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Mallorca in February

It is not a secret that trips to Mediterranean resorts are in high demand in the classic season of holidays - summer and autumn. But in winter they languish in the shackles of solitude, sinking into hibernation and dreaming of departed hot days, splashing warm waves and carefree tourists who come for a rest endless stream. It is believed that there is absolutely nothing to do at this time of year. But is it true or not? Let’s talk about the weather in Palma De Mallorca in February.

The weather in Mallorca Spain in February

Going to Mallorca in the last third of winter, you have to realize that it is not Thailand or Egypt - in T-shirts, shorts and oil shales at this time you will not walk here. Like the rest of Spain, it's the coldest part of the year. The only thing is that the Mallorca weather in February is much warmer than in some mainland cities, so down jackets and thick sweaters are superfluous. An adequate set of clothes includes a coat, a windbreaker (for clear days), several long-sleeved sweaters or raglans, jeans, and sneakers. You may need something else to wear. In this case, when packing your suitcase, navigate to the daytime air temperature of +13 ... +15 ° C, given the high humidity level, where the perception of cold is usually exacerbated. As the weather forecast shows, the general dynamics is such that on especially successful days the mercury column sets records, jumping to +17 ... +18°C. In general, there is a lot of rain in February: according to long-term observations of forecasters, the number of "wet" days reaches 13 (which, however, is 2 days less than in January).

However, the periods of cloudy weather in Mallorca in February are much less than sunny or cloudless. So walking through the patriarchal Spanish villages and picturesque provincial towns is a good idea this month! It's also the nature that pushes it in turning it into a real paradise garden. At this time, inquisitive tourists flock here to enjoy a delightful natural performance - the lush flowering of several thousand almond trees, covering the island with a delicate white-pink haze and filling fields, forests, and parks with an invisible magical scent. For Mallorca, this is a truly remarkable event, as from time immemorial, the almond nut has been considered its symbol and a major source of income. The good news is that there has been a noticeable increase in the length of daylight hours so that you can have a rich and entertaining holiday. But it should be kept in mind that with the onset of dusk it gets very cold: in the evenings the thermometer column is expected to drop to 7-8 degrees with a "plus" sign. So if you plan to stay outside until dark, take care of a warmer jacket.

What's interesting about Palma De Mallorca weather in February?

Mallorca is a wonderful Spanish island with an exceptionally mild climate, lush beauty of flowers and lush greenery. The pearl of the Balearic archipelago, Mallorca, will regain the taste for life lost in the long winter months, charge with positive emotions, and at the same time improve health. In February you can leisurely go sightseeing, get acquainted with national traditions, and enjoy hot fun at the grand carnival.

Beach recreation

The Mallorca February weather is not so good for the sun and sea bathers. The water is almost icy - about +14 ° C, and the air is very cool to decide to take off your outer clothing and put on a bathing suit. In addition, the uncomfortable winds are often blown causing only one desire - as soon as possible to hood yourself. The beaches are deserted, with no signs of infrastructure, and quite unlike what tourists see in summer. However, the fans of the atmosphere of graceful silence and tranquility will like this environment and will enjoy Mallorca weather in February.

There is nobody around. It seems that all this picturesque coast with overgrown pine groves, impregnable steep mountains, secluded azure bays and coves belong only to you and no one else. The promenades at the water's edge are not only pleasant but also useful. Inhalation of the salty breeze, mixed with aromas of wild herbs and needles, has a strengthening effect on the immune system, calms the nerves, and promises a good sleep. Take a note of the paved pedestrian capital embankment, framed on both sides by slender rows of statues palms. It's a great place to go for a walk at any time of day. Among other possible activities, we would like to mention a snow-white yacht cruise, which allows you to get to where it is very difficult to reach the shore, and fishing by boat with access to the open sea. The weather in Palma Mallorca in february is good for such a trip.

Entertainment and Excursions

Even in the low season, the island remains accessible to its guests. Just a few hours on a fast liner leaving Barcelona and you are already in its arms. Along with its breathtaking scenery, Mallorca boasts a challenging, turbulent history and, as a result, a host of centuries-old architectural and religious monuments. In winter, when the sightseeing trails are free from crowds, it is a pleasure to see them. There are three optimal options: take part in a group tour, use the services of a qualified guide, or rent a car to explore everything by yourself. Whichever of them you choose, you are guaranteed a mass of unforgettable experiences cause weather in Mallorca in February is pretty good for that.

Ancient Moorish palaces in Arabic style, rich royal residences, monasteries with relics of revered saints, Gothic cathedrals - what kind of buildings can you find here? This is because for several hundred years Mallorca has been the centre of a mix of cultures and generations. The representatives of animal and plant life deserve special attention. In Palma Nova built park "Marineland", which collected many species of marine mammals, the capital is trying to visit the "Palma Aquarium", in Palma Sineu interesting mini-zoo "Natura Parc", and in Bunyola - botanical garden "Jardins de Alfabia". For cycling enthusiasts, we recommend areas such as Saurier, where you can meet many like-minded people. Learning to play golf is a great way to diversify your leisure time. Today, there are 13 professional golf courses on the island. The evenings are perfect for tasting national dishes with a glass of good wine (there is mass cultivation of grapes and production of the wine). So if you like trekking, then Palma Mallorca weather February will be suitable for you.

Holidays and festivals

On the 3rd, some villages have a rather unusual St. Bly's feast. On this day, locals smear their houses with holy oil, believing that it helps to avoid angina. The cathedrals also illuminate dried fruits which are eaten for preventive purposes. On the 5th of February, they celebrate the day of St. Agda - the patroness of the home. The mistresses set the festive table, and the crowned young piglet with fried potatoes is the specialty of this remarkable day. February 27 commemorates the nun Sor Francina Sirer, who was named a saint by order of the Pope. A week before the beginning of Lent, almost every city hosts colorful carnival processions accompanied by dancing, music, and public outing.

What are the prices for a holiday in Mallorca in February?

The inability to swim in the sea in February is more than offset by the low prices of hotel accommodation and organised tours. On average, a holiday costs 1.5-2.5 times cheaper than a high season peak. So if you want to learn more about the island of Mallorca and avoid crowds of tourists, February is a great option for a trip. But don't forget to bring warm clothes, as Palma De Mallorca weather February may not be the most pleasant for tourists.

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