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The best beaches in Mallorca

The island of Mallorca is the pearl of Spain, shining brightly among the Balearic Islands against the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The best beaches in Mallorca stretching along the island's perimeter attract millions of tourists to its snow-white and golden sands. The north and east coasts have a long beach area with small quaint coves suitable for snorkeling and almost secluded sea and sun. The west coast's mountainous terrain hides in tiny coves that can only be reached by boat. South Mallorca stands out for its succession of commercial beaches, with a huge range of water and other attractions. Let's travel there to choose where to stay in mallorca for best beaches. You can easily find some of the best beaches in Palma De Mallorca but you can also visit other places to relax.


Magaluf has gained fame as the centre of party life on the south coast of Mallorca. The city has an extensive resort infrastructure that attracts with its comfortable hotels, magical water, night entertainment and best beaches in Mallorca Spain. In addition to sun loungers and umbrellas, they have all the necessary amenities for recreation. The Playa de Magaluf, half a kilometre long, is located in the central part of the city between the bay of Cala Vinyes and the Cape of Punta desa Torre Nova. In its center there is a pedestrian alley with numerous cafes and restaurants. Just behind the cape, on the north side for 300 meters, stretches Playa de Son Matias and behind it in the bay of Playa Palma Nova.

Each one has a choice of water activities to suit all tastes. You can go banana riding, scooter riding, sailing on a yacht or boat with clear bottom, parasailing, kite surfing, windsurfing, and diving. Spend your leisure time in the huge Aqualand water park and karting track on the outskirts of Magaluf. So if you are interested in 10 best beaches in Mallorca then visit Magaluf.

Playa de Muro

The charming town of Playa de Muro is rarely found on a map of Mallorca. It lies on the northeast coast between Alcudia and Can Picafort. It is a relatively new and thriving resort with a long white sandy coastline,  pine-covered plots and best sand beaches in Mallorca. There are several hotels along the way. The resting place is kept clean, mana azure crystal clear water, and reveals the picturesque mountain scenery.

The entrance to the sea is gentle, lasting almost 200 meters, which is perfect for families with children. In the first half of the day the sea is characterized by a small wave. At midday in summer, the excitement at sea sometimes increases due to the wind. Playa De Muro has a rental unit where you can rent a lounge chair, umbrella and safe. There are many shops and cafes near the coast.

Playa de Palma

Infrastructure of Playa de Palma all have enough showers, toilets, changing rooms, rental deck chairs and umbrellas, equipped with convenient access for people with disabilities. There are excellent conditions for water sports with the ability to cross the sea on water skis and motorcycles, mastering paragliding. The safety of the rest is guaranteed by the work of rescuers.

Behind the line, there is a bicycle lane and a pedestrian promenade dotted with hotels, bars and restaurants. Adrenaline and positive emotions will add to the rest, time spent in the local water park, aquarium and zoo. Next to Playa de Palma is its compact 200 metre Cala Estancia with snow-white sand on both sides equipped with breakwaters that create a calm bay.

Can Picafort

Situated on the north side of Playa Larga, the bay extends to the edge of Alcudia, bending smoothly around the bay. Much of its coverage is soft white sand, ending at the southern tip with a rocky shore. The sea in the coastal strip is famous for its crystal clarity and gentle sandy bottom.

Comfortable rest is provided by showers, toilets, sun loungers and umbrellas rentals. Great attention is paid to safety. There is a medical station and rescuers working daily during the high season. The range of water activities includes riding catamarans and bananas, windsurfing and water skiing. A chain of restaurants and bars stretches along the waterfront, providing live music for the public in the evenings. In Can Picafort, the Baolo Song, nestled behind a cape on the east side of a picturesque pine grove, is also worth seeing.

Vacation here for free, having paid only for an umbrella and a sunbed. The area is equipped with changing cabins, showers and toilets. Rescuers watch the water area from the tower. That the kids do not get bored, there are several playgrounds with attractions. Water sports centres offer equipment for windsurfing, water skiing or catamaran rentals. Restaurants and cafes have a good selection of food and drinks. "Blue Flag" award demonstrates its good ecology and safety.

Can Pere Antoni

Its narrow coastline, stretching for 750 meters, starting behind the structures of the cathedral, is shimmering in the sun golden sand. The crystal clear turquoise sea, with a small wave and moderately declining sunset with sandy seabed, attracts a large influx of tourists during the season. The necessary infrastructure, special access to bathing for people with disabilities are created here, and rescue workers are on duty, too.

The beach line is outlined by a picturesque promenade with numerous cocktail bars and restaurants. There is a cycle track along the promenade which is pleasant for cycling in the morning and in the evening. The only inconvenience is that it is not possible to rent a sunbed and an umbrella on site, but this can be done in the Nassau Beach Club restaurant, which is located on the east side.

Cala Torta

The wild Cala Torta, 10 kilometres from the town of Arta, is a sandy coastline surrounded by small rocks, shrubs and pines. Its impressive size: 150 meters long and 100 meters wide, the light sea breeze and the low fill of tourists create good conditions for swimming and sunbathing. Cala Torta has no infrastructure. Going there to rest, you should grab some beach accessories, food and water.

The only disadvantage is the presence of algae nailing the sea to the shore. The great slope of the sea, the sandy bottom and the bay open to all winds have become excellent conditions for setting up ships and diving. You can reach your destination by car, bus or water from Cala Mesquida bay.

Sa Coma

Sa Coma is a famous resort on the east coast of Mallorca, 5 kilometres from Porto Cristo, a favourite with Europeans. The availability of inexpensive 3-star hotels and restaurants create comfort on vacation. The city beach, which stretches along the coast for 2 kilometers, in the afternoon is in the power of a peaceful atmosphere. At dusk, the nightlife comes alive at the resort. Soft white sand, shallow coastal water with a gentle entrance and calm sea is a great place to relax with children. Sometimes dolphin flocks swim in the water area, delighting holidaymakers. Here you can find even better beaches than the best beaches in Palma De Mallorca Spain.

Es Trenc

The sea, located in the southern part of the Mallorca coast, is called the Caribbean by the locals for a 2 km long coastline covered with golden sand. Inside the island, it goes only 20 meters, creating a crowded holiday area during the high season. The water area of Es Trenc is crystal clear and clean. Despite the isolation from all resorts, will please the quantity and quality of services, including the rental of sun umbrellas and sun loungers, rescuers on duty, toilets, ramps for people with disabilities and service restaurants.

Access is free, only the services are paid for. Surrounded by a strip of pine trees, shallow coastal waters and calm sea, the area is perfect for families with children. Arrange for Es Trenc and windsurfers. Located behind the beach area of sand dunes and wetlands has become a heaven for migratory birds. Stay at the Colonia Sant Jordi Resort.

Cala Varques

The pearl of Mallorca's east coast is the natural wild Cala Varques located 12 kilometres from Porto Cristo. The secluded place, striking the harmony of golden sand and white surf of azure sea water, stretches for 90 meters and 60 meters deep. Comfortable access to the sea with a flat sandy bottom, crystal clear water - excellent conditions for a comfortable bath.

The south side of Cala Varques stands out for its bizarre rocky fragments, behind which is a tiny beach loved by nudists. The infrastructure here is completely absent, so, going to rest, you should capture the equipment for bathing and sunbathing, water and food. Coastal places with rocks are extremely popular with climbers ascending the stone northern arch to then perform a deep-sea solo - without going down, jump into the sea. There are no villages or hotels near Cala Varques, and only the sea can reach it. But it is one of the best secluded beaches in Mallorca.

Cala Pi

The area of Luc Major on the south coast of Mallorca has become famous for the picturesque town of Cala Pi, near the picturesque beach of the same name surrounded by pine trees. The white sand, enchanting turquoise water and rocky cliffs attract tourists to Cala Pi. It is only 50 meters long, but in depth it stretches for 100 meters. It is protected from the wind on both sides by tall, 30-meter-high cliffs, which gives a calm atmosphere on the water and shore. At the top of the cliff there is a 16th century tower that served as a protection of the area.

It is distinguished by its smooth slope and convenient access to the sea. For comfortable rest you can rent umbrellas with sun beds, offer drinks and ice cream. Rescue duty from morning to 6 pm ensures safe bathing. Sometimes yachts come to the bay, throwing anchors at the bay. Residential buildings rise up close, there is a bus stop and closer to the descent to the sea, which represents 147 stone steps, there is a car park. Here you can find some of the best snorkeling beaches in Mallorca.

Cala d'Or

In the elegant resort of the east coast of Cala d'Or, famous for its whitewashed raw brick buildings, there are 5 picturesque beaches - the best on the east coast of the island. Set in cozy coves surrounded by cliffs and pine forests, the miniature white sandy beaches washed by the amazingly clean turquoise sea become lively in the summer season. The largest of them and the most beautiful in the area is Cala Gran leading to the "Golden Bay".

It is only 40 meters long along the coast and up to 100 meters deep into the island. Gentle white sand, gentle descent into the sea and good service, allowing for diving, surfing, fishing, water skiing, sailing. Among the activities the most popular are water motorcycle riding. All the necessary equipment and gear are rented here. So if the area with the best beaches in La Palma Mallorca is not good enough for you, then visit this wonderful place.

Portals Nous

You can find information about the fashionable resort of Palma Portals Nous in any Mallorca guide. As one of the island's business cards, it impresses with its incredible luxury, giving special chic to the large beautiful yachts lined up in the island's largest marina. Famous and wealthy people who own luxury yachts and villas, families with children, couples from wealthy families in love come here to relax. The beach at the elite resort is public, also holds the brand of a fashionable holiday destination, one of the best on the island.

Covered with golden sand, it is kept in perfect purity, has a comfortable descent into the sea, is modernly landscaped, with umbrellas and deck chairs for rent, equipment for water sports. Due to its high status, the beach is not overcrowded even during the high season. There is a picturesque promenade with numerous restaurants, cafes and famous brand shops along the way. If you decide to feel like a celebrity without having to spare money on Portals Nous, you will have a rest with unprecedented comfort.

Cala Barca

Cala Barca is located on the southeast coast of Mallorca in a colourful bay near Mondrago Park. The area is carefully set up for holidaymakers who have the opportunity to stay at the Iberostar Club Cala Barca, located outside the beach, surrounded by a strip of oak and pine trees. The bay's narrow 25m long and 35m long shape provides protection from the winds, making the sea calm and inviting to explore the underwater realm of diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Dotted with fine sand, the bay has a smooth entrance to the sea with a sandy bottom. The facilities include showers and toilets, and there are no lifeguards. In the shade behind the territory there is a Beach Club offering an extensive menu of Mediterranean dishes and drinks. From Portopetro to Cala Barca can be reached by foot, about 1 km away.

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