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Unveiling the Garden Property Gems of Mallorca: Types, Maintenance Costs, and Expert Advice

Villa with private garden in Santa Ponsa

Mallorca, situated in the Mediterranean Sea, is a breathtaking Spanish island celebrated for its natural allure, dynamic culture, and picturesque way of life. For those contemplating relocation or renting a residence, acquiring a property with a garden in Mallorca holds substantial appeal. Fortunately, the Mallorca real estate market presents many choices encompassing various garden types.

In this article, we will delve into the array of property alternatives featuring gardens, collectively examining their advantages and disadvantages while offering pragmatic counsel to those intending to purchase or lease a home with a garden in Mallorca.


  1. Property Types with Garden: The Perfect Integration of Comfort and Nature

    1. Private Gardens

    2. Community Gardens

    3. Private gardens in residential complexes

    4. Roof Gardens

  2. Fincas in Mallorca: Oasis of Country Living with Gardens and Great Opportunities

    1. Varieties of Country Gardens

  3. Typical Flora in Mallorcan Gardens

  4. The Expenses of Garden Maintenance in Mallorca

    1. Maintenance Costs for Common Gardens in Apartments

    2. Garden Maintenance Costs in Private Homes and Villas

  5. How to find a gardener in Mallorca

    1. Where to look for gardeners in Mallorca

    2. Tips for finding gardeners and landscapers in Mallorca

  6. Remote Garden Maintenance in Mallorca

  7. Legal regulation of private gardens in Mallorca

  8. The Attraction and Cost of Garden Properties in Mallorca

    1. Why buyers choose garden properties in Mallorca

    2. A garden increases the value of your property

  9. Tips for Finding a Garden Home: Your Green Corner in Mallorca

    1. Examples of Luxury Homes with Gardens: A True Enjoyment of Nature

  10. Looking for the Perfect Garden Apartment in Mallorca? Contact Yes! Mallorca Property

Property Types with Garden: The Perfect Integration of Comfort and Nature

Gardens can be categorised into several types based on whether they are exclusive to your property or situated in a communal area within a housing development, whether they grace your doorstep or your rooftop or terrace.

Private Gardens

Cozy apartment with private garden in Santa Ponsa
Cozy apartment with private garden in Santa Ponsa

A private garden exclusively belongs to a specific house, apartment, or villa. It constitutes your personal property, allowing you to utilise it as you see fit.

Property types with a private garden include:

  • Single-family homes

  • Villas

  • Estates

  • Apartments

  • Townhouses

  • Penthouses

Pros and Cons of a Property with a Private Garden


  • Privacy and Comfort

  • Autonomy in Garden Management

  • Freedom to Customise the Space to Your Liking


  • Responsibility for Garden Maintenance

  • Associated Garden Upkeep Costs

  • Necessity to Comply with Municipal Regulations (e.g., Acquiring Tree-Cutting Permits)

Community Gardens

A communal garden, on the other hand, is shared among residents within a housing development. It is typically not owned by any individual and is collectively enjoyed by the community.

Property types with access to a communal garden include:

  • Apartments

  • Townhouses

  • Penthouses

Pros and Cons of a Property with a Communal Garden:



Possibility of using the garden

No need to organise your care

Large area and diversity

Lack of privacy

No opportunity to organise the landscape to your liking

Restrictions on the time or conditions of use of the community garden

Delightful garden and ideal public space at the Las Piramides residence in Santa Ponsa

There is a fantastic garden and ideal community space at Las Piramides residence in Nova Santa Ponsa

Private gardens in residential complexes

Well-kept garden on the territory of the Las Piramides residential complex
Well-kept garden on the territory of the Las Piramides residential complex

Private gardens within apartment complexes represent a middle ground between personal and communal gardens. In such cases, your property encompasses an individual plot exclusively owned by you. Yet, you also have access to the shared spaces within the apartment complex.

Property types with private gardens in communal grounds:

  • apartments

  • townhouses

  • penthouses

  • luxury residences

The pros and cons of a property with a private garden in a communal area:



You can simultaneously utilise the comfort and privacy of a private garden and public space.

You'll have your private oasis

Large expanse of public areas

As a rule, such gardens are small in size

Need to coordinate changes and follow the rules of the residence or apartment complex.

You must organise the care of the garden yourself and bear the costs of its maintenance.

See examples of apartment complexes and residences with private gardens:

XO PARQ Residences: Your Gateway to Luxury Living in Palma de Mallorca

La Perla in Camp de Mar: Your Affordable Golf Property in Mallorca

Roof Gardens

Penthouse with roof garden in Palma, PM-2295
Penthouse with roof garden in Palma, PM-2295

Suppose your preference leans towards apartments or townhouses rather than villas or fincas. In that case, there's no need to forsake the dream of having a garden. In Mallorca, reputable real estate agencies can present alternatives featuring rooftop gardens. This engineering concept is prevalent on the island. While not expansive, it provides your tranquil garden escape from the daily commotion.

Types of property with a roof garden:

  • apartments

  • townhouses

  • penthouses

The pros and cons of a property with a private garden in a communal area:



Your private oasis

Exclusivity and privacy

Increasing the value of your property

Typically roof gardens are not large

Increased maintenance costs

Limitations in the choice of plants for this type of garden

Fincas in Mallorca: Oasis of Country Living with Gardens and Great Opportunities

Luxurious finca with garden in Andratx PA-1214
Luxurious finca with garden in Andratx, PA-1214

The Balearic Islands offer more than just beach getaways; they boast a thriving and sought-after eco and agritourism sector in Mallorca. The renowned Mallorcan finca, a distinct accommodation type, allures those who seek to harmonise with nature.

A finca in Mallorca is a traditional rural property or estate commonly found across the island. These properties are characterised by their expansive plots, which frequently encompass agricultural land, vineyards, orchards, and occasionally pastures and livestock.

These estates are celebrated for their rustic allure, providing a serene escape from the urban hustle and bustle. Fincas are sought as holiday residences ("Ferienimmobilien" in German) and permanent abodes. Many of these estates have been transformed into delightful guesthouses or luxury apartments, drawing tourists in pursuit of a unique holiday experience amidst Mallorca's pristine natural beauty.

Varieties of Country Gardens

Traditionally, the finca placed the house amidst orchards, reserving only a small area in front of the main dwelling for ornamental plants. However, times have evolved, and contemporary fincas are enveloped by various garden styles:

  1. Citrus Groves: A testament to the finca's history when it served as the home of villagers dedicated to crop cultivation. Orange and lemon orchards dominate, infusing vibrant colours into the landscape. You can pluck the freshest, most flavorful lemon for your table right from your garden.

  2. Traditional Mediterranean Gardens: These gardens feature the island's most prevalent plants, embodying its essence, well-adapted to Mallorca's arid climate. Expect drought-resistant flora like lavender, rosemary, bougainvillea, and olive trees. Stone pathways, terracotta pots, and rustic elements amplify the Mediterranean ambience. Their allure lies in their adaptation to the local climate and well-defined garden maintenance practices.

  3. Formal Gardens: Exhibiting precise geometric layouts with meticulously trimmed hedges and shrubs, formal gardens adhere to strict proportions. Each plant occupies its designated space, accompanied by a flawlessly manicured lawn. While visually striking, formal gardens entail consistent maintenance and strategic planning. A more naturalistic option may be preferable if this is something other than your forte.

  4. Kitchen Gardens: Gaining popularity among health-conscious individuals and environmental enthusiasts, kitchen gardens adorn fincas with trees, shrubs, and herbs suited for culinary purposes. Estate owners engage in culinary exploration, immersing themselves in Mediterranean cuisine and local traditions. Cultivating personal ingredients for culinary delights is a gratifying experience for urban dwellers.

  5. Tropical Oases: Mallorca's climatic diversity allows for experimentation, leading some estates to feature lush tropical gardens with exotic flora and vivid hues. These gardens may include palm trees, bamboo, hibiscus, and other tropical specimens, creating a tranquil paradise. However, it's important to note that not all preferred plants can thrive in Mallorca's climate, warranting careful consideration.

Typical Flora in Mallorcan Gardens

Gardens across Mallorca host diverse plants thoughtfully acclimated to the local climate, infusing natural surroundings with vibrant hues and delightful fragrances. Here, we highlight some of the most prevalent plant species gracing Majorcan gardens:

  1. Olive Tree (Olea europaea): An iconic emblem of the Mediterranean, olive trees adorn Mallorca in abundance. Their silvery leaves and distinctive fruit impart a unique character to gardens.

  2. Bougainvillea: This vibrant shrub boasts brilliantly hued blossoms in shades of pink, red, purple, and more. Bougainvillea often graces fences, arches, and other architectural features.

  3. Geraniums (Pelargonium): A favoured choice for flower beds and potted arrangements, geraniums delight with their vividly coloured blooms and captivating fragrance, infusing joy and freshness.

  4. Lavender (Lavandula): Renowned for its fragrant allure, lavender imparts a cosy ambience to gardens. Its enchanting blue and purple blossoms attract bees and butterflies.

  5. Agaves: These robust plants, characterised by thick leaves and thorns, thrive in arid conditions, lending an exotic flair to gardens.

  6. Tangerine and Orange Trees: Mallorca's temperate climate fosters the flourishing of fruit-bearing trees such as tangerine and orange, enhancing the allure of gardens.

  7. Roses (Rosa): Classic symbols of love and beauty are available in various varieties and colours, each conveying its unique charm.

  8. Aloe Vera: A succulent marvel, Aloe Vera features fleshy leaves harbouring medicinal sap. It finds extensive application in cosmetics and holistic remedies.

  9. Pomegranate (Punica granatum): Beyond providing delectable fruit, pomegranate trees grace gardens with vibrant and captivating hues.

  10. Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens): Tall and elegant cypress trees are often employed to form lush hedges and architectural accents, elevating garden aesthetics.

These featured plants merely constitute a fraction of Mallorca's rich botanical tapestry. Together, they craft a distinctive landscape, endowing gardens with a unique and captivating character.

The Expenses of Garden Maintenance in Mallorca

Maintenance Costs for Common Gardens in Apartments

The upkeep of gardens within residential and apartment complexes is typically integrated into the comunidad (communal charges for shared areas). These residences commonly employ in-house gardeners or contract specialised garden maintenance firms, sparing you separate expenses for garden care.

Garden Maintenance Costs in Private Homes and Villas

Installing solar panels in Mallorca can significantly reduce the expenses associated with maintaining a large garden
Installing solar panels in Mallorca can significantly reduce the expenses associated with maintaining a large garden

However, if you own a property with a private garden, you will be responsible for its maintenance costs. Thus, prudent planning is crucial to estimate the expenses required to sustain an attractive garden accurately. By adopting a strategic approach, substantial savings can be realised.

Determining the cost of owning a garden in Mallorca can be intricate, as it hinges upon numerous factors. To initiate this assessment, consider the following:

  1. Maintenance Approach: Will you personally attend to garden care or prefer to enlist professional services?

  2. Garden Maturity: Does a mature garden accompany the property, or will you commence cultivation from scratch, necessitating the acquisition of new trees and shrubs?

  3. Utility Management: How will you manage water and electricity consumption?

  4. Power Source: Are solar panels onsite, or is the property connected to the municipal power grid?

  5. Smart Irrigation: Have you installed intelligent irrigation systems within your residence and garden?

These inquiries are foundational for crafting a customised garden maintenance plan, offering potential cost savings and efficiency enhancements while optimising your time and efforts.

Garden Planning and Landscape Design

The genesis of any garden lies in meticulous planning. An experienced landscaper considers terrain characteristics and client preferences, formulating a visual blueprint of the forthcoming garden alongside a comprehensive task list and purchase requirements. In Mallorca, the landscaping industry is well-established, offering access to private landscapers via service platforms or various reputable firms.

Garden Maintenance Costs: From €15 per hour to €1,500 per Month

Adequate garden upkeep necessitates regular tree and shrub pruning, ongoing plant health monitoring, timely fertilisation, pest control, and protection against adverse weather conditions. You may elect to manage your garden independently or engage a private firm. In Mallorca, owners of luxury properties often employ gardeners with monthly salaries ranging from €1,500 or more. Alternatively, freelance professionals charge an average of €15 to €20 per hour for services. Costs can vary, and determining which approach to adopt depends on factors like your willingness to undertake some maintenance work personally and invest in specialised tools.

For those who consider gardening a cherished hobby, Mallorca offers ample opportunities to indulge this passion fully. Conversely, if you prefer professional assistance, seek out "los podadores" (pruning and trimming specialists) and "los jardineros" (gardeners).

Irrigation Expenses

In the scorching Mediterranean climate, proper irrigation is indispensable for garden aesthetics. Contemporary technology is pivotal here, offering intelligent irrigation systems with timed schedules and eco-friendly options, such as solar-powered irrigation and real-time water and electricity consumption monitoring.

Plant and Fertiliser Procurement Costs

Calculating this expense can be challenging due to the diverse range of plants flourishing in the fertile Mediterranean climate. It may also encompass fees for landscape designers aiding space organisation and plant selection. Landscape designers often secure discounts from plant vendors, potentially offsetting their service fees.

When tallying all these elements, an average garden in Mallorca may incur annual expenses ranging between €500 and €1,500, contingent on its size and type:

  1. Small Private Garden: €500 to €1,000 per year

  2. Medium Garden: Between €1,000 and €2,000 per year

  3. Expansive Garden: €1,500 to €2,500 per year

How to find a gardener in Mallorca

Villa with garden

For maintaining your garden in Mallorca, it can often be the most prudent choice to enlist the expertise of professionals. Experienced gardeners and landscapers possess the knowledge and skills to ensure your garden thrives. Below, we offer valuable insights into selecting these professionals, guiding you towards a beautiful and healthy garden. You might wonder where to begin your search and which criteria to employ in evaluating their professional qualifications.

Where to look for gardeners in Mallorca:

  1. Seek Recommendations from the Previous Owner: If purchasing a house or apartment in Mallorca with a garden, consider contacting the previous owner for the gardener's contact details. Inquire about their qualifications and rates. Opting for a gardener familiar with your garden, who has tended to it before, can be advantageous. Such a professional already possesses a garden care schedule and the expertise to assist with transformations or ongoing maintenance.

  2. Consult Your Neighbors: Your neighbours can be an excellent source of recommendations for reputable gardeners. Since you often share similar garden conditions, they can provide valuable insights.

  3. Engage Your Realtor for Guidance: Professional real estate agents in Mallorca routinely assist their clients with homeownership and property enhancement. They are well-informed, cost-conscious, and can provide sound recommendations. Feel free to ask your realtor for guidance regarding garden maintenance services or private gardeners.

  4. Explore Company Websites Offering Garden Maintenance Services: Sometimes, a simple online search is the most convenient approach. When considering a company, assess customer reviews, their proximity to your location, and their communication approach when interacting with you.

  5. Utilise Service Advertisement Aggregator Platforms: Aggregator platforms, such as or, can be valuable resources for locating private gardeners.

Tips for finding gardeners and landscapers in Mallorca

  1. Review Client Feedback and Testimonials: Peruse client reviews and testimonials to gauge the reliability and quality of professionals' work.

  2. Request Portfolios: Request access to portfolios showcasing the work of gardeners and designers. This enables you to assess their style and professionalism.

  3. Conduct Interviews: Discuss with professionals to ensure they grasp your requirements and expectations, facilitating a clear understanding.

  4. Verify Licenses and Certifications: Confirm that the professionals possess the requisite licenses and certifications for their roles.

  5. Assess Communication: Opt for professionals with whom communication flows seamlessly, fostering clarity and minimising misunderstandings.

  6. Evaluate Experience: Prioritise specialists with substantial experience specific to gardens in Mallorca, ensuring their familiarity with the local environment.

Remote Garden Maintenance in Mallorca

For many owners of holiday properties in Mallorca, the concern of garden maintenance during their absence looms large. While professional assistance remains indispensable, contemporary technological solutions also offer invaluable support. Here, we present expert advice and automation strategies to help you remotely preserve the beauty of your garden while you're away.

1. Automatic Irrigation Systems: Implement an automated irrigation system that calculates water volume based on plant types and soil moisture levels. These systems are user-friendly for setting up and enabling remote mobile application monitoring. To enhance your garden maintenance, consider integrating moisture sensors, providing an added advantage. Automated irrigation not only simplifies the process but also conserves water and energy.

2. Smart Control Systems: Harness smart technology for garden care management. Smart controllers empower you to establish watering schedules, govern your lighting system, and remotely monitor soil moisture levels.

3. Solar Batteries and Sensors: Embrace an eco-conscious approach to automation by incorporating solar panels to power your irrigation systems and employing sensors to detect watering requirements based on moisture data.

The prevalence and affordability of smart home systems are on the rise. By leveraging these solutions, you can confidently conduct your affairs from off the island, monitor your residence and garden through mobile apps, and substantially save on maintenance costs.

Legal regulation of private gardens in Mallorca

Mallorca emphasises plant conservation, guided by Balearic Islands-wide regulations and local municipal ordinances. Notably, various municipalities have instituted legal provisions that govern alterations to the landscaping of private gardens.

What does this entail for private garden proprietors? It implies that, even if a troublesome tree stands on your property, you cannot remove it without due process. A permit is typically required for the felling or replanting trees, particularly mature specimens or palm trees. The specific regulations can vary by location.

For instance, in Calvià, obtaining a tree-cutting permit is obligatory if the trunk's perimeter, measured at one meter above ground level, exceeds 30 centimetres. In the case of palm trees in Calvià, distinct criteria apply: permits are mandatory for removing or replanting trees that stand at or exceed one meter in height. In certain municipalities, pruning during the flowering period may also be prohibited.

However, it's not solely trees that face restrictions. Certain plant species, considered invasive or susceptible to prevalent pests and chronic diseases, are subject to planting restrictions.

To determine the precise regulations applicable in your area, refer to your local municipality's website. It's imperative to note that violations of these regulations may result in fines, which, in some cities, can be offset by planting two replacement trees for each removed.

The Attraction and Cost of Garden Properties in Mallorca

Country house with garden in Mallorca

A significant cohort of property buyers in Mallorca, particularly those from abroad, opt for island living mainly due to the prospect of owning a private garden. This evergreen haven offers perennial visual delight to its proprietors. For English and German transplants, in particular, who have chosen Mallorca as their new home, gardening transforms into a captivating avocation that markedly enhances their quality of life.

Why buyers choose garden properties in Mallorca

The allure of properties featuring gardens in Mallorca stems from a myriad of factors encompassing various domains:

Psychological Factors

  • Harmonious Proximity to Nature: Residing near nature imparts a psychological sense of comfort and harmony.

  • Privacy and Security: Gardens bestow a feeling of seclusion and security upon their proprietors.

  • Natural Beauty at Your Doorstep: Gardens provide an immediate avenue to revel in the splendour of nature.

  • Creative Expression: Gardens serve as canvases for realising creative ideas in space arrangement and upkeep.

Financial Considerations

  • Market Desirability: Houses with gardens hold more excellent favour in the real estate market, facilitating their sale.

  • Enhanced Property Value: A garden's presence appreciates a property's overall market value.

  • Accelerated Value Growth: Properties equipped with gardens experience more rapid appreciation than their gardenless counterparts.

Family Dynamics

  • Family-Friendly: Families with children exhibit a preference for properties featuring gardens.

  • Retiree Allure: Retirees relocating to Mallorca from other European locales seek out residences with green spaces in proximity.

  • Pet-Friendly: The inclusion of gardens aligns with the needs of pet-owning buyers who prioritise such spaces when considering real estate purchases in Mallorca.

A garden increases the value of your property

It's a fact that having a garden significantly bolsters the market value of your property. Over the past three years, homes with gardens have witnessed a remarkable surge in market appeal. Much of this can be attributed to the profound influence of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the lockdown period, the demand for properties graced with gardens surged by an impressive 30%. This heightened need naturally corresponded with a surge in property prices, as many individuals were willing to pay a premium for owning a personal sanctuary. The appetite for such properties has remained strong, especially in light of Mallorca's burgeoning popularity among digital nomads, emerging as the new long-term residents of resort-style residences.

Factors affecting the value of a property with a garden:

The weight and demand for various garden properties in Mallorca are subject to several influential factors. Here are the key determinants:

  • Property Type: Villas with gardens or fincas invariably command higher prices than private houses or apartments lacking garden spaces.

  • Garden Dimensions: Typically, more extensive gardens contribute to the enhanced value of a property, although they may entail additional upkeep expenses.

  • Location: Properties graced with gardens in the southwestern regions of Mallorca generally fetch higher prices than their counterparts in the south or east, among other locations.

Illustrative Property Values with Gardens in Mallorca:

  • Elegant Townhouse in a Luxury Camp de Mar Complex - €775,000

  • Luxurious Villa with Breathtaking Views in Santa Ponsa - €4,500,000

  • 3-Bedroom Residence in Costa de la Calma - €498,000

  • Finca with an Expansive Garden in S'Arraco, Mallorca - €5,500,000

  • Apartment Featuring a Garden in Santa Ponsa - €1,150,000

Tips for Finding a Garden Home: Your Green Corner in Mallorca

If you've set your sights on owning a property with a garden in Mallorca, these invaluable tips will aid you in making an informed choice:

1. Budgetary Deliberation:

  • Ascertain the financial threshold you're willing to commit to your garden-adorned abode.

  • Factor in the acquisition cost and the expenses associated with garden maintenance.

2. Surveying the Vicinities:

  • Take time to acquaint yourself with the diverse neighbourhoods in Mallorca, each offering its unique attributes.

  • Opt for a locale that aligns with your lifestyle needs and personal preferences.

3. Collaborating with Professionals:

  • Engage the services of local real estate agents to benefit from their expert insights and guidance.

  • Seek the counsel of skilled landscapers who can evaluate the garden's potential and provide valuable input.

Embarking on your journey to find the perfect garden residence in Mallorca will be seamless with these strategic considerations in mind.

Examples of Luxury Homes with Gardens: A True Enjoyment of Nature 

Allow us to present remarkable instances of opulent properties in Mallorca, where gardens seamlessly integrate into the lifestyle:

  1. Finca in Mallorca with a uniquely beautiful garden: Wonderful Finca in an idyllic location in Felanitx.

  2. Classic Mallorca house with private garden: House in Cala Vines, Torrenova

  3. Modern villa with private garden in Mallorca: Luxury Villa with Unique Pool and Stunning Views in Santa Ponsa

  4. Apartment with large private garden in Mallorca: Luxurious apartment in Nova Santa Ponsa

  5. Mallorca apartment in a complex with communal garden: Luxurious apartment in a prestigious residence in Bendinat

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  2. Personalised Approach: We attentively listen to your desires and provide options that align precisely with your criteria.

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