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XO PARQ Residences: Your Gateway to Luxury Living in Palma de Mallorca

Recreation area with pool in luxury Complex XO PARQ

Step into a captivating realm of abundant possibilities and impeccable refinement, where the art of architecture seamlessly merges with the breathtaking beauty of nature. Among the most thrilling investment prospects to date lies the XO PARQ luxury residential development, gracefully nestled in the picturesque Palma de Mallorca. Seamlessly fusing contemporary construction, premier amenities, and awe-inspiring vistas, this development assures itself as an optimal destination for leisure, investment, and enriched life.

What makes XO PARQ unique? Within the confines of this article, we meticulously dissect every facet of this endeavour: from the exquisite architectural craftsmanship and unwavering attention to intricate elements to the distinctive features that elevate this residential complex to a realm of proper distinction. Eager to immerse yourself in a realm of luxury and cultivated refinement? Let us embark on this exhilarating journey through the world of XO PARQ.


  1. Luxury and Convenience: XO PARQ in Palma de Mallorca

  2. The Geographic Appeal of XO PARQ Luxury Residential Complex

  3. The proximity of Attractions to the XO PARQ Luxury Complex

  4. Housing prices in the luxury complex XO PARQ

  5. Range of Property Types Available at XO PARQ

  6. Investment Attractiveness of XO PARQ in Palma

  7. Current Offerings at XO PARQ in Mallorca

Luxury and Convenience: XO PARQ in Palma de Mallorca

Transition between buildings in the elite complex XO PARQ

About the XO PARQ Residential Complex

As the years swiftly usher in changes in the requisites of comfortable living, the enduring values of luxury and quality stand unwavering. Against this backdrop, XO PARQ, set for completion in 2022, emerges as the quintessence of contemporary refinement and convenience. The second phase of construction is slated for finalization in 2025, presenting a promising opportunity for acquisition.

Beneath the architectural grandeur and premium materials that grace the complex lies the handiwork of German construction firm XO Jay, renowned for its professionalism and meticulousness.

The Distinctive Attributes of XO PARQ

This splendid enclave comprises expansive apartments adorned with terraces, affording captivating sea and city vistas. Every facet has been thoughtfully curated with opulence and luxury at its core. The fluidity of the open-plan layout and avant-garde interior design techniques foster an ambience of abundance and comfort, rendering XO PARQ an idyllic sanctuary for relaxation and indulgence.

Deliberately crafted communal spaces encompass a pool with panoramic views, a fitness centre, and meticulously landscaped seating zones. The strategic locale ensures swift access to beaches, restaurants, shops, and the myriad offerings of the illustrious Palma de Mallorca.

It is unequivocally stated that XO PARQ epitomizes life in Palma de Mallorca, where the harmonious interplay of luxury and modernity converges seamlessly with the splendour of nature and cultural opulence.

XO PARQ Luxury Residential Complex Location

location of the XO PARQ Luxury Residential Complex

If location is a pivotal criterion in property selection, then the prominence of XO PARQ warrants special consideration. This residential enclave finds its abode in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, allowing its residents to partake in the essence that renders this locale genuinely exceptional.

Advantages of the Strategic Locale

Foremost among the striking features is the panoramic vista that unfolds before you, encompassing the majestic sea and the urban landscape. The Mediterranean sunrises and sunsets shall grace your daily rhythms, etching unforgettable memories with each passing day.

XO PARQ is strategically poised close to pristine beaches, upscale dining establishments, fashionable boutiques, cultural landmarks, and the paramount waterfront promenade of the Balearic Islands, El Paseo Maritimo. This adjacency signifies the ability to relish the coastal charm, recline on ivory sands, absorb the ambience of the historic quarter, engage in sporting pursuits, or leisurely traverse the coastline—all devoid of protracted journeys.

Residing at XO PARQ unfurls an unparalleled level of convenience and ease. The capacity to access all necessities within mere footsteps delineates convenience and a lifestyle coveted by many.

The Enchanting Locale of XO PARQ

XO PARQ is the juncture between contemporary allure and the cultural opulence of Palma de Mallorca. It is a realm where every stride interlaces with history while concurrently indulging in the modern pleasures of existence. It has metamorphosed into a magnetic hub for those pursuing not solely property but an authentic lifestyle.

The proximity of Attractions to the XO PARQ Luxury Complex

XO PARQ in Palma, Mallorca

The allure of residing at XO PARQ transcends the confines of its exquisite architecture. Enveloping this exceptional residential enclave are numerous destinations where each day unfolds as an exploration. Allow us to unveil the treasures that lie at the threshold of XO PARQ:

1. Beaches: The unparalleled beaches of Palma de Mallorca beckon you to moments of unending relaxation and delight. Notably, Playa de Palma, a brief stroll from the complex, stands as one such oasis. The gentle sunlight, velvety sands, and crystalline waters compose an idyllic beach experience.

Are you curious why Playa de Palma ranks among Europe's finest beaches? Our comprehensive Guide will provide enlightenment: Discover the Enchantment of Palma Beach, Mallorca: Your Definitive 2023 Travel Handbook.

2. Golf Courses: For golf fans, a dream-like golf course awaits a mere stride away from the complex. Golf Son Muntaner and Golf Son Quint courses facilitate the sport and offer a rendezvous with nature's splendour and opulent surroundings.

CAUTION: Only contemplate acquiring a golf property in Mallorca by perusing this: Golf Properties for Sale in Mallorca - Essential Considerations.

3. Shopping and Gastronomy: Adjacent shops, boutiques, and dining establishments proffer a panorama of choices. Passeig des Born furnishes a refined shopping vacation, while the quaint cafes and restaurants of La Lonja unveil the flavours of the locale.

4. Yacht Clubs: Palma de Mallorca is a haven where the sea and yachting harmoniously converge with lifestyle. The Real Club Nautico de Palma is an ideal haven for maritime enthusiasts and connoisseurs of luxury. It offers berthing regardless of yacht dimensions and extends yacht rentals.

5. Historical Landmarks: Meandering through the avenues of Palma de Mallorca, you are immersed in the heritage and cultural tapestry of the region. The Palma Cathedral, distinguished by its majestic architecture, and the panoramic vistas of Bellver Castle represent merely a glimpse of the myriad experiences that await.

Yet, do not hasten to a pause there. Residing at the lavish XO PARQ apartment complex in Palma presents a vantage point among the island's finest locales. From this strategic hub, you will seamlessly navigate towards the pinnacles of the island's attractions and pursuits. Desirous of discovering these gems? Follow this pathway to unearth Mallorca's best-kept secrets: Best Places to Visit and Stay in Mallorca.

All these treasures are in close adjacency to XO PARQ, offering an unparalleled prospect to savour a life abundant in exploration and cultural enrichment.

Housing prices in the luxury XO PARQ Complex

Living room design options in the luxury complex XO PARQ

In luxury and excellence, the price dimension emerges as an integral factor. XO PARQ, beyond offering an unmatched echelon of comfort and elegance, constitutes an investment into a forthcoming panorama that will not leave you unaffected.

The cost of residing within XO PARQ fluctuates based on apartment dimensions and chosen layouts. The complex offers an expansive spectrum of options, ranging from cosy studio residences to sprawling multi-room dwellings.

For your expediency in navigation, we furnish illustrative exemplars:

• One-bedroom apartments: Commencing from €450,000

• One-bedroom apartments (alternative layout): Commencing from €650,000

• Two-bedroom apartments: Commencing from €900,000

This transcends being merely a property valuation, a foray into life's quality, convenience, and status elevation. Aligning with XO PARQ translates into access to the distinctive prospects of Palma de Mallorca, stability, and the promise of future appreciation.

The forthcoming era of luxurious living awaits your presence at XO PARQ, where each square meter bespeaks quality and refined taste.

VIP Offerings

Apartment with private garden in a luxury residence in Palma

For those aspiring to inhabit the pinnacle of luxury, the VIP segment of XO PARQ presents residences that not only mirror your stature but also endow unsurpassed levels of comfort and indulgence.

Let us delve into some exemplary offerings within the VIP segment:

• A 4-bedroom abode spanning 151.29 m², attainable at €1,670,000.

• A spacious 2-bedroom haven spanning 164 m², available at €2,450,000.

• An exquisite 3-bedroom residence encompassing 301.79 m², priced at €3,380,000.

• A 2-bedroom apartment covering 162.22 m², secured at €2,570,000.

The VIP echelon at XO PARQ delineates the trajectory to ultimate extravagance and luxury. These residences epitomize expansive layouts, opulent finishes, and vistas that shall be the hallmark of your splendid lifestyle.

Investing in the VIP segment of XO PARQ transcends merely dwelling in luxury; it signifies procuring an exclusive property that will continue to delight you over the years. Your seat in this realm of luxury awaits your presence at XO PARQ.

Range of Property Types Available at XO PARQ

Types of apartments in the elite complex XO PARQ

Within the embrace of XO PARQ lies a diverse array of property types, each tailored to accentuate its future residents' distinct preferences and requirements. From expansive apartments graced with panoramic vistas to cosy dwellings boasting private terraces, a broad spectrum of options awaits.

1.     One-Bedroom Apartments: Tailored for single occupants or couples, these apartments seamlessly fuse comfort and practicality. Generously proportioned living areas and snug bedrooms engender an ambience of domestic warmth.

2.     One-Bedroom Apartments (Alternate Layout): For those who relish enhanced space, the two-bedroom apartments are impeccable. Contemporary layouts intertwined with premium materials ensure an unparalleled degree of comfort.

3.     Two-Bedroom Apartments: Designed to accommodate families or individuals seeking supplementary space for guests, these apartments proffer expansive living rooms, individual bedrooms, and elegant terraces, harmonizing with your convenience.

4.     Luxury Residences and Penthouses: Envisioning the pinnacle of opulence, Luxury Residences exemplify the epitome of refinement and elegance. Expansive interiors, breathtaking vistas, and meticulous attention to minutiae collectively orchestrate a distinct lifestyle.

Regardless of the property variant, XO PARQ pledges an experience distinguished by exceptional quality, comfort, and style. This isn't merely a dwelling; it's your enclave of luxury within Palma de Mallorca.

Investment Attractiveness of XO PARQ in Palma

View from the apartment window in XO PARQ residence

Imagine a prospect where your investment today paves the way for a secure future. Allow us to introduce XO PARQ, where property investment transcends into the cornerstone of prosperous ventures and fortified confidence in the years ahead.

Queue for the Second Phase: An Epoch for Action:

Are you prepared to seize the moment? The inception of the second construction phase at XO PARQ is already underway, presenting an exclusive window of opportunity. Taking the present translates into acquiring prime pricing from €500,000 to €600,000 per apartment. This mirrors the inception of the inaugural construction phase. Contemplate the array of prospects presently unfurling before you.

First-Line Experience: Appreciation and Lucrativeness:

Examine the trajectory of the maiden phase. Apartments initially priced at €550,000 subsequently escalated to €1,300,000. That's an escalation exceeding 2.5-fold! Yes, your interpretation is accurate. Notably, even as construction progressed, prices continued their upward trend. This extraordinary appreciation augments your prospect.

Dual Advantage: Residence and Yield:

An XO PARQ apartment signifies more than mere habitation; it embodies an investment that augments your present and future. Here, you can relish the luxury of your personal space while concurrently leasing your property for long-term occupation. Notably, monthly rental prices can ascend to €5,000, amplifying the gain on your investment.

Advance Forward: Your Prospective Awaits:

The moment is here. XO PARQ beckons as an opportunity to procure an exquisite dwelling and actively participate in a prosperous investment venture. Doesn't this encapsulate the aspiration you've long harboured? Ponder how to take this stride, engendering a luminous and prosperous vista. After all, the chronicles of success are kindled by resolute initiatives.

Current Home Offerings at XO PARQ in Mallorca

Residence XO PARQ is located near the Sea

XO PARQ stands as a contemporary tower under construction. The inaugural construction phase has already concluded and is completely sold out. The active progression of the second phase is underway. Our esteemed real estate agency Yes! Mallorca Property is closely allied with XO PARQ's developer, fostering a robust partnership. This year alone, we have successfully facilitated the sale may apartments within this development.

Uniquely positioned, we possess unrestricted access to the spectrum of properties within the XO PARQ residential development in Mallorca. Presented below are illustrative instances of what is available for acquisition:

  1. Novel Apartment within a Modern Complex featuring a garden and a central swimming pool in Palma - €590,000
  2. Contemporary Penthouse within a Modern Complex, accompanied by a garden and main swimming pool in Palma - €1,080,000
  3. Apartment with a Private Garden nestled within a Luxurious Residence in Palma - €1,670,000
  4. Fresh apartment within a Modern Complex, with access to a garden and central swimming pool in Palma - €550,000
  5. New Apartment within a Prestigious Residence in Palma - €495,000

To access a comprehensive roster of available properties for sale within the opulent XO PARQ development in Palma de Mallorca, kindly contact Yes! Mallorca Property promptly. We pledge to initiate contact today to ascertain the perfect luxury apartment that suits your aspirations.

Yes! Mallorca Property exemplifies an accomplished real estate brokerage in Mallorca, boasting an extensive database of over 1000 properties, including concealed listings reserved exclusively for our esteemed clientele. Time is of the essence – reach out to us without delay, and rest assured, we shall diligently facilitate your acquisition of a dream property within a luxurious residential complex in Mallorca.

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