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Experience Ultimate Luxury at Las Piramides in Nova Santa Ponsa, Mallorca

Las Piramides is the Luxury Complex in Nova Sana Ponsa


  1. Exclusivity and sophistication: Las Piramides Residential Complex

  2. Location of Las Piramides Luxury Residential Complex

  3. Proximity to Las Piramides: Nearby Attractions and Amenities

  4. Accommodation Pricing at Las Piramides

  5. Elevated Luxury and Comfort: Amenities at Las Piramides

  6. Diverse Property Offerings at Las Piramides for Sale

  7. Investment Appeal of Las Piramides Residential Complex

  8. Current Offerings at Las Piramides in Mallorca

Exclusivity and sophistication: Las Piramides Residential Complex

Las Piramides Luxury Residential Complex in Santa Ponsa

Step into a realm of unparalleled luxury and excellence with Las Piramides at Nova Santa Ponsa. A harmonious fusion of architectural refinement, practicality, and top-tier facilities positions this complex as the embodiment of opulence and convenience. Delve into the intricacies that will bestow a distinctive quality to your life!

Presenting the magnificent Las Piramides residential complex, gracefully poised in Nova Santa Ponsa, designed for connoisseurs of perfection. Constructed in 2004, this development encompasses four four-story buildings, totaling 40 exclusive apartments. A testament to status and opulence, this property grants its residents the privilege of a superior lifestyle.

The panoramic sea views visible from the windows and terraces of Las Piramides captivate with their ever-changing hues, embodying the allure of the sea and the distant horizon. A true embodiment of sophistication and allure, this complex seamlessly integrates into the discerning lifestyle of accomplished individuals.

Location of Las Piramides Luxury Residential Complex

Location of Las Piramides Luxury Residential Complex in Mallorca

Nestled within a picturesque enclave of Nova Santa Ponsa, the Las Piramides residential complex enjoys an enviable location that harmoniously blends tranquility with accessibility.

Nova Santa Ponsa, an esteemed neighborhood, is an integral part of the vibrant town of Santa Ponsa, situated in the southwest of Mallorca. Today, it stands as the most coveted destination for real estate investment among affluent international buyers on the island. Additionally, Santa Ponsa holds historical significance, as it was the very site where King Jaime I set foot, embarking on a mission to eliminate piracy and transform Mallorca into a thriving Mediterranean haven.

With pristine beaches, charming cafes, and exquisite restaurants mere steps away, the allure of sun-soaked shores and culinary delights is easily savored without venturing far from your residence. Revel in the convenience of having all essentials at your doorstep, while being embraced by scenic landscapes and sweeping sea vistas.

Curious to uncover the driving factors behind the preference for Santa Ponsa among Mallorca's property seekers? Uncover the insights by following this link: Santa Ponsa City Guide: Discover the Best of Mallorca's West Coast.

Proximity to Las Piramides: Nearby Attractions and Amenities

One of the best golf courses, Golf Santa Ponça II, is located near Las Piramides residence
One of the best golf courses, Golf Santa Ponça II, is located near Las Piramides residence

Embark on a journey of boundless opportunities in your immediate surroundings.

Idyllic Beaches: Residing in Las Piramides ensures convenient access to coastal magnificence. The shores of Santa Ponsa and Playa Port Adriano beckon, inviting you to bask in the sun and embrace the sea, providing the perfect backdrop for relaxation and leisure. Furthermore, the renowned beaches of southwestern Mallorca, including Playa Paguera and Playa Palmanova, are easily reachable by car, with a mere 5-minute drive.

Sporting Arenas: Golf holds a special place in this locale. The Golf Santa Ponsa course lies nearby, affording you the chance to partake in an exhilarating game amidst breathtaking vistas. Boasting top-tier infrastructure, Golf Santa Ponsa features three splendid golf courses. Further insights into golf properties and courses in Mallorca can be gleaned from our article: Golf Properties for Sale in Mallorca - Essential Considerations.

Retail and Culinary Delights: Nearby establishments offer an array of shopping and dining options to tantalize your senses. Immerse yourself in retail therapy and create indelible memories at outstanding dining establishments.

Yacht Clubs and Maritime Expeditions: Esteemed yacht clubs such as Club Náutico Santa Ponsa and Port Adriano beckon, extending invitations to indulge in boat excursions and nautical escapades, infusing a dash of exhilaration into your lifestyle.

Heritage and Cultural Riches: Significant historical sites lie in close proximity. The Puig de Sa Morisca archaeological park unveils the secrets of Santa Ponsa's earliest settlers, while the UNESCO World Heritage sea cliffs of Es Malgrat offer captivating vistas and immersive experiences.

All of these captivating opportunities are conveniently accessible from Las Piramides. Each day presents the potential for diverse experiences and moments of delight, enriching your life with unforgettable memories. 

Accommodation Pricing at Las Piramides

Sea view from the bedroom window in Las Pirámides residence
Sea view from the bedroom window in Las Pirámides residence

Immerse yourself in the realm of luxury with the prestigious residential complex in Mallorca - Las Piramides, where your aspirations can be transformed into reality.

In the year 2023, a spacious 172m2 apartment is available for acquisition at a price of 850,000 euros, while a well-appointed 140m2 flat holds a price tag of 885,000 euros. Remarkably, the average cost per square meter within the opulent residential haven of Mallorca - Las Piramides, stands at an attractive 5,630 euros, thereby offering a harmonious fusion of value and excellence.

By way of comparison, the current average cost per square meter in Santa Ponsa is recorded at €5,690, as reported by the esteemed property portal, Idealista. This discernible difference underscores the allure of Las Piramides, positioning it as an exceptionally enticing choice that marries luxury with an appealing price point.

Hence, investing in the apartments of Las Piramides entails more than a mere property venture; it signifies a stride towards embracing the coveted elite lifestyle that you rightfully deserve.

Elevated Luxury and Comfort: Amenities at Las Piramides

The amenities at Las Piramides residence include a heated swimming pool, well-kept lawns, lush tropical plants and flowers, and quiet spots for relaxation.
The amenities at Las Piramides residence include a heated swimming pool, well-kept lawns, lush tropical plants and flowers, and quiet spots for relaxation

Striking the impeccable balance between opulence and functionality, Las Piramides stands as an exquisite apartment complex that not only offers refined lodgings but also ensures an unparalleled level of comfort through an array of exceptional amenities.

• Painstaking Attention to Detail: Each facet of the complex has been meticulously designed down to the minutest particulars. From marble flooring to individual boiler-equipped gas central heating, as well as air conditioning, comfort becomes a constant companion across all seasons.

• Illumination and Insulation Excellence: Dual-glazed aluminium windows usher in abundant natural light while affording optimum insulation, effectively safeguarding your coziness from external elements.

• Parking and Storage Solutions: Las Piramides extends the convenience of dual parking spaces within the communal garage, complemented by a private storage chamber, offering a practical repository for your belongings.

• Communal Enrichments: The tapestry of life within Las Piramides is woven with elements of recreation and leisure. Nestled within the community's embrace are meticulously landscaped gardens, pine-shaded benches, an expansive swimming pool, and even a charming turtle pond. A tennis court also graces the property, catering to active pursuits.

• Optimal Location: Just a leisurely stroll away from Adriano Port and a mere five-minute drive from the heart of Santa Ponsa, Las Piramides epitomizes convenience and accessibility.

Beyond being a mere domicile, Las Piramides encapsulates a lifestyle of opulence intertwined with supreme amenities. When selecting your haven, opt for the harmonious blend of comfort and elegance that is distinctly woven into this unparalleled complex.

Diverse Property Offerings at Las Piramides for Sale

The Las Piramides residential complex presents an extensive array of property types tailored to cater to a wide spectrum of preferences.

• Two and Three-Bedroom Apartments: The range of apartments at Las Piramides encompasses varying bedroom configurations, perfectly suited for couples and those seeking ample space.

• Expansive Terraces and Balconies: Irrespective of your chosen apartment, the privilege of private terraces or balconies awaits, transforming into your personal haven of relaxation.

• Exclusive Penthouses: The penthouses within Las Piramides offer an exclusive realm. Encompassing more than half a floor, they enchant with a diverse array of expansive terraces.

• Contemporary Amenities: Modern conveniences abound, including air conditioning, underfloor heating, utility rooms, and storage spaces. Adorned with double-glazed aluminium windows and marble flooring, these properties exude both elegance and comfort.

Illustrative of the offerings within Las Piramides is a sample apartment for sale: A 173 sqm apartment complemented by a 20 sqm terrace. Within, you'll discover a spacious living-dining area with terrace access, a separate kitchen featuring a utility room, three generously sized bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a guest toilet. The west-facing terrace affords captivating views of the verdant expanse and the inviting swimming pool.

An apartment of 173 m² with a 20 m² veranda can be acquired through Yes! Mallorca Property for 850,000 euros.

This glimpse is merely a fraction of the diverse options awaiting at Las Piramides. Discover your ideal apartment and immerse yourself in a realm of luxury and convenience.

Investment Appeal of Las Piramides Residential Complex

Secure Your Future and Enhance Your Capital

Las Piramides residential complex not only offers opulent accommodations, but also presents exclusive investment prospects.

• Rental Yield: The properties within Las Piramides exhibit considerable potential for rental endeavors. Initial rental rates commence at €1800 per month, yet numerous apartments attract tenants at more favorable rates.

• Coveted Resort Locale: Nestled in the scenic Nova Santa Ponsa, the complex entices both vacationers and long-term lessees. Its proximity to beaches, golf courses, and other amenities contributes to the high demand for these properties.

• Elevated Comfort Standards: Contemporary conveniences, lavish interior design, and comprehensive infrastructure within the residential complex attract discerning tenants willing to pay for exceptional quality.

• Appreciation in Value: Investing in Las Piramides real estate not only secures a steady rental income but also an asset with the potential for long-term value appreciation, owing to its prestigious location and superior construction. Over the past five years alone, apartment values in Las Piramides have surged by 48%. Forecasts further indicate sustained growth over the next 5 - 10 years.

Opting to invest in Las Piramides affords you the opportunity to engage in a lucrative property investment, replete with promising returns and the prospect of long-term appreciation.

Current Offerings at Las Piramides in Mallorca

Apartment with private garden in Las Piramides residence.jpg

Las Piramides occupies an esteemed and sought-after location in the south-western region of Mallorca, nestled within Nova Santa Ponsa. Situated within a convenient stroll of golf courses and in close proximity to the sea, Las Piramides stands as an exceptional choice for discerning property buyers in Mallorca. Given its popularity, rapid sellouts of available units are anticipated, with infrequent appearances of new listings.

However, if the prospect of acquiring a residence within the prestigious Las Piramides development captivates you, we invite you to engage with our agency, Yes! Mallorca Property. Our direct affiliations with a majority of property co-owners within Las Piramides enable us to swiftly furnish comprehensive details regarding the properties available for purchase within Las Piramides in Nova Santa Ponsa, Mallorca.

Presently, Yes! Mallorca Property proudly presents two luxurious apartments available at Las Piramides, with availability scheduled for August 2023. These exclusive offerings are part of our agency's discreet property database, accessible solely to our esteemed clientele. By establishing a partnership with us promptly, you will gain immediate access to the concealed portfolio of Yes! Mallorca Property.

Yes! Mallorca Property stands as the premier real estate brokerage in Mallorca, boasting a vast database of over 1000 properties in Mallorca, including covert listings accessible only to our clients. Do not hesitate – reach out to us without delay, and allow us to facilitate your acquisition of a dream property within a luxury residential complex in Mallorca. 

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