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Your Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Christmas in Mallorca in 2024

Christmas lights on the streets of the old town in Palma, Mallorca


  1. Christmas in Mallorca

  2. Christmas Markets in Mallorca

  3. Christmas Weather in Mallorca

  4. Best Places for Christmas in Mallorca

  5. Restaurants Open on Christmas Eve

  6. Christmas Traditions in Spain

  7. The Feast of the Three Kings in Mallorca: Magic and Tradition

  8. Christmas Travel Tips: Practical Advice for Travelers

  9. Conclusion: The magic of Christmas in Mallorca awaits you!

Christmas, a magical season, brings joy to hearts and transforms streets into vibrant displays of lights and festive decorations. While many seek refuge from the winter chill, Mallorca, the Mediterranean jewel of Spain, offers a unique and warm Christmas experience. This article explores why spending Christmas in Mallorca deserves a spot on your holiday plans. We'll guide you through the Christmas markets, weather conditions, top restaurants, and traditions that promise to make your Mallorcan Christmas unforgettable. Here, Christmas isn't just a holiday; it's a genuine fairy tale!

Christmas in Mallorca

Xmas tree near Cathedral La Seu

Christmas in Mallorca transforms this Spanish paradise into a captivating winter celebration. As December unfolds, Mallorca dons its festive attire, adorned with garlands, lights, and Christmas decorations, creating a magical ambience that captivates all who experience it.

Key Events and Attractions:

  1. Christmas Markets: The heart of Mallorcan Christmas beats in its markets. Scattered across the island, these markets offer diverse gifts, Christmas decorations, and traditional culinary delights. Palma boasts one of the most renowned markets, where you can find the perfect gifts and savour delicious street food.

  2. Festive Decor in Palma: Palma, the capital of Mallorca, shines exceptionally bright during the holiday season. Paseo del Born, the main street, dazzles with a towering Christmas tree and twinkling lights. Placa Mallor, the central square, becomes a hub of festivities. The lighting ceremony of Palma de Mallorca's Christmas lights is a cherished event, drawing people from all corners of the island. In 2023, the lights will illuminate Palma on Thursday, November 23.

  3. Traditional Spanish Festivals: Mallorca intertwines Christmas with traditional Spanish festivals like "St. Stephen's Day" and the Carnival "Day of the Three Kings," adding a unique cultural flavour.

  4. Christmas Parades and Shows: Towns across Mallorca host enchanting Christmas parades, carnivals, and shows, immersing visitors in the season's magic. Expect music, dance, costumes, street food, and all the elements of a festive fair.

  5. Winter Activities: Even in winter, Mallorca invites outdoor enthusiasts to explore scenic routes through hiking and cycling, all against the backdrop of the warm Mediterranean climate. For the more adventurous, kite surfing and various water activities are available. Mallorca's renowned golf and tennis courses welcome enthusiasts throughout the year.

Experience the charm of Christmas in Mallorca, where Spanish hospitality meets the enchantment of the holiday season.

Christmas Markets in Mallorca

Christmas market in Palma, Majorca

As December unfolds in Mallorca, the island buzzes with a lively festive spirit, and the heart of this enchantment lies in the Christmas markets. Beyond the opportunity for atmospheric strolls and delightful decorations, these markets offer a chance to support local businesses during this significant time, particularly this year.

Feria de Nadal i Reis en Palma: The largest ensemble of Christmas markets in Palma spans Placa Espania, Porta Pintada, Via Roma, La Rambla, and Placa Major. From November 26 to January 6, between 10:00 and 21:00, these locations transform into hubs of Christmas cheer.

Bazar navideño de la Iglesia Sueca: Organized by the Swedish Church for over three decades, this Christmas market has become a timeless classic. In the last week of November, from 11:00 to 20:00, indulge in this traditional fair, offering a unique chance to shop for gifts and savour delightful treats.

Rata market: Now in its fourth consecutive year celebrating Christmas, the Rata market, located in the old fire station of the Son Castelló industrial area, promises an unforgettable experience. Open on December 10 and 11, from 10:30 to 19:30.

Mercadillo en Bodegas Vi Rei: New for 2022, the Christmas market in Llucmayor features local products during its four-day run. Open from December 3 to 7, between 12:00 and 20:00.

Rastrillo Santa Ponsa (Todo para niños): This market, featuring second-hand items and children's clothes, along with food stalls and unique finds, includes impressive Lego constructions. Open on November 28 and December 12, from 10:00.

Rastrillo Santa Ponsa (Adultos): Similar to the children's market but catering to adults, these flea markets in Santa Ponsa, situated in the new fairgrounds in front of the Santa Ponsa mill, open their doors on December 4, starting at 10:00.

These Christmas markets in Mallorca offer more than just shopping; they provide an immersive holiday experience and a fantastic opportunity to support the local community. Christmas in Mallorca truly brings magic and joy to everyone celebrating it.

Name of the fair

Date, place and time of the event

Feria de Nadal i Reis en Palma

From November 26 to January 6 at Placa Espania, Porta Pintada, Via Roma, La Rambla and Placa Major. From 10:00 to 21:00.

Bazar navideño de la iglesia Sueca

Last week of November, 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Swedish Church.

Rata market

10 and 11 December, 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Son Castello.

Mercadillo en Bodegas Vi Rei

3 to 7 December, 12 noon to 8 p.m., Llucmajor.

Rastrillo Santa Ponsa (Todo para niños)

28 November and 12 December, from 10:00am, Santa Ponsa.

Rastrillo Santa Ponsa (Adultos)

4 December, from 10:00 am, new fairgrounds in front of the mill in Santa Ponsa.

Also, at Christmas in Mallorca, you can explore the regular local markets selling local crafts, farmers' produce, traditional outfits and sweets. Want to know when and where these markets take place? Then follow the link and read the detail Mallorca Markets Guide.

Christmas Weather in Mallorca

Christmas Holiday Lights in Palma

Are you planning a Christmas getaway to Mallorca? Anticipate delightful and mild weather conditions on this Mediterranean island, ensuring a warm welcome even in winter.

Average Temperature in Mallorca in December: In December, Mallorca boasts an average daily high of around 16.2°C and an average low of 9.7°C. Daytime temperatures hover around a pleasant 11°C, allowing for enjoyable walks through Palma's streets and al fresco dining, especially when dressed warmly. Many cafes and restaurants enhance the experience with street heaters, ensuring a comfortable stay. While the seawater temperature remains cool at around 16°C, swimming is typically not the primary activity during this season.

Hours of Daylight: December in Mallorca often comes with clear skies, characteristic of the Mediterranean. Despite potentially overcast mornings, warm sunshine prevails, offering an ideal environment to explore the island's beauty and savour its delights.

With its agreeable climate and ample sunlight, Mallorca in December sets the stage for a cosy and unforgettable Christmas experience.

Best Places for Christmas in Mallorca

Beyond the enchanting markets and festive fairs, Mallorca boasts numerous captivating locations to explore during the holiday season.

  1. Port Adriano and Puerto Portals: These two luxurious ports in Mallorca engage in a friendly Christmas competition each year. Offering entertainment events, live concerts, and workshops for all ages, they go beyond the norm. The standout feature is the opportunity to enjoy champagne with friends and experience free ice skating and slides. Witness this unique snowy celebration in a place where snow is a rarity – visit Mallorca at Christmas and see for yourself.

  2. Poble Espanyol de Mallorca: Transformed into a fairy tale setting during Christmas, Poble Espanyol de Mallorca resides within a vast old fortress. The castle, reminiscent of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter books, provides a festive atmosphere. Indulge in mulled wine Mallorcan "paella," and let children participate in masterclasses crafting Christmas decorations or biscuits for Santa.

  3. Paseo des Born, Palma's Main Street: Palma's main street comes alive during Christmas, adorned with beautiful decorations and bright lights. Beyond the visual delights, the Paseo des Born offers abundant entertainment and picturesque spots for your social media accounts. Explore El Corte Ingles shopping centre for a warm retreat, meet Santa Claus, witness a model depicting the birth of Jesus, and more.

  4. Palma Cathedral: The main cathedral of Mallorca, Palma Cathedral, stands as a symbol of the Balearic Islands and is a significant Christmas destination. Hosting solemn services and chants, the cathedral's surroundings feature the main Christmas tree visitors can walk through. To unravel this unique experience, plan a Christmas visit to Mallorca.

These and numerous other locations await your exploration, promising a magical Christmas in Mallorca.

Restaurants Open on Christmas Eve

Selecting the right restaurant for your Christmas celebration in Mallorca is crucial to ensure an unforgettable holiday. Here are some tips to help you choose a restaurant where you can savour culinary delights on this particular evening.

As a tourist island, Mallorca often operates its restaurants based on the seasons. Therefore, our primary advice is to confirm if the restaurant is open during Christmas. Please don't rely solely on online information; calling the restaurant directly to verify its holiday hours is advisable.

Equally crucial is our second tip – make a reservation well in advance. To secure a spot at your chosen restaurant in Mallorca during Christmas, booking your table at least 2 to 3 weeks before your planned visit is recommended.

Tip number 3 – explore the cuisine offered by the restaurant you intend to visit. Mallorca boasts a variety of dining options, including local eateries, meat-focused restaurants, seafood venues, and a selection of Michelin-starred establishments.

For recommendations on restaurants in Mallorca, endorsed by the Yes! Mallorca Property team, follow the link: Best Places to Visit and Stay in Mallorca in 2023.

Top 10 Restaurants in Mallorca Recommended by Yes! Mallorca

  1. El Perrito - Brunch & Coffee | Santa Catalina, Palma: Known for the best breakfasts in Mallorca, this spot in Santa Catalina, Palma, is a must-visit.

  2. Restaurant Tast Avenidas | Palma de Mallorca: For a touch of tradition, head to the best tapas spot on the island. Enjoy tapas, meat dishes, and wine from Binissalem's finest bodegas.

  3. Ca's Patró March - Deia: A fish restaurant with the best view in Deia. Contact: 971639137.

  4. Tomassini - Sineu: The best pizzeria in Mallorca, located in Sineu. Contact: 971520570.

  5. Sa Farinera: An authentic haven for meat lovers.

  6. Vino del Mar - Port Adriano: An atmospheric Italian restaurant located on the marina in Port Adriano, perfect for yacht enthusiasts.

  7. Es Verger - Castillo de Alaró: Enjoy fantastic island views at this restaurant in Castillo de Alaró. Locals swear by its claim to be the best lamb on the island. Contact: 971182126.

  8. Restaurant Ca na Miquela de ses Teuleres: A hidden gem among locals, offering traditional Mallorcan cuisine. Indulge in real paella or arroz brut. Contact: 971560123.

  9. El Galeon Taberna - Paguera: A German and American restaurant in Paguera known for its unique speciality – a whole pig roasted in the oven. Contact: Details not provided.

  10. Siso Beach - Magaluf: A trendy restaurant in the southwest of Mallorca, located in Magaluf. It is situated directly on the beach and offers a unique atmosphere and excellent cuisine.

Christmas Traditions in Spain

Pajarita Bomboneria Store View in Palma, Majorca

Spanish Christmas traditions are rich in unique magic and deep cultural significance. The entire season, from the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8 to the Day of the Three Kings on January 7, is infused with the warmth of family gatherings, traditional cuisine, and a spiritual atmosphere.

Immaculate Conception Day: The season kicks off with this holiday on December 8, a bank holiday in Spain. Spaniards often decorate houses and streets with lights and organize festive parades on this day.

Christmas Markets (Mercadillos Navideños): The Spanish peninsula and islands come alive with Christmas markets where Christmas decorations, gifts, and traditional treats are traded. A visit to such a market becomes an actual festive ritual.

Christmas Day night (Nochebuena): Christmas Day night is a special family occasion for Spaniards. Families come together to enjoy a meal, including traditional dishes such as "cordero" (lamb) and "turron" (almond sweet).

St. Stephen's Day (Día de San Esteban): On December 26, Spaniards celebrate St. Stephen's Day, a family reunions and gift exchange.

Day of the Three Kings (Día de los Reyes Magos): The most important day of the Christmas season is the Day of the Three Kings on January 6, considered the end of the Christmas festivities. On this day, children leave their shoes with hay for the Wise Men's camels, and in the morning, they find them filled with presents.

Cabalgata de Reyes: On the evening of January 5, towns and villages organize cabalgatas - parades in which the Three Kings on camels hand out sweets and small gifts.

Christmas Mass (La Misa del Gallo): The midnight mass in Catholic churches on Christmas Eve is considered one of the major religious events of the season.

Traditional Dishes: Traditional dishes such as turron (almond sweet), roscon de reyes (a ring pastry with fruit symbolizing the wreath), and cava (Spanish champagne) often appear on the Christmas table.

Spanish Christmas traditions enrich this particular year with a unique experience, combining ancient customs with the joy of a modern celebration.

The Feast of the Three Kings in Mallorca: Magic and Tradition

The Feast of the Three Kings, known in Spanish as "Día de los Reyes Magos," is one of the most eagerly awaited and popular events in Mallorca and Spain. Celebrated on January 6, it is considered the final chord of the Christmas season.

History and Meaning: The Feast of the Three Kings is associated with the biblical event of the arrival of three eastern wise men, or Kings, at the manger of the newborn Jesus. Representing three different countries - Bethlehem, Myrrh, and Gold - each wise man brought costly gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and gold, symbolizing respect and worship for God.

Parades and Cabalgatas: The Three Kings' Day celebrations commence on the evening of January 5, with cabalgatas organized in Mallorca's towns and villages. A cabalgata is a parade in which the three Kings, presented in costume, ride on camels, distributing sweets and gifts to a crowd of joyful children and adults. These parades create an atmosphere of magic and anticipation.

Leaving Botas: For children, Three Kings Day is associated with going "botas" or shoes filled with hay for the camels. This custom involves children leaving old boots filled with hay for the Kings to stop and feed their camels. Instead of boots, the children find gifts and sweets from the Three Kings on the morning of January 6.

Parades in Spanish Cities: like many cities in Spain, Mallorca organizes festive cabalgatas and parades. Cities such as Palma, Manacor, and Inca host impressive events that attract many spectators. Thousands of people gather in the streets to see the three Kings and their camels and to participate in the festive processions.

Traditional Dishes: Like any Spanish celebration, the Day of the Three Kings is accompanied by exquisite dishes. The traditional dish of this day is the "Roscón de Reyes" (ring pastry), decorated with fruit symbolizing the crown. This dessert usually contains hidden surprises and figurines, and whoever finds a favourite is considered the "king" of the feast.

The Feast of the Three Kings in Mallorca is a time of magic and joy as families gather to celebrate the end of the Christmas season. This celebration is popular with locals and tourists and creates a unique atmosphere of festive excitement and importance.

Christmas Travel Tips: Practical Advice for Travelers

Palma de Mallorca at Christmas time

Spending Christmas in Mallorca is a unique and unforgettable experience. To ensure your journey goes smoothly and comfortably, consider the following practical tips:

  1. Book Accommodation in Advance: The Christmas season in Mallorca attracts many tourists. Booking your accommodation in advance is advisable to secure your stay and avoid unavailability.

  2. Explore Local Christmas Markets: Immerse yourself in the festive spirit by visiting Christmas markets. Check out Palma's Nadal, Reis Fair, and other popular markets for unique gifts and traditional treats.

  3. Prepare for Special Weather: Mallorca in December can be chilly, so pack accordingly. Daytime temperatures hover around 15°C, and evenings can get relaxed.

  4. Sample Traditional Dishes: Indulge in local Christmas specialities like "Roscón de Reyes" and "turron." It's a cultural and flavorful experience that adds to the festive atmosphere.

  5. Attend Religious Events: If you're interested in the spiritual side of Christmas, consider attending church services and ceremonies, such as midnight mass, for an inspiring experience.

  6. Be Aware of Shop Closures: On Christmas Day, and especially on Three Kings Day, many shops and restaurants may be closed. Plan your shopping and dining to avoid any inconveniences.

  7. Explore a Variety of Activities: Beyond Christmas festivities, Mallorca offers a range of activities. Explore beaches, cultural attractions, and the island's natural beauty to make the most of your time.

  8. Prepare for the Cabalgatas: Don't miss the Three Kings Day Cabalgatas and parades. Research the schedule and locations of these events to ensure you catch the festive celebrations.

Following these practical tips, you can maximize your enjoyment of Christmas in Mallorca and create unforgettable memories during this beautiful time of year.

Conclusion: The magic of Christmas in Mallorca awaits you!

Christmas in Mallorca is a magical blend of tradition and unforgettable moments. This article explores the island's rich Christmas atmosphere, vibrant decorations, engaging activities, and cherished traditions. Mallorca stands out as the perfect holiday destination with its unique mix of cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Mallorca has everything from exploring Christmas markets to participating in cabalgatas, savouring traditional dishes, and embracing the spiritual essence of Christmas. While December may bring a bit of chill to the island, the warmth and joy in the air will surely keep you cosy.

As you plan your trip, consider our practical tips to enhance your comfort. Ensure a smooth journey by booking your accommodation in advance, discovering local activities, and preparing for the diverse flavours of Majorcan cuisine.

Mallorca unfolds a distinctive Christmas experience that will linger in your memories. Seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of tradition and festive joy. Spend Christmas in Mallorca and uncover the magic of this special time on this beautiful Spanish island.

If you share our fascination with Mallorca and are looking for a holiday home or permanent residence on the island, don't hesitate to reach out to Yes! Mallorca Property. With over a thousand properties in our constantly updated catalog, we are confident that we can find the perfect accommodation for you in Mallorca. Get in touch with us today!

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