gran Folies stands as an extraordinary residential venture ensconced within the remarkably picturesque environs of the resort town of Port Andratx. This unparalleled setting offers panoramic vistas of the Mediterranean Sea, the harbour, and the glorious mountains of Mallorca. Here, contemporary architectural marvels converge with nature's magnificence, crafting a seamless fusion of extravagance and refinement.


  1. Where the luxury residential complex Gran Folies is located

  2. The proximity of Gran Folies Complex to Various Amenities

  3. Property Pricing in Gran Folies, Puerto de Andratx

  4. An array of Amenities at the Gran Folies Apartment Complex

  5. Diverse Property Offerings at Gran Folies, Mallorca

  6. Investment Allure of Gran Folies in Mallorca

  7. Current Offerings at Gran Folies in Mallorca

View of the pool from the window of the apartments in the Gran Folies residence

Gran Folies is a paragon of opulent residential development, meticulously crafted to uphold the zenith of quality and design standards. Commissioned in 2008, this complex has become a veritable prestige icon within Mallorcan properties.

Nestled within the glorious embrace of Cala Llamp's picturesque bay, the exceptional residential enclave of Gran Folies graces the esteemed landscape of Puerto de Andratx. Here, luxury and comfort converge to shape an unparalleled Mallorcan lifestyle, offering its fortunate inhabitants an unforgettable experience.

A defining hallmark of Gran Folies is its unwavering commitment to elevated service standards. Property proprietors are bestowed with access to an array of amenities and recreational provisions, including an inviting reception club staffed by affable experts poised to facilitate and proffer counsel on optimizing leisure moments.

The well-being of residents remains a paramount consideration, underscored by the provision of a comprehensive wellness centre complete with saunas and a state-of-the-art fitness facility. Enthusiasts of outdoor pursuits are indulged with two expansive al fresco swimming pools, wherein the embrace of the Mallorcan sun can be relished while refreshing both body and spirit.

Residing within Gran Folies equates to embracing a life of sumptuous grandeur, replete with access to excellent amenities within one of Mallorca's most captivating corners. 

Where the luxury residential complex Gran Folies is located

Where the luxury residential complex Gran Folies is located on Google map

The upscale Gran Folies luxury residential complex is situated within the idyllic bay of Cala Llamp, in the esteemed harbour vicinity of Puerto de Andratx on the captivating island of Mallorca, Spain.

Nestled in the scenic northwestern quadrant of the island, renowned for its pristine natural splendour, crystalline Mediterranean waters, and captivating panoramas, this locale offers denizens of Gran Folies a haven of seclusion and serenity, all the while providing swift access to the diverse amenities and entertainment options afforded by Puerto de Andratx.

With its premier positioning, the complex treats its inhabitants to breathtaking vistas of the sea, mountains, and marina, materializing the aspirations of those seeking to embrace the Mallorcan art of living. Furthermore, its proximity to cultural landmarks, fine dining establishments, boutique shops, and charming cafes enhances Gran Folies' allure as an even more enticing destination for permanent residence or vacationing.

It is paramount to recognize that Puerto de Andratx is one of Mallorca's most prestigious enclaves, magnetizing luminaries and connoisseurs of opulence who value comfort, luxury, and an impeccable standard of living. Distinguished personalities, including Claudia Schiffer, Tom Cruise, and Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid football club, along with a constellation of global celebrities and affluent individuals, have graced the roster of property owners in Puerto de Andratx.

In the embrace of Gran Folies, occupants are allowed to luxuriate in the luxury and prestige emblematic of the region, rendering it an exquisite choice for those pursuing an exclusive Mallorcan residence.

For an in-depth exploration of the locale's particulars and hidden gems, we invite you to peruse the comprehensive description available at the following link: Puerto d'Andratx.

The proximity of Gran Folies Complex to Various Amenities

Gran Folies Beach Club in Mallorca
Gran Folies Beach Club in Mallorca

1.     Beaches and Enchanting Coves: Residents of Gran Folies can access the glorious beaches and captivating coves near Puerto de Andratx. The renowned Cala Llamp beach stands out, merely a brief stroll from the complex. With its crystalline waters and picturesque cliffs, this intimate shoreline offers a serene backdrop for relaxation and aquatic leisure. The Caló d'en Monjo beach is equally enticing, boasting tranquil white sands and a peaceful ambience. It is an idyllic retreat for an immersive communion with nature.

2.     Golfing Excellence: Golf fans will find themselves near esteemed golf courses near Gran Folies. Notably, the esteemed Golf de Andratx, nestled in the neighbourhood of Puerto de Andratx, stands as a premier option. Its splendid fairways and panoramic vistas of mountains and sea bestow a memorable golfing experience for enthusiasts of all levels. The residential apartments within Gran Folies, situated in Cala Llamp, are aptly categorized as golf properties.

WARNING: it is imperative to exercise due diligence before investing in Mallorcan golf properties, as elaborated in the informative guide: "Golf properties for sale in Mallorca - things to know."

3.     Retail and Culinary Delights: The locale enveloping Gran Folies offers a myriad of dining and shopping establishments. Puerto de Andratx beckons with its distinctive boutiques, galleries, and gift emporiums. An abundance of local flavours awaits gastronomes, with fresh seafood, traditional Spanish fare, and international specialities. The ambience of Puerto de Andratx exudes glamour, characterized by opulent vehicles and swift yachts.

4.     Yachting Haven: The maritime allure of Puerto de Andratx is punctuated by its splendid yacht clubs. Notably, the Club de Vela Puerto de Andratx is a renowned fixture in the area. These prestigious clubs afford aquatic sports and yachting opportunities while hosting lavish events and soirées aboard luxurious vessels.

5.     Comprehensive Infrastructure: The environs encompassing Gran Folies are endowed with a robust infrastructure, surrounding medical facilities, financial institutions, supermarkets, kindergartens, and schools, thereby ensuring a seamless and comfortable living experience for complex residents.

6.     Cultural Enrichment and Attractions: Gran Folies' vicinity abounds with captivating attractions and cultural heritage sites. Among them, the 17th-century Castillo de Son Mas fortress, a testament to historical defence against piracy, is a remarkable landmark. Likewise, an ancient amphitheatre beckons, offering a captivating plunge into the annals of the island's history. Nearby, the Dragonera Nature Reserve fosters a thriving ecosystem featuring a diverse array of reptiles, flora, and fauna.

7.     Cycling Enthusiast's Paradise: Puerto de Andratx emerges as a prominent destination on the European cycling map, drawing both seasoned professionals and amateur cyclists. The locale's network of trails, encompassing varying degrees of difficulty and scenic splendour, caters to the preferences of cycling enthusiasts, spanning novices to experts. Cycling, now favoured by the affluent demographic beyond 40 for fitness maintenance, is the chosen athletic pursuit.

By virtue of its strategic location, Gran Folies beckons to those in pursuit of a harmonious lifestyle that seamlessly interweaves luxury, natural beauty, outdoor pursuits, and an abundance of cultural enrichment opportunities.

Property Pricing in Gran Folies, Puerto de Andratx

Pool in the Gran Folies residence
Pool in the Gran Folies residence

Nestled within the exclusive enclave of Puerto de Andratx, the Gran Folies luxury apartment complex stands as a meticulously curated gated community boasting private residences. The possession of a luxury apartment within Gran Folies represents an exceptional opportunity to acquire a cherished haven along the tranquil shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Within this distinctive haven, the luxury and comfort you rightfully aspire to find their embodiment.

For the forthcoming summer season 2023, discerning individuals can secure apartments spanning 109 square meters on the middle and upper floors at a valuation of 895,000 euros. Those seeking more expansive accommodations are presented with an option of apartments encompassing 166 square meters, attainable at a value of 1,280,000 euros. Significantly, the average price per square meter within the Gran Folies expanse is discerned at 8,155 euros, symbolic of the property's stature and the elevated demand it commands.

Comparatively, juxtaposed with neighbouring locales such as Puerto de Andratx, with an average price of 7,698 euros per square meter, the investment in Gran Folies may exhibit a premium. Nonetheless, this premium is aptly justified by the complex's excellent refinement and comfort. Herein, your investment transcends mere fiscal considerations, encapsulating a stake in a veritable paradise wherein luxury converges with prestige.

Furthermore, the desirable proximity of Gran Folies to an array of amenities, culinary establishments, esteemed golf courses, and yacht clubs renders this development an embodiment of an active and stylish lifestyle.

Therefore, embrace a realm of unrivalled excellence and sophistication by electing to secure an apartment within Gran Folies, Puerto de Andratx. In this realm, each instant is inherently unique and memorable. The decision to invest in a property within this complex resonates not solely as a financial undertaking but as an investment in the holistic well-being of yourself and your cherished family.

An array of Amenities at the Gran Folies Apartment Complex

The Gran Folies residential complex is a veritable haven for its residents, offering an extensive array of amenities meticulously curated to facilitate a life of luxury and comfort in the exquisite locale of Mallorca. Among the pivotal amenities that distinguish this complex are as follows:

1.     Clubhouse with Concierge Services: Nestled within the premises, a friendly and adept team of reception professionals is stationed at the clubhouse. Residents find a seamless avenue to seek assistance, gather insights about the complex's offerings and pursuits, and obtain adept guidance to address their inquiries.

2.     Culinary Enclaves: A selection of cafés and restaurants within the complex caters to an eclectic palate, delivering an assortment of local and international epicurean delights. Designed to entice even the most discerning tastes, Gran Folies' dining establishments orchestrate extraordinary culinary odysseys.

3.     Holistic Well-being Sanctuary: To cultivate the vitality and wellness of the residents, an encompassing wellness centre unfurls, complete with saunas and a state-of-the-art fitness enclave. Here, rejuvenating treatments and invigorating exercise regimens unfold within thoughtfully appointed surroundings.

4.     Aqua Oasis: The luxury of two expansive outdoor swimming pools envelops residents, presenting an inviting oasis to bask in the splendid sunshine, cool off during scorching summer days, and relish the embracing ambience of open air.

5.     Private Beach Enclave: Gran Folies extends the privilege of remote beach access, a haven wherein residents are cocooned in serene nature, poised for leisurely swims and tranquil relaxation.

6.     Enhanced Security: A comprehensive security infrastructure is thoughtfully instituted, underscoring Gran Folies' commitment to resident well-being through a dedicated private security service, instilling an aura of tranquillity and assurance.

7.     Personalized Alfresco Retreats: Numerous apartments are graced with individual terraces and balconies, affording captivating views of the sea and the enveloping landscape, encapsulating moments of serene contemplation and open-air repose.

These meticulously crafted amenities conspire to render life within Gran Folies an unparalleled journey, wherein luxury, comfort, and refinement converge harmoniously, culminating in an excellent living encounter epitomizing the quintessential Mallorcan lifestyle.

Diverse Property Offerings at Gran Folies, Mallorca

Within the esteemed Gran Folies residential complex in Mallorca, two distinct property types beckon discerning individuals seeking an excellent abode:

  1. Gran Folies Apartments: Embracing an average living area of 109 m², these exquisite apartments offer an array of refined features, including:
    • Expansive and luminous living areas
    • A thoughtfully appointed kitchen boasting premier appliances
    • 2 to 3 elegantly appointed bedrooms
    • 2 meticulously designed bathrooms
    • An automated air conditioning system ensures optimal comfort
    • Supplementary storage facilities
    • A generously proportioned terrace affording captivating sea or mountain vistas
    • Reserved car parking space
  2. Planta Baja Apartments (GRAN FOLIES) in Gran Folies: This coveted property variant reflects one of Mallorca's most sought-after offerings – an apartment within a residential complex accompanied by a private garden. Key attributes include:
    • Expansive living space spanning 139 m²
    • An inviting open-plan living area, complemented by a fireplace
    • 3 well-appointed bedrooms
    • 3 elegantly designed bathrooms
    • A well-equipped kitchen seamlessly adjoined by a separate utility room
    • A private garden enveloped by breathtaking sea panoramas
    • Three idyllic sun terraces further enhance the outdoor living experience

Gran Folies boasts a variety of upper, middle, and ground-floor apartments, each meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards that define Gran Foly's development. For information about availability and pricing, we encourage you to engage with Yes! Mallorca Property, your dedicated liaison to unveil the realm of possibilities within this exceptional enclave.

Investment Allure of Gran Folies in Mallorca

The burgeoning and unwavering demand for premium rental accommodations within this esteemed locale accentuates the allure of Gran Folies properties among discerning lessees. Rental valuations for these apartments initiate at €2,500 monthly, with prevailing market rates consistently surpassing this benchmark. Throughout the pinnacle season and the calendar year, rental yields ascend, furnishing property proprietors with a substantial avenue for lucrative returns.

A property venture within Gran Folies is poised to yield robust returns and future capital appreciation. The consistent ascent in real estate valuations across Mallorca, notably underscored by the illustrious Puerto de Andratx (marked by a noteworthy +26.3% appreciation over the past 5 years), positions this complex as an irresistible magnet for individuals seeking not only to partake in opulent living but also to cultivate a foundation for enduring financial prosperity.

Current Offerings at Gran Folies in Mallorca

Given the extraordinary demand amongst property enthusiasts in Mallorca, acquisitions within the esteemed Gran Folies complex are swiftly procured, often resulting in rapid sell-outs and infrequent availability of new offerings.

Should your interest be piqued in securing a residence within the prestigious Gran Folies development, we encourage you to engage with our agency, Yes! Mallorca Property. Our agency maintains direct connectivity with a substantial cohort of property co-owners within Gran Folies, allowing us to promptly furnish comprehensive insights into currently available properties for sale within the exquisite confines of Gran Folies in Cala Llamp.

August of 2023 heralds an exclusive opportunity with Yes! Mallorca Property, as we unveil two meticulously curated apartments within Gran Folies. These properties, nestled within our complete hidden property database reserved solely for our esteemed clientele, await your consideration. By electing to collaborate with Yes! Mallorca Property, immediate access to this concealed treasure trove is conferred upon you.

Yes! Mallorca Property proudly asserts its standing as the paramount real estate brokerage within Mallorca, boasting an extensive repository of over a thousand properties, including confidential gems accessible solely to our select clientele. 

Contact us today!  Procrastination is unwarranted - we urge you to seize the moment and reach out to us promptly. By doing so, you align yourself with the gateway to acquiring your dream residence within an opulent residential complex in Mallorca.

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