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A Comprehensive Guide to Nudist and Skinny Dipping Beaches in Mallorca 

Skinny Dipping Beaches in Mallorca

Mallorca, the largest among Spain's Balearic Islands, is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, crystal-clear waters, and awe-inspiring landscapes. The island's lush Mediterranean vegetation and the sight of unspoiled beaches with the mesmerizing hues of the sea create an irresistible pull towards nature. It comes as no surprise that Mallorca embraces the naturist philosophy, making it a haven for those seeking a closer connection to the natural world. Mallorca boasts numerous well-known nude beaches and designated areas for engaging in the liberating activity of skinny dipping.


1.     What is nudism, naturism, and skinny dipping?

2.     Nudism and naturism in Mallorca

Is naturism legal and common in Spain and Mallorca?

How do we feel about skinny dipping on the beaches of Mallorca?

Why Mallorca's nudist beaches are growing in popularity among tourists and locals

3.     Who frequents the nude beaches in Mallorca?

4.     Are Mallorca's nude beaches safe for skinny dipping?

5.     Nudist beaches in Mallorca - Where to go

Southern Coast of Mallorca

Southwestern Coast of Mallorca

Northern Mallorca

Eastern Coast of Mallorca

6.     Top 10 best nude beaches in Mallorca

7.     Where to find secluded naturist beaches in Mallorca?

8.     The 4 Best Private Nudist Beach Coves in Mallorca

Cala Matzoc

Es Canyaret - Deia

Es Coll Baix

Cala s'Almunia

9.     Pros and Cons of Nude Beaches in Mallorca



10. The Dos and Don'ts of Nude Sunbathing in Mallorca



11. Bottom line

What is nudism, naturism, and skinny dipping?

Whereas nudism is the refusal to wear clothes, sometimes dictated by beliefs or a sense of personal comfort, naturism is a broader concept with a whole philosophy behind it. Naturism implies living in harmony and merging with nature, showing respect for all living beings. And not wearing clothes in naturism is just one manifestation of this philosophy.

Skinny dipping refers to the act of swimming or bathing without wearing any clothing. It involves individuals entering a body of water, such as a swimming pool, lake, or ocean, in a state of nudity. The term "skinny" is often used to mean being naked or without clothing. Skinny dipping is typically done in secluded or private areas to maintain privacy and to avoid causing discomfort to others. It is often considered a recreational activity or a form of personal expression and freedom.

Nudism and naturism in Mallorca

Bay Cala Varques beach at the beautiful seaside on Majorca island
Bay Cala Varques beach at the beautiful seaside on Majorca island

The origins of naturism in Spain trace back to the transition between the 19th and 20th centuries, witnessing the emergence of the first naturist groups. Throughout the subsequent century, the inclination of individuals to embrace their nudity and seek solace in nature experienced periods of waning and resurgence with renewed vitality.

The modern history of naturism in Mallorca took root during the latter half of the 1950s, propelled by the practices of German tourists on the shores of Es Trenc and Es Carbó. In the ensuing years, nudism gained traction among both tourists and locals, leading to a progressive increase in the number of nudist beaches with each passing decade.

Mallorca now boasts a plethora of naturist beaches, as well as hotels and guesthouses that wholeheartedly embrace the naturist ethos. This makes it possible for you to organize a holiday in Mallorca alongside like-minded individuals, creating a comfortable and inclusive environment for all.

Is naturism legal and common in Spain and Mallorca?

Nudism and naturism are legally permitted in Spain; however, specific regulations regarding public nudity vary across municipalities. In Mallorca, there exists a more tolerant attitude towards nudists on the beach. It is common for people to be topless on most public beaches, including those frequented by families with children, couples, and singles. While complete nudity is not customary on these beaches, most individuals sunbathe in their swimwear bottoms while removing the top portion, regardless of gender.

If a beach is designated as allowing nudity, you may encounter a mix of clothed and unclothed holidaymakers. Beaches where sunbathing in the nude is customary are typically marked with signs indicating support for the naturist tradition, inviting visitors to practice nudity and respect it. These signs might read "Esta playa tiene una tradición naturista y os invitamos a practicar la desnudez y a respetarla" (This beach has a naturist tradition, and we invite you to practice nudity and respect it).

While Mallorca permits nudism, it is advisable to exercise common sense when selecting a holiday destination and choosing beaches that align with your comfort level and desire to immerse yourself in nature.

How do we feel about skinny dipping on the beaches of Mallorca?

Nudism and skinny dipping are not as widely embraced in mainland Spain compared to Mallorca and the other islands of the Balearic archipelago. The island way of life fosters an open-minded atmosphere, where nudism in Mallorca is met with acceptance rather than negative sentiment. The local population on the island demonstrates tolerance towards individuals who wish to sunbathe and swim in the nude.

Mallorcan authorities strive to create a comfortable environment for all tourists, ensuring that necessary conditions are in place. Numerous public beaches in Mallorca permit nude sunbathing, while some beaches are specifically designated for naturists seeking a relaxing experience. These naturist beaches are equipped with excellent amenities, convenient locations, and a high level of privacy. It comes as no surprise that Mallorca is home to Es Trenc, Spain's foremost nudist beach. Many beaches also hold a "Clothing optional" status, allowing visitors to swim and sunbathe without clothes if they so choose. 

Why Mallorca's nudist beaches are growing in popularity among tourists and locals.

Several factors have contributed to the increasing popularity of Mallorca as a destination that warmly welcomes naturists from around the world. Here are some of the key factors that have established Mallorca as a naturist capital in Europe:

  • Unique natural beauty:

Mallorca boasts a lengthy coastline adorned with sandy beaches, secluded coves featuring crystal-clear waters, and untouched areas adorned with lush Mediterranean vegetation. Additionally, the island offers well-equipped beaches and hiking trails. This captivating combination makes Mallorca an irresistible choice for tourists seeking to harmonize with nature.

  • Favorable climate for naturist enjoyment:

With approximately 300 days of sunshine each year and a mild climate, Mallorca provides naturists with a comfortable environment for most of the year. The extended bathing season and warm weather become decisive factors when selecting a naturist-friendly holiday destination.

  • Friendly attitude of the local community:

Mallorca draws tourists from various European countries to its nude beaches, as it embraces a culture of freedom and acceptance that may not be as prevalent in more conservative societies. The welcoming nature of the local people contributes to the island's appeal as a naturist paradise.

Supportive legislation:

The commitment of the Mallorcan population towards naturist tourists has resonated with the authorities. In the spring of 2019, the parliament of the Balearic Islands endorsed a proposal to preserve naturism and safeguard the rights of naturists in Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentor. This naturist-friendly legislation reinforces the island's commitment to the naturist community.

When visiting Mallorca's beaches, you may come across signs proclaiming, "This beach has a naturist tradition, and we invite you to practice nudity and respect it" ("Esta playa tiene una tradición naturista y os invitamos a practicar la desnudez y a respetarla"). Moreover, there are dedicated naturist beaches on the island where individuals can sunbathe completely naked. These beaches are marked with signs indicating their naturist tradition and inviting visitors to embrace nudity while respecting one another's boundaries. 

Who frequents the nude beaches in Mallorca?

man in nudists beach in mallorca

Mallorca's nude beaches attract naturists from the UK, Germany, and various other European countries. Mainland Spaniards also visits the island for this purpose. Visitors to Mallorca's naturist beaches encompass a diverse range of individuals from different backgrounds, ages, and interests.

The beaches are popular among young people, whether they are single, couples, or part of large groups. The LGBTQ community also frequents these beaches. Additionally, individuals with higher incomes can be found enjoying the nudist beaches of Mallorca. In recent years, retirees from all across Europe have embraced the naturist scene on Mallorca and happily engage in sunbathing in the nude. 

Are Mallorca's nude beaches safe for skinny dipping?

Skinny Dipping in Mallorca

One of Mallorca's notable qualities is the safety of its beaches, including the ones where skinny dipping is practiced. The majority of these beaches are under the supervision of local municipalities, ensuring a controlled and secure environment. They are well-prepared to cater to tourists and offer all the necessary infrastructure for relaxation.

When visiting Mallorca's nude beaches, you can expect to be surrounded by friendly and laid-back individuals, creating a welcoming atmosphere where you can fully unwind and enjoy the sea, sun, and the island's hospitality.

However, it is important to remember the standard precautions. Avoid leaving your belongings unattended, exercise sensible behavior in the water, refrain from swimming under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and avoid swimming in the dark. Adhering to these simple guidelines will help ensure your safety while enjoying Mallorca's nude beaches.

Nudist beaches in Mallorca - Where to go

road sign - Skinny Dipping Beaches in Mallorca

Southern Coast of Mallorca:

One of the oldest and most renowned nudist beaches on the island is Es Trenc, located on the south coast of Mallorca. Stretching over two kilometers, this beach features soft white sand and crystal clear waters. Due to its popularity, it can get crowded during the peak season. 

Southwestern Coast of Mallorca

Playa de Palma, situated near the island's capital, Palma de Mallorca, is a trendy destination. This four-kilometer-long beach offers a vibrant atmosphere with shops, bars, and restaurants. During the day, it attracts sunbathers and swimmers, while at night, it transforms into a nightlife hotspot for club enthusiasts. 

Northern Mallorca

Platja des Coll Baix (Alcudia) is a spectacular and unspoiled beach in Alcudia. Made up of fine pebbles and sand, it remains secluded and is rarely visited by the masses. Accessible only by boat or on foot, this picturesque cove is surrounded by cliffs, hills, and turquoise-colored waters, making it ideal for snorkeling and free swimming.

Playa de Muro, a popular naturist destination, stretches over 6 kilometers. This well-equipped and developed sandy beach offers plenty of entertainment for holidaymakers. To learn more about Playa de Muro, refer to the article "The Touristic Guide of Playa de Muro." 

Eastern Coast of Mallorca

Cala Agulla, located on Mallorca's east coast, stands out for its crystal clear waters and white sand. Designated as a Special Interest Natural Area by the Balearic Islands parliament in 1991, this picturesque beach is surrounded by pine forests and hills, providing an excellent setting for hiking and exploration.

Cala Millor, one of the most popular beaches on the island, features a long stretch of golden sand and clear waters. It is an ideal place for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. For more information about Cala Millor Beach, you can read about it by following the provided link.

Top 10 best nude beaches in Mallorca

Information board on the beach Playa de Es Trenc
Information board on the beach Playa de Es Trenc

In this selection, we have compiled the most famous and popular beaches in Mallorca for skinny dippers: 

Name of the nudist beach 

Beach description

Useful tips

Playa de Es Trenc

Spain's premier nudist beach. And one of the most recognisable nudist beaches in Europe. The beach is 4 km long. It is called 'The Caribbean on Majorca' for its clear water and fine, white sand.

It is located in the south of the island, between the two towns of Sa Rapita and Colònia de Sant Jordi. 

Coordinates: Es Trenc     

1.    Es Trenc has the best spot in the centre of the beach for naked bathing. But you won't embarrass anyone if you want to walk along the shoreline naked.

2.    The beach has two paid car parks. Parking costs €14 for the whole day.

3.    Es Trenc Beach offers an unforgettable romantic evening. What could be more romantic than watching the sunset on the shore of the azure sea with no clothes on?

4.    Bring food and water - Es Trenc beach is wild. There are no shops or restaurants here.

5.    Head to nudist beach Es Trenc for the Sant Joan festival in June in Mallorca. Read more about the Sant Joan festival in our guide: Celebrating the Sant Joan Festival in Mallorca.

Cala Varques

This beach perfectly demonstrates how nudists and non-nudists can get along in Mallorca.  

A beautiful sandy beach in East Mallorca where people come to enjoy the fantastic colour of the water. 

This is the place if you've ever seen a picture of boats hovering over the water. 

Coordinates: Cala Varques     

1.    The beach is suitable for all tourists, nudists and non-nudists alike.

2.    You must walk along the path for the last 2 km to the beach. Wear comfortable shoes

3.    Don't worry about the people around you. Naturism is encouraged here.

4.    Remember to protect yourself against direct sunlight.

5.    Take a mask and flippers for snorkelling. 

Cala Torta

Another nudist beach in north-east Mallorca. It is located close to Cala Matzoc. 

The beach has easy access, crystal clear water that sparkles in the sun and fine white sand.  

It is considered one of the best nudist beaches in Mallorca. 

Coordinates:  Cala Torta 

1.    The beach is top-rated. It's worth arriving early to get the best spot.

2.    A popular place for naturists in Mallorca. You'll feel at home amongst your kind.

3.    You can walk around barefoot and completely unclothed. This is the best nudist holiday in Mallorca. 

Playa del Mago

A stunning cove in Southwest Mallorca is the perfect place for nudists.  

The bay is located in the island's upmarket Sol de Mallorca area. 

Playa del Mago's natural scenery gives the impression of being on an uninhabited island.  

And where else but on a desert island to sunbathe unclothed? 

The beach is sandy with stones. However, you can safely walk barefoot here.  

Coordinates:  Playa del Mago     

1.    The beach is easily accessible by car or Vespa.

2.    Sometimes the beach gets very busy with tourists.

3.    One of the favourite nudist spots in southwest Mallorca.

Cala Moltó

Another nudist beach in north-east Mallorca. This is the rockiest beach on the island. 

The lack of sand on the beach is traditionally thought to attract fewer tourists. But what to some may seem like a disadvantage to naturists is an advantage. You can retain your privacy here and blend in thoroughly with nature.  

Naturists in Mallorca head to Cala Moltó beach for a swim in the turquoise water and stunning views.  

The beach of Cala Moltó is also called Cala Es Guyó. It is 100 metres long and 10 metres wide.  

Coordinates:  Cala Moltó     

1.    In high season, you can rent a boat, for example, at Cala Ratjada, to go skinny dipping from a ship.

2.    Cala Moltó is a rocky beach, so bring something on which you can lie comfortably: a blanket, a beach chair, a beach tent or a fold-out sun lounger. Don't forget special shoes for swimming.

3.    The sunrises here are the best, so it's worth arriving a little early to reveal yourself in natural beauty to the first rays of the sun. 

Cala Mesquida

An excellent nudist beach in northeast Mallorca. Suitable for the more demanding naturists. 

It's a beautiful sandy beach with all the amenities you could wish for. 

All beach facilities, including sun loungers and beach attractions, are available. 

Coordinates:  Cala Mesquida 

1.    Visit this beach if comfort is more important to you than privacy. 

2.    The beach is full of holidaymakers. It would be best if you got to the beach well in advance to get the best seats.

3.    Be prepared for more than just nudists among the campers. 

Cala des Monjo - Calvia

A beach in southwest Mallorca. Consists of sand, pebbles and stones. 

It is a quiet and peaceful place with easy access. There are hardly any tourists here, except on weekends.  

Paguera and Camp de Mar (Andratx) are located between the famous settlements. 

Coordinates:  Cala des Monjo - Calvia 

1.    Park your car in Cala Fornels. From here, it is a short walk away. Only 10 minutes.

2.    Ideal for snorkelling and diving.

3.    The beach has no facilities, so make sure you are comfortable on the beach beforehand. 

Caló des Grells - Palma

A nudist beach in the heart of the capital Palma de Mallorca.  

The small pebble beach is 70m long and 15m wide.  

It is located opposite the famous Porto Pi shopping complex. 

Coordinates:  Caló des Grells - Palma 

1.    Parking is available along the central promenade of El Paseo Maritimo. Parking is free.

2.    Pebble surface. No facilities. 

3.    A wooden staircase leads to the beach

Calo de la Bella Dona - Calvia

A neighbouring cove with a nudist beach, Cala Mago. 

A stunning cove in Southwest Mallorca is the perfect place for nudists.  

The bay is in the island's upmarket Sol de Mallorca area. 

The beach is sandy with stones. However, you can safely walk barefoot here. 

Coordinates:  Calo de la Bella Dona - Calvia  

1.    The beach is easily accessible by car or Vespa.

2.    There are times when the beach gets very busy with tourists.

3.    One of the favourite nudist spots in southwest Mallorca.

Playa Es Carbo - Ses Salines

A beach in the southwest of Mallorca. It is located near the towns of Magaluf and Palmanova.  

It has several names: Calo de sa Nostra Dama, Calo de sa Dama Morta, Calo des Suro and Calo Deo de Ses Paparees. 

The beach is about 30 metres long and 6-8 metres wide. It is covered in white sand with refined grains. It is surrounded by greenery and vegetation. 

Since 1986, it has officially been a nudist beach in Mallorca. 

Coordinates:  Playa Es Carbo - Ses Salines     

1.    Like most wild beaches, it has no additional facilities. 

2.    Suitable for people with disabilities.

3.    Conveniently located. You don't have to walk over 200 metres from the car park.

Where to find secluded naturist beaches in Mallorca?

For naturists seeking secluded beaches away from the tourist crowds, Mallorca offers a variety of options. While the island is known for its famous beaches and popular holiday destinations, discovering a hidden gem can be a delightful challenge. To increase your chances of finding a secluded naturist beach, we suggest exploring the less touristy areas of the island. 

Here are some skinny dipping-friendly beaches worth visiting. 

The 4 Best Private Nudist Beach Coves in Mallorca

Cala Matzoc

Arial View of Cala des Matzoc on norhteast coast on Spanish Balearic island of Majorca
Arial View of Cala des Matzoc on norhteast coast on Spanish Balearic island of Majorca

Beach description:

Located in northeastern Mallorca, Cala Matzoc is a unique nudist beach that stands out for not having sandy shores. Instead, it offers a shingle surface, making it ideal for those who enjoy pebble holidays. This beach provides a high level of privacy and spans 80 meters in length. Situated next to the renowned bay of Cala Ratjada, known as the best diving spot in Majorca, it offers a beautiful setting.

Coordinates: Cala Matzoc 

Tips for visiting Cala Matzoc:

  • Accessible by car, although the road may not be the easiest, it is worth the effort.

  • Remember to bring beach shoes and something comfortable to lie on the pebbles.

  • No need to bring swimwear as it is customary to sunbathe naked here.

  • It can get crowded, so arriving early will secure the best spots.

Es Canyaret - Deia

Beach description:

Regarded as the best nudist beach in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range, Es Canyaret offers a tranquil setting. The beach features a combination of pebbles and stones and lacks any facilities, ensuring complete privacy. Spanning 100 meters in length and 8 meters in width, this beach is perfect for meditation, relaxation, and reading. The turquoise waters and the scarcity of tourists add to its appeal.

Coordinates: Es Canyaret Beach

Tips for visiting Es Canyaret:

  • Cars can be parked in the neighboring village of Llucalcari, and a 400-meter walk will lead you to the beach.

  • As there are no facilities available, ensure you bring everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

  • Enjoy a scenic walk through an olive grove on your way to the beach.

  • The beach is a 15-minute walk from the nearest village, and signs will guide you there. 

Es Coll Baix

Beach description:

Located 8 km from the popular town of Alcudia near Playa de Muro, Es Coll Baix is a shingle beach in northern Mallorca. Accessible via a footpath, it is the only untouched beach in the northern part of the island, attracting nudists to its pristine beauty.

Coordinates: Es Coll Baix beach

Tips for visiting Es Coll Baix:

  • Situated in the highly frequented tourist area near Playa de Muro, consider exploring this region, detailed in our review: "The Touristic Guide of Playa de Muro in Northern Mallorca."

  • As the only nude beach in North Mallorca, it is worth including in your must-visit list if you are in the area.

Cala s'Almunia

Cala s'Almunia.jpg
Cala s'Almunia

Beach description:

Cala s'Almunia is a tranquil nudist cove located in the southern part of Mallorca, adjacent to Cala Llombards in the Santanyí area. Accessible via a challenging route, this beach spans 30 meters in length and 10 meters in width. It provides a serene and peaceful atmosphere, allowing you to connect with nature. Cala s'Almunia is perfect for both naturist beginners and relaxation enthusiasts.

Coordinates: Cala s'Almunia beach

Tips for visiting Cala s'Almunia:

  • It is advisable to wear protective footwear due to the presence of sharp rocks.

  • Maintain a quiet ambiance, respecting personal boundaries and the environment.

  • Remember to protect yourself from direct sunlight and keep track of the UV index.

  • Embrace your freedom and enjoy the experience 

Pros and Cons of Nude Beaches in Mallorca


Freedom of expression: Nude beaches in Mallorca provide an opportunity for individuals to express themselves freely without judgment. You can fully enjoy sunbathing and swimming unclothed, embracing a sense of liberation.

Tolerant society: Mallorca fosters a culture of acceptance and tolerance towards topless sunbathing, nudism, and naturism. The locals are generally kind and friendly, creating a welcoming environment.

Variety of beach options: Mallorca offers diverse beach settings for skinny dipping. Whether you prefer well-equipped public beaches or secluded corners away from the tourist crowds, the island's unique nature provides ample choices. You can enjoy complete privacy in hidden coves or join a larger group of naturist enthusiasts on city beaches.

Excellent beach infrastructure: Mallorca's beaches offer more than just sunbathing and swimming. With a wide range of amenities, you can engage in water sports, participate in yoga classes, or indulge in the vibrant nightlife with numerous beachside bars and restaurants.


Crowded popular areas: Popular nude beaches in Mallorca may experience large tourist crowds, particularly during peak seasons. Finding complete privacy can be challenging due to the influx of visitors from various countries and mainland Spain.

Caution required: Like any beach, vigilance is necessary even on nude beaches in Mallorca. It is important to exercise sensible behavior, avoid cliff jumping or diving in untested areas, and keep an eye on your belongings. Adhering to beach etiquette ensures a safe and enjoyable holiday experience.

Inaccessibility of certain nudist beaches: If you seek secluded nudist beaches with fewer people, you may need to travel to more remote locations in Mallorca. This may require additional time and effort to reach your desired destination, but it can offer a greater sense of privacy and tranquility.

The Dos and Don'ts of Nude Sunbathing in Mallorca

For a delightful holiday on Mallorca's beaches, it's important to follow some simple rules. Here are some tips on what you should and shouldn't do on nude beaches:


1.     Choose designated nude beaches: Look for beaches where nudity is allowed and indicated by signs. Research in advance to ensure you're selecting a suitable beach for your preference.

2.     Use sunscreen: Mallorca is known for its sunny weather, so protect your skin by wearing sunscreen and sunglasses. The island's high Ultraviolet (UV) index requires extra caution.

3.     Bring your essentials: Depending on the beach type, bring towels or mats for sitting or lying down, especially if you're visiting a secluded beach with pebbles. Additionally, pack water and food if you're heading to a beach without nearby restaurants.

4.     Observe your surroundings and follow beach rules: Be mindful of your environment and adhere to all beach regulations for everyone's safety and enjoyment.

5.     Respect privacy and personal space: Treat fellow beachgoers with respect and courtesy. Be friendly without being intrusive, avoid taking photos or staring at others, and maintain a comfortable distance.


1.     Avoid public nudity in non-designated areas: While Mallorca is tolerant of nudism, it is not customary to walk around naked in public spaces or on beaches not designated for nude sunbathing.

2.     Disregard warnings or instructions from beach authorities: Pay attention to any warnings or instructions provided by beach authorities for your safety and the well-being of others.

3.     Avoid being rude or disruptive: Keep noise levels in check and be considerate of other holidaymakers sharing the beach. Show respect towards others' enjoyment of the surroundings.

4.     Don't litter and protect nature: Embrace the naturist ethos by respecting Mallorca's natural beauty. Dispose of trash properly, refrain from making bonfires, and avoid damaging bushes or tree branches.

5.     By following these guidelines, you can have a pleasant and respectful nude sunbathing experience on Mallorca's beaches. 

Bottom line

In conclusion, Mallorca offers a diverse range of beaches, catering to both clothed sunbathers and avid nudists. It is a place where everyone can find their perfect spot. Mallorca's inclusive and respectful attitude towards nudism ensures that nudists are treated with dignity, their rights protected, and their freedom of expression embraced. This reciprocal relationship between residents, tourists, and nudists is at the core of Mallorca's cultural traditions, earning it the reputation as the "Diamond of the Mediterranean" in Europe.

Living in Majorca as a Retiree: What to Expect  

Mallorca Real Estate: Expert Tips for Property Buyers 

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