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When buying a property in Mallorca, the buyer pays several mandatory taxes and fees in addition to the value of the property. The first of these is the IVA tax – a Russian equivalent of the VAT, which currently stands at 8%.

When buying a home, a stamp duty (AJD) is also charged, which in the Balearic Islands is 1%.

When buying a home on the secondary housing market, the property transfer tax (ITP) has to be paid, which varies depending on the region of Spain. On average, it is about 8%.

 Below you will find an approximate cost calculation when buying a property worth 250.000 euros in the primary market:

 ·         VAT (IVA) 8% – 20,000 Euro

·         Stamp duty (IAJD) 0.5% – 1,250 Euro

·         Notary – 1,097 Euro

·         Property Registry – 517 Euro

·         Paperwork – 525 Euro

·         VAT (notary, property register, paperwork) – 34 Euro

 Total – 23,423 Euro

 Be sure to take into account the costs arising out of legal support for the transaction, these expenses do not exceed 1% of the property value.

The calculation is given as an example, therefore individual conditions and particularities will apply for each of the properties.

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