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Best Places to Visit and Stay in Mallorca in 2024

This article uncovers the secret of Mallorca's best places to visit and stay in. More than 15 million tourists visit Mallorca every year. The island of 3,640 km2 is one of the most popular destinations, with European tourists and travelers from all over the world. So why is Mallorca so popular? Discover what to see in Mallorca and how long it takes to get around.

Read the rest of this article, and you'll have no doubt you'll want to visit this fantastic Balearic Island!

 Cala Santanyi coastline, Mallorca

Table of Content:

  1. Which is better Mallorca or Majorca?
  2. Where is the best town to stay in Mallorca?
    1. Palma
    2. Valldemossa and Deia
    3. Fornalutx and Soller
    4. Alcudia
    5. Port de Pollenca
    6. Cala Ratjada
    7. Porto Cristo
    8. Felanitx
    9. Santanyí
    10. Es Trenc
    11. Port Adriano
  3. What part of Mallorca is the best to stay
  4. Where is the warmest in Mallorca
  5. What Mallorca’s beaches are least crowded?
  6. Where are the most beautiful coves in Majorca?
  7. Where and when to see Almond Blossom in Mallorca?
  8. Where do the rich and beautiful live in Mallorca?
  9. Mallorca's best places to visit and stay
    1. Best places in South and Southwest Mallorca
    2. Best spots in North and North East Mallorca
    3. Best locations in West Mallorca
    4. Best areas in East Mallorca
  10. Mallorca's best places for a beach holiday
  11. Best Mallorca Places to stay with children
  12. Mallorca's best romantic places for couples
  13. Mallorca's Best Nightclubs
  14. Best quiet areas of Mallorca
  15. Mallorca Best places to take a photo of the scenery and almond blossoms
  16. Mallorca's best restaurants — the locals' secret places.
  17. Summary of Best Places in Mallorca to visit

Which is better Mallorca or Majorca? 

Are you planning a visit Majorca or Mallorca? How to choose between the two islands? The answer is easy: Majorca and Mallorca are the same. The only difference is the name.

The name Mallorca is Spanish in a Catalan dialect. Catalan is the primary language on the island. More precisely, its derivative is called Mallorca. In Spanish, the double letter ll in most words reads like a short i. You don't pull it out but pronounce it quickly as if it were almost non-existent. To be clear, Mallorca can be pronounced as "Ma-your-ka."

This spelling is unusual for native Spaniards and Mallorcans. But for English speakers, the double ll in Mallorca is still two letters ll. This spelling needs to be clarified to most people. The "ll" was replaced by a "J" in the 1970s. That made life easier for the tourists.

The name 'Majorca" is grammatically correct. So in English pronunciation, Majorca is the same as Mallorca. Foreigners use the name Majorca along with Mallorca. And it never confuses anyone. Similarly, many Spanish-speaking countries in South America have replaced the 'll' with the 'J' in their dialects.

So in English pronunciation, Majorca is the same as Mallorca. 

Where is the best town to stay in Mallorca? 

Mallorca is the capital island of the Balearic archipelago and is one of the 17 autonomies of the Kingdom of Spain. Mallorca is in the Mediterranean Sea, about 300 km south of Barcelona. Mallorca is often called the "jewel of the Mediterranean" because of its fantastic nature and landscapes.

Mallorca is about 100 km long and 70 km wide. The highest point is 1436 meters above sea level. This mountaintop is called the "Puig Major" and is in the northwest part of Mallorca. It is part of the Sierra de Tramontana Mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Throughout history, Mallorca has changed hands many times between different cultures.

Carthaginians, Pirates, Punic Wars, Romans, numerous Barbary tribes, Byzantines, Moors, and finally, Spaniards! All have left their mark on Mallorca, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the Mallorcan people and the architecture of Mallorca's cities.

Mallorca's towns and cities vary according to the foundation years and the people who lived there. 


La Seu the Cathedral of Palma, Mallorca
"La Seu", the Cathedral of Palma, Mallorca 

The capital city of Palma was founded in 123 BC and is one of the oldest cities on the planet. Here is where you should start your Mallorca experience. Start at El Passeo Maritimo, the island's main promenade. Take the street called Av. d'Antoni Maura and enter the old town center. Here you can stroll through the narrow streets of this ancient town, where every wall is steeped in history.

The most beautiful buildings in Palma are the Almudeina Palace and the Cathedral. This ancient building, which has undergone many renovations and modernizations, can be seen everywhere in the city today. The layers of multiple eras and dynasties are visible in these monumental structures. Almudeina is striking for its size, architectural sophistication, and monumentality. Every square centimeter of the building shows just how arduous the construction of this magnificent structure was.

Wandering around Palma, you're bound to see plenty of beautiful sites, streets, and buildings. Arguably the most beautiful part of Palma is Passeig del Born.

It is a wide pedestrian walkway with two narrow lanes for cars. Here you can find animations, shows, and interactive activities for the children. There are a lot of boutiques and shopping centers along the street, like El Cort Ingles. You can enjoy cafes, bars, restaurants, street food outlets, and pubs. This is the main thoroughfare for carnivals and festivals, which are abundant in Mallorca. 

What to see in Palma





Open Hours

Cathedral Palma «La Seu»

Plaça de la Seu, s/n, 07001

8 €

From April to May and in October — 10:00 t0 17:15

From June to September 10:00 to 18:15

From November to March 10:00 - 15:15

On Saturday : 10:00 - 14:15

Palace Almudaina


Plaça de la Seu, s/n, 07001

8 €

From Tue to Sun - 10:00 -18:00

Monday – closed

Arabian bathhouses


Carrer de Can Serra, 7, 07001 Palma


From April to October 10:00 to 19:00

From June to September 10:00 to 18:15

From November to March 10:00 to 18:00

Bellver Castel


Carrer Camilo José Cela, s/n, 07014 Palma

2,50 €

From April to October 10:00 to 19:00

From November to March 10:00 to 18:15

Santa Eulàlia Church


Plaça de Santa Eulàlia, 2, 07001 Palma

2,5 €

From Monday to Friday

Market de l'Olivar


Plaza del Comtat del Rosselló, 56

For lovers of gastronomic tours, the Grand Market in the center of Palma will be a real eye-opener.


Mon 10:00–20:30

Tue        10:00–20:30

Wed            10:00–20:30

Thu          10:00–20:30

Fri          10:00–20:30

Sat       10:00–20:30

Sun   closed
Sun   closed

The olive tree on Town Hall Square


Plaça de Cort, 1, 07001 Palma

This olive tree is 900 years old.


People believe walking around the tree brings luck and prosperity to your life.


Palma Aquarium


If you're traveling with children, take advantage of the opportunity to show them Europe's largest shark aquarium.

Carrer de Manuela de los Herreros, 21, 07610

from 25 euros for 1 adult

from 15 euro per child under 12 years

View Opening Hours at the official web site of Palma Aquarium

Valldemossa and Deia

Valldemossa old town Mallorca

Valldemossa old town, Mallorca

All famous Mallorca travel guides are sure to include Valldemossa. It is also one of our top places to visit in Mallorca. Thanks to this place, Mallorca has become popular with the rich and famous. Frederic Chopin and the French writer George Sand were the first celebrities to spend a winter here between 1838 and 1838. She subsequently published a book, Winter on Majorca. The book brought the rich and famous from all over Europe to Mallorca.

The roads were neatly paved in stone. The stone houses are covered in foliage. Bush roses growing out of the hedges and the walls of the homes. Endless art galleries. Souvenir shops with handmade products. Medieval Catholic churches and monasteries. Morning cockerels crow at dawn and wake the city at precisely the right time — orange orchards.

They are matching cafés and restaurants. From the windows of the houses, one can hear someone playing the piano and singing live and in a Venetian opera. And, of course, the carefully parked expensive sports cars that locals take out once a week to drive around the island. 




Open Hours

Cartoixa de Valldemossa


Plaza Cartoixa, 0 Valldemossa (Islas Baleares) 07170

6,5 € – 17 €

10:00–15:00 (active days)

Viewing deck with the tower 

Mirador de Puig de Sa Moneda

Coordinates: 39.706413, 2.581771

Free. The views from the top are spectacular. Recharge with the energy of one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

We recommend that you visit during the day. 

Valldemossa walking

Take a walk through the streets of the city.  Enjoy the beauty of historic buildings and monuments. Check out the shops of local artisans, artists, and sculptors.



Fornalutx and Soller 

On the island's northwest side, on the slopes of the Siera de Tramontana mountains, there is a beautiful town on Mallorca called Fornalutx. This settlement is filled with an authentic atmosphere and the smell of tangerines. To answer why to visit this beautiful place in Mallorca, all you need to know is that Fornalutx is the status of the most beautiful village in Spain.

Be sure to take a walk around this place in Mallorca. The best solution is to take the hiking route from Port Soller to Fornalutx. Port Soller is worth a visit too. Especially at sunset. Here you can admire the spectacular view and the vintage trams that creep along the waterfront.

The town of Soller is where traces of the first Mallorcan locals have been found. They lived there between 5000 and 4000 B.C. The town has also been famous for being Europe's primary orange seller for a long time.

Oranges are used to make the famous local ice cream and Licor Angel d'Or. You can get to Soller by train from Palma, a local landmark since 1912. It's a beautiful backdrop for children and adults alike, and the train's scenic views leave nothing to be desired.

During Holy Week in spring, the Moors and Catholics festival takes place in Soller. A re-enactment of the historic Battle of the City takes place in the town's streets. Participants use replicas of the paraphernalia, flags, pennants, and even horses to immerse themselves in action. 


Alcudia and its surroundings are the most beautiful place in northern Mallorca. It is worth visiting if you are on holiday in Mallorca during the high tourist season. Playa de Muro is a significant tourist attraction. This is one of the best public beaches in Europe and possibly the world. If you have been to Mallorca without Playa de Muro, you have yet to go to Mallorca.

A truly paradisiacal place that easily beats the Maldives and the Caribbean. The Playa de Muro is just over six kilometers long and 25 meters wide along the beach. The snow-white sand is so fine that it squeaks underfoot. And you'll never want to get out of the water and into the sea.

Another of Mallorca's northern wonders for the curious traveler is the Parc Natural de S'Albufera nature reserve. There are over 300 different species of birds in the wild in this nature reserve. Scientists believe this area was formed over 100,000 years ago.

On Sundays, we recommend visiting the local market in Alcudia. Here you can buy delicious treats, unusual handmade souvenirs from local artisans, and memorable gifts for your loved ones.

Place: Passeig de la Mare de Déu de la Victoria

Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 

Port de Pollenca

The most beautiful place in the north of Mallorca is the Formentor lighthouse. The lighthouse sits on top of a peninsula at the island's edge. It is a popular tourist spot in Mallorca, and many sightseeing buses bring people there. Be careful because the road to Formentor mosaic has been closed to private cars since 2022. You can only get here by bus, on foot or by bike. 

Advice for holidaymakers on Mallorca. If you are spending your holidays on the island during the summer months, take the chance to visit the beautiful Playa de Formentor beach in Mallorca. We recommend hitting the beach early in the morning, by 8-9 am, when there are no tourists or locals. The water quality is ideal. Under the pine trees, you can find shelter from the scorching sun. And remember to bring your snorkeling masks. 

Cala Ratjada

Cala Ratjada is the most beautiful spot in Mallorca's Northeast. Visitors come here to walk, buy souvenirs, swim in the azure waters, go scuba diving, and windsurfing. You can also book a trip on a glass-bottom boat. However, locals say Cala Ratjada's best attraction is the local Bocadillo. These are light dishes that locals like to snack on for lunch. Wine is a must at these tables. 

Porto Cristo

Port of Mallorca's second largest city, Manacor. Porto Cristo Pueblo is so beautiful that Rafael Nadal decided to move here after achieving great tennis victories.

Coming here, you can not only enjoy the beauty and the people of the area. You can go on an authentic safari in the Safari-Zoo Nature Reserve. You can get there, for example, by renting a car or a steam train designed for wildlife walks. Spot rhinos, flamingos, giraffes, monkeys, zebras, llamas, roe deer, elephants, and others. The Safari Zoo is one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca.

Also on the east side of Mallorca are the ancient caves of Coves del Drach and Coves dels Ham. The entrance fee is 21 Euros for adults and 15 Euros for children.

Stalagmites and stalactites hang from under the cave dome. They are beautifully illuminated and shimmer with the reflections of water. These caves are unique because the stalactites and stalagmites grow in opposite directions. In the growth process, they acquire a curved shape, like a hook, continuing their growth upwards instead of downwards, contrary to the law of gravity. Scientists worldwide have conducted numerous studies and tests but cannot justify this phenomenon scientifically. The locals have nicknamed the caves 'fishing caves' because of the bizarre shape of the stalagmites. 


The most beautiful place in Felanitx is El Santuario de San Salvador Monastery. The monastery was founded in 1346 by hermit monks on the mountain of the same name, San Salvador. Locals often refer to it as the Shrine of Our Lady of San Salvador (la Mare de Déu de San Salvador) or the Shrine of the Virgin Mary.

You will come across a small chapel on the ascent to the top of the mountain. It was built in 1910 on the very spot where (according to legend) a shepherd saw the face of the Virgin Mary. A monument to Cristo Rey was unveiled in 1934, and in 1957 the Cruz del Picot was erected at the very top of Mount San Salvador, visible from many parts of the island. It is Mallorca's most beautiful corner in the southeast of the island. 


Cala Santanyi Mallorca
Cala Santanyi, Mallorca

A beautiful pueblo in the Southeast of Mallorca. Pleasant streets with traditional Spanish architecture. Friendly cafés and health-food restaurants abound.

The most beautiful place in southeast Mallorca is Cala Figuera. This village transports you from Spain to a cozy Italian fisherman's village, like in the famous Luca cartoon. Here you can enjoy delicious seafood at RESTAURANTE BON BAR. 

Es Trenc

The best tourist destination in south Mallorca is Es Trenc beach. This is the most beautiful green area for the summer holidays in Majorca. 

The shoreline is 2 km long. Es Trenc is called the Caribbean on Mallorca for its beauty and the sand that squeaks underfoot.

The beach is wild but closely guarded by the island government.

In this Mallorca spot, people have an incredibly free-spirited attitude in the spirit of our times. People sunbathe topless, others without swimwear at all. 

Es Trenc is one of Europe's most beautiful and famous nudist beaches. 

There are paid sunbeds on the beach - 13 euros per day for two sunbeds and a large umbrella with a table. The water is crystal clear, and its color is guaranteed to impress anyone, even the most demanding tourist. 

At 20:00, one of the most exciting places on Majorca opens next to the beach. S'embat is worth the effort, and you must book well. The recommended dish is the grilled octopus specialty. The recommended drink is sangria on cava. In addition to the gastronomic adventure, enjoy live music in Funky, Soul, Jazz, NeuJazz, Rock, and FunkRock. 

There is a big sandy dance floor in the middle of the restaurant where you can dance without shoes. The average bill for two people with drinks and food will be around €80. As Es Trenc is in an extensive conservation area, no construction is allowed in its surroundings. But there are plenty of people interested in buying nearby properties. The closest settlement to Es Trenc, with the most convenient location, is Sa Rapita. 

Es Trenc Beach on a sunny day, Mallorca

Es Trenc Beach on a sunny day, Mallorca

Port Adriano

The most beautiful port in southwest Mallorca is Port Adriano. If you like good food with a view of expensive yachts and beautiful scenery, Mallorca is the place to be.

Port Adriano was renovated in 2009. It is full of boutiques, restaurants, bars, and shops. You can also enjoy car shows, contemporary design installations, and street food competitions with some of Europe's best chefs. Port Adriano is considered one of the best ports on the island. Here you can view a lot of luxury yachts.

The rich and famous from around the world often choose this holiday spot in Mallorca. For example, the summer of 2022 saw star athlete Sopog McGregor and his family holidaying here.

Best restaurants in Port Adriano: 

El Faro del Toro Seafood restaurant
El Faro del Toro Seafood restaurant in Port Adriano, Mallorca

What part of Mallorca is the best to stay

It could take more than a few lifetimes to figure out which part of Mallorca is the most beautiful. The locals say: 'We travel worldwide to see beautiful places. And each time, we are convinced that Mallorca has the most beautiful places in the world."

If you decide to spend your holidays in Mallorca, we recommend renting a car or a Vespa. This way, you can drive around the island and see which part of Mallorca is the most beautiful.

Highly recommended to visit is the Sierra de Tramontana.

It is a delightful place to travel around. It is here that many of the world's most famous people prefer to buy property. The beauty of the natural surroundings is guaranteed to enchant anyone who has been here.

The Rocky Mountains open up to you with a wealth of greenery, trees, and olive plantations on the slopes at the foot of the hills — numerous astonishing bodegas with fabulous vineyards that look unique and unforgettable in the mountainous area.

The road through the mountains runs almost to the seaside. Here you can find many viewpoints. It is worth stopping here, breathing in as much of Mallorca's clean air as you can and enjoying the vast expanse of the Mediterranean.

Restaurants abound along the way, including two Michelin-starred restaurants:

  • Béns d'Avall. Carretera de Deyá, km.56, 07100 Sóller

  • Es Racó d'es Teix Carrer Viña Vieja, 6, 07179 Deià

Along the way, you'll see the ruins of ancient fortifications built during the various periods of the island's rule. Defensive towers that you can climb and take the best selfies.

The most beautiful towns on the west of Mallorca:

  • Deia

  • Bunyola

  • Port de Soller

  • Soller

  • Valdemossa

  • Fornalutx

  • Banyalbufar

  • Estellencs 

Fornalutx, a charming majorcian village in valley of Soler
Fornalutx, a charming majorcian village in valley of Soler

Where is the warmest in Mallorca  

During the warmer months of the tourist season, the weather in Mallorca is equally warm everywhere. Locals dare to plan outdoor activities and do not look at the weather forecast. Summer weather in Mallorca is the exception to the rule.

The only place it gets cooler is high up in the mountains west of Mallorca. Here in the mountains, it often rains.

In the low season, temperatures can drop to 11 and 16 degrees Celsius. The warmest Mallorca at this time of year is in the inland areas. This is the central part of the island.

During the winter, Mallorca is very popular with kite surfers. If you are into kitesurfing, it is worth checking out the wind direction. Since Mallorca is an island, the wind can blow from different directions daily. So, it is possible to practice this sport nearly every day.

If you're not a fan of surfing, what does it matter where the wind is least blowing on Majorca? Traditionally, the island's southwest side, the capital Palma, and the south coast of Mallorca.


Beast Beaches of Mallorca





Playa de Palmanova

Blue Flag

Mallorca Southwest

Length  — 3 km

Width — 60 m

The beach is divided by Punta de Marroig and Punta Nadala into three sectors: 

Playa Porto Novo, Playa de Nadala, and Playa de Son Maties.   

The sand is white and velvety. The water in the sea is pleasant and clear and azure in color.

Sun lounger rental is 15 euros for the whole day.

Playa de Magaluf

Blue Flag

Mallorca Southwest

Length 1  km.

Width 60 m

This beach has white, velvety sand, easy access to the sea, and clear, azure waters. 

Sun lounger rental is 15 euros for the whole day.

Playa de Paguera

Blue Flag

Mallorca Southwest

Length 0,7  km.

Width 40 m

This beach is darker and finer-grained, and the water is clear and clean. Lots of German restaurants and bars..

Es Trenc


Blue Flag

Mallorca South

Length 2  km.

Width 25 m

Wild beach with fine sand. The water is perfectly azure.

We recommend going to the back of the beach - there are fewer people there. 

Playa de Muro

Blue Flag

North of Mallorca

Length 6  km.

Width 25 m

This beach has white, velvety sand, easy access to the sea, and clear, azure waters..

Playa Roca de Camp de Mar

Mallorca Southwest.

Length 200 m

Width 30 m

This small-sized beach is less crowded due to the location of Camp de Mar, which is off the road. Locals mainly inhabit it.

Where are the most beautiful coves in Mallorca?

Cala des Moro, Mallorca
Cala des Moro, Mallorca

Here are the top 10 coves in Mallorca (locals ranking):

  • Cala des Moro in South Mallorca

  • Cala Carbó in North Mallorca

  • Cala del Mago Southwest Mallorca

  • Cala Victoria North Mallorca

  • Playa de Sant Pere and Playa de Sant Joan North Mallorca

  • Cala Llombard´s Southeast Mallorca

  • Cala Deia West Mallorca

  • Cala Anguila East Mallorca

  • Playa de Santanyi South-East Mallorca

  • Cala Romantica East Mallorca

These are Mallorca's most beautiful bays. The water is so clear you can see the shadows of the boats at anchor. The boats seem to float in the air. Tourists go there to swim in some of the most exotic and beautiful spots in Mallorca. And scuba dive or snorkel to explore the underwater world of the Mediterranean.

Locals consider these coves to be the most beautiful in Majorca. Some of them are not easily accessible. So, it's worth exploring the route to them before you decide to go there. 

Where and when to see Almond Blossom in Mallorca

almond blossom tree in Mallorca

Mallorca is where many people worldwide come to live and holiday. Many of them move from colder countries where it usually snows in winter. In Mallorca, you only see snow in the winter high in the mountains. But there is one month of the year when snow without snow appears in Mallorca. 

Legend has it that a Mallorcan king has married a girl from the northern lands. She was missing the white landscapes of her north country. And the king found a way out of the situation. He ordered almond trees to be planted all over the island, which has taken root very well. 

February is a time of transformation for Mallorca. This time Mallorca's almonds are in bloom. You won't need a Mallorca map to find the most beautiful part of Mallorca. Snow-white trees are growing everywhere. Many mainland Spaniards come to Mallorca in February to take romantic walks in some of the most beautiful spots in the world.

Best Places to enjoy almond blossom:

  • Middle Mallorca: Marratxí, Bunyola, Santa María, Sencelles, Lloseta and Selva

  • Eastern side of the Sierra de Tramontana mountains

  • East Mallorca: Manacor, Sant Llorenç and Son Servera.

  • Southwest Mallorca: Paguera, Es Capdella, Calvia, Mallorca Town, Spain 4.

Suppose you are spending your holiday in southwest Mallorca in February. In that case, we recommend the hiking or cycling route from Paguera pueblo to Es Capdella. The road is without steep drops, allowing even those who aren't used to much walking to enjoy it. Meanwhile, you'll pass Mallorca's most beautiful spots with fantastic flowering trees.

The journey don’t take more than 2 hours. Once you arrive in Es Capdella, grab a bite in the Molí des Capdellà restaurant. The cuisine is traditional Mallorcan and very tasty. The town of Es Capdellà also offers authentic Spanish architecture. This is one of the most beautiful towns in South-West Mallorca at this time of year.

Where do celebrities live in Mallorca?

Mary celebrities and famous people own luxury property in Mallorca:

The Spanish Royal Family, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Tom Cruise, Christine Neubauer, Cristiano Ronaldo, Stefan Kunz, Connor McGregar, Christine Neubauer, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Martin Semmelrogge, Esther Schweins, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Schumacher family, Dieter Bohlen, Claudia Schiffer, Florentino Perez. The list could go on and on.

Many of them live permanently in Mallorca. Others come to their residence to spend a holiday. Others choose Mallorca for their summer holiday every year.

The most popular locations where you can meet celebrities in Mallorca are:

Son Vida, Port d'Andratx, Deia, Palma de Mallorca, Santany, Colonia Sant Jordi, Bunyola, Santa Ponsa, Bendinat, Paguera, Portals Nous, Portixol, Cala Deia, Porto Cristo, Playa de Palma, Port Adriano, Llucmajor.

The Spanish royal family in Valldemossa photo by J. Aguirre

The Spanish royal family in Valldemossa, Mallorca, photo by J. Aguirre

Mallorca's best places to visit and stay 

The best places in South and Southwest Mallorca 


Palmanova is Mallorca's largest southwest coastal resort. Hotel, food, and restaurant prices are more affordable here. The most beautiful and extensive beaches in southwest Mallorca. Big shops and schools for children within walking distance.

View the best properties for sale in Palmanova

Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa is a large village in South-West Mallorca. Mallorca's the most popular location for international buyers. Santa Ponsa is a settlement on several hills. The largest of which resembles Mallorca's substituted dessert, the Ensimada. There are several large beaches, some of them Blue Flag awarded. Property here has been steadily increasing in value. You can buy or rent a property in Santa Ponsa from our property catalog. 

If you love Santa Ponsa, you can also consider real estate nearby in El Toro or Costa de la Calma.

Plataja de Santa Ponsa beach, Mallorca, Spain
Plataja de Santa Ponsa beach, Mallorca, Spain


Paguera is considered a traditional German settlement in Southwest Mallorca. You can find many German-owned shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and hotels here. Most locals are native Germans, so German citizens can live here as if they were at home. The beaches here are large and beautiful. Palma is no more than a 25-minute drive or bus ride away. 

View the best properties for sale in Paguera

View Property in Mallorca Southwest for Sale and Rent.

Best places in North and Northeast Mallorca 

Playa de Muro is a traditional resort in the north of Mallorca. The best place for a holiday with family or friends. Playa de Muro is a large coastline of 6 km. The long sandy beach and azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea are reminiscent of the Maldives rather than the familiar European nature.

The best holiday destinations in northern Mallorca are Puerto de Pollenca, Muro, Puerto de Alcúdia, and Can Picafort.

View property to buy or rent is North and Northeast of Mallorca.

The best places in the west of Mallorca

The west of Mallorca is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Located on the slopes of the Sierra de Tramontana, these towns and villages will be remembered forever by anyone who has ever been there.

The best places to visit in the west of Mallorca are Puerto de Andratx, Valdemossa, Deia, Biniaraix, Port de Sóller, Sóller, and Fornalutx.

Mentioned locations are often chosen by the rich and famous for leisure and permanent living. If you are looking for a luxury property, west of Mallorca offers you many options.

The best places to visit in East Mallorca

East Mallorca is the most remote area from the capital Palma. This is a popular holiday destination for holidaymakers who enjoy Mallorca in the summer due to its stunning coves. European retirees also love to live here during the winter.

The best locations in East Mallorca are Cala Ratjada, Capdepera, Cala Dór, Cala Millor, and Porto Cristo.

Mallorca's best places for a beach holiday (Best Resorts of Mallorca)

Magalluf Beach
Magalluf Beach, Mallorca

Top 10 Beaches in Mallorca

Playa De Muro

Nothern Mallorca

Suitable for families. The most popular and largest beach in Mallorca. You can choose from numerous chain hotels or a small, quiet hotel in Mallorca by the sea.

Playa de Palma

Palma de Mallorca

The main beach of Mallorca with more than 500 hotels. It is very crowdy during the season. More than 3 million tourists a year stay here. It is suitable for families as well as for independent travelers.


Southwest of Mallorca

The largest resort in south-west Mallorca. Suitable for a family holiday. Lots of hotels to suit all budgets.


Southwest of Mallorca

It has a large, beautiful blue flag beach. It is considered a holiday destination for young people and nightlife enthusiasts. Many of the hotels are five-star rated. The location has many top restaurants and nightclubs, such as Tivoli Nightclub and BCM. Every night, you can catch a glimpse of the world's top DJs at work: Bob Sinclar or Kerry Chandler, for example.


Southwest of Mallorca

The resort is ideal for German retirees and couples without children. It is a genuinely German corner of southwest Mallorca. Hotels, shops, cafés, and restaurants speak German everywhere.

Cala Vinyes

Southwest of Mallorca

It's a small beautiful bay in Mallorca. Has 2 hotels: Occidental and Globales Cala Viñas. The latter hotel is available for adults only, which attracts many tourists looking for the most beautiful romantic spots in Mallorca.

Es Trenc

South of Mallorca

The best wild beach in Mallorca. There's a free-spirited vibe and an atmosphere of constant fun. Perhaps you won't find a more romantic spot in Mallorca at sunset. Couples in love gather here at 19:00 for a romantic evening by the sea. The nearest towns to look for a hotel are Sa Rapita and Colònia de Sant Jordi.

El Arenal

South of Mallorca

If you're a fan of noisy places and youth parties, this is the place for you. Playa de Arenal is a large and wide beach lined with hotels. The cost of a holiday here is lower. This is why young people like to spend their holidays here. There is a giant Aqualand water park within walking distance.

Camp de Mar

Southwest of Mallorca

The luxury resort of Camp de Mar became popular after the inimitable Claudia Schiffer owned property there. The celebrity last lived in Mallorca several years ago. Still, the resort has remained in good standing with the rich and beautiful.

Playa de Formentor

Nothern Mallorca

For those who are used to waking up early and not wasting time, we recommend heading to this stunning place. From 08:00 to 14:00, you can enjoy one of the best beaches in Mallorca while there are few tourists here. There is a large paid car park next to the Beach. Parking costs 16 euros for the whole day.

Best Mallorca Places to stay with children

Traditionally, the best places for holidays with children are resort areas with large beaches. Two of the best sites to do this are:

  • Palmanova in southwest Mallorca. There are plenty of playgrounds, play areas, suitable restaurants and cafes, and large wide beaches where kids can play or take paddle-surfing lessons.

  • Playa de Muro is the best beach for holidays with children in Majorca. The beach is 40m wide. And the entrance to the water is very smooth without any depth differences. Children love that they can play in the water without fear of going further into the sea. The inflatable mattresses and swimming boards are the best for your children to enjoy their stay here. Near the beach, there are plenty of activities for children: Trampolines, play areas, playgrounds, and ice cream stalls.

Mallorca's best romantic places for couples

Cala Falco cove on Majorca Island
Cala Falco cove on Majorca Island

Es Trenc beach is a prime spot for couples in love. But apart from this unique beach, there are many beautiful coves where you can go as a couple.

  • Cala del Mago southwest of Mallorca in the pueblo Sol de Mallorca. A beautiful cove in Mallorca where couples often have romantic rendezvous.

  • Cala de cap Falco is a cove in Mallorca where a beach bar is open during the summer. There is an atmosphere of flirtation and a vibe of falling in love. Lounge music is everywhere, accompanied by champagne that flows like a river.

  • Cala Deia West Mallorca. For the true romantics, there is a fantastic place to eat dinner and enjoy each other's company. The famous scenes from The Night Manager TV series were filmed here. The cliff-side restaurant might be the place to propose.

  • Cala Romantica East Mallorca. The name of this beautiful bay on Mallorca speaks for itself. You're in for a real treat if you want a true romance. 

Mallorca's Best Nightclubs

Titos Calvià Beach Club

Titos Calvià Beach Club, Mallorca

Magaluf is the party destination of choice in southwest Mallorca. There are many famous nightclubs here with stars from Ibiza and the USA.

Palma de Mallorca - El Paseo Maritimo. During the day, the capital of the Balearic Islands is a place to relax and take a stroll. But step along the main promenade at night, and you're at the epicenter of clubbing. Popular Night Clubs nearby are:

Can Picafort is the nightlife center of North Mallorca. There are plenty of cafés, clubs, bars, and local events to keep you entertained during the night. Many of the hotels here host colorful night shows and pool parties.

Best quiet areas of Mallorca

West Mallorca offers the best spots for seclusion. There are many luxuries private hotels in the Sierra de Tramontana mountains. You can enjoy total privacy, yoga classes, meditation, and spa treatments.

By the way, Cristiano Ronaldo spends his holidays every year in the west of Mallorca. The man who appreciates privacy and prefers not to be bothered while on holiday spends his holidays in the pueblo of Bunyola, not far from Valldemossa. There are plenty of private, exclusive luxury villas to rent out that meet the most demanding superstars.

Costa de la Calma and Puerto de Andratx in the Southwest of Mallorca are also suitable for retreatment.

The best spots for a quiet holiday in the South are Santaniy, Cala Figuera, Badia Gran, and Tolleric. You can rent or or buy a Finca in the island's center for quiet holidays in Mallorca.

Mallorca Best places to take a photo of the scenery and almond blossoms

  1. Castillo de Alaró is an easy uphill climb that even children will love. It offers some of the best views of the whole island.

  2. Puig de Galatzó is Mallorca's third-highest mountain. It is worth the climb, if only for the selfies behind the clouds.

  3. The Sierra de Tramontana. This road connects the pueblos of Andratx and Soller. The trip will take approximately 2 hours. In February, you will meet dozens of beautiful photo spots and landscapes with blossoming almonds.

  4. The Puigderrós pueblo in the south of Mallorca is one of the favorite sunset spots for couples in love. If you're planning to shoot content for your social media, come here at sunset. Your followers will appreciate it.

  5. For those who love authentic architecture and photography, we recommend destinations like Valldemossa, Fornalutx, Andratx, Santa Maria, Binissalem, Es Capdella, and Pollensa.

  6. In search of blossoming almonds, you can take a small hike in the Puig de ses bruixes hills in February. The place takes its name from the Catalan word for 'Witch Mountain.' The views are breathtaking, with the most fantastic selfies you can take in the blooming almond trees. And in the foothills, you can pick wild asparagus.

  7. The main promenade in Palma is El Paseo Maritimo. You can take photos and videos of the central promenade to the envy of all your social media followers at any time of year and at any time of day.

  8. Lluc Monastery in the northwest of Mallorca is one of the most famous weekend getaways for locals. It's a great place to explore the island's culture and barbecue with friends.

  9. Explore Mallorca on foot and by car as much as you like. Climb its highest mountains. But for scenery and almond blossoms, a hot-air balloon ride is the best way to explore Mallorca. The cost of such a flight range from €500 to €1000. The emotions you get during the flight are unforgettable.

  10. The road from Paguera to Es Capdella in the southwest in February is the best way to explore the groves of blossoming almond trees.

Mallorca's best restaurants — the locals' secret places

Every traveler knows how difficult it can be to choose a place to eat out if you need to know the location well enough. If you're a fan of gastronomic tours, discover the Top 10  best places to eat in Mallorca. Locals and expats love them, so they are worth making a reservation.

  1. El Perrito - Brunch & Coffee | Santa Catalina, Palma. Here you can enjoy the best breakfasts in Mallorca.

  2. Tast Avenidas | Palma de Mallorca. For those who want to get in touch with tradition, go to the best tapestries on the island: tapas, meat dishes, and wine from the best bodegas in Binissalem.

  3. Ca's Patró March, a fish restaurant with the best view in Deia. tel: 971639137

  4. The best pizzeria in Sineu, Mallorca . Tel: 971520570

  5. Authentic Restaurant Sa Farinera for meat lovers.

  6. An atmospheric and tasty place in Port Adriano is the Vino del Mar restaurant. It is an Italian restaurant located right on the marina of luxury yachts.

  7. A restaurant in Castillo de Alaró with a fantastic view of the island is Es Verger. The locals believe it offers the best lamb on the island. Tel: 971182126

  8. The most secretive Restaurant among the locals is Restaurant Ca na Miquela de ses Teuleres. It's a traditional Majorcan cuisine restaurant. If you want to try nasta poella or arroz brut, this place will be a real find for you. tel: 971560123

  9. El Galeon Taberna in Paguera is a German and Mairkin restaurant. One of the specialties is the whole suckling pig roasted in the oven. You don't cut it with a knife, but with a plate. Be sure to break it off the floor after using it.

  10. The seafood restaurant at Restaurant Illeta. This Restaurant is in the southwest of the island. Claudia Schiffer lived for a long time in the pueblo Camp de Mar. The Restaurant has a unique location - on a separate island. The road to the Restaurant goes over a beautiful pedestrian bridge over the sea.

Summary of Best Places in Mallorca to visit



Suitable for

Special places

El Toro и Port Adriano

Southwest of Mallorca

Beach Holiday

Eating out

Water activities

Cultural activities

Restaurant Vino del Mar

Best for photoshoot: Mirador Port Adriano. Carrer Bartolomé Calatayud, 1


Southwest of Mallorca

Beach Holiday

Eating out

Water activities

Cultural activities

Pizzeria Il Tano

Sushi Restaurant: Sakana

Beach Café: Il Chiringo Beach

Palmanova  Beach – The main beach volleyball venue on the island.


Southwest of Mallorca

Beach Holiday

Eating out

Water activities

Cultural activities

A German Corner in Mallorca

Costa de la Calma

Southwest of Mallorca

Tranquil holiday for retirees

Peacful Location with a beautiful beach .

Portals Nous

Southwest of Mallorca

Beach Holiday

Luxury restaurants

Yacht Club

Suitable for yacht enthusiasts and luxury holidaymakers

Palma de Mallorca


Beach Holiday

Strolls around Old Palma


Lots of restaurants and cafes

We recommend visiting the Cathedral and climbing up to the roof. You have a stunning view of Palma and the island's main port here.

Puig de Ros

South of Mallorca



Beach Clubs

Romantic place

Coordinates for viewing the perfect sunset: 39.444549, 2.748344


South of Mallorca


Local restaurants


Visit an ostrich farm in the south of the island to discover exciting facts about the ostrich. You can enjoy ostrich riding and even eat ostrich eggs. Consider booking in advance. Artestruz


East of Mallorca

Beautiful views

Stunning routes for cycling and walking

Beach Holiday

Local restaurants

Visit the island's first defensive castle, Castell de Capdepera. King Jaime was crowned to the throne of Majorca in this very place.

Playa de Muro

North of Mallorca

Beach Holiday



Best hotels in Mallorca.

Coordinates for the best photoshoot in the North of Mallorca 39.830387, 3.119586


Southwest of Mallorca

The best hiking routes.

Barbecue areas


Spend a fantastic day in Mallorca's best nature park, La Reserva Puig de Galatzó. Here you will see mountain goats, sheep, squirrels, peacocks, donkeys, and even an area where bears live.

You can take some bread and feed the peacocks. In the location, you can also arrange a barbeque.

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