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Where to Stay on Mallorca: best resort and beaches

Mallorca, a Spanish island belonging to the Balearic Islands, is the largest of the archipelago. The "largest" (this is how the name of the island is translated from Spanish) is popular among tourists, whose flow is constantly growing: 12 million tourists visit this resort annually. It is mainly Germans, Englishmen, French and Swiss.

Favourable and mild climate of Mallorca is not characterized by exhausting heat, but even in winter it is pleasant to spend time here. The tourist season begins in April and ends in October. The high season is in July and August - the maximum flow of tourists. But perhaps the most favorable time for recreation in Mallorca is the end of August - September. September is the most interesting time for both beginners and connoisseurs of scuba diving. Many hotels and city beaches have schools and diving equipment rentals. Experienced instructors will teach you how to dive and breathe underwater. And the underwater world here is very diverse - exotic flora and fauna sometimes surprises even experienced divers.

Mallorca is an amazing place, the nature of the island is rich and diverse. It should be noted that the island has no rivers, and fresh water is drawn from springs and reservoirs. Despite the scarcity of fresh water the territory is covered with natural reserves. There are 40 reserves that have the status of national reserves. Oak groves, pine forests on mountain slopes, endless valleys and the incredible beauty of Mediterranean bays and sandy beaches are the real value of Mallorca! To get to know the real Mallorca, you must travel inland. The mountainous terrain in the south is indented with fertile groves of olives and almonds. The windmills, often found on the plateaus, give a special charm and image to the island. The north-western part of Mallorca attracts attention with ancient villages and bays. And the westernmost part is famous for the village of Valldemossa, where a medieval monastery is located.

The island's capital, Palma de Mallorca, is a modern city with a labyrinth of narrow streets typical for a Spanish city. Palma is rightly proud of its historic buildings, including mansions and cathedrals, located in the historic center. So it’s a good choice if you don’t know where to stay in Mallorca.

How to get there

There are two ways to get to Mallorca today - by air and by water. There is an airport on Palma, but it is not always possible to get there. Some countries have direct flights, from others, you will need to travel through other airports in Spain. Domestic air service is well established. Planes leave from Barcelona for Palma every half hour. The flight time is 20-30 minutes. Tickets of local airlines will cost 50-70 euros one way (final prices depend on season). Besides Barcelona, there are also flights from Madrid (flight time 1 hour), Menorca and Ibiza.

All planes land at the main airport of Palma de Mallorca "Son Sant Joan", which is located in eight kilometers from the city and is equipped with four terminals A, B, C and D. The first two are designed for domestic flights and the latter for international flights. The air supply is well established with many European countries. The airport, which is one of the busiest in terms of density, sends flights to Germany, England and other countries. Son Sant Joan Airport Inquiry Service - +34-971-789-000.

Buses 1 and 17 run from Mallorca Airport. The fare is 3 euros, and a taxi will cost 20 euros. It should be noted that in Palma is not accepted to hitchhike, so it is better not to lose time and buy a bus ticket or use a taxi.

The main port of Mallorca is visited daily by ships from mainland Spain and the islands. There are water connections with Barcelona, Valencia, Menorca, Ibiza.

The best way to get to Palma de Mallorca from Barcelona is a fast catamaran. The journey time is 4.5 hours. In addition, you can use the services of a cargo and passenger ferry, which will take you and your car from Barcelona to Palma. The journey time is about 8 hours. The Ibiza - Palma route will take 3 hours, Valencia - Palma will take from 4 to 8 hours depending on the ship. Ticket costs from 40 euros. The price depends on the ship type and distance.

Climate and weather in Mallorca

Mallorca has a predominantly Mediterranean climate, comfortable for a beach holiday for six months from May to October. Summers on the Spanish island are hot but not stuffy, and winters are mild - relatively warm, moderately humid.

The tourist season in Mallorca starts at the end of April and mostly ends in October. The high season takes all summer, from June to August, due to the large number of tourists. The hottest weather on the island is in July, and this trend continues year after year. The other holiday season, so beloved by families with children, lasts from September to mid-October until the end of the beach season.

Average figures of air temperature in Palma de Mallorca: in winter from +11 ... +13 °С, in summer - at the level of +26 ... +31 °С. Water gets maximum warm up to +25 °С in August and September. For the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, a cooler climate is typical, due to the altitude increase. Snow can fall in this region in winter.



The main public transport in Mallorca is the bus. From Palma you can get to almost all cities on the island. The bus fare is 1-10 euros. Perhaps this is the cheapest option. Bus number 1 runs on the route airport - Dic de l'ouest. The beginning of the movement of the bus number 1 - from 6 am to night with an interval of 12 minutes. The bus stop in the airport building is located near the parking lot (exit from the arrivals hall).

Almost all Mallorca buses are comfortable and equipped with air cooling systems. During daytime (rush hour) all seats are filled, including standing ones. There are two ways to pay: in cash (it is better to exchange money for change) and travel cards. And the fare on the card, designed for 10 trips, is half cheaper. 

Railway transport

Rail transport runs on several branches: Palma-Inca-Sa Pobla, Palma-Manacor. The train leaves from the underground station at Plaza España in Palma. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices and from the conductor. Ticket price is 2-3,7 euros. To get off at the desired stop, press the call button located above the windows of the high-speed train. All stations are announced by the driver strictly in Spanish, so tourists better use the route plan, which is available in each train.

The historic electric train starts north from Palma de Mallorca, through the plains, winding between the mountains, passing the 13 tunnels of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and finally stops at the large railway station of the northern city of Solaire. Traffic on the railway began in 1911. The famous train is now not only a means of transport between the two main cities of Mallorca, but is also a landmark in its own right. In December and January the line is closed for annual repairs. A one-way ticket costs 10 €, while a round-trip ticket costs 17 €.

Sea transport

Travelling between the islands of Mallorca is possible by ferry, which is based in the capital Palma. There are daily cruises from Palma port to Barcelona, Menorca, Valencia, Canaria, Ibiza and back. The official ferry companies are Balearia, Iscomar, Trasmediterranea. In particular, Trasmediterranea presents high-speed catamarans, which services will help reduce travel time - high-speed catamarans can get to Barcelona in 4.5 hours, to Ibiza in 3 hours. However, the trip will cost more than a regular ferry. Prices go up by the start of the tourist season. You can use the services of a cargo-passenger ship to transport a car. The journey time will be about 8 hours. Travel costs from 40 euros.


A taxi service in Mallorca is available 24 hours a day. Cars can be called by phone or caught on the street. The fare is from 1 euro/km on the meter system.

Car hire

You can rent a car in many tourist cities on the island, especially along the coast. If you are sure to rent a car when you go to Mallorca, it is advisable to book it in advance in high season. The rental car can be arranged directly at the airport, but it is much cheaper if you take the car at the specialized centers. It is good option to get to the best places to stay in mallorca.

Where to stay in Mallorca

Fornaluch is an amazing and charming place. The village is set in a picturesque valley of blooming oranges against the backdrop of Mount Puig Major. The style of the village is almost the same as the traditional style of Spanish towns - cobbled streets and stone houses. There are some good cafes and restaurants.

Port de Pollença is a small town in North East Mallorca, located in the Bay of Pollença. It is 6 km east of the sea town of Pollensa and 2 km southeast of Cala Sant Vicenc. The main square of Plaza is surrounded on three sides by restaurants, shops and bars, while on the west side is the Church of Our Lady. There is also a regular market on this side and during the week the square is filled with traders selling fruit, fish, clothing and handicrafts.

Deia is the place where famous people lived and created: artists, composers etc. Today, the place attracts more wealthy people who buy local houses and settle here for the summer. There are only 500 people in Deia. But despite that, the village has managed to preserve the former shape of the Bohemian style. You can taste the national cuisine in the best restaurants - Sebastian, Es Raco de's Teix, Sa Vinya, El Olivo - and stay at La Residencia.

Cala d'Or is a quiet, cosy town in Mallorca, suitable for a family holiday. Cala d'Or bay is protected by mighty pines from the winds, so there is almost never a storm on the coast. The tourist entertainment center is the main shopping street with souvenir shops, clubs and restaurants. In the evenings it is fun, noisy and crowded. Other attractions in Cala d'Or include a tennis court, playgrounds and a riding club.

In total, Cala d'Or has seven city beaches, among which there are beaches that were awarded the honorary mark "blue flag" (for example, the beach of Cala Gran). The beaches have sun loungers, umbrellas, showers and bars. The bays of Cala d'Or and Cala Llonga are crowded, where you can not only sunbathe but also engage in active entertainment (rent a catamaran, bicycle, diving equipment). All three districts of Cala d'Or are connected by a tourist train, which runs from morning to night.

Valldemossa is a village famous for its monastery that rises above the village. Cartesian Monastery - Formerly the palace of King Sansa, built in the 14th century. Over time, the palace was handed over to the Cartesian monastic order, where the monastery was located. To the south of Valldemossa there is another unique attraction - the village of Banyalbufar. The highlight of this place is considered to be terraced fields, passing into the sandy shore with rocks. These fields are very ancient and were built by Arabs. Besides all this, Banyalbufar is famous for its ceramics. There is a shop with a huge range of ceramic plates, toys, jugs and other products.

Magaluf is another famous youth resort in Mallorca. The parties of Magalluf do not keep silent from night to morning. Fun companies spend their holidays here. A taxi ride from Palma to Magaluf costs around 30 euros, and you can also take a bus from Mallorca's main airport, first to Palma and then bus 107 to Magaluf. Activities include the Aqualand and Western Park water parks, clubs in the Punta Ballena area with world-class DJs and foam parties, summer concerts, a variety of water sports and so on. So if you don’t know what side of Mallorca is best to stay on, you can choose Magaluf.

Alcudia is a resort suitable for family holidays with children. The sandy coastal area of Alcudia is perfect for bathing with children - the sea is shallow at long distances, the entrance is safe. From Alcudia you can take a fascinating walk to Albufeira Park, which is located on the outskirts of the town and is a large and important national park of the entire archipelago. A distinctive feature of the resort is the successful combination of modern buildings with buildings from the 16th-18th centuries. Among the most interesting places are churches, the ruins of an amphitheatre and the ancient Roman town of Pollenty.

Arenal is a relatively inexpensive Mallorca youth resort located along the eastern coast of Playa de Palma, just in 15 km from the island's main airport. Arenal is reachable by car, bus 23 and the tourist train that runs between Arenal and Can Pastille.

Cala Mayor is a resort located in 7 km from the capital of Mallorca. Cala Mayor is in 20 minutes from Son Sant Joan Airport. Cala Mayor is an attractive resort with fashionable areas. It is the summer residence of the Spanish King.

The area of the resort is mountainous, rocky coves against the background of a snow-white coast create a beautiful view. Standing on the shore, you can see the neighbouring resort of Iletaz, namely the rocks of Sa Torre, Sa Saleta and Des Paz. The beach of Cala Mayor is open to everyone and you can rent sun beds, water bikes and parasols for a fee. During the day there are many locals on the beach, so it is better to sunbathe in the coastal area of your hotel. By the way, many of them have terraces with direct access to the beach.

Cala Millor is a pretty big tourist spot on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca. Cala Millor has a population of 5,665. It is the largest tourist development on the east coast of the island. Cala Millor is located close to the tourist resorts of Sa Coma and Cala Bona. Restaurants in the centre and seaside part of the town create a picturesque and home-like friendly atmosphere. The nearby beach is one of the best on the island.

Can Pastilla is one of the most visited resorts, located in 15 minutes from Mallorca Airport. Where to stay in mallorca for best beaches? Pastilla Beach is a good option, which has a safe coastal zone, so the resort is perfect for families. Can Pastilla beach is close to the beaches of Arenal and Playa de Palma. Major activities at the resort include water skiing, windsurfing, the best month for which is September, catamarans and boat trips. For night-time fun, The Rising Sun Club and the outdoor area, Puro Club, will be perfect.

Palma Nova is Mallorca's most popular resort. It is located in 30 minutes from the island's airport. The beach area is huge - the resort is at the intersection of three large beaches. The first one is suitable for boat or yacht cruises - there is a marina and a convenient entrance to the sea. The second one is suitable for hiking and biking with a stop at the gift and souvenir shops - the gift shops are located along the pedestrian alley. But the third one is suitable for relaxing rest and swimming.

Playa de Palma is a tourist resort suitable for all ages. The entire area of Playa de Palma belongs to chic hotels, entertainment centres and restaurants. The resort is close to Mallorca's capital. Playa de Palma is just in 6 km from the resort. By the way, the resort is perfect for those who do not like long trips. The airport is only a few minutes away from Playa de Palma. So if you don’t know where to stay in palma de mallorca, then you can choose this place.

Playa de Palma is the resort's main beach, which has been awarded the distinctive "blue flag". The 8km of white sand along the Mediterranean Sea attracts tourists from all over the world. The central beach is municipal, you can rent a sunbed, sun umbrella or rent a water bike and boat. For children there are playgrounds with slides.

What to visit

Mallorca is amazing and diverse. In addition to the natural attractions, there are many historical monuments from different eras that left behind the centuries-old history of the Spanish island. Mallorca's sights are the visiting card of the tourist center of the Balearic Islands, the most interesting of them are located in suburbs and small towns.

To combine beach and city sightseeing with a visit to the natural attractions of the island of Mallorca, you will need a car, and the route itself can be made by yourself. An overview of historical and architectural monuments will logically begin with the sights of Palma de Mallorca, the island's main city and port.

Palma de Mallorca is home to the "architectural" Mori Street and the recognisable grand buildings included in all the island's guides. Outstanding monument of Gothic architecture of Palma de Mallorca - Cathedral, the appearance of which was formed from XIII to XX century, and the interior decoration thought legendary architect Antoni Gaudi. In a few steps from the cathedral there is no less impressive structure - the Royal Palace of Almudaina. The only round Gothic castle in Spain, Bellver, rises above the old part of the city with a view of Palma and the bay.

Choosing the best places to stay in Mallorca Spain, you can include picturesque resorts and cities: El Arenal, Paguero, Alcudia, Porto Colom, Magaluf and its water park. By car it will be convenient to cover the natural parks, and especially the Albufera, the observation platforms, the Cartesian monastery in Valldemossa, the caves of Drach near Porto Cristo (near the road), the sanctuaries of Mount Randa and other equally interesting places.

Mallorca's activities and attractions: what to visit with a child

Mallorca has a developed family recreation industry: in the best resorts in Mallorca, there is certainly an aqua park with water slides of varying degrees of extreme and a children's pool. Among the water parks on Mallorca's list of children's attractions there are also themed attractions: for example, in the Western Water Park in Magaluf, the attractions are designed in the style of the Wild West. The water zone has many 'company' slides, extreme and wide family runs, three playgrounds (Kidzworld) and relaxation areas.

One of the main centers of entertainment on the island is the famous network park "Marineland", where twice a day there are spectacular water shows of dolphins and seals, theatrical performances with parrots. For vacationers there is an aqua zone, children and adults will be interested in visiting aquariums, zoo sites, which contain birds, reptiles and primates. 

An interesting direction for a contemplative holiday is the Botanical Garden in Soller, where you can walk for hours among the bright exotic plants and take pictures. As an alternative (or addition) to this outdoor holiday, you can visit the Botanicactus garden in southern Mallorca. The park is divided into several natural zones, where not only all kinds of cactuses grow, but also palm trees, bamboo and even lilies on the pond.

Where is the best place to stay in Mallorca

The best hotels in Mallorca are mainly located in the beach area. Cheap hotels are further away from the coast. There are also hostels. In addition to hotels and hostels, there are "Rural Hotels" in Mallorca, which are located in small towns and offer limited places. In addition to the traditional hotels, you can rent apartments in Mallorca, it may be convenient for some categories of tourists - for example families with several children who prefer to cook for themselves and so on.

Another option to stay on the island is to rent a villa. They are mainly located in the western and northern part of the island. There are several options for villas: "Casitas" - small villas, without maintenance and license; and "Luxury" - offering a wide range of services.

5 stars Hotels in Mallorca 

Mallorca has enough really luxurious hotels, where only very wealthy people can afford to rest. In total, there are a few dozen hotels in Mallorca, awarded 5 stars and sometimes completely different to each other. Hotels in Mallorca 5 stars - it is always a great service, the best rooms, often it is historic buildings. For example, the Son Vida hotel is located in a castle of the XIII century in the island's capital or La Reserva Rotana in Manacor, occupying a mansion of the XVII century. There are also 5-stars of famous international hotel chains, such as Hilton and Marriott. Usually these hotels have their own spa, gym, exclusive restaurants and other "attributes" of expensive hotels. The rooms themselves are often decorated with unique designer items and furniture, so they represent whole works of art. Although not all 5-star hotels are a realm of unprecedented luxury - there are more modest ones among them. That also affects prices - their dispersion is quite significant, because in some 5-star hotels there are rooms for 180-200 euros, and in some other hotels, the most ceap room costs more than 500 euros. So if you don’t know where to stay in Mallorca Spain and you need luxury recreation, you have to choose a 5-star hotel.

4 stars Hotels in Mallorca

If you can't afford 5 stars but you want to relax in Mallorca, 4-star hotels will help you - along with 3-star hotels, many of them boast quite nice prices. As for equipment, the rooms of such hotels will please with all necessary amenities such as air conditioning, bath, satellite TV, restaurant, etc. Some of them have spa and fitness centers, or, for example, often 4-star hotels are located in old buildings - mansions and cozy rural houses. If you are interested in all-inclusive hotels in Mallorca, some of the hotels that work on this system have 4 stars. As for prices, they start at about 100 euros and can reach in the high season 300 euros.

3 stars Hotels in Mallorca

There are a huge number of award-winning 3 star hotels on the island, so many vacationers choose Mallorca 3 star hotels, which are reasonably priced and generally enjoy the good service and good location, so they are excellent hotels in Mallorca for holidays with children. In addition, many of them are all-inclusive and the restaurants offer a buffet. Of course, these hotels are a bit more modest than the 4-star hotels and are not always located on the coast line or in historic buildings, but 3 stars is enough for a good holiday. As for prices, the most expensive 3-star hotels are closest to the beach, while the cheaper ones are often far away. The average price range is between 50 and 150 euros. And as is always the case, not all 3 star hotels are identical in terms of service and equipment.

Hotel prices in Mallorca

Prices for hotels in Mallorca, as in most Mediterranean resorts, vary markedly, as the island has a huge number of hotels at different levels. Fans of expensive vacations will surely find a suitable room that costs more than 150-200 euros - it will be 4 or 5-star hotel. However, not the wealthiest tourists are quite able to find a 4-star hotel for 100 euros, although for this price you can find a great 3-star hotel. 50-100 euros is the price for 3 and 2-star hotel, some of them are better, have good service and necessary facilities, some are worse and more modest. The best hotel in Mallorca Spain can cost more.

Apartments in Mallorca

For those tourists who want to remember the comfort of home during their holidays, there are apartments in Mallorca, recreating the atmosphere of habitual residence and often the subject of choice of a huge number of tourists. Apartments are a very trendy option for accommodation in the Mediterranean region, especially in Spain itself, so apartments for rent in Mallorca are popular, and there are enough complexes with apartments and apartment hotels. The cost of studio apartments for two adults can vary from 100-200 euros per night. Apartment complexes often have their own pool, they are located near the beaches, cafes and restaurants.

Villas in Mallorca

Villas in Mallorca are another way to stay comfortable, but to avoid a classic hotel life that many people probably do not like. Villas have separate comfortable rooms, often at quite nice prices. There is usually a pool and free wi-fi available. However, villas are sometimes located too far from the beaches, so renting a villa in Mallorca is the choice of those who seek quality and very quiet holiday.

Hotel bookings in Mallorca

Booking a hotel in Mallorca using modern technology is more than simple. Self-booking hotels in Mallorca is also attractive because you can choose the right hotel from a very large list, which can be found on the relevant websites, which provide detailed descriptions with prices. All you need is an Internet connection and a bank card with sufficient funds. But if you want to find where to stay in Palma Mallorca, you have to book hotel in advance.

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