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International Schools: Best schools in Mallorca

English-language or bilingual education programs, European-style diploma, highly regarded in the world (the Spanish diploma is recognized not only in Europe, but also in the USA), affordable prices are the main components of the popularity of international school in Mallorca and Spanish education in the world. We remind you that Spanish language is becoming more and more widespread: it is spoken by more than 450 million people in 58 countries.

Private education in Spain

If you want your child to receive secondary education in Europe, then private education in Spain is an excellent choice. Here you will find quality education, excellent climate, good nutrition and much more to make your child's stay and education comfortable. Spain offers Spanish, international and foreign private schools. Children from most countries are primarily enrolled in English private schools in Spain or international schools that offer an international baccalaureate.

Spain offers a wide range of private schools in different regions of the country, and sometimes it is difficult to understand which school to choose and where to adapt more easily. There is a periodical annual ranking of private schools in Spain, which helps parents make choices.

The best private schools in Spain are in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga. The cost of a private school in Spain depends on the type of school (Spanish, foreign or international) and on the region. The most expensive schools are English and american international school of mallorca in Madrid and Barcelona. It’s not a problem to find American international school of Mallorca as well.

English and American private schools

Often parents give preference to English and American schools, after which children can enter English or American universities, which traditionally top the list of the most prestigious universities in the world. In addition, many of these schools are ranked among the best private schools in Spain.

International private schools

Most of these schools are located in the suburbs. They have vast territories. Education is provided through a mixed system that combines several Spanish based education systems. The plus here is the bilingual system of education, lower cost compared to English schools, as well as the possibility of obtaining an international baccalaureate (not in all schools), which also opens the door to all universities in the world. For example, you can find Mallorca international school, it will be really good choice.

Education in Mallorca

Education is one of the most important components of our lives. For those who already live here and for those who are going to move. There are always questions. What is it? What kind of system and philosophy is it? Will my children be able to study there? Among other things, it is very important to understand that the education system in Mallorca has three types:

  • Private schools. Here the government has nothing to do with the school. They are mainly international schools, where the main language is not Spanish, but any other language (except Agora and S'Embat schools).

  •  "Concertado" or semi-private schools. Here the government has some influence. Spanish is the main language of instruction in all schools of this type.

  • Public schools. Fully state-controlled institutions. The main language of instruction is Mallorquin. Some parents may find it difficult to accept that children living in Spain do not speak the state Spanish, but later they see that children start speaking Spanish and Mallorquin equally well. There are some really nice Balearic international school in Mallorca.

International and private schools play a huge role in the integration of children in Mallorca. Here is the list of the most popular schools:

  • Bellver International College;

  • King Richard III;

  • Baleares International College;

  • British International School;

  • Queen's College;

  • The Academy International School;

  • Escola Global;

  • Agora Portals International School.

University of the Balearic Islands

  • History and geography. The structure of the islands has always been distinctive, as it is a small state in a state. It has its own capital and suburbs, crime rate is low, life is measured, leisurely. Palma is a small city. The central part of Palma can be accessed on foot, so very soon, you'll be everywhere on the familiar places, and then even navigate as at home. The founding date of the university can be considered 1978, when after a temporary closure in 1835 and moving to Barcelona, the university returned to Mallorca. The University has branches on the other islands of the archipelago - Menorca and Ibiza.

  • Linguistic variations. The Balearic Islands are known to belong to Catalonia and therefore the languages of instruction at the university are several, namely some subjects are in Catalan. The attitude to this language is cooler than in Barcelona, but the principle of 50/50 is respected.

  • Infrastructure. The university campus is large enough but conveniently organized and it is in a 5 minute drive from Palma, surrounded by almond and orange gardens. The city centre is reachable by metro in 10-15 minutes. The buildings of the university bear the names of famous personalities in the history of the Balearic Islands. There are 7 laboratories working in the university, as much attention is paid to research projects in biology, ecology, genetics, which are funded by the government of the Balearic Islands. The research topics relate to the state of marine resources or, for example, "genetics of the island population".

  • International cooperation. The Balearic Islands are a tourist "Mecca" for many Europeans. Perhaps that is why the University of the Balearic Islands is so keen to develop and strengthen international relations.  Cooperation has been established with many countries and universities all over the world.

Education in Spain: advantages and characteristics

There are more and more people who would like to study abroad, including the Spanish kingdom. This is not surprising, because higher education in Spain gives people many advantages. As well as the American international school in Mallorca, Spain.

  • Attractive cost of studying in Spain. 

  • Education in Spain is a stage of professional career not only in Spain itself, but also in other EU countries. Some private educational institutions have their own labour exchange, which provides students with practical training and also helps them to find a job after education.

  • In addition, Spanish universities are actively involved in exchange programs with universities in the European Union and the United States.

  • To be enrolled in a Spanish university, it is sufficient to obtain an average mark in the only national exam.

  • Studying in Spain is an opportunity to get a prestigious European education, which is recognized by all EU countries. Spanish universities have enjoyed a well-deserved reputation among European universities since the Renaissance, when universities in Spain were centers of education of European scope.

  • Today, universities offer students an asset from a powerful scientific base, laboratories equipped with the latest technology and rich libraries.

  • Spanish educational institutions are flexible and focused on changing demand in the European labor market. The system of higher education in Spain focuses on the professional direction: disciplines directly related to the future profession students start studying in the 1st year.

  • Private higher education institutions of Spain offer programs in English.

  • Powerful language practice. There is no doubt that Spain is the best place to learn Spanish, spoken by 450 million people in 58 countries. And if you choose to study in English, you can also learn 2 languages.

  • The possibility of free translation from a foreign university to a public university in Spain. Translation is possible without exams, but only from the full-time department and not earlier than on the 2nd year of study to a similar or related specialty.

  • Spain is one of the world's largest centers of recreation and tourism. There are over 1700 sea and ocean beaches. The number of tourists attracted by the country's sights and enchanting spectacles significantly exceeds the country's population: over 63 million tourists visit Spain annually.

  • The Mediterranean climate is recognized as the most beneficial for health.

There are four types of divisions in the structure of Spanish universities.

  1. The university faculties cover all sciences except technical ones.

  2. Higher technical schools have a predominantly technical orientation.

  3. University schools offer certain professional skills and knowledge.

  4. University colleges teach students university programs, but do not provide vocational guidance.

If you are planning on pursuing higher education in Spain, you should consider that there are degrees such as Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees.

The bachelor's degree is divided into the following subtypes:

  • Arquitecto Tecnico - a degree that is awarded if you have studied architecture.

  • Ingeniero Tecnico is awarded to graduates who have studied technical specialties.

  • Diplomado is awarded to all other students.

The Master's Degree is considered to be the second cycle of study in Spain. This degree is also divided into the qualifications awarded at the end of this level:

  • Engineering, or Ingeniero Superior.

  • Architectural, or Arquitecto.

  • Asian, or Licenciado.

A student can obtain a doctorate only if he or she successfully completes the third level of education in Spain and presents his or her own dissertation to the Academic Council.

When is it better to start studying in Spain?

Naturally, anyone who is interested in studying in Spain wants to know when it is best to go there. You can do it right after you finish school. But here it is necessary to understand that it will require you to apply rather serious efforts. Naturally, you will have to pass several exams. You can prepare for them either on your own or with the help of teachers. You can also find some good Mallorca Baleares international school for your children.

Of course, do not forget that if you are accepted to university, you will need to apply for a special study visa at the Spanish consulate. And it is not enough just to go there, you still need to collect a package of documents and submit it for consideration. Only then the dream of education in Spain can become a reality.

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