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Weather in Mallorca in December and New Year's Eve

Mallorca is a real beach paradise loved by millions of tourists from all over the world. But in winter it's not a sunny water paradise, as the island lies in the northern hemisphere, where it's the coldest time of the year. However, it should be noted that the mallorca weather in December has some features. Here it is due to the mild Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by high plus temperatures and abundant rainfall in the form of rain. The only place where there is a possibility of frost is the Serra de Tramuntana mountainous region. In summer and early autumn, it is very popular among fans of trekking. Later it snows there, making it much more difficult to hike through the mountain passes. So let’s talk about palma de mallorca weather in December.

What do you need to know about the weather in mallorca in December

A characteristic feature of the first third of winter is the lowering of average daily temperatures. Compared to September, the air cools down by about 10-11 degrees. Light clothes in a suitcase will be an extra burden. According to the meteorological service, by midday the environment warms up only to +15 ° C. However, it is quite enough to taste all delights of a luxurious Balearic island during independent trips or participation in excursion programs.

We would like to add that the weather in mallorca in December and January is characterized by periods of calmness with low windiness and a slight increase in temperature up to +17...+18°С. Such short summer "episodes" contribute to the fact that in mid-late January Majorca is covered with a white carpet of blooming almonds. By about the same time, oranges begin to bear fruit on citrus plantations and roses bloom in garden flower beds. As you can see, the increase in the volume and intensity of rainfall, equivalent to 15 "wet" days this month, is not in vain. The earth, quenching its thirst after a dry summer, responds to the mesmerizing fragrance of nature as if knowing that very soon the hot sun will return it to its former state.

The weather forecast for about half a month is dominated by cloudy weather, with the rest of the time set aside for cloudless, clear days. It's dying now much earlier, at 5:30 pm. As darkness falls, the thermometer column falls to +8...+10°C. In the conditions of blowing southwest and north-east winds the feeling of cold increases, so it is necessary to dress as warm as possible. In general, the December trip allows you to break out of the dank and cold in the enveloping heat of the Mediterranean.

What's so interesting about Mallorca in December?

At the beginning of winter mallorca December weather conditions are favorable for both measured and active recreation. There are very few tourists on the island, a fact that is the pole of attraction for those who are bored with the crazy rhythm of the metropolises and who want to explore the monuments of the rich history of Mallorca without the inherent summertime queues, crowds, and general excitement. You can also enjoy the fullness of the experience by interacting with the pristine nature, whether you are walking in the national parks, cycling or visiting numerous parks. In addition, the December tour offers a unique chance to get closer to the local population, imbued with their traditions and culture during the festivities. So palma de mallorca December weather is pretty good to explore the island, its history and interesting places.

Beach holidays

Mallorca enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of the best Mediterranean resorts, thanks to its high environmental friendliness. Dozens of developing Blue Flags on the coast are a direct confirmation of this. The swimming season is closed in winter, as regular rainfall and a cold spell result in the sea losing the heat accumulated during the hot summer months. +16°C - This is approximately how much is recorded off the coast of this island. 

Other markings are not excluded, though. So, in 2011 till the middle of the second decade, the water temperature kept on +18°С. But this is enough only for well-tempered individuals. Usual vacationers don't pretend to the bathing and sunbathing bliss, limiting themselves to the sea motorcyon, as well as contemplating the beauty of radiant bays, a bizarre landscape of rocky cliffs and mountain ranges densely covered with oak groves and fir forests. So palma mallorca weather in December is not o good for swimming.

Entertainment and excursions

While Mallorca is an oasis of beach relaxation in summer, with an emphasis on fun and active nightlife, in winter it is a tranquil tourist area, with some tricky pleasures, such as hiking on scenic trails, hiking with picnics in the open air, trips to patriarchal villages with authentic colours and sightseeing. Visitors in December are incomparably fewer than in mid-autumn, moving from one site to another will not be hampered by human crowds and traffic congestion. The reason is weather in palma mallorca in December.

If you want to be completely independent from the public transport schedule and from palma mallorca weather in December, we recommend renting a car. It will give it a lot of additional advantages, including time savings and geographical accessibility of almost every interesting place. Among a huge number of remarkable sites scattered around the island, close attention should be paid to the architectural appearance of the capital represented by ancient houses with cozy patios and ancient majestic buildings, most of which are concentrated in the historic center. Sitting on the bench of the Cathedral, admiring the frescoes of famous masters, and bypassing the round Bellver Castle from the inside, it is certainly worth looking into the aquarium "Palma Aquarium" (in the low season entrance strictly to 3 p.m.), where the ecosystems of the oceans and seas are recreated exactly.

Interesting facts

A city like Valldemossa with the Cartesian monastery and its charming garden is just as entertaining. It is known for the stormy romance between the writer George Sand and the brilliant composer Federico Chopin. Refined natures, "hunters" of rare landscapes, and simply fascinated by photography must necessarily delight in the delightful panorama that opens up to the eye from the height of Cape Formentor. To see the island from its observation deck is to see half of its wondrous beauties. The eco-program also includes a journey through mysterious dungeons. First of all, these are the caves of Arta with the world's largest stalagmite in height of 22 m. They are located in the northeastern sleepy town of Capdepera and are divided into three halls called "Purgatory", "Hell" and "Paradise". An unforgettable light performance with musical accompaniment awaits guests at the end of their journey. Similar excursions are also organized to the Hams Caves, halfway between Manacoro and Porto Cristo. One of the halls is equipped with a cinema, and the lower station of the route has a lake with ornate lighting that hosts mini classical music concerts. Palma de mallorca weather in December is ideal for such activities.

New Year's Eve, Christmas and other holidays

On the 6th, the whole country celebrates Spanish Constitution Day. Two days later, the feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary comes. In many cities, various vernissages, concerts, musical performances, and theatrical processions are held on this occasion. On 25 December, the entire Catholic world celebrates Christmas. On the eve of Christmas Eve, a strict fast is observed and Old Testament traditions are remembered and, closer to the night, all sit at the covered table for eating with a large number of dishes. One of the grandest celebrations of this month is Flag Day celebrated in the capital on December 31. And the weather in palma de mallorca in December will be really nice to enjoy these holidays.

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