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Urnova Development in Sa Rapita: A New Luxury Residential Complex Overview

Urnova Luxury Residential Complex


  1. Location of the New Urnova Residential Complex

  2. What's Nearby the New Residential Complex Urnova

  3. Property Prices in Urnova Complex

  4. Amenities Offered by the New Urnova Complex

  5. Investment Attractiveness of the Urnova Residential Complex

  6. Explore Your Options at Urnova Today

  7. Why Choose Yes! Mallorca Property?

Welcome to the vibrant world of real estate on Mallorca's southern coast, where contemporary elegance meets authentic Mallorcan charm. The new "Adelfas" residential development in Sa Rapita by Urnova  isn't just another new development; it's an extraordinary opportunity to own a property near one of the island's premier beaches - Es Trenc. In this article, we'll delve into the remarkable features of this development, where modern amenities seamlessly integrate with traditional architecture to craft a distinctive space for your future residence.

Urnova in Sa Rapita presents a distinctive residential enclave comprising 9 blocks, where modern design seamlessly melds with Mallorca's traditional architectural elements. The development offers elegant 2 and 3-bedroom apartments featuring expansive terraces, rooftop areas boasting panoramic views, a spacious seawater swimming pool, and communal relaxation spaces. Each property also has a covered parking space equipped with electric vehicle charging stations.

With the building permit obtained in 2021 and completion anticipated in 2024, you can look forward to embracing your new lifestyle at Urnova in Sa Rapita shortly.

Location of the New Residential Complex "Adelfas" by Urnova 

Location of the New Urnova Residential Complex

Sa Rapita, nestled in a picturesque bay with three stunning beaches in Mallorca - Es Trenc, Playa de Ses Covetes, and Playa de Sa Rapita, is where the new Urnova residential complex finds its home. This serene town, a part of the Campos municipality, allures its cosy ambience and breathtaking sea vistas. Notably, this locale is situated within a protected area, ensuring residents embrace life surrounded by Mallorca's pristine natural beauty.

The location of the new Urnova residential complex in Sa Rapita offers a unique blend of nature and convenience, rendering it an ideal haven for various resident profiles.

  1. The Majestic South Coast of Mallorca: The Urnova residential complex graces the south coast of Mallorca, where the gentle Mediterranean climate prevails. It's a place where witnessing the sun dissolve into the sea becomes a daily spectacle.

  2. Serenity and Tranquility: Sa Rapita exudes tranquillity, making it an ideal retreat for those valuing privacy and comfort. The allure of local architecture and serene environs sets the stage for a relaxed and serene lifestyle.

  3. Ideal for Strolling: The complex's location on flat terrain lends itself perfectly to leisurely walks and cycling. Residents of Urnova in Sa Rapita can revel in the beauty of the landscape without navigating challenging terrains.

  4. Catering to All Resident Profiles - From Families to Seniors: This locale caters to diverse residents. Families will find amenities for children; seniors will relish the peaceful ambience; parents with strollers will appreciate accessible pathways; and pet enthusiasts will delight in nature-infused strolls.

Urnova in Sa Rapita transcends being merely a residence; it's a unique haven where location and amenities converge to offer an idyllic blend of harmonious living amidst nature and modern comforts.

The town of Sa Rapita in Mallorca 

What's Nearby the New Residential Complex Urnova

View of the Sea from the terrace of Urnova Residential Complex

The surroundings of Urnova in Sa Rapita offer a diverse range of infrastructure, enhancing the appeal of this new residential complex.

  1. Proximity to Es Trenc Coastline: Urnova in Sa Rapita is conveniently located mere steps away from the stunning Es Trenc beach, renowned for its white sands and crystal-clear waters. Known as the "Caribbean in the Balearics," Es Trenc is celebrated as one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca and Spain. Picture-perfect morning jogs and leisurely evening strolls await along this breathtaking coastline.

  2. Authentic Beach Clubs: Sa Rapita boasts authentic beach clubs, perfect for evening strolls and dinners accompanied by live music. One standout venue is the club restaurant Sembat, just a 5 to 10-minute drive from the new Urnova residential complex in Mallorca. Dance barefoot in the sand to live tunes or immerse yourself in flamenco evenings for a memorable experience.

  3. Nautico Sa Rapita Yacht Club: Water sports enthusiasts will find paradise at the Nautico Sa Rapita Yacht Club. Rent a kayak or paddleboard, or take lessons in kite surfing, windsurfing, and more exhilarating water activities.

  4. FAN Mallorca Shopping Centre - Retail Therapy and Entertainment: A mere 20-minute drive away is the FAN Mallorca Shopping Centre, offering a blend of retail therapy and entertainment. Explore renowned brands, unwind in restaurants, or catch a movie for a delightful day out.

  5. Comprehensive Infrastructure: Urnova in Sa Rapita is surrounded by essential infrastructure, including educational institutions, medical centres, restaurants, and cafes, ensuring convenience and comfort for the entire family.

  6. Proximity to the Airport - Seamless Travel: Located just 20 minutes from Palma Airport, Sa Rapita provides easy access for those who value seamless travel.

Urnova in Sa Rapita isn't just a residence; it's a lifestyle enriched by the vibrant surroundings that make living in Mallorca fulfilling and comfortable.

Property Prices in Urnova Complex

Property types in Urnova Complex

Let's delve into a topic that piques the interest of many potential buyers - property prices in the Urnova in Sa Rapita residential complex. This exceptional project presents a range of housing options, each offering its distinct value.

  1. Apartments: Urnova in Sa Rapita offers cosy living spaces ideal for families or relaxation. Apartment prices start from 490 thousand euros to 560 thousand euros. These prices reflect the elevated standard of living offered by this apartment complex.

  2. Penthouses - Luxury Elevated: The penthouses in Urnova in Sa Rapita are a splendid choice for those with a penchant for luxury. Featuring spacious terraces and rooftops with panoramic views, penthouse prices start from 698 thousand euros. This investment promises a lifestyle of luxury.

  3. Keys to Your Home - Ensured Comfort: It's worth noting that all housing options at Urnova in Sa Rapita come with a covered parking space equipped with electric vehicle charging stations. This underscores the developer's commitment to modern technology and amenities for future property owners.

Property prices in Urnova in Sa Rapita reflect the quality of construction and design and the advantages this location offers for comfortable living. With various housing options and essential infrastructure, Urnova in Sa Rapita is an appealing choice for those seeking a residence and their haven of comfort and luxury on the Mediterranean coast.

Amenities Offered by the New Urnova Complex

Gym in Urnova Complex

Choosing a new home isn't just about purchasing a property; it's about embracing the unique lifestyle offered by the Urnova in Sa Rapita development. Let's explore the array of amenities awaiting the future owners of this distinctive property.

  1. Modern Technologies - Aerothermy and Solar Panels: Urnova developers prioritize sustainable living. By incorporating aerothermy (a system utilizing air heat for heating and hot water) and solar panels for self-consumption, the complex ensures comfort and promotes environmental responsibility.

  2. Large Swimming Pool: Residents of Urnova in Sa Rapita have access to a spacious seawater pool, offering a refreshing retreat for swimming and relaxation any time of the day. It is a hub for community interaction and a tranquil oasis after a bustling day.

  3. Gym: Prioritizing physical well-being is effortless with the modern gym within the complex. Every resident can engage in fitness activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle here.

  4. Common Terraces and Gardens: The communal terraces and gardens at Urnova in Sa Rapita provide an inviting space for socializing and unwinding. Perfect for gatherings with neighbours, quality family time, or simply basking in the fresh air and natural beauty.

  5. Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles: Attention to the future is evident in the details - each Urnova residence in Sa Rapita is equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles. This underscores the commitment to modern trends and the evolving needs of future property owners.

Urnova in Sa Rapita offers more than just a place to live; it presents a lifestyle that seamlessly integrates comfort, convenience, and eco-friendliness to create the ideal setting for your family.

Investment Attractiveness of the Urnova Residential Complex

pool in Urnova Complex

Investing in property entails more than just acquiring a house; it's a strategic decision with the potential for stable profits. Let's explore the enticing aspects of investing in the Urnova in Sa Rapita residential complex.

  1. Price Growth in Mallorca: Mallorca is renowned for its investment appeal, with properties typically experiencing value increases of 15% to 25% over time. As a new development, Urnova in Sa Rapita is poised to follow this trend, offering investors the opportunity for future property appreciation.

  2. Reliable Developer: Selecting a reputable property developer is crucial for investment success. With years of experience and global recognition, Urnova instils confidence in investors regarding the quality and reliability of their homes.

  3. Desirable Location: Situated by the sea in a tranquil pueblo with convenient infrastructure, Urnova in Sa Rapita enjoys high demand. Investors can anticipate continuous interest from individuals seeking property in this picturesque area.

  4. Proximity to the Sea: The immediate access to the sea makes Urnova in Sa Rapita particularly appealing to those who cherish coastal living and maritime climates. This factor further enhances the investment allure of the complex.

  5. Modern Technologies: Incorporating modern technology in construction ensures long-term sustainability and a superior level of comfort, enhancing the attractiveness for potential buyers in the future.

  6. Reasonable Prices: Urnova in Sa Rapita offers pleasantly surprising property prices by Mallorca standards. Apartments are available for up to 500 thousand euros, presenting potential for profitable long-term investment.

Urnova in Sa Rapita presents a unique opportunity for investors, offering quality housing and promising prospects for property value appreciation.

Explore Your Options at Urnova Today

Urnova Complex external veiw
  1. Apartments: Spacious 2-3 bedroom apartments boasting modern design and a terrace with captivating sea views. Prices start from 490,000 euros.

  2. Elegant Penthouse with Spacious Terrace: Luxurious 3-bedroom penthouses offer a generous roof terrace, perfect for those who value style and comfort. Prices start from €698,000.

  3. Exclusive Ground Floor Apartment with Private Garden: Comfortable ground floor apartments featuring ample garden space, ideal for families and those seeking secluded getaways. Prices start from €560,000.

Curious about other available options? Contact Yes! Mallorca Property - your trusted partner for exclusive properties at Urnova. We provide comprehensive services, from scheduling visits and property research to facilitating transactions.

Why Choose Yes! Mallorca Property?

When selecting a property in Urnova, relying on professionals is crucial, and Yes! Mallorca Property is here to assist you. With over 20 years of experience, a vast catalogue featuring more than 1000 properties, exclusive offers for clients, and our specialists' high professionalism and expertise, we stand out as your trusted realtor in Mallorca.

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