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Golf properties for sale in Mallorca - things to know

Golf properties for sale in Mallorca have a special status. The local climate allows you to keep Mallorca's golf courses in perfect condition, which makes them available all year round. Golf course properties (houses, villas, apartments) attract golf lovers, professional players, and buyers who have nothing to do with the sport.

 The real estate experts of Yes! Mallorca provides you with all the valuable information about golf properties in Mallorca as follows:

  1. Why is golf property popular?

  2. How many offers for golf properties for sale in Mallorca?

  3. Mallorca's Golf Infrastructure Overview

  4. Overview of Mallorca's golf properties and prices

  5. Typical golf properties in Mallorca

  6. Advantages and disadvantages of buying golf properties in Mallorca

  7. Golf villas and a special status?

  8. Three tips for buying golf real estate in Mallorca

Golf courses in Mallorca

Why is golf course property popular?

For golfers and professional players, the properties next to the golf courses are attractive mainly because, in Mallorca, you can train all year round in ideal conditions. Preparing for essential competitions is helped by the wide range of Mallorca's golf clubs. The landscape of the island's golf courses is varied. It meets the most demanding requirements and is supervised by qualified staff, many of whom are not the last people in the golf world.

It's believed that golf is a game for rich people. Therefore, the natural desire of golfers is to buy property on the golf course: houses, villas, and flats in one of the most luxurious resorts in Europe, where the standard of living and the quality of infrastructure meet the demanding requirements of lovers of this fascinating game.

As for people who are far from this kind of leisure, they consider properties near golf courses mainly because of the breathtaking views. The properties are integrated into golf clubs and fields' infrastructure as much as possible, usually with charming views and chic landscaping.

The second point is respectable neighbours. Golf properties in Mallorca attract hundreds of prominent people in business and celebrities from all over the world. Such a neighbourhood has a positive effect on one's social status and contributes to the growth of one's business. It's no secret that many influential people use golf for informal conversations with business partners and promising startup makers.

How many listings for golf properties are for sale in Mallorca

The total length of all the golf courses in Mallorca is more than 130 km. There are properties for sale near golf courses all over their circle.

Nowadays, more than 1000 offers for golf course accommodation in Mallorca - houses, villas, apartments, and penthouses.

Investors and developers understand the value of locations near golf courses in Mallorca, so areas around golf clubs are actively being built up and regularly renewed. Newly built properties are desirable for those looking to buy a golf villa or apartment. Prices for such properties are often higher than Mallorca's average. 

Overview of the Mallorca's Golf Infrastructure

There are now 24 golf clubs open to the public in Mallorca. Golf is most common in Southwest Mallorca and the surrounding Palma area. Mallorca's golf courses vary in landscape, infrastructure, and popularity.

The most famous golf courses in Mallorca:

Golf Club Name



Golf Alcanada

Puerto de Alcúdia. North Mallorca

18 holes. The length is 6499 m — a par 72 course. Tel.+34 971 54 95 60,

Golf de Andratx

Camp de Mar. Southwest Mallorca

The golf course is tough but remains one of the most attractive in Mallorca. The number of holes is 18. The length is 6809 metres. A par of 72. tel. +34 971 23 62 80,

Golf Son Servera

 Cala Millor.

East Mallorca

In February 2012, the conversion was carried out to expand from 9 to 18 holes. The length is 6000 m — a par of 72. Tel. +34 971 84 00 96,

Golf Son Gual 

The club is located on an 11.5 km Palma-Manacor Road. The Palma de Mallorca area

Thomas Himmel created the design of the golf course. Golf magazine "Golf World Magazine" named Son Gual the best golf course in Mallorca and the 9th best in Spain. The number of holes is 18. The length is 6621 metres. A par of 72. Tel. +34 971 78 58 96,

Golf Canyamel

Son Servera. East-Mallorca

The golf course is considered one of the most beautiful on the island. Available for players of all levels. The number of holes is 18. The length is 6090 meters. A pair of 72. Tel. +34 971 84 13 13,

Golf Maioris

Puigderrós. Soith Mallorca

Eighteen holes, length —  6309 m.  A pair of 72. Tel. +34 971 74 83 15,

Golf Capdepera

It is located between the towns of Artà and Capdepera. The east of the island.

The number of holes is 18. The length is 6045 m. A pair of 72. Tel. +34 971 81 85 00,

Golf Pollensa 

Pollenca. North Mallorca

A miniature golf course surrounded by mountains and olive trees, nine holes. The length is 2558 meters. A pair of 35. Tel. +34 971 53 32 16,

Top golf courses in Mallorca

Trained players and professionals usually choose these clubs to prepare for tournaments. For beginners and those who see golf more as a pastime, these golf courses are suitable:·      
  •         Golf Son Termens. Closer to the eastern part of the island

  • ·       Real Golf Bendinat.  Southwest Mallorca

  • ·       Son Muntaner Golf Club. Son Vida, Palma

  • ·       Son Vida Golf Club, Palma de Mallorca.

  • ·       La Reserva Rotana Golf, Manacor. Central Mallorca

  • ·       Son Quint Golf Club, Palma

  • ·       Golf de Poniente. Southwest Mallorca, in Santa Ponsa.

Here you can buy golf lessons from professional instructors, have a good time and dine with friends in the golf club's restaurant.

Golf tournaments are held regularly in Mallorca. These are qualifying matches for the World Cup, but significant tournaments such as the Mallorca Golf Open are also stored. The prize money is €1,000,000. The reigning champion of the Mallorca Golf Open is Jeff Winther (Denmark): -15 (62-71-62-70).

The tournament is part of a series of stages of the European Golf Championship.

Overview of Mallorca's golf properties and prices

Southwest of Mallorca and Palma (here you can find most of   Mallorca's golf courses) suburbs are the most popular golf properties. The most popular locations are:

In these locations, the prices of properties on the golf course (houses, villas, flats) are, on average, 20% higher than those of the same property not on the golf courses. But in some areas (Son Veda, Camp de Mar and Cas Català), the value of a property by the golf course increases by 50% - 100%.

Typical golf properties for sale in Mallorca

The most common type of property in this market segment is a golf flat. A low-rise residential complex with luxurious golf flats can be found at almost every golf course. You can buy a new golf course flat in Bendinat, Son Rapinya, Portals Nous, Camp de Mar and Santa Ponsa. Luxury golf flat on the ground floor with direct access to the golf course in Santa Ponsa in new construction costs between 750,000 and 1,350,000 euros. A spacious living room. American kitchen. 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The complex with 2 pools, protection, and a class A energy certificate. A private parking space. Respectable neighbors from Central European countries. Smart home system. Ref. no. SP-1434

Apartment in Mallorca near golf courses

For 1,500,000 euros, you can buy a penthouse next to the famous Son Muntaner golf club on the border of Son Vida and Son Rapinya. It is a new construction golf flat in a luxurious residential complex. The living area is 178 m2. The terrace area is 190 m2. A private pool on the terrace, a communal pool in the complex and an indoor pool for use in winter. A SPA complex and a fitness room. An underground garage. A spacious living room, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  Golf property in Son Vida

If you want more space, we recommend you buy a house for golf in Santa Ponsa. These modern golf houses in Santa Ponsa have private gardens and a public pool. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. The living area is 160 m2. The size of the garden is 185 m2. You can buy a new house for the golf course in Santa Ponsa for 895.000 Euro. Ref. no. SP-1453

The most expensive is the golf villas in Mallorca. The owner of such a villa can always admire the golf game from the terrace or at the pool. Usually, the owners of such properties get a membership in a club where their golf villa is located.

The most popular areas where you can buy a villa by the golf course are Son Vida, Bendinat and Cas Catala. You can buy a luxury villa on the golf course for a sum ranging from 8,000,000 to 25,000,000 euros. The prices and properties are so varied that it is worth clarifying them with a Mallorcan golf real estate agent. The example of a villa on the golf course: Luxury Residential Ses Penyes Rotges Golf.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying golf Real Estate in Mallorca

The advantages of buying property on a golf course are more than enough. When you buy a house for golf, you can spend time with your favourite pastime all year round, hold business meetings on the golf course and arrange sporting meetings with friends.

Apart from that, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape and greenery, which makes the air cleaner. The villa on the golf course characterises its owner as a person of high social status. Buying a golf flat means living surrounded by respectable neighbours and, as we know, our surroundings also affect us.

Also, don't forget that by buying a property on a golf course, its owners often could get a membership in the golf club. This is a great way to have constant practice for experienced players, and beginners can buy golf courses and quickly master this stunning sport.

The only possible downside to Mallorca's golf real estate is its high value. But the price difference of 20% and even 50% does not deter golf property buyers in Mallorca. They are not only looking for luxury properties but also value personal privacy. They opt for golf resorts, such as Marina Golf in Santa Ponsa.

Marina Golf in Santa Ponsa is a complex of golf homes southwest of the island. New houses in a prestigious location, situated along the golf course of Mallorca. The modern design of the houses and the trendy exterior attract buyers from Germany, Austria, Denmark and Holland, as well as residents of other European countries who are passionate about golf. The average cost of a golf house in Santa Ponsa is 900,000 euros. It is a house in a gated complex with a communal pool. Several homes also have their pool: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a private garden. The houses are located directly on the golf course. The golf house in the Marina Golf complex in Santa Ponsa: Ref.-No. SP-1454.

Golf Alcanada in Mallorca

Golf villas and a special status?

A golf villa in Mallorca is a good option for those who have become accustomed to luxurious life and increased comfort. There are many golf courses in Mallorca, so there are enough offers to buy a golf villa. The choice of such properties is only limited to the financial possibilities of the buyer.

The golf villa in Mallorca is a symbol of luxury. You can have a view of the sea and the golf courses. Such properties are more expensive than conventional options. But the demand for Majorcan golf villas is also constantly high. Rich people and celebrities worldwide buy Mallorca's luxurious golf villas to maintain their high status and respectable circle of friends. The owners of such properties have fleets worth millions of euros, and behind golfing, they combine pleasant leisure and work.

The average cost of a golf villa in Mallorca is between 5,000,000 and 9,000,000 euros. With this money, you can buy a luxurious new build golf villa in Mallorca with all modern amenities.

  • Exclusive living room

  • Luxurious dining room

  • American kitchen

  • Wine cellar

  • Personal bar

  • 5 bedrooms

  • 6 bathrooms

  • Garage for several cars

  • SPA centre and massage room

  • Fitness room

  • Sauna

  • Rooms for service staff

  • Infinity pool

  • Modern security system

  • Smart Home System

  • Jacuzzi

  • Large terraces

  • And above all-year-round access to the golf course in Mallorca.

Of course, prices for Majorcan golf villas are not limited to 9,000,000 euros but also reach 25,000,000 euros.

3 tips for buying golf real estate in Mallorca

1. Buying a golf property in Mallorca is a good solution if you are looking for privacy and luxury while spending time with people of high social status.

2. If you are no stranger to healthy living and financial well-being, then buying a golf course villa in Mallorca is the perfect solution.

3. Golf properties in Mallorca are well-rented. We are not talking about tourist rentals but long-term rentals for a year or more. The prices for renting such properties are 2-3 times higher than the cost of renting ordinary properties, and tenants are successful people and even celebrities.

The demand and prices for golf properties in Mallorca are constantly increasing.

<b>Price increase for the year in top locations of golf properties in Mallorca</b>

Camp de Mar

+ 19,1 %

Cas Catala

+ 10,1 %


+ 17,8 %

Son Vida 

+ 16,2 %

Santa Ponça

+ 15,0 %

There is every reason to believe that the value of golf properties in Mallorca will continue to rise in the coming years.

In the company directory of Yes! Mallorca Property has an extensive selection of golf properties for sale in Mallorca:

  1. New golf homes from developers.

  2. Golf homes in Santa Ponsa and other areas

  3. Luxury golf villas in Mallorca

  4. Golf flats from private owners

  5. Golf villas in Majorca by the sea

  6. Exclusive golf properties in Mallorca

The real estate agents of Yes! Mallorca Property are happy to organize viewings of the best golf properties in Mallorca for you. You can see the beauty and quality of the Majorcan golf courses with your own eyes, which will not leave you indifferent. Our catalogue also has private golf properties for sale in Mallorca.

Please leave us a request to buy golf real estate in Mallorca today.

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