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Buying a property with a sea view in Mallorca - the pros and cons

One in half of all real estate buyers on the island wants to buy a Mallorca beach home.

It is the largest of the Balearic Islands, belonging to Spain. Mallorca has 554km of coastline. Mallorca has crystal clear sea and fresh air. This is why property buyers in Mallorca often buy a seafront apartment.

To make it easier for you to understand how to buy a frontline property in Mallorca profitably, we have prepared an up-to-date overview of the sea view property in Mallorca.

Table of contents

  1. Prices of seafront properties in Mallorca

  2. Seafront houses in Mallorca  — the market offers and options overview

  3. Luxury panoramic view property in Mallorca - market overview

  4. What are the options for sea housing in Mallorca

  5. Sea housing - inside out review, the cost and other aspects

  6. Who should buy a house by the sea in Mallorca

Prices of seafront properties in Mallorca

The distance in which the property is located from the sea is undoubtedly a factor that affects the cost of housing. The closer a property is to the sea, the more expensive it is. Several main things increase the value of a property depending on its sea proximity.

Factors that increase the value of a property:

  • Close to the sea. Walking distance. 200 - 300 metres from the beach

  • First Line

  • Front line property

  • Limited sea view. Properties with at least some sea views, e.g. from a certain angle or from the top floor

How the location relative to the sea affects the increase in the average value of property in Mallorca:

Property types close to the sea (walking distance) First sea line Front line property Limited sea view
Villa up to +20% +50%  up to + 80% +15%
Finca up to +15% +50% up to + 100% +10%
Apartments up to +25% +35% up to + 50% +15%
Apartment blocks (comunidad) up to +30% +30% up to + 50% +20%

Obviously, sea views add significantly to the property value. 

For example: in April 2022, the average price per square metre in the popular location of Santa Ponsa in the southwest of the island is €4,902.

You can buy a modern villa in Southwest Mallorca with 400m2 of living space without a sea view for €2,000,000.

A similar villa within walking distance of the sea will cost at least €2,350,000. 

At the first line, this villa will already cost around €3,000,000.

A frontline sea view will increase the value of such a villa to €3,600,000 or even more.

However, limited sea views from a certain terrace or the top floor of a house will raise the price of a villa to €2,300,000.

The calculations are based on the average value of property in Mallorca as given by the INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística).

This rapid increase in value with sea views has not arisen by accident. The real estate market reacts by increasing prices in the segment where demand is higher.

Dmitriy Debru Yes! Mallorca Property

Yes! Mallorca Property specialist Dmitriy Debru says: 'Between 40% and 50% of all clients planning to buy property in Mallorca would like a sea view. That is, one in two buyers of real estate in Mallorca dreams of having at least some sea view. This is almost as popular as wanting to buy a villa with a swimming pool".

 The hype has not only caused a surge in sea view property prices but has also created an inevitable scarcity of such offers on the market. Investors and construction companies are closely observing the market, looking for a sea view property. And the sales period for such properties does not exceed 1.5 months.

As Mallorca is one of Europe's top tourist destinations, the opportunity to rent out properties should not be overlooked. The Mallorca rental market ranks very highly for properties located within walking distance of the beach. The rent cost of such accommodation can be 2-3 times higher than for the same property, more distant from the sea. The reservation for a property close to the sea is entirely closed by the end of January for the whole year ahead. 

Seafront houses in Mallorca  — the market offers and options overview

Real estate portals idealista and fotocasa estimate that the most popular destinations for property with a sea view are
  • Southwest of the island: Sol de Mallorca, Santa Ponsa, Port Andratx, El Toro, Port Adriano, Cala Vinyes, Camp de Mar, Paguera, Portals Nous и Bendinat.

  • Districts Palma de Mallorca El Paseo Maritimo, Portixtol, Son Vida, San Agusti и El Arenal.

  • South Mallorca: Cala Blava, Puig de Ros, Sa Torre, Sa Rapita, Badia Grande

  •  East side: Valldemossa, Deia и Soller
  • North Alcudia,  Can Picafort,  Pollenca и Muro

  • East Porto Colom, Cala Millor, Capdepera

Different regions of Mallorca have varying degrees of appeal to those interested in seafront properties Mallorca. Therefore, depending on the choice of region, the property's price will vary. For example, the southwest and some parts of Palma de Mallorca are considered more desirable and cost more than other regions.

The most popular type of property with sea views, depending on the price and region of Mallorca. 

Budget under 300.000 € 

  • Palma de Mallorca: Apartment with 2 bedrooms. Less than 90 m2.
  • South-west: Studio apartment. Up to 50 m2 area. 
  • North: Apartments. Maximum 3 bedrooms. Up to 110 m2110 м2

BUDGET 300.000 € — 500.000 €

  • Palma de Mallorca: A 3 bedroom apartment. Living space up to 130 m2.
  • South-west: Apartments with 1-2 bedrooms. Up to 100 m2 in size.
  • South: Detached house. Living area up to 200 m2 
  • North: Apartments with a tourist licence. Or a small house.

BUDGET 500.000 € — 1.000.000 €

  • Palma de Mallorca: Apartment and Penthouse with 4 bedrooms. Up to 170 m2 in size.
  • South-west: Penthouse and Apartment. up to 4 bedrooms. Areas up to 145 m2. Also land plots with sea views.
  • South: Villa or house. Up to 4 bedrooms. Up to 280 m2 living space.
  • North: Detached house. up to 5 bedrooms. Living space of up to 400 m2.
  • West: House or Finca. 2-3 bedrooms. up to 150 m2.

BUDGET 1.000.000 € — 3.000.000 €

  • Palma de Mallorca: Apartment and Penthouse with 4 bedrooms. up to 400 m2.
  • South-west: A 4-bedroom villa or finca. Up to 450 m2 in size.
  • South: A villa and finca with 5 bedrooms.  Living space is up to 480 m2. 
  • North: Luxury 4-bedroom villa. Living space of up to 450 m2.
  • West: A 4-bedroom villa. Living space of up to 600 m2.

BUDGET 3.000.000 € — 5.000.000 €

  • Palma de Mallorca: Villa Newly built. up to 5 bedrooms. Living space of up to 700 m2. 
  • South-west: Modern Villa. 4-6 bedrooms. Living area up to 600 m2.
  • South: Villa or Finca. 6-7 bedrooms. Living area up to 850 m2
  • North: Modern villa with 5 bedrooms. The area is up to 550 m2.
  • West: Villa or Finca

BUDGET > 5.000.000 €

  • Palma de Mallorca: Villa DeLux
  • South-west: Villa DeLux
  • South: Exclusive finca
  • North: Villa DeLux
  • West: Exclusive finca
4 Bedroom villa in Cala Vinyes

If you have a budget under €500,000, we recommend that you consider buying apartments within walking distance of the sea in the south-western and northern parts of the island.

For a budget between €500,000 and €1,000,000, it is best to consider penthouses and apartments in the coastal areas of Palma de Mallorca, as well as private homes in the south, southwest and north of the island.

From €1,000,000 to €3,000,000, the best option is a comfortable villa with sea views in the south and south-western part of the island.

For buyers with a budget of €3,000,000 or more, Yes! Mallorca Property offers the best luxury Mallorca panoramic view property with frontline or sea views.

Luxury panoramic view property in Mallorca — market overview

Prices for luxury Mallorca properties with sea views start at around €3,000,000. As you may have already read in our article "Property prices on Mallorca - current property market report 2022", more than 60% of all property buyers in Mallorca are foreigners. Most of them are from central Europe, Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, Austria and others. It is no secret that the residents of these countries are more solvent. The Germans, Swiss and other developed economies are prepared to spend enough to meet all their personal needs when choosing a home on the paradise island of Mallorca.

Therefore, the luxury property market in Mallorca clearly revolves around and is aimed at buyers from central Europe.

Luxury panoramic view property in Mallorca, like any other segment of the real estate market in Mallorca, have their own gradation of value, depending on their characteristics:

  • Property type. The most popular: Delux villas, exclusive fincas, penthouses.

  • Location areas: 

Palma de Mallorca

Paseo Maritimo и Son Vida


Port Andratx,  Portals Nous, Costa den Blanes, Cala Vinyes, Sol de Mallorca, Port Adriano, Nova Santa Ponsa


Residencia Georg Sand, Valldemossa и Deia

What do buyers of luxury sea view homes in Mallorca choose

BUDGET 3.000.000 € — 5.000.000 €

  • Palma de Mallorca: Sea view villas Mallorca. Direct or partial view. Lux penthouses on the seafront. 
  • South-west: Seafront view villa. Living area from 500 m2. Fincas with partial or frontal sea views. 
  • West: Exclusive fincas with direct or partial sea views.

BUDGET 5.000.000 € — 7.000.000 €

  • Palma de Mallorca: Newly built villas with panoramic sea views.  
  • South-west: Newly built panoramic view villas and fincas after renovation with 360 or partial sea views.
  • West: Mediterranean-style villas with modern furnishings, located on the first line. Exclusive fincas with panoramic views. 

BUDGET > 7.000.000 €

  • Palma de Mallorca: Luxury panoramic sea view villas with a living area of up to 2,500 m2.
  • South-west: Luxury panoramic villas at the frontline.
  • West: Luxury fincas and villas. As well as family manors and castles.

The Palma de Mallorca area is usually chosen by yacht owners to buy a luxury home with a sea view. They plan to visit the island regularly and want to be able to admire their own yacht and the port where it is docked from their terrace.
The south west side of the island is suitable for buyers of luxury real estate who want to have views of the open sea and at the same time be close to the necessary infrastructure: shops, golf courses, restaurants, yacht clubs, etc.

The western part is chosen by celebrities and people who value privacy. The slopes of the world-famous Sierra de Tramontana mountain range are home to the most modern fincas and villas with huge grounds. And the sea views here are considered by many to be some of the most beautiful in Europe.

What housing options by the sea are available in Mallorca

As previously mentioned, Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic archipelago. Among other things, Mallorca attracts property buyers with its varied topography. The plains in the centre and south of the island, the hills in the southwest and east. Of course, the Sierra de Tramontana in the west.

Thanks to the terrain, houses with sea views can be located both on the front line and in the deep of the island, where they have stunning panoramic views of the sea and mountains, full of green vegetation.

Every type of property has its pros and cons depending on its location relative to the sea. 

1.    Property located within walking distance but without a view of the sea.

This location is quite popular in Mallorca.



  • The owner can always walk to the beach.
  • Less noise level from tourists.
  • The cost is slightly lower than the same property on the first line.
  • Real estate rental value is as high as on the first line, regardless of the cost of the purchase.-       

  • No sea view
  • The buyer will consider this option an alternative to sea view property. 
  • Maintenance costs for properties 300 meters from the sea will be the same as the frontline

2.    Real estate within walking distance with a Seaview. The first line is the top option.



  • Direct sea view
  • No noise from passing cars
  • You can swim in the sea just by walking out of the house.
  • The most liquid real estate in Mallorca. If necessary, you can quickly and profitably sell.
  • A higher class of property.
  • Opportunity to make extra profits on the lease.
  • A frontal view of the sea will makr an impression on your guests    

  • Lack of offers
  • High cost. For example, in the exclusive area of Cala Viñes, the cost of seafront houses up to 35 000 000 €.
  • Property depreciation
  • Additional costs for maintenance.
  • The wind season in March is more robust. 

3. The panoramic view property on the mountain slopes. 

Often these are Finkas with a swimming pool or villas with a higher comfort class. Such real estate has fantastic sea views but is far from the coastline.



  • Beautiful view of the sea and part of the island
  • Low depreciation
  • No noise, nature sounds only
  • Few neighbours
  • Easier to get a tourist license
  • Wider market offerings
  • A higher class of property

  • You have to drive to the sea
  • The nearest stores and restaurants are not within walking distance. 

To decide on the location of your future property in Mallorca, it is recommended to visit all three types of properties with your realtor. A professional expert will offer you several options and point out their pros and cons.

Sea housing - inside out review, the cost and other aspects

Many foreigners want to buy a Mallorca beach house. Do not forget that the possession of such real estate requires additional costs for its maintenance, depending on its features.  

What additional costs will there be to maintain a seafront home in Spain:

  • Increased humidity can cause mold to spread, so you should install a severe dehumidification system. This leads to higher energy costs throughout the year. Even during periods when you are not using your home.
  • During the high wind season, there is a high possibility of rust. It leads to more frequent exterior renovations, either partial or complete.
  • The seawater is very salty. Seafront properties have a higher depreciation. The cost of additional repairs to the facade and pool are inescapable activities for owners of such properties.

  • If you own a seafront apartment , the utilities will be at least two times higher than that of the same complex, away from the sea.

The main thing to remember when buying a sea view villa - is that it can not be locked and left for six months without maintenance. Wind, high humidity, seawater and air will not spare the walls and flooring of even the most luxurious villa. We recommend that you think about this in advance and find a professional company that provides home maintenance services by the sea.

Who should buy a seafront property in Mallorca

Mallorca Seaview house is undoubtedly an excellent investment. But do not forget that such a house needs special attention. Both financial and physical maintenance all year round.

  • If you are an investor and want to buy a property for renovation or receive a passive income from the rental, frontline property in Mallorca will be an excellent investment.

  • Also, buyers who plan to spend most of the year in Mallorca, are also recommended to consider sea view apartments

  • The citizens of Central Europe can, without affecting the family budget, allocate annually enough money to maintain their seafront property in perfect condition.

Yes! Mallorca Property has extensive experience in selecting and selling properties with sea views. Look at our sea view property catalogue and leave your request. Yes! Mallorca Property specialist will contact you to describe the pros and cons and suggest alternative houses in the same class but without a sea view to make your purchase even more profitable.

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