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Las Abubillas: A paradise oasis in Mallorca for lovers of golf and a comfortable lifestyle

 Las Abubillas — Luxury Villas in Santa Ponsa Golf Club


  1. Location of Las Abubillas

  2. Discover the Vicinity of Las Abubillas

  3. Exploring the Amenities at Las Abubillas Residential Complex

  4. Property types in Las Abubillas for sale

  5. Investment attractiveness of the Las Abubillas residential complex

  6. Current Offerings at Las Abubillas

Nestled within the Santa Ponsa I Golf Club, Las Abubillas epitomizes a Mediterranean haven. Its remarkable architectural finesse and opulent accommodations define this distinctive residential complex in Santa Ponsa. For those pursuing a harmonious blend of natural splendour, luxury, and premier golfing experiences, Las Abubillas is an enticing oasis in Mallorca, warranting a closer exploration.

Crafted under the discerning vision of acclaimed architect Pedro Otzoup and meticulously erected between 1996 and 1998, Las Abubillas transcends the realm of conventional residential spaces, emerging as a veritable masterpiece of Mediterranean design. The complex is segmented into three phases - Las Abubillas I, Las Abubillas II, and Las Abubillas III - each presenting an array of dwelling options for prospective owners, ranging from intimate two-bedroom casitas to expansive three-bedroom haciendas and more.

This multifaceted residential enclave captivates with its architectural diversity, offering many choices for comfortable living. Let us now delve into the realm of Las Abubillas and explore the compelling reasons that make it a noteworthy consideration.

Location of Las Abubillas

 location of the Las Abubillas Residential Complex in Santa Ponsa

Las Abubillas, a premium residential development, graces a serene corner of Mallorca, nestled within the esteemed Santa Ponsa resort area. Seamlessly integrated with the Santa Ponsa I golf course, this enclave offers its residents an unparalleled panorama, sweeping views across the golfing greens and the majestic Tramuntana mountains.

Santa Ponsa, the town that hosts Las Abubillas, stands as one of Mallorca's most coveted destinations for those who seek luxury and convenience. Renowned for its pristine sandy beaches, a profusion of boutiques, top-tier restaurants, vibrant bars, and exemplary services, this locale epitomizes luxury living. Santa Ponsa is home to the esteemed Santa Ponsa I and II Golf Club and the contemporary Poniente Country Club.

Las Abubillas enjoys proximity to the Santa Ponsa I golf course's "Clubhouse" and the newly inaugurated Santa Ponsa Tennis Club, welcoming residents with easy access to recreational and sporting pursuits at their leisure.

Moreover, the heart of Santa Ponsa, replete with essential amenities and services, is merely a 5-minute drive away. A 20-minute car journey will transport residents to Palma de Mallorca, the capital of Majorca. Thus, residents of Las Abubillas relish the privilege of privacy and proximity to urban infrastructure in equal measure.

Several pristine beaches and marinas, including "Club Náutico Santa Ponca" and the esteemed Port Adriano, lie nearby, offering various outdoor activities and maritime exploits.

The strategic location of Las Abubillas positions it as the ultimate choice for those in pursuit of luxurious, comfortable living in Mallorca, enveloped by natural splendour and an array of world-class amenities.

For comprehensive insights into Santa Ponsa's locale, delve into our "Guide to this City." Explore the myriad facets, advantages, and attractions of Santa Ponsa by clicking here: Santa Ponsa City Guide.

Discover the Vicinity of Las Abubillas

Golfer hits the ball into the hole

Living within the prestigious Las Abubillas luxury apartment complex in Santa Ponsa opens doors to a world of exceptional infrastructure and opportunities. In this section, we explore the remarkable amenities available to residents in this unique locale:

Beaches: Mallorca is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, and Santa Ponsa stands as a shining example. A short drive from Las Abubillas reveals the pristine, meticulously maintained sandy shores of Playa de Santa Ponsa and Playa de Puerto Adriano. These beaches consistently earn the prestigious Blue Flag award, providing idyllic settings for sunbathing and sea-swimming.

Golf Courses: Residents of Las Abubillas enjoy direct access to the renowned Santa Ponsa I and II golf courses. This haven is a golfer's dream, offering world-class courses amidst picturesque landscapes and favourable climate conditions.

NOTE: Before investing in a golf property in Mallorca, we urge you to peruse this informative article: Golf Properties for Sale in Mallorca - Things to Know.

Shopping and Dining: Santa Ponsa boasts a wealth of shopping and culinary delights. From chic boutiques to an array of restaurants, bars, and supermarkets, you'll find everything necessary for a comfortable lifestyle.

Yacht Clubs: For enthusiasts of the sea and yachts, Las Abubillas is conveniently located near esteemed yacht clubs such as Club Náutico Santa Ponca and Port Adriano. Here, you can lease a boat, partake in yachting instruction, or savour the sight of elegant vessels from luxurious waterfront restaurants.

Infrastructure: All essential infrastructure, including medical facilities, schools, and banks, is conveniently situated near Las Abubillas, ensuring convenience and security.

Sights and Cultural Heritage: Santa Ponsa and its environs teem with historical landmarks and cultural treasures. Explore archaeological sites and museums, and engage in cultural events to immerse yourself in Mallorca's rich heritage. The Puig de Sa Morisca Archaeological Park unveils secrets of Santa Ponsa's early settlers, while the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Es Malgrat sea cliffs offer awe-inspiring vistas and experiences.

Santa Ponsa City Guide: Discover the Best of Mallorca's West Coast

Las Abubillas allows its residents to embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle, infused with luxury and comfort. This exceptional complex ensures access to every amenity needed for an idyllic Mallorcan existence.

Exploring the Amenities at Las Abubillas Residential Complex

Communal swimming pool in a residential complex Las Abubillas in Santa Ponsa

Las Abubillas Residential Complex presents an array of amenities that enhance residents' quality of life. Let's delve into the distinctive features available at this apartment complex:

Air Conditioning with Hot/Cold Water: Each residence within the complex boasts an air conditioning system, ensuring year-round comfort indoors.

Fireplace: The fireplace creates a cosy and relaxing ambience during chilly winter evenings.

Fully Equipped Kitchen: The kitchens at Las Abubillas are thoughtfully equipped with all the essential appliances and spacious countertops, facilitating the preparation of delightful meals.

Partially Private Pool and Solarium: Certain house types within the complex offer access to a private pool and solarium, where you can bask in the sun and swim in privacy.

Terrace and Garden with Automatic Irrigation: All residences feature terraces with captivating views and gardens with automatic irrigation systems, fostering well-maintained, lush surroundings.

Garage and Parking Space: Las Abubillas residents can have peace of mind knowing their vehicles are secure in the garage or their designated parking spaces.

Direct Access to Santa Ponsa Golf Course I and II: Golf enthusiasts enjoy the convenience of direct access to Santa Ponsa Golf Course I and II, eliminating the need for a lengthy commute to enjoy the game.

Tiled Floors and Double-Glazed Windows: Carefully selected materials and construction techniques enhance comfort and energy efficiency.

Laundry Facilities: The inclusion of a laundry room simplifies household chores and enhances daily life's convenience.

Built-In Wardrobes and Exposed Beams: The interior design maximizes space utilization and creates a Mediterranean-style atmosphere.

Direct Access to Santa Ponsa Golf Course I and II: Positioned ideally for golf enthusiasts, this location offers the opportunity to play top-tier courses within a unique natural setting.

Lush Gardens and Communal Swimming Pool: Residents can unwind in well-maintained gardens and a communal swimming pool while revelling in the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Las Abubillas ensures unparalleled comfort and convenience, transforming life in Mallorca into a truly luxurious and unforgettable experience.

Property types in Las Abubillas for sale

Sunny terrace of a villa in Las Abubillas Residential Complex

Las Abubillas offers a diverse range of property options designed to cater to our residents' varied needs and preferences. Here are some of the property types available within this luxurious complex:

1.     Two-Bedroom House: An ideal choice for a cosy and practical home. With two bedrooms, there's ample space for family or guests.

2.     3 Bedroom Villa with Private Pool, Garden, and Golf Views: This option is ideal for those desiring more space and comfort. These villas typically feature a private pool and offer various layout possibilities.

3.     Townhouse with 3 Bedrooms, Pool, Garden, and Views: These townhouses often include a private pool and present a range of layout options, offering luxurious views.

Each property type boasts unique features and designs, allowing buyers to select the perfect residence that aligns with their needs and lifestyle. Regardless of the choice, residents of Las Abubillas can relish luxury and comfort within one of the most prestigious locations on the island of Mallorca.

Investment attractiveness of the Las Abubillas residential complex

The allure of the Las Abubillas residential complex extends beyond its luxurious accommodations and comfortable living – it holds exceptional investment potential. Here's why this complex is an enticing prospect for investors:

1.     Rental Potential: Investing in a property at Las Abubillas offers a compelling opportunity for rental income. Rental rates starting at €3,000 per month can provide a consistent stream of revenue. The proximity to golf courses and other amenities enhances the property's appeal to potential tenants.

2.     Property Value Growth: Over the past 5 years, the price per square meter in Santa Ponsa, where Las Abubillas is situated, has surged by 48%. This signifies a consistent uptrend in property values within this region. Investors can anticipate their property's value to appreciate in the future.

3.     Prestigious Location: Nestled in the esteemed Santa Ponsa neighbourhood, Las Abubillas properties captivate permanent residents and seasonal tenants. This ensures a steady demand for rental accommodations.

4.     Amenities and Construction Quality: Las Abubillas complex offers top-tier housing with contemporary amenities. This elevates the property's attractiveness to potential tenants and buyers alike.

In essence, Las Abubillas not only presents investors with the opportunity to own a premium property but also the potential for rental income and future property value appreciation. This residential complex seamlessly combines comfort and investment prospects, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a successful investment on the island of Mallorca.

Current Offerings at Las Abubillas

Top renovated villa with private garden in Las Abubillas Residential Complex
Golf villa with private garden, Reference number SP-2486

A completely renovated villa with a private garden is one example of a property for sale in the Las Abubillas residential complex.

The golf villa in Santa Ponsa is located on a separate plot, which guarantees maximum privacy combined with the opportunity to use all the amenities of the residence.

Priced at 1,995,000 euros, the villa sits on an 800 square meter plot and features a 200 square meter house with three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. The ground floor boasts an inviting living/dining area, a modern kitchen, a master bedroom with a private bathroom, a utility room, and a guest toilet.

Upstairs, two more bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms await, along with a terrace offering panoramic views. The outdoor area impresses with picturesque terraces, a lush garden, a refreshing swimming pool, and a summer kitchen. A parking space is also included.

Take a look at the complete information regarding this golf villa in Santa Ponsa here.

Las Abubillas, thanks to its prime location adjacent to a golf course and its proximity to the sea, stands as a focal point for prospective real estate buyers in Mallorca. Consequently, properties here are in high demand and swiftly find new owners.

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