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To Mallorca in December: The Perfect Winter Paradise for British Tourists

Christmas lights on the streets of Palma, the capital of Mallorca


  1. Weather in Mallorca on December

    1. Climatic Overview

    2. Humidity in Mallorca on December

  2. What to Do in Mallorca on December

  3. Christmas Celebrations in Mallorca

  4. Holiday Costs in Mallorca on December

  5. Useful Travel Tips

  6. Conclusion

Have you ever been to Mallorca in December? December is a magical month, taking on a unique charm on the beautiful Spanish island of Majorca. Bathed in the gentle Mediterranean Sun, December here transforms into a season of holidays, warmth, and unforgettable moments. Mallorca in December is like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. In this article, we'll guide you through all you need to know for an exciting winter trip to this enchanting island.

For those hailing from the UK, December in Mallorca presents a unique opportunity to escape the cold and damp weather and immerse yourself in a warm climate with a diverse cultural program. Join us as we explore the weather, events, and activities that make Mallorca in December the perfect destination for your winter getaway. Ready to uncover why Mallorca stands out as the ideal place for winter adventures? Let's embark on this exciting journey together!

Weather in Mallorca in December

Cala Estancia beach in December

Climatic Overview

December in Mallorca brings the island into the winter holiday spirit while maintaining warmness. Despite officially marking the middle of winter, Mallorca generously offers tourists sunny days and a delightful ambience.

The average daily temperature in December is 16°C, creating an ideal environment for holidaymakers and outdoor enthusiasts. Expect an average minimum temperature of 12°C during December 2023. However, evenings can see temperatures drop to 10°C or lower, prompting the recommendation for extra layers, including a waterproof jacket, as this month often brings rainy days.

Anticipate 3 to 8 days of rainfall in Mallorca in December 2023, underscoring the importance of carrying an umbrella to be prepared for sudden precipitation.

The island wakes up around 08:00, and sunset arrives approximately at 17:30, providing ample daylight for extended walks and outdoor activities. On average, you can bask in about 6 hours of sunshine daily during this month.

Humidity in Mallorca in December

Humidity comfort is gauged by the dew point, indicating whether sweat will evaporate from the skin, cooling the body. Lower dew points feel less humid, while higher dew points feel more humid. Unlike temperature, which changes significantly between night and day, the dew point changes more gradually. Consequently, even if the temperature decreases at night, a humid day usually concludes with a muggy night.

The likelihood of a wet day in Palma de Mallorca in December remains consistently low, hovering around 0%. In contrast, on August 12, the hottest day of the year, sweltering conditions prevail about 67% of the time, while on January 1, the least humid day, humidity is substantially lower.

What to Do in Mallorca in December

December in Mallorca unfolds a tapestry of events and activities that will enrich your trip with unforgettable moments. Here's a glimpse of what awaits:

  1. Visiting Christmas Markets: Dive into the festive spirit by exploring Christmas markets, like the Feria de Nadal i Reis in Palma. Discover unique gifts and festive decorations, and savour local cuisine.

  2. Christmas Carnivals: Enjoy the vibrant Carnival festivities in Mallorca, featuring parades, street performances, and a joyful atmosphere.

  3. Christmas Concerts and Performances: Immerse yourself in the arts with numerous concerts and theatre performances across the island, showcasing musical talents and creativity.

  4. Museums and Galleries: Explore Mallorca's rich history and culture by visiting museums and galleries, offering a serene winter opportunity to appreciate exhibits without crowds.

For more details on the best places to visit in Mallorca, check out our article: Best Places to Visit and Stay in Mallorca

Kitesurfers on Playa De Palma beach on a windy December day

  1. Winter Sports: Stay active with various winter sports, from kiting, surfing, and diving to beach volleyball and more.

  2. Culinary Festivals: Delight your taste buds with local dishes at various culinary festivals, experiencing the diverse flavours of Mallorca.

  3. Christmas Traditions: Immerse yourself in Spanish and Majorcan Christmas traditions, such as the Feast of the Three Kings (Dia de los Reyes), marked by gift exchanges and significant religious events.

  4. Golf and Tennis: Enjoy Mallorca's renowned golf courses and tennis courts in ideal December conditions, with temperatures more moderate than in summer.

  5. Beach Strolls: Experience the tranquillity of Mallorca's less crowded beaches for serene walks along the shore and breathtaking seascapes.

  6. Hiking and Cycling: Explore the island's natural landscapes through hiking and cycling routes, basking in the winter sun.

  7. Gastronomic Tours: Embark on a culinary adventure by exploring local restaurants, tavernas, and markets to savour the best of Mallorcan cuisine.

Discover the best farmers' markets in Mallorca this December: Best Markets in Mallorca: locations, opening hours, prices, advises

  1. Shopping: Mallorca's cities, especially Palma, offer excellent shopping opportunities, from local markets to shops with renowned international brands.

  2. Cultural Events: Immerse yourself in cultural events, including exhibitions, concerts, and performances throughout the island in December.

  3. Escape to Tranquility: Find quiet, secluded spots across Mallorca to escape city life. Take nature walks, meditate on the beach, or relax in the island's spas.

These are just a few ideas for spending December in Mallorca, offering diverse activities and cultural experiences to suit every interest.

Christmas Celebrations in Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca fountain at Christmas time

Celebrating Christmas in Mallorca during December is filled with traditions and a festive ambience. Both locals and visitors can partake in the following vital traditions and activities:

  1. Candles and Lights: Witness the beauty of decorated houses and streets adorned with garlands, candles, and lights. Palma comes alive with a fairytale charm featuring colourful lights, Santa Claus, the Grinch, and festive decorations.

  2. Christmas Fairs: A highlight of the Mallorcan Christmas season is the festive fairs. Explore these fairs scattered across the island, offering opportunities to purchase gifts, jewellery, and local delicacies. Notably, the 'Nadal and Reis Fair' in Palma stands out as one of the largest and most renowned.

  3. Papa Noel and the Three Kings: Christmas in Spain typically kicks off with St Nicholas Day, where Papa Noel (Santa Claus) brings gifts to children. However, the main event unfolds on the Day of the Three Kings, which is celebrated on January 6. This marks the conclusion of the Christmas season, with magical processions and parades happening throughout the island.

  4. Christmas Shows and Events: Theatres and cultural centres in Mallorca host a variety of Christmas plays, travelling circuses, and family activities. There's something for everyone, from theatre productions to musical performances and traditional ceremonies.

  5. Family Dinners: Christmas is synonymous with family time. Local families place great importance on festive dinners, offering guests the chance to savour authentic Mallorcan cuisine.

  6. Shrines and Church Rituals: Mallorca's beautiful churches and shrines take on a special ambience during Christmas. Midnight masses and church rituals embody the spirit of the celebration, welcoming everyone to participate.

  7. Christmas Lights in Palma de Mallorca: The lighting of Christmas lights in Palma de Mallorca is a unique event drawing people from all over the island. In 2023, Palma's Christmas lights will illuminate on Thursday, November 23.

During Christmas, Mallorca transforms into a realm of enchanting atmosphere and warm hospitality, inviting everyone to relish the wonders of this magical season.

For more information about Christmas fairs and events, refer to our article:Your Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Christmas in Mallorca.

Holiday Costs in Mallorca in December

Holiday costs in Mallorca during December can fluctuate based on your preferences and travel preferences. Here's a general overview of accommodation and transportation expenses:

  1. Accommodation:

    • Hotel: On average, hotel prices in Mallorca during December typically span from €50 to €200 per night, contingent on the level of comfort and location. It's worth noting that prices may rise during the Christmas holidays.

    • Apartments: Opting for an apartment rental can be a more budget-friendly choice, with prices starting from around 40 euros per night.

Top 5 hotels in Mallorca in December:

Title and Stars

Ranking on Booking

Short Description

Belmond La Residencia


Luxury 5-star hotel with stunning mountain and sea views. Located in the picturesque village of Deia. Ideal place for a relaxing holiday.

Zafiro Palace Palmanova


An elegant 5-star hotel offering all amenities for a comfortable holiday. It is located close to the Palmanova beach.

Hipotels Gran Playa de Palma


A modern 4-star hotel with a great location by the sea and close access to shops and restaurants.

Iberostar Selection Playa de Palma


Cosy 4-star hotel with direct access to Palma beach. It is an excellent place for relaxation and active holidays.

Protur Naisa Palma Hotel


Stylish 4-star hotel in the historic centre of Palma. Ideal for exploring the culture of the island.

In addition to these hotels, there are many other accommodation options in Mallorca to suit different budgets and preferences. When choosing a hotel, consider your personal preferences and holiday plans.

2.             Transport:

  • Airfares: Airfares in December are subject to variation based on your departure location, duration of stay, and how early you secure your booking. On average, a one-way ticket from the UK to Palma de Mallorca falls from €100 to €250.

  • Transfers: Getting around the island may involve extra expenses for taxis, car rentals, or public transportation.

  • Car Hire: Opting for a rental car can be convenient for exploring Mallorca. The cost of renting a car varies depending on the car type and the rental company, with an average price in December ranging from 30 to 50 euros per day.

It's essential to note that prices can vary with the season and demand. Additional expenses may include meals, entertainment, and excursions. Planning your budget and securing accommodation and tickets well in advance is advisable to snag the best deals.

Useful Travel Tips

View of the small town of Deia in December

For those planning a visit to Mallorca in December, consider these practical tips for a smooth and enjoyable experience:

  1. Clothing: Mallorca's December weather can be unpredictable, so pack light attire for warm days and warmer layers for cooler evenings. Also, include rainwear, as occasional rain showers are possible.

  2. Umbrella: Keep an umbrella handy at all times. Weather changes swiftly, and an umbrella protects against unexpected rain.

  3. Reservations: If you intend to dine at popular restaurants or attend events, it's wise to book tables and tickets in advance. December can be busier due to holidays, and securing seats may be challenging.

  4. Cultural Respect: Recognize that Christmas holds special significance for locals. Show cultural respect, especially near churches and shrines, by maintaining a quiet demeanour.

  5. Gastronomic Experience: Take advantage of the opportunity to savour local cuisine and beverages. Mallorca is renowned for its gastronomy, and the Christmas season offers a perfect time to explore new flavours.

  6. Activity Planning: Plan activities based on the time of day and weather. Daytime is ideal for beach walks, mountain hikes, or park strolls, while evenings are perfect for events and restaurant visits.

  7. Free Time: Set aside time for relaxation. Mallorca offers serene locations for peaceful walks and communion with nature. Begin your stroll along the island's main promenade, El Paseo Maritimo, a delightful place to recharge and acquaint yourself with the surroundings.

  8. Local Currency: Ensure you have euros on hand, as not all places may accept credit cards.

  9. Event Research: Explore the events occurring in Mallorca during December and choose those of interest. From festivals to fairs and concerts, the island hosts numerous activities. Stay updated by subscribing to our social networks:

  10. Camera: Bring your camera equipment and consider packing a power bank. December in Mallorca offers ample photo opportunities.

  11. Safety Awareness: Exercise caution in crowded areas. While Mallorca is considered one of the safest places globally, stay vigilant in shops, markets, and significant public events to ensure a worry-free stay.

By adhering to these tips, your December trip to Mallorca will be comfortable and memorable. Immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere and discover what this beautiful Spanish island offers.


December in Mallorca is a delightful fusion of joy, festivity, and memorable experiences. The Mediterranean jewel undergoes a magical transformation to embrace the spirit of Christmas and welcome the New Year. This season unfolds a unique ambience, offering many exciting activities for visitors.

In December, Mallorca strikes a perfect harmony between natural wonders and urban life. Whether you seek an active holiday with golf, tennis, cycling, and hiking or prefer a serene escape on pristine beaches, away from the urban hustle, the island caters to diverse preferences.

Christmas in Mallorca is marked by unique traditions that bring the island to life. Delight in the enchanting Christmas markets, where unique gifts and local specialities abound. Enjoy local culture through gastronomic tours and attend captivating cultural events.

Regardless of your holiday style, Mallorca caters to all in December. Explore the island's rich cultural heritage, relish local delicacies, and create unforgettable memories with family and friends.

We warmly invite you to experience Mallorca in December, revelling in all the delights this wonderful time of year has to offer. Join us on this magical island!

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