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Property in Cala Mayor for Sale

Investing in Comfort: Your Ideal Choice in Cala Mayor (Palma)

Location and Appeal

A Gem on Mallorca's Southwest Coast

Cala Mayor, a beach resort strategically situated near Mallorca's capital on the southwest coast, stands out for its family-friendly ambience, pristine sandy beaches, and many recreational options.

Charming Family Retreat on Palma Bay

Discover the allure of Cala Mayor, where inviting beaches adorned with palm trees and "chiringuito" bars serving sangria and tapas create an idyllic setting. The area boasts numerous boutique hotels, restaurants, and cafes, offering charming spots for relaxation with a British touch.

Undergoing Transformation for a Bright Future

Cala Mayor is currently undergoing significant enhancements. Its Blue Flag beach recognition and proximity to bustling Palma position it as a rising star for property buyers seeking lucrative opportunities.

Recommendations for Buyers

Comfortable Living for Family Enthusiasts

Investing in real estate in Cala Mayor is recommended for those who cherish the comforts of a family-oriented holiday. Prospective tenants will find diverse options for short-term stays in this picturesque locale.

Property Types and Prices

Diverse Offerings with Competitive Prices

Cala Mayor (Palma) boasts diverse properties, including apartments, villas, and houses. Here are the average prices:

  • Houses: €903,500, with 80% of offerings ranging from €212,000 to €4,000,000. Price per square meter - €3848.

  • Apartments: €380,000, with 80% of supply ranging from €180,000 to €1,300,000. Price per square meter - €3,477.

Rental Market in Cala Mayor (Palma)

Flexible Rental Options to Suit Your Needs

  • House Rentals: Average monthly cost - €1860, with 80% of offers between €800 and €5000. Rent per square meter is €171 per year.

  • Apartment Rentals: Average monthly cost - €1300, covering 80% of the market with prices between €450 and €2500. Rent per square meter is €200 per year.

Multiculturalism and Growth Prospects

A Melting Pot of Cultures with Promising Futures

Cala Mayor's allure extends beyond its shores, drawing in foreign investors and holidaymakers. The multicultural vibe and promising growth prospects make real estate in this area an attractive investment. Property prices in Cala Mayor (Palma) have steadily risen by 6.4% over the past year and 7.6% over the past 2.5 years.

Your Key to Cala Mayor: Yes! Mallorca Property

Choose Comfort, Choose Quality of Life

When comparing prices for rent and purchase in Cala Mayor, opt for comfort and quality of life. Turn to Yes! Mallorca Property for expert guidance in buying or selling property in this alluring locale.