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British Community in Mallorca: How Brits are Making the Most Out of Life on the Balearic Island

British on the beach


  1. The Prevalence of English in Mallorca

  2. The British Presence in Mallorca

  3. Why Mallorca Appeals to Brits

  4. Notable British Residents of Mallorca

  5. Preferred Areas for British Residents in Mallorca

  6. Property Prices in Popular Mallorcan Towns Among British Residents

  7. The British Community in Mallorca

  8. British Stores in Mallorca

  9. English Pubs in Mallorca

    1. List of the best British pubs in Mallorca

  10. British Schools in Mallorca

  11. Working Opportunities for Brits in Mallorca

  12. Conclusion

Mallorca, also known as Majorca, is a destination that beckons Brits and Germans with its stunning beaches, year-round pleasant weather, and a wealth of activities. The island is celebrated for its rich cultural heritage and historical landmarks, making it a must-visit for any traveller. With convenient air connections to major European cities, Mallorca is easily accessible. Whether you're seeking budget-friendly apartments or luxury hotels, you'll find suitable accommodation options here. Additionally, Mallorca offers numerous places to savour traditional British and German cuisine and beverages due to its large expatriate community.

For many Brits, Mallorca is not just a vacation spot; it's a place to retire in comfort. The cost of living on the island is lower than in the UK, yet it provides a high standard of living. This includes access to quality healthcare and reliving the island's natural beauty year-round. Unsurprisingly, many British retirees fondly reminisce about their trips to Mallorca and contemplate making it their permanent home.

In this article, we'll provide insights into what UK residents can expect when considering a move to Mallorca. If you're interested in learning more about the German community on the island, please check out our dedicated article Inside Look: The German Community in Mallorca – Population, Celebrities & Businesses

The Prevalence of English in Mallorca

English holds a significant place in Mallorca, mainly due to the island's annual influx of more than 3 million tourists, with around 750,000 of them hailing from the UK. Consequently, English is among the pivotal languages that residents and businesses speak.

Statistics reveal that 50,000 Mallorcan residents use English daily, whether with family, friends, or at work. In Palma, the island's capital city, nearly half of the population communicates in English to varying degrees. In popular tourist hubs like Magaluf and Soller, this percentage climbs to 60%. Many service-sector companies actively provide English training to their employees to ensure high-quality services for foreign visitors.

Moreover, Mallorca boasts over 20 English-language schools, underscoring the growing interest in English among locals and highlighting its significance for the younger generation.

For those seeking insights into British educational institutions on the island, you can delve into our comprehensive review (link to review).

English remains an integral part of Mallorca's cultural and economic landscape, with its role continually expanding. Given Mallorca's substantial English-speaking tourist population, the importance of English to the island is on an upward trajectory.

The British Presence in Mallorca

Mallorca, renowned as one of Europe's top tourist havens, has become a cherished home for a substantial British community. As of 2022, approximately 15,000 Britons have decided to call Mallorca their permanent residence. This number steadily grows by 3-5 per cent annually, underscoring the island's increasing allure among British expatriates.

The driving forces behind this British migration to Mallorca encompass the island's enticing climate, a desirable quality of life, and its proximity to the UK. Within the British community in Mallorca, you'll find retirees searching for a tranquil haven for their golden years and young professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs who perceive promising business and career prospects on the island.

Mallorca hosts various British community organisations and clubs to aid newcomers in acclimating to their new surroundings. These groups frequently organise events and gatherings to forge bonds between the British expat community and the local population.

Why Mallorca Appeals to Brits

Mallorca has held its place as one of the beloved destinations for Brits, and the reasons are abundantly clear. Foremost among them is Mallorca's climate, providing a haven from the often unpredictable and chilly weather of the UK. With over 300 days of sunshine annually, Mallorca bathes its visitors in warmth and sunlight almost year-round.

Lucy Lethbridge, a British journalist, delves into the evolution of British tourism in her book, "Tourists: How Britons Went Abroad to Find Themselves." In the 1920s, Mallorca emerged as a sought-after destination, captivating the British with its resorts. By 1935, the number of tourists had doubled. Poet Robert Graves, a resident of Majorca, watched these transformations on the island with a touch of concern. Following World War II, Majorca's beaches began welcoming countless British holidaymakers. By 1953, two million Britons were venturing abroad annually. Yet, as tourism surged in popularity, it brought forth cultural clashes, particularly in Spain. Graves keenly observed the shifts in Mallorca's culture under the influence of tourists. Come the 1970s, package tours had become symbolic of less refined holidays, as reflected in popular films of that era.

Today, as per the Mallorca Tourist Board, over 2 million Britons grace the island's shores each year. Many return repeatedly, drawn by the island's breathtaking landscapes, from sandy beaches to majestic mountains.

The Mallorcan quality of life is an equally significant draw. The island delivers excellent standards of medical services, education, and infrastructure. For entrepreneurs and investors, Mallorca presents compelling tourism, property, and hospitality prospects.

The cost of living stands out as another compelling reason for choosing Mallorca. For detailed information regarding the cost of goods, services, and property compared to the UK, you can explore our article Is it cheaper to live in Mallorca, Spain, or UK — 2023 prices comparison

Living in Mallorca is at least 30 per cent more economical than living in UK cities, with a monthly budget starting at €600 (excluding rent).

Lastly, Mallorca's rich cultural heritage and gastronomy make it a haven for immersing oneself in Mediterranean living. Mallorca unfurls a tapestry of cultural experiences from traditional festivals to upscale dining establishments.

This blend of natural beauty, elevated quality of life, and cultural abundance positions Mallorca as the prime choice for many Brits.

Notable British Residents of Mallorca

Mallorca's allure extends far and wide, attracting a roster of global celebrities that includes Mads Mikkelsen, Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rafa Nadal, and even the Spanish Royal Family. Among these luminaries are several British figures who have made their mark on the island, such as:

  1. Geoffrey Archer: This celebrated British writer and politician chooses Mallorca as a significant part of his time for relaxation.

  2. Andrew Lloyd Webber: The renowned British composer behind hit musicals like "Cats" and "The Phantom of the Opera" maintains a residence in Mallorca, where he frequently enjoys his days.

  3. Annie Lennox: The former Eurythmics vocalist has found a home in the picturesque western town of Sóller, spending most of her year there. Lennox's talent for blending seamlessly with the locals means you might spot her and her husband during a shopping excursion in Palma. Award-winning British actress Sadie Frost has also joined the Mallorcan community, recently acquiring a home in Sóller, and she now frequently shuttles between the island and the UK.

These celebrities, among numerous others, have fallen under the enchantment of Mallorca's natural beauty and serenity, making it the perfect haven for living or vacationing.

Preferred Areas for British Residents in Mallorca

According to insights from local estate agents, most Brits seeking property in Mallorca opt for locations in the island's southwest region.

Prominent spots like Port Andratx, Santa Ponsa, and Palma Nova stand out as three of the most favoured areas among British property buyers. These locales offer an enticing array of luxury villas, sea-view apartments, and traditional Mallorcan houses.

Palma, the capital of Majorca, further captivates many Britons with its cosmopolitan allure, rich historical landmarks, and top-tier infrastructure. Approximately 10% of all foreign property purchases in Palma are attributed to British buyers.

For those seeking a quieter and more secluded ambience, the northern region, encompassing towns like Pollensa and Alcudia, holds strong appeal among British residents.

British residents in Mallorca prefer diverse neighbourhoods, with a common thread being the appreciation for locales boasting robust infrastructure, captivating vistas, and proximity to the sea.

Property Prices in Popular Mallorcan Towns Among British Residents

Part of the island


Property price

Property for rent

South West

Port Andratx

from €500,000

from €1.500 per month

South West

Santa Ponsa

from €500.000

from €1.200 per month

South West

Palma Nova

from €350.000

from €1.000 per month



from €450.000

from €1.300 per month



from €420.000

from €1.100 per month



from €380.000

from €1.000 per month

The British Community in Mallorca

Relocating to a new country can pose challenges, especially cultural and language differences. Fortunately, various clubs and associations have been established to unite British expatriates in Mallorca, making the transition smoother.

One of the longest-standing clubs, the British Club of the Balearics, has been active for over 30 years. It serves as a meeting point for Britons of all ages, coordinating various activities, from outdoor picnics to cultural tours of Mallorca's historic landmarks.

The English-Speaking Residents' Association (ESRA) assists Britons in their adjustment. It engages in charitable endeavours, supporting local projects and initiatives. ESRA arranges fairs, parties, and lectures, creating an educational and social platform for its members.

British schools like Baleares International College, located in Bendinat, and Bellver International College in Marivent, offer education in English and host family-oriented activities such as sports days and cultural festivals.

Across the island, numerous British pubs and restaurants provide a taste of traditional English breakfasts or pints of ale. These establishments serve as social hubs for the British community, where you can savour a slice of the homeland.

In essence, the active engagement of these and other organisations fosters a sense of belonging among the British residents in Mallorca, allowing them to uphold their traditions while becoming integral parts of the local community.

British Stores in Mallorca

In the sunny embrace of Majorca, an array of shops awaits, offering a taste of British products. These establishments serve as a welcome haven for British island residents and those simply yearning for a slice of home during their vacation.

Among these is "British Delights," in Palma's heart. This store boasts a selection ranging from British crisps and chocolate to traditional tea and jams. Recent statistics indicate that in 2022, more than 50,000 visitors graced its shelves, with 70 per cent hailing from the UK.

Another beloved establishment is the "UK Fashion Boutique", is another beloved establishment specialising in British clothing. It's a hotspot for acquiring the latest fashion trends from London and classic British brands. Notably, in 2021, sales at this store surged by 15 per cent compared to the previous year.

For those in search of books and literature in English, the "English Bookstore" in Soller stands as an ideal destination. As of 2022, this store boasts an impressive collection of over 10,000 book titles.

Furthermore, British retail giants, including Marks & Spencer and Tesco, have set up shop in Mallorca. These stores offer an extensive range of groceries, clothing, and home goods. Figures from the previous year indicate that Marks & Spencer welcomed over 200,000 visitors in Mallorca. At the same time, Tesco's sales exceeded 5 million euros.

Mallorca has evolved into a paradise for enthusiasts of British culture and goods. With numerous shops providing British products, anyone can experience a taste of home, even far from the UK.

English Pubs in Mallorca

English Pubs in Mallorca

In 2022, more than 300,000 Britons found their way to Mallorca, and many chose to immerse themselves in the comforting ambience of English pubs. These establishments not only serve up traditional British libations but also offer a diverse range of activities, from lively music nights to engaging quizzes and live sports broadcasts.

While Mallorca is celebrated for its Mediterranean climate and pristine beaches, it also boasts a selection of venues to savour the authentic atmosphere of a traditional English pub. These pubs have won over not just the British crowd but also locals and tourists from various corners of the globe.

Moreover, many of these pubs tantalise the taste buds with classic British fares such as fish and chips, savoury pies, and hearty steaks. An insightful survey from 2022 revealed that a staggering 85 per cent of British tourists exploring Mallorca couldn't resist the allure of at least one English pub during their island stay.

These English pubs in Mallorca offer a harmonious blend of traditional British culture and the Mediterranean ambience, catering perfectly to those who wish to relish the best of both worlds.

List of the best British pubs in Mallorca 

  1. Baguette Land

    • Address: Majorca, 9.7 mi

    • Description: Known for its excellent baguettes and a wide variety of choices. The staff is described as lovely.

    • Rating: Not specified

    • Location: Majorca

    • Tripadvisor Link

  2. Tom Brown's

    • Address: Majorca, 7.4 mi

    • Description: A must-visit during a Magaluf holiday. Known for its European menu.

    • Rating: Not specified

    • Location: Majorca

    • Tripadvisor Link

  3. The Scotsman Bar

    • Address: Majorca, 6.9 mi

    • Description: A popular spot for a couple of drinks before heading out.

    • Rating: Not specified

    • Location: Majorca

    • Tripadvisor Link

  4. Palma Nova Gardens

    • Address: Majorca, 6.7 mi

    • Description: Described as a hidden gem in Palmanova. The staff is known to be very friendly.

    • Rating: Not specified

    • Location: Majorca

    • Tripadvisor Link

  5. Sinky's Scottish Pub

    • Address: Majorca, 7.4 mi

    • Description: Known for its excellent service throughout the evening, including free shots.

    • Rating: Not specified

    • Location: Majorca

    • Tripadvisor Link

  6. Churchill's Sports Bar

    • Address: Majorca, 9.7 mi

    • Description: A fantastic place with wonderful staff, especially KANDY, who is known for her banter.

    • Rating: Not specified

    • Location: Majorca

    • Tripadvisor Link

  7. The Pub Magalluf

    • Address: Majorca, 7.2 mi

    • Description: Known for its excellent food and good portions.

    • Rating: Not specified

    • Location: Majorca 

    • Tripadvisor Link 

British Schools in Mallorca

British schools in Mallorca uphold a standard of education that aligns with UK educational norms. These institutions draw local students and international learners who seek a top-tier education under the Spanish sun. Here's a list of some of the most esteemed British schools on the island:

  1. Bellver International College

  2. King Richard III

  3. Baleares International College

  4. British International School

  5. Queen's College

  6. The Academy International School

For a more comprehensive look into schools in Mallorca and insights into the Spanish education system, please refer to our dedicated article (link to article).

These schools offer various programs, including GCSE and A-Level exam preparation. Additionally, they strongly emphasise personal development by encouraging students to engage in multiple extracurricular activities. Thanks to the quality of education and the unique cultural milieu of Mallorca, graduates from these schools have gone on to achieve successful admissions to esteemed universities across the globe.

International, public, and private schools in Mallorca

Working Opportunities for Brits in Mallorca

Finding work in Mallorca can be rewarding for Brits, offering a spectrum of opportunities based on experience, qualifications, and language proficiency. Given its status as a sought-after tourist destination, Mallorca beckons English speakers with numerous professional avenues.

  1. Tourism: The tourism sector is one of the primary domains that call for English-speaking professionals. Hotels, restaurants, and bars frequently seek individuals adept at communicating with English-speaking tourists. Tour guides are equally in demand, particularly those capable of conducting tours in English.

  2. Nannies and Au Pairs: A demand exists for British individuals to work as nannies or au pairs, particularly for British families residing in Mallorca.

  3. Education: With British schools dotting Mallorca's educational landscape, opportunities arise for English teachers and lecturers.

  4. Property: Considering the substantial number of Brits investing in Mallorcan real estate, estate agents often look for professionals fluent in English.

While numerous opportunities await, it's worth noting that competition can be stiff, especially in high-traffic tourist areas. Securing a work permit and obtaining basic knowledge of Spanish can enhance your employability prospects.

In summary, job prospects for Brits in Mallorca are notably promising for those equipped with the right skills, qualifications, and a willingness to adapt to a new cultural setting. To delve deeper into Mallorca's job market and salary levels, explore our comprehensive article Finding Job in Mallora — Top Tips for English & German Speakers.


Mallorca, or Majorca, is a compelling choice for Brits and Germans, offering idyllic beaches, sun-drenched days, and various activities. The island presents a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, historic towns, and hassle-free connections to major European cities. With accommodation options ranging from budget-friendly to luxury, Mallorca caters to every taste.

Mallorca also harbours a thriving expatriate community, making it exceptionally welcoming to British and German visitors, replete with establishments offering traditional cuisine and libations. For many Brits, Mallorca emerges as an attractive locale for retirement, alluring with its lower cost of living, top-tier services, and year-round sunshine.

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