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Property with Pool in Mallorca for Sale

El Toro
Apartment with panoramic sea views in Port Adriano, El Toro
155 m2
1 250 000 €
Cas Catala
Ground floor apartment with sea views in Cas Catala
215 m2
1 690 000 €
Santa Ponsa
Villa with garden and pool in a prestigious location in Santa Ponsa
224 m2
1 950 000 €
Santa Ponsa
Luxury villa with fantastic panoramic sea views in Santa Ponsa
559 m2
7 450 000 €
El Toro
Magnificent family villa in an exclusive location in El Toro
437 m2
2 990 000 €
Modern newly built apartment in the harbor of Palma
81 m2
1 320 000 €
Superb duplex penthouse with spectacular harbor views
135 m2
3 660 000 €
Cas Catala
Majestic villa with partial sea views in Cas Catala
639 m2
3 500 000 €
Puerto d’Andratx
Charming designer apartment with stunning views in Port Andratx
129 m2
950 000 €

Mallorca property with swimming pool: Luxury and Pleasure


  1. The Popularity of Properties with Swimming Pools in Mallorca

  2. Popular Property Options in Mallorca with Swimming Pools

  3. Who Purchases Homes with Swimming Pools?

  4. Common Types of Pools in Mallorca Properties

  5. How much does it cost to rent a holiday home with a swimming pool in Mallorca?

  6. Costs Associated with Swimming Pool Maintenance in Mallorca - Tips for Owners and Investors

  7. Legal Framework for Designing a Swimming Pool in a Mallorca Property

  8. Conclusion

Mallorca, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, exerts a magnetic pull on tourists and investors thanks to its natural beauty and unique ambience. Among the myriad charms of Mallorcan properties, one feature consistently stands out: the swimming pool. In this article, we will delve into why properties with pools in Mallorca are in such high demand, explore the various property options on offer, examine the demographic of buyers, highlight the most prevalent types of pools, and provide insights into the costs associated with renting and maintaining these aquatic amenities on this picturesque island.

The Popularity of Properties with Swimming Pools in Mallorca

Properties in Mallorca with swimming pools have become a highly sought-after commodity, and for good reason. The advantages of owning such a property on the island are evident, making it a primary consideration for many prospective homeowners. Having a private pool provides solitude, comfort, and the ability to bask in the sun's warmth year-round. Moreover, a pool adds a touch of luxury and prestige to your property, rendering it more appealing to potential renters and buyers.

So, why has the allure of properties with swimming pools grown so strong among investors and fans of luxury living? Let's delve into the details.

1.     Exclusivity and comfort: A private pool in your Mallorca property bestows exclusivity. It's a sanctuary where you can relish your leisure time in seclusion, soaking up the sun while being enveloped by the soothing waters. The luxury of having your swimming pool imbues your residence with an unparalleled sense of privacy and comfort, a respite from the routine of daily life.

2.     Recreation and Entertainment Opportunities: A swimming pool is not just a body of water; it's a hub for active recreation and entertainment. You can host poolside gatherings, enjoy quality time with family and friends, swim, and partake in various water sports - all within the confines of your property.

3.     Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle: Owning a swimming pool promotes a healthy lifestyle. Regular swimming is an excellent form of physical activity that helps maintain fitness and enhance overall health. Additionally, a pool is a relaxing haven, contributing to improved psychological and emotional well-being.

4.     Investment Value: Mallorca's status as a sought-after tourist destination ensures a consistent demand for rental properties. Consequently, properties with swimming pools in Mallorca hold significant investment value. Owners of such properties can generate rental income, further enhancing their investment appeal.

A property with a pool in Mallorca is more than just a real estate investment; it's an investment in a superior quality of life. This island presents unparalleled opportunities for those pursuing luxury and fulfilment in every facet of their existence.

Popular Property Options in Mallorca with Swimming Pools

Discovering a property in Mallorca with a pool can be a delightful experience, given the island's diverse offerings to cater to even the most discerning tastes. Here are some of the sought-after pool property options in Mallorca:

1.     Apartments with Shared Swimming Pool: These apartments provide an opportunity to relish the Mallorcan lifestyle while enjoying access to a communal pool. It is ideal for those who value their flat's privacy while appreciating the pool area's social ambience, where neighbours and friends can gather.

2.     Homes: Properties with pools offer more space and privacy. You can choose between old village houses and modern options, each providing a unique lifestyle and comfort.

3.     Fincas: Fincas are traditional Mallorcan homes with thick walls and authentic architecture. Many feature their private pools, combining distinctive style with comfort.

4.     Villas: Pool villas represent the pinnacle of luxury and comfort in Mallorca. They boast extensive plots of land, private pools, and lavish amenities that create an unparalleled living experience.

5.     Penthouses with Private Pools: Rooftop pool penthouses offer awe-inspiring views and complete privacy. These options are perfect for those seeking luxury accommodations on higher floors, featuring panoramic vistas and private pools.

6.     Townhouses: Townhouses with pools merge the best aspects of a house and an apartment. They provide a plot of land and a private pool while having neighbours nearby, fostering a cosy sense of community.

Each pool property option in Mallorca offers unique experiences and opportunities to craft your perfect Mallorcan home. No matter your preferences, you're bound to discover something that aligns with your desires on this enchanting island.

Who Purchases Homes with Swimming Pools?

Investing in a Mallorca property with a swimming pool appeals to a diverse range of individuals, each recognizing specific advantages.

1.     Investors: Investors view properties with swimming pools as lucrative investments, particularly in Mallorca's tourist hotspots, where the demand for purchasing and renting accommodations with pools is consistently rising. According to property market research, owners can generate returns of up to 32% per year on the property's value through rentals and resale, making such investments highly appealing.

2.     Families: Families with children consider properties with pools an opportunity to provide their kids with safe and enjoyable activities. Private pools offer parents peace of mind, knowing their children can swim and play in a secure environment without leaving the confines of the property. This factor is crucial when selecting a family property.

3.     Couples and Travelers: Couples and travellers seek romantic getaways to unwind and savour the Mallorca ambience. Private pools create an ideal setting for romantic dinners under the stars and tranquil vacations away from the bustling crowd. Privacy and comfort are paramount to them while travelling.

4.     Environmentally-Conscious Buyers: Properties with pools in Mallorca are also drawing environmentally-conscious buyers. Many are searching for options featuring energy-efficient pool heating systems, renewable energy sources, and other eco-friendly amenities that reduce the environmental footprint.

These diverse buyer groups underscore the demand for properties with pools in Mallorca, rendering them appealing for investment and comfortable living and vacations. Property buyers in Mallorca continue to sustain a steady demand for such properties on the island.

Common Types of Pools in Mallorca Properties

Properties featuring swimming pools in Mallorca offer a range of pool types, each boasting distinct characteristics. Here are some of the most prevalent pool options:

1.     Outdoor Pools: Outdoor pools reign supreme as the most common and favoured choice among property owners in Mallorca. They are perfect for summer getaways, allowing you to relish sunny days while taking refreshing swims. Outdoor pools infuse an ambience of vacation and relaxation, especially during the scorching summer months.

2.     Heated Outdoor Swimming Pools: Heated outdoor pools extend the swimming season, enabling enjoyment even during cooler months. This option proves particularly valuable in winter and spring when water temperatures might otherwise be less inviting. Having a heated pool ensures usability throughout the year.

3.     Indoor Pools: Indoor pools offer year-round usability, regardless of weather conditions. They provide comfort and privacy, even during rainy or winter spells. This feature appeals to those planning a permanent residency in a Mallorca property desiring year-round access to the pool.

4.     Infinity Pools: Infinity pools exude exceptional elegance and style. They offer breathtaking vistas and an illusion of boundlessness as the water blends seamlessly with the horizon. Infinity pools are notably favoured in upscale villas and penthouses in Mallorca, providing owners with awe-inspiring scenery and an aura of luxury.

5.     Salt Pools: Saltwater pools are rising due to their eco-friendly water treatment systems. They provide a gentler and more pleasant bathing experience than traditional chlorinated pools.

The choice among these pool types hinges on property owners' personal preferences and requirements. Mallorca's diverse pool offerings ensure that everyone can discover the ideal blend of luxury and comfort tailored to their tastes.

How much does renting a holiday home with a swimming pool in Mallorca cost?

Prices for holiday rentals with a pool in Mallorca can vary greatly depending on the property type, location and season. Below is a table with examples of prices:

Property type



Average price per week




€1,500 - €2,500

House with swimming pool

Santa Ponsa


€2,000 - €3,500

Villa with swimming pool



€5,000 - €10,000

Fink with Bassen


All the time.

from €2,000 - €8,000

Penthouse with swimming pool

Palma de Mallorca

All the time.

from €500 - €2,000

Townhouse with swimming pool 

South of Mallorca


from €1000 - €4,500 

For up-to-date information on other popular destinations in Mallorca for renting or buying a property with a pool, please get in touch with the offices of Yes! Mallorca Property, by email: or by phone: (+34) 971 695 828, WhatsApp: +34 665 252 333.

Costs Associated with Swimming Pool Maintenance in Mallorca - Tips for Owners and Investors

Maintaining a swimming pool in Mallorca does come with certain expenses. Property owners and investors should take into account the following factors when assessing the costs of pool maintenance:

1.     Water Costs: Filling the pool and regularly replenishing it requires significant water. Water supply expenses can fluctuate based on the pool's size and how frequently it needs refilling.

2.     Chemical Costs: Essential chemicals such as chlorine and pH adjusters are required to ensure the cleanliness and safety of pool water. These costs are obligatory and can vary depending on the type of pool and its usage.

3.     Maintenance: Routine pool upkeep, which includes equipment inspections, filter cleaning, and addressing malfunctions, also entails a financial commitment. Enlisting professional technicians can help preserve your pool's condition and extend its lifespan.

4.     Regular Cleaning: Both the pool's surface and surroundings demand periodic cleaning and tidying. Expenses related to maintaining the pool's vicinity should also be factored in.

5.     Energy Costs: If your pool includes heating, this can notably raise your energy expenses. Heating the water, lighting, and running the pumps contribute to increased energy bills.

6.     Insurance: It's advisable to consider insuring your pool against accidents and unforeseen events, which can introduce additional costs.

It's important to note that the cost of pool maintenance can vary based on numerous factors, including pool size, pool type, location, and specific maintenance requirements. Seeking advice from professional experts is recommended to optimize costs and ensure the long-term sustainability of the pool in your Mallorca property.

Legal Framework for Designing a Swimming Pool in a Mallorca Property

Suppose you've set your sights on purchasing a house, villa, or finca in Mallorca without an existing swimming pool but have dreams of adding one. In that case, it's crucial to be aware of the significant restrictions and regulations that apply:

1.     Obtaining Permits: Installing a swimming pool on your property necessitates getting a permit from your neighbourhood's Ayuntamiento (town council). This process typically involves preparing a detailed design for the pool's construction.

2.     Dimension Requirements: Swimming pools in Mallorca must adhere to specific dimensions. For instance, an in-ground pool must be positioned at least 3 meters away from all neighbouring buildings and property boundaries.

3.     Above-Ground Pools: Constructing an above-ground pool on your Mallorca property is permissible, but it also requires approval from the Ayuntamiento of your locality.

4.     Depth Limitations: The permitting authority at the Ayuntamiento may impose depth restrictions on your pool based on the local landscape and building specifications.

5.     Cost and Size: The price and size of your future pool in Mallorca can vary significantly based on its type and volume. Wooden pools range from €3,500 to €10,000, while portable pools start at around €1,000. In-ground pools can cost up to €50,000. The smallest prefabricated pools typically have a volume of approximately five cubic meters.

6.     Seeking Professional Help: To streamline the process and ensure compliance with regulations, it's advisable to enlist the expertise of professionals and reputable builders. Numerous companies in Mallorca specialize in swimming pool construction.

Carefully plan the construction of your pool in Mallorca. This allows you to enjoy your pool daily and ensures that your property remains legally compliant and marketable for potential future sales.


Mallorca properties featuring pools open doors to a distinctive and opulent way of life. Regardless of your requirements and budget, you can discover the ideal pool-equipped residence on the island to relish the charm of Mallorca all year round.

When contemplating a property with a pool in Mallorca, it's essential to account for individual preferences and necessities. Outdoor pools cater to those who savour sun-soaked days and summer getaways, whereas indoor pools offer year-round comfort regardless of the weather. Infinity pools create a distinct ambience with their sense of endless luxury.

While maintaining a pool can entail expenses, diligent upkeep and care are key to keeping it pristine.

If you're considering a property with a swimming pool in Mallorca, contact us at Yes! Mallorca Property. Our extensive catalogue boasts over 1,000 properties, including exclusive listings accessible solely to registered clients. With over 1,500 daily visitors to our website, we take pride in guiding you toward your ideal Mallorca property. Our experts provide you with comprehensive information and assistance throughout the property acquisition process, transforming your Mallorcan aspirations into reality.

Have lingering questions or require further insights? Our experts stand ready to address your inquiries and deliver detailed guidance.

Take advantage of the opportunity to secure your slice of paradise in Mallorca, complete with a pool. Contact us today, embarking on your journey to realize your vision of a Spanish heaven beside your pool.

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