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Exciting Wine and Grape Throwing Festival in Binissalem: Festa des Vermar & Festa dels Trepit

Gran batalla de raïm is a crazy grape fight in Binissalem
Gran batalla de raïm is a crazy grape fight in Binissalem


  1. The city of Binissalem

  2. History and Traditions

  3. Binissalem Winemaking

  4. Events and Entertainment

  5. Gastronomic Experience

  6. Tips for Travellers

  7. Most Frequently Asked Questions

The scenic island of Majorca, situated within the Balearic archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, boasts a rich viticultural heritage deeply intertwined with the history and culture of the region. Two renowned wine festivals - Festa des Vermar and Festa dels Trepitjadors Binissalem - vividly showcase this distinct fusion of winemaking and tradition, providing both residents and visitors of Mallorca with the opportunity to revel in wine, vibrant festivities, and a unique ambience.

Festa des Vermar (Wine Fair): Enchanting Vineyards and the Delight of Wine

Festa des Vermar, translating to the "Festival of the Grapes," stands as one of the most prominent and lively events on the Mallorca calendar. This festival commemorates the grape harvest in Binissalem, recognized for its fertile vineyards and exceptional winemaking. It plays a significant role in the cultural and social fabric of the region.

Importance of Festa des Vermar:

Beyond mere observance of the grape harvest, this festival encapsulates the profound bond between the land, the labour of the local community, and the intricate winemaking process. It serves as a junction where wine and culture merge, echoing the historical narrative and essence of the island.

The city of Binissalem

Binissalem city, Mallorca
Binissalem city, Mallorca

Encompassing an area of just under 30 km², Binissalem is a city marked by its notable density compared to Algaida. With an estimated population of 8,000, this municipality is situated within the Raiguer district, centrally located on Mallorca, north of Palma's capital city.

This modest yet remarkably prosperous town's renown extends beyond the Spanish kingdom's borders. True fans of wine and seasoned sommeliers must have had the privilege of savouring the wines from Binissalem. Winemaking in Mallorca holds a status of reverence that is unparalleled elsewhere in the world. The soil, characterized by stony terrain, rich limestone content, year-round sunshine, and gentle topography, creates an environment conducive to winemaking.

Within Binissalem's viticultural landscape, an array of wine types is produced. However, the red wines crafted from the Manto Negro grape variety reign as the emblematic feature and garner the highest recognition from experts. This grape variety, distinguished by its rich sweetness and aromatic profile, yields delicate yet expressive wines. Additionally, the indigenous Mallorcan grape varieties Caye and Moi thrive alongside Manto Negro.

Binissalem has introduced internationally acclaimed grape varieties from the mainland, including red Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Monastrell, white Chardonnay, Pareyada, and Macabeo. Among the most distinguished Binissalem wine labels are Blanc de Negres from the Son Campaner vineyard, Son Artigues Gran from the Son Artigues Mallorca estate, Finca Biniagual from the Finca Biniagual winery, and Llum from the Margaldi estate.

When you search for a bottle of wine, consider inquiring with the store attendant about one of the abovementioned labels. Moreover, you may consider visiting Binissalem in person during the latter half of September to partake in the principal celebration of this illustrious town - the wine festival!

Fest History and Traditions

Binissalem`s Homenatge a la vellesa is a tradition to honor the elderly
Binissalem's "Homenatge a la Vellesa" is a cherished tradition that pays tribute to older people. This annual parade features magnificent giant figures of an elderly couple parading through the city streets in a joyous celebration of age and wisdom.

An Exploration of Festival Origins:

Festa des Vermar, inaugurated in Mallorca in 1971, finds its roots. Festa dels Trepitjadors Binissalem boasts an even more enduring history, tracing back to 1996.

Beyond their role as mere festivals, Festa des Vermar and Festa dels Trepitjadors Binissalem stand as historical landmarks, embodying the abundant wine culture of Mallorca. These festivals harken back to ancient epochs when grape harvesting and wine production became integral to the islanders' way of life.

Unveiling Grape and Winemaking Traditions:

Ancient Foot-Pressed Grapes: Mallorca's inhabitants have employed traditional foot-pressing methods to extract grape juice for winemaking for centuries. A practice celebrated in Festa dels Trepitjadors, this ritual encapsulates reverence for bygone eras and the preservation of distinctive techniques.

Grapes' Joyful Clash: Central to Festa des Vermar is the spirited "Battle of the Grapes," where participants engage in a friendly grape berry skirmish. This ritualizes the joy of the harvest and fosters a festive ambience. Attendees can also indulge in Mallorca's wines, gain insight into local winemaking customs, and relish the atmosphere of jubilant revelry.

Generational Vineyards: Vineyards in Binissalem often traverse generations and are passed down within families. These familial domains are nurtured against challenges, with grapes tended to diligently and devotionally.

Ritual Blessings: Blessing ceremonies extend prosperity and good fortune to vineyards and their caretakers before harvesting.

Cultural Tapestry: These festivals serve as repositories for cultural heritage, transmitting winemaking and vineyard stewardship traditions to succeeding generations, thus enriching the region's cultural fabric.

Unity and Industry: The grape harvest process exemplifies collective endeavour, as families, friends, and neighbours convene to gather the clusters collaboratively. This united undertaking underscores the essence of cooperation and community.

Family Revelry: Both festivals are steeped in familial ethos. Residents unite to fête the harvest, sharing the delight and inspiration woven into wine while fortifying bonds between kin and companions. The celebrations culminate in Binissalem's central square, where the families of local vintners assemble. Here, they dine, revel, sway to live music and partake in Mallorca's finest wines.

Far beyond mere festivals, Festa des Vermar and Festa dels Trepitjadors Binissalem stand as living testimonials to Mallorca's historical legacy and cultural tapestry. They mirror the profound connection between individuals, land, and wine, upholding genuine traditions and bridging yesteryears with the present. Travellers and oenophiles have the exceptional opportunity to immerse themselves in the festival's atmosphere, savour local vintages and cuisine, and witness how winemaking shapes the essence of this exquisite region's life.

Binissalem Winemaking

Bodegas José L. Ferrer
Bodegas José L. Ferrer

Insights into the Binissalem Wine Industry and its Festival Influence:

Binissalem is renowned for its exquisite wines and an enduring winemaking heritage spanning centuries. The wine industry in Binissalem has emerged as a pivotal economic sector in the region, profoundly impacting the inception and progression of the Festa des Vermar and Festa dels Trepitjadors festivals.

The vineyards gracing Binissalem serve as the wellspring for crafting premium wines of distinction. Mallorca's distinct climate and soil composition create an optimal grape-growing environment, yielding wines with nuanced flavours and enticing aromas. Binissalem's vintners hold in high esteem this natural bounty, upholding tradition and transferring their accumulated wisdom from one generation to the next.

The Significance of Wine Trails and Tastings for Visitors:

Winemaking is a quintessential facet of Binissalem's cultural and gastronomic legacy, and the advent of wine routes and tastings has evolved into an enticing avenue for tourists to engage with this distinct regional attribute. Beyond the opportunity to savour local vintages, tourists immerse themselves in the winemaking process, engaging with vintners and observing the harmonious relationship between vineyards and nature.

Wine routes afford a singular gateway into the universe of Binissalem's winemaking. Tourists can traverse various wineries, encounter diverse grape varietals, delve into winemaking history, and even partake in tasting sessions. This platform facilitates an enriched comprehension of winemaking's cultural and economic significance for the region.

Wine barrels in Macia Batle, the lagest wine producer in Binissalem, Mallorca

Wine barrels in Macia Batle, the lagest wine producer in Binissalem, Mallorca

Here are the top 5 Binissalem wineries to visit in Mallorca:

Name of Winery

Brief Description of the Winery


Bodegas José L. Ferrer

Known for its traditional winemaking methods, Bodegas José L. Ferrer offers a wide selection of wines that reflect the unique character of Binissalem. Ferrer provides a wide range of wines that reflect the unique nature of Binissalem.


Bodegues Macià Batle

One of the oldest wineries in the region, Bodegues Macià Batle is known for its outstanding red wines grown in local vineyards.


Bodegas Ribas

Bodegas Ribas, founded in 1711, is renowned for its tradition and the quality of its wines, making it one of the most historically significant wineries in Binissalem.


Vins Nadal

Great wines and a welcoming atmosphere make Vins Nadal a popular destination. They are also known for their tours and tastings for visitors.


Bodegues Oliver

Bodegues Oliver offers a wealth of aromas and flavours in its wines, harmoniously combining traditional and modern production methods.

The winemaking heritage of Binissalem occupies a pivotal position in sculpting the region's intricate cultural tapestry and identity. It is deeply intertwined with historical narratives, venerable traditions, and symbolic celebrations like the Festa des Vermar and Festa dels Trepitjadors. Wine trails and tasting experiences have seamlessly integrated into tourism, emerging as a vital industry component. They offer discerning visitors a distinct avenue to immerse themselves in the abundant wine culture of Binissalem, indulging in the pleasures of its refined vintages that bear the essence of the region's terroir.

Events and Entertainment

Both tourists and local youth eagerly anticipate the commencement of the grape battle. They can unleash their emotions in this lively event by engaging in a playful grape-throwing frenzy
Both tourists and local youth eagerly anticipate the commencement of the grape battle. They can unleash their emotions in this lively event by engaging in a playful grape-throwing frenzy.

Festa des Vermar (Wine Fair):

Trencada de l'Hort: Commencing the festivities, the revered "Trencada de l'Hort" ritual marks the inauguration, wherein the initial grape clusters are ceremoniously foot-pressed. This ancient custom signifies the commencement of the harvest. It embodies the symbiotic relationship between the land and the art of winemaking.

Grape Chariot Parade: A dynamic and vivid procession graces the festival, featuring participants embodying various facets of winemaking and local heritage.

Exhibitions and Fairs: Attendees can relish the taste of local wines and indulge in delectable regional cuisine. Exhibitions spotlight a diverse array of local wines and produce.

Festa dels Trepitjadors Binissalem (Grape Throwing Fest):

Grape-Pressing Competitions: Festival-goers have the chance to partake in grape-pressing contests, a test of skill that harkens back to the age-old tradition of winemaking.

Concurs de trepitjar raïm (Grape Treading Competition)

Concurs de Trepitjar Raïm (Grape Treading Competition) combines fun and tradition uniquely.

During the Grape Treading Competition (Concurs de Trepitjar Raïm), participants are divided into pairs, each extracting as much juice as possible from two sacks of grapes within a limited timeframe of 3-4 minutes. The participants must adhere to strict guidelines, treading the grapes barefoot while maintaining balance by holding onto their partner's shoulders. The aim is to extract as much juice as possible, showcasing strength and coordination.

As the competition commences, the atmosphere is filled with excitement and anticipation. Participants immerse themselves in the barrels, rhythmically stomping on the grapes and creating an infectious energy that captivates spectators.

Musical Performances and Dance: The festival resonates with spirited music and dance, fostering an exuberant ambience for all participants.

Tastings and Culinary Temptations: Attendees are invited to savour local wines and delicacies, immersing themselves in an atmosphere brimming with historical legacy and traditional charm.

Guidelines for Engagement and Enjoyment:

  • Plan Strategically: Familiarize yourself with the event schedule to ensure you get all essential parades and activities.

  • Embrace Local Customs: Endeavor participating in contests and rituals, fully immersing yourself in the enthusiasm of the festivities.

  • Secure a Prime Parade Spot: Securing a prime vantage point in advance is advisable to relish the kaleidoscopic parade processions.

  • Explore Stalls and Displays: Engage with a diverse selection of local wines and products and engage with vintners to glean insights into the production process.

  • Souvenirs for All: Procure a couple of bottles of Binissalem's finest wines as mementoes. Even if you abstain from alcohol, a Binissalem wine bottle is a splendid addition to your abode.

  • Prioritize Safety: Adhere to the event organizers' directives and uphold safety protocols during contests and activities.

  • Visitors can optimize the rich tapestry of history, winemaking, and tradition that these exceptional festivals offer by adhering to these recommendations and embracing the authentic ethos of Binissalem.

Gastronomic Experience

The Festa des Vermar and Festa dels Trepitjadors Binissalem festivals commemorate winemaking and heritage and serve as a splendid gateway to delve into Binissalem's opulent culinary heritage. Local fare and libations intertwined with winemaking seamlessly weave into the fabric of the festive tapestry.

Fideus de Vermar: A Culinary Delight Uniting Neighbors at Binissalem Festival

Fideus de Vermar is cooked in huge cauldrons right on the street.
Fideus de Vermar is cooked in huge cauldrons right on the street

After the exhilarating grape-stomping competitions and lively grape battles end, the residents of Binissalem eagerly gather for a communal feast. The focal point of this gastronomic celebration is the renowned Fideus de Vermar. This traditional dish replaces conventional rice with delicate, short pasta.

Transforming the city's main square into a vibrant picnic spot, locals bask in the joy of the post-festivity tranquillity. Enormous frying pans take centre stage, strategically positioned on the streets to accommodate the preparation of this beloved dish. These colossal pans, resembling cauldrons, are essential in catering to the appetites of approximately 1,500 people.

With great anticipation, skilled chefs assemble outside, ready to craft the perfect Fideus de Vermar. Slow-cooked lamb, tomatoes, succulent pork sausage, aromatic spices, and a generous splash of red wine are meticulously combined within these colossal cauldrons. The resulting flavours pay homage to the historical tradition of farmers indulging in this zesty and savoury masterpiece during their trying days in the fields.

Evening dinner of neighbors at the Fiesta des vermar

As the sun begins its descent, the community takes their tables outdoors, creating a charming open-air dining experience. Notably, the city hosts a friendly competition to determine the most creatively adorned table. It fosters a spirited rivalry among neighbouring streets, each vying to outshine the other with their originality.

Fideus de Vermar not only tantalizes the taste buds but also serves as a unifying force, bringing together the people of Binissalem in a shared appreciation for their cultural heritage. 

Suppose the enchanting description of Fideus de Vermar has sparked your culinary curiosity, fear not! You can recreate this delectable dish right in the comfort of your kitchen. There is no need for a enormous cauldron, as the Municipality of Binissalem has graciously shared a recipe on their website, perfectly portioned for four people. By following this recipe, you can embark on a culinary journey, experiencing the essence of Benissalem's beloved dish within the confines of your own kitchen. 

Sought-After Culinary and Libation Recommendations for Travelers:

Wines, cheeses, sausages are the traditional products of Mallorca

Gatherer's Delight: A traditional appetizer encompassing an array of local cheeses, cured ham, olives, and other delicacies. Pairing harmoniously with local wines, it beckons those desiring a diverse medley of regional flavours.

Arroz de Mauro: This delectable dish presents a rabbit and pea paella, forming an exquisite partnership with the region's red wines, magnifying the depth of flavours.

Llamorets a la Mallorca: A local rendition of beef tongue, exquisitely cooked to perfection. Its rich essence and tenderness find a symphonic accompaniment in robust red wines.

Local Oenology: An unmissable opportunity to savour an assortment of local wines, such as Manto Negro or Callet. These wines serve as ideal companions to the gastronomic treasures of the region.

Majorcan Almond Cake: A quintessential Mallorcan semolina cake enriched with almond, a sweet delight that is a fitting finale. Consider complementing it with a small dessert wine to elevate the gastronomic journey.

In summary:

Travellers partaking in the Festa des Vermar and Festa dels Trepitjadors Binissalem festivals are poised to embrace the winemaking ambience and immerse themselves in the abundant local gastronomy. Binissalem presents an indelible culinary odyssey that seamlessly interweaves with the region's heritage and traditions, from time-honoured nibbles to epicurean masterpieces and enlivening wines.

Tips for Travellers

Binissalem’s Wine Fair & Grape Throwing Fest
Festa des Vermar,

Practical Insights for Crafting a Memorable Festival Trip:

Strategic Timing: Pencil in the dates of Festa des Vermar and Festa dels Trepitjadors Binissalem well in advance, allowing them to shape your travel plans. Traditionally, the Mallorca Wine Festivals in Binissalem unfold within the last two weeks of September.

Ticket and Lodging Reservations: During peak seasons, securing event tickets and accommodations ahead of time is prudent to circumvent availability constraints.

Embrace the Full Spectrum: Beyond the main festivities, unearth the array of supplementary events and diversions that enhance your festival experience.

Linguistic Proficiency: A basic grasp of Spanish phrases can prove valuable in interacting with the local populace.

Navigating Accommodation, Transport, and More:

Strategic Lodging Choice: Opt for lodgings close to the festival venues to curtail travel durations.

Public Transit Dynamics: Mallorca boasts well-structured public transportation options. Utilize buses and trains to traverse the island and access festival sites.

Car Rental Consideration: A rented car can be a reasonable choice if plans encompass exploring offbeat locales and seamless navigation.

Culinary Exploration: Embrace local eateries and cafes to relish the true essence of regional delicacies.

Mastering Local Travel: Mind the potential festival-induced traffic on local roads, factor in possible delays, and strategically manage your schedule.

Cultural and Ecological Etiquette: Uphold respect for the environment and cultural norms, enhancing your vacation with consideration.

By adhering to these strategic insights, you can amplify your engagement with Festa des Vermar and Festa dels Trepitjadors Binissalem, immersing yourself in the local ambience and comprehending all facets of this singular encounter.

Are you intrigued to indulge in the finest Mallorca wines right in the heart of Binissalem, where skilled vintners craft them? Mark September for your Mallorca sojourn. To elevate your experience further during this time, explore our comprehensive guide at the following link: Mallorca Vacations in September: Perfect Weather, Captivating Attractions and Entertainment

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Festa des Vermar in Binissalem?

Festa des Vermar typically takes place towards the end of September, spanning the final two weeks of the month. The specific dates can vary from year to year. Staying abreast of official announcements and consulting festival websites is advisable to ascertain the exact schedule.

What is Festa dels Trepitjadors?

Festa dels Trepitjadors is an event centred around the age-old practice of grape treading. Hosted in Binissalem, this festival is a tribute to Mallorca's historical grape processing techniques.

What traditions are associated with grapes in Mallorca?

Mallorca's grape-related traditions encompass time-honoured methods of foot-based harvesting, rituals that bless the vineyards before the season's commencement, and the intergenerational transfer of vineyard care practices.

What wines are made in Binissalem?

Binissalem produces various wines, including reds, whites, and rosés. Distinguished by its vineyards, the region yields exceptional wines like Manto Negro, Callet, and more.

What activities are available for children at festivals?

Festivals often cater to children with diverse offerings such as games, workshops, animations, and parades. The vibrant ambience and special features ensure an engaging experience for young attendees.

How do I get to Binissalem by public transport?

Binissalem is accessible via train or bus from Palma de Mallorca. The island's well-developed public transportation system facilitates seamless travel to and from Binissalem.

What wine tours are offered in Mallorca?

Mallorca presents an array of wine tours encompassing winery visits, wine tastings spanning various varietals, and insights into the wine production process.

What cultural attractions are there in Binissalem?

In Binissalem, visitors can explore historical towers and churches and immerse themselves in the authentic architectural ambience of a quintessential Mallorcan village.

How much does it cost to participate in events at festivals?

Event participation costs can fluctuate based on specific activities. To obtain up-to-date and accurate information, referring to official sources or festival websites is advised.

How do I book tickets for Festa des Vermar?

Tickets for Festa des Vermar can be procured through the festival's official website or other platforms offering event details and reservation options.

How to get into winemaking in Binissalem?

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