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Property in Portol for Sale

Buying Property in the Historical Village of Portol

Location and Popularity

Nestled between Palma and Santa Maria del Cami, the village of Portol stands as an artists' enclave, where Majorcans channel their creativity into the timeless craft of pottery, utilizing the region's fertile soil to craft distinctive ceramics known as "greixoneres." Part of the municipality of Marratxi, Portol is celebrated for its historical significance and inviting ambience. Tucked away in a tranquil corner of Mallorca, this village beckons history enthusiasts and tradition admirers.

Evolution of Housing Prices

Over the past year, house prices in Portol (Marratxi) have seen a commendable 6.4% increase, underscoring the stability and allure of the region. Statistics reveal a 9.0% rise in prices for apartments and houses over the last 2.5 years.

Recommendations for Buyers

The average price for houses in Portol (Marratxi) is €792,500, and apartments are priced at €429,000. With an average price per square meter of €2,837, significantly below the Mallorca average (€4,063), the village offers appealing options for those seeking unique historic homes or stylish apartments.

Variety of Real Estate

The Portol (Marratxi) market showcases houses ranging from €440,000 to €2,400,000 and apartments from €249,000 to €799,200. The diverse housing types, from period residences to contemporary apartments, cater to various budgets and preferences.

Rental Prices in Portol (Marratxi)

The average monthly rental cost for available houses is €1,700, with 80% of houses ranging from €1,200 to €5,430. The average rent per square meter in Marratxi (07141) is €147 per square meter per year.

The average monthly rental price for apartments is €1,095, with 80% of apartments ranging from €400 to €1,900. The average rent is €173 per square meter per year.

International Community in Portol (Marratxi)

The village attracts foreign buyers, fostering a friendly international community. Diverse nationalities contribute to the rich local cultural tapestry.

Recommendations from Yes! Mallorca Property

For those envisioning homeownership in Portol, we recommend reaching out to Yes! Mallorca Property. Our experts will assist you in finding the ideal accommodation that aligns with your requirements. Portol encapsulates the history and tradition of Mallorca in every stone.