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Property in Marratxi for Sale

Overview of the Marratxi Real Estate Market


  1. Marratxi - Municipality Overview and Points of Interest

  2. Included Locations in the Marratxi Municipality

  3. Marratxi Property Prices

  4. Typical types of properties for sale in Marratxi and their prices

  5. Properties in Marratxi for rent

  6. Real estate agent in Marratxi

Marratxi - Municipality Overview and Points of Interest

If you're considering a property purchase in Marratxi, located northeast of Mallorca, gaining insights into the local housing market can be invaluable. Our property experts furnish this comprehensive information at Yes! Mallorca is thoughtfully organized into sections for your convenience.

Situated along the northeastern border of Palma, the capital of the Balearic Islands is the municipality of Marratxi. Home to approximately 37,000 residents, Marratxi has emerged as one of the rapidly growing regions on the island of Mallorca. Notably, Marratxi does not possess its central urban centre but derives its name from the modest village of Marratxinet, home to a population of fewer than 50 individuals, celebrated for its agricultural achievements.

This area holds immense appeal for residents from Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and France. It is a prime destination for those who cherish the quintessential Mallorcan property type – the finca. Indeed, the finca for sale in Marratxi stands out as the most sought-after real estate choice here, owing to its strategic geographical placement and terrain characteristics. Its sprawling, fertile fields and the near absence of hills create an ideal canvas for cultivating lavish gardens across the expansive grounds of these Marratxi fincas for sale.

Included Locations in the Marratxi Municipality 

The name of the pueblo

Cost of 1 m2 in 2022

Sa Cabaneta

2.456 €


2.645 €

Pla de na Tesa

2.645 €

Port d'Inca

2.145 €


3.102 €

Son Ametller

2.645 €

Son Ramonel

2.782 €

Sa Cabana

2.623 €

Es Garrovers

2.965 €

Pueblo Portal is the premier locale for exclusive real estate offerings within Marratxi. With a population of no more than 3,500 residents, Pòrtol boasts an array of luxurious properties, including villas, fincas, and houses, all available for discerning buyers.

Port d'Inca emerges as the prime choice for those seeking more budget-friendly options. With a population of approximately 17,000, this area is a hub for property acquisitions in Marratxi. Its popularity is primarily attributed to competitive real estate prices and favourable conditions for agricultural and commercial endeavours.

A distinctive feature setting Marratxi apart from neighbouring locales is its absence of coastal borders. This translates to minimal tourist presence, allowing residences in Marratxi to enjoy substantial plots of land ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 square meters. This ensures unparalleled privacy and ample distance from neighbouring properties.

Furthermore, the proximity to Palma is a compelling reason to invest in Marratxi properties. With a luxury country estate, one can conveniently access favoured cafes, restaurants, and shops, all within a brief 5-minute drive to the Balearic capital.

Marratxi Property Prices

The average cost per square meter (m2) in Marratxi stands at €2,645, representing a 23.5 per cent reduction compared to the Mallorca average. In contrast, the typical price for 1 m2 in Mallorca amounts to €3,459.

Marratxi's property market distinguishes itself as one of the most stable in Mallorca. Unlike the bustling coastal resorts that often experience speculative surges, Marratxi remains relatively insulated from external and internal market fluctuations. To illustrate, just a year ago, the value of 1 m2 in Marratxi was €2,352. For five years, Marratxi's property market has seen a 22 per cent increase, rising from €2,052/m2 to €2,645/m2.

Typical types of properties for sale in Marratxi and their prices

• Finca in Marratxi: Among the preferred property choices in this region, the finca in Marratxi reigns supreme. It's the most sought-after property type, with extensive grounds, typically exceeding 10,000 m2, and a generous living space of 220 m2. Inside, these fincas boast spacious living areas, well-appointed kitchens in a traditional style, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, technical rooms, and even an elevator. The expansive gardens, with a pool, offer ample relaxation and leisure areas. The price for such a finca in Marratxi stands at €1,300,000.

• Luxury Villa in Marratxi: The second in line for popularity is the luxury villa in Marratxi. These modern villas, constructed in 2020, provide 400 m2 of living space. Their sleek design and upscale interiors include a spacious living-dining area, a contemporary kitchen, and 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The Marratxi villa has a pool and luxurious garden built using top-notch materials and modern technology. The price for such a villa is €1,900,000. (Ref. No. YC-1677)

• Holiday Home in Marratxi: For those with a more modest budget, acquiring a holiday home in Marratxi is an attractive option. The average price for such a property hovers around €690,000. These homes usually encompass a plot area of 650 m2, with a house covering 380 m2, featuring 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, garage, and a pool. Additionally, these homes in Marratxi typically come with a tourist license. (Ref. No. MX-1050)

• Flat in Marratxi: If you're seeking affordability, flats in Marratxi present an excellent choice. These apartments offer ample space, approximately 98 m2, and are housed within buildings equipped with elevators. The apartments are fully furnished and ready for immediate occupancy, featuring a living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. One of these flats in Marratxi costs €275,000, making it an enticing deal within the Majorcan real estate market.

Cheapest property for sale in Marratxi

The cheapest property is located in Port d'Inca. Here you can buy flats of 72 m2 with 3 bedrooms for 165,000 euros. The apartment is not furnished and may require small investments.

The most expensive property in Marratxi 

The most opulent property currently available in Marratxi is an expansive estate of the finca variety, occupying a substantial area of 14,000 m2. Boasting an impressive 14 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, this property holds historical significance and is discreetly presented as an exclusive gem within Mallorca's real estate market. The esteemed price tag for this property stands at €3,400,000. For comprehensive details about this exceptional estate, please feel free to contact our dedicated specialists. (Ref. No. PO-1991)

Marratxi's strategic location has favoured it among avid golfers seeking prime real estate. Properties for sale in Marratxi provide convenient access to some of Mallorca's finest golf courses in the island's eastern, southwestern, and northern regions. It's no wonder that golf enthusiasts frequently opt for Marratxi properties, as they can readily choose from a range of courses to enjoy throughout the year. Further insights into Mallorca's golf properties are available in our comprehensive overview article, "Golf Properties for Sale in Mallorca - Things to Know."

One of Marratxi's key advantages is the abundant availability of newly constructed homes for sale within the area. Marratxi stands as one of the fastest-growing municipalities on Mallorca, offering property prices that significantly undercut the island's average rates. Consequently, the demand for properties in Marratxi is on the rise. This dynamic has created an opportunity for affordable acquisitions of newly built homes. A contemporary, new villa in Marratxi can be procured for a competitive price of €899,000. (Ref. No. MX-0713).

Properties in Marratxi for rent

The average rental rate in Marratxi is 10.0 €/m2, presenting a 28 per cent reduction from the broader Mallorca average of 13.9 €/m2. Currently, the rental market in Marratxi offers a limited selection. Even on prominent platforms like Idealista, one can find scarcely 15 available options. This trend is indicative of the prevailing preference among property owners in Marratxi, who predominantly acquire residences for personal use. Many choose to reside in Marratxi most of the year, often establishing it as their permanent residence.

In terms of tourism, property location in Marratxi does not take precedence. Unlike coastal regions, properties in Marratxi are not situated directly by the sea. Consequently, rental properties in this area are in lower demand than popular holiday destinations.

The investment allure of Marratxi's real estate market lies in a different dimension. A considerable number of international buyers are investing in fincas within Marratxi, primarily for agribusiness ventures. These ventures encompass diverse agricultural activities such as livestock farming, olive cultivation, and wine production. The eco-friendly produce generated from Marratxi's farms enjoys substantial demand on the island and beyond, particularly in light of the global food scarcity concerns.

All signs point to a significant increase in the value of properties in Marratxi over the coming years. For those seeking to make an astute investment in Marratxi real estate, we encourage you to submit an inquiry through our website today. This strategic move promises the potential to multiply your investment in just a few years' time!

Real estate agent in Marratxi

Welcome to Yes! Mallorca Property, your leading real estate agency in Marratxi. Our expansive catalog features alluring property opportunities in this lively locale, with daily updates to keep you informed.

Our specialization lies in the sale of exclusive fincas in Marratxi, luxurious villas, newly constructed residences, and flats and houses from private owners. Our diverse range of listings caters to budgets ranging from 275,000 to 3.4 million euro.

At Yes! Mallorca Property, our clients take precedence. They enjoy priority access to distressed property sales in Marratxi. With a team of top-notch German real estate agents dedicated to serving Marratxi, we proudly maintain an exceptional Google rating 4.9. Rely on us for a swift and profitable property transaction in Marratxi.