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Buying a property in Mallorca

  1. Where to buy cheap property in Mallorca?

  2. Features of the choice of real estate in Mallorca

Do you intend to properly dispose of your funds? The best option is to buy property in Mallorca. A fairly cheap apartment or villa on the island is rather difficult to find. If you do it yourself, then, most likely, you will spend a lot of time, effort and extra money. In this case, you better enlist the support of professionals. And our agency will willingly help you.

Where to buy cheap property in Mallorca?

This question always comes up first. Each area of the island has its own features that relate not only to climate and landscape, but also the prices of real estate. In order not to make a mistake and properly manage your savings, you need to know exactly what you want.

First of all, the laws of Spain unequally consider the land located in the countryside and in the city. Your rights, depending on the status of the area, will also have differences, for example, in terms of refurbishing an apartment or house.

Prices vary not only in which part of the island the housing is built in, but also in how close to the coast or any of the many protected areas it is located. If you decide to buy property in Mallorca by the sea or near the reserve, you will have to pay much more expensive, and it will be much more difficult to make a sale and purchase transaction. Therefore, many buyers are often interested in housing, located further away from the gorgeous beaches. Here you can find a cheap, but very solid country villa. However, choosing a similar option, be prepared for the fact that you will need additional capital investments, as often such property requires major repairs.

There are people who prefer to live and relax away from the crowded resort centers. Houses in villages, scattered at the foot and on the slopes of the Sierra de Tramontana mountains - ideal if you do not like prying eyes and want to live in harmony with the pristine nature. The cost of housing in these places is very low.

Photo of the view from the penthouse in the North of Mallorca

Photo of the view from the penthouse in the North of Mallorca

Those who intend to conduct a successful business on the island, it is better to buy property in Majorca in a busy city with a large influx of tourists. An excellent choice would be a commercial property in the capital - Palma de Mallorca. Cultural and social life in the city is always very active and in terms of level it will not yield to any European metropolis.

When choosing a real estate on the island there are a number of subtleties that you definitely need to consider. Let's get acquainted with them in more detail so that you have as few problems as possible, both in the present and in the future. 

Features of the choice of real estate in Mallorca

So, you have found an inexpensive villa, townhouse or suitable for the price of building plot on which you plan to begin construction. First of all, carefully study the area and make a detailed description of the area. It is very important that the infrastructure is maximally developed, but note that there is a difference between a resort, designed to provide seasonal rest, and a year-round, intended permanent life.

Mandatory point - the presence of good transport interchanges. If you are going to do business, such as tourism, you need to close the airport. For living is also important personal acquaintance with the neighbors. You need to find out how far bars and cafes are located, and if you do not want to live in a noisy area, is it not worth your home in close proximity to a popular nightclub. Get acquainted with the plans for the future development and development of the selected area, because it may turn out that soon an object will be erected right in front of your windows that will simply ruin the opening landscape.

Carefully investigate all legal aspects. The status of the plot is important here. The first line, located in close proximity to the sea, most often belongs to the category of protected areas, and they, for the most part, are the property of the state. Familiarize yourself with all permits, because residential or commercial real estate can be built with violations of regulations. The most common non-compliance with environmental standards.

This part of Spain is subject to elements. Particularly affected are buildings located on the coast. Therefore, the question of choice must be approached from a purely practical side. If you are going to buy property in Mallorca by the sea, you need an accurate assessment of how well the object was built and maintained. There are no trifles here. It is necessary to study everything - from the state of all communications to the integrity of the roof.

Remember that in the sea there are ebbs and flows, on it storms periodically play out. Living on the shore is romance and prestige, but are you ready for high humidity and sudden changes in the weather? From time to time the first line fills with powerful tides. They happen infrequently, but they happen. And be especially careful if you are suddenly offered a very attractive discount!

photo of Villa on the beach of Mallorca

Photo of Villa on the beach of Mallorca

Our agency will help you make the right choice and a bargain. If you are convinced that you need real estate on the bank, summing up everything above, we give the following tips:

  1. The choice of the object should be made only after you have clearly defined the purpose of your purchase - business, accommodation, seasonal rest, construction.
  2. Be sure to use the services of an experienced specialist who will not only help to profitably buy property in Mallorca, taking into account the features of his appointment, location, your wishes and financial capabilities, but also make a qualified analysis of all documents.
  3. Find out how large-scale manifestations of the elements are where you want to buy a house, villa or mansion. You should get a complete picture of what a wind rose is here, how often and how strong storms rage, etc.
  4. You need to soberly assess whether you can subsequently find funds for the maintenance of your real estate. Finding money to buy is only half the battle.
  5. If you are not going to be constantly in your home by the sea, think about who will look after him and take care during the periods of your absence.

Palma de Mallorca - the pride of Spain

The island itself is a real highlight of the Mediterranean. Its territory is almost a continuous resort area. Luxurious and with health benefits here you can relax in any island part. In addition, each of the regions has its own distinctive features, as regards both climatic features and the landscape. Another distinctive feature of the island, which distinguishes it favorably from other well-known Mediterranean resort of Mecca, is a unique service. Here you will be offered such services that you will not find anywhere else.

If you decide to buy commercial real estate in Mallorca, for example, a restaurant, cafe or commercial premises, you will always be a successful businessman. In the capital of the island - Palma de Mallorca - there is a huge flow of tourists. People looking for fresh, vivid impressions are attracted here:

  • classical music festivals;
  • wine fairs;
  • international food festivals.

Photo of the penthouse in Palma de Mallorca

Photo of the penthouse in Palma de Mallorca

In the city you can freely buy newspapers and magazines in many languages of the world. Here you will have certified doctors, lawyers, tax consultants who have been educated at the best universities in Europe and the world. Representative offices of leading banks operate in Palma de Mallorca. Your children will be able to study in their native language, because in the city the doors of international schools are open for them.

The European Union continues its expansion, so the capital of the island is undergoing demographic changes. Her appearance is gradually transformed, becoming multinational. There is a massive sailing of immigrants from all over Europe. The city annually receives hundreds of millions of Euros in investments, which contributes to the prosperity of all of Majorca.

Most of the local population is involved in the tourism business and service sector, therefore, at a sufficient level speaks English, German, French, Russian and many other languages. Therefore, if you are going to do some kind of business here, you will easily find a translator here or pick up staff who will understand you perfectly well.

Palma de Mallorca without exaggeration can be called the pearl of the island. The city is located in the southern part of this piece of land. Almost half of the total population of the Balearic archipelago lives here. He who has been in the city at least once in his life falls in love with him forever. The capital of the island has an international airport and two seaports.

If you are fond of historical monuments, the city by the sea will meet you:

  • medieval quarter;
  • Almudaina Palace;
  • ancient Arab baths;
  • many old streets.

If you adore quality shopping, you need to go to Paseo del Born Boulevard or Jaime Third Street, named after one of the kings of Mallorca. Here you will find luxury jewelry stores and luxury European boutiques.

Southern part of the island, where the capital is located, is characterized by very mild climatic conditions. In many ways, thanks to its successful location - between the foothills of the Sierra de Tramontana and the Mediterranean coast - the city enjoys such a high investment attractiveness for those who want to buy property in Majorca, and prices that are high enough here do not frighten them.

When the off-season comes, the expanses of North Mallorca will be filled with numerous cyclists coming from all over the world. Wildlife lovers visit these areas of the island to observe the migration of birds.

So, you are fully confident that you want to buy real estate on the island. What should be your next steps?

How to buy property in Mallorca by the sea? Prices and other nuances of the transaction

First of all, you need to find not only the object of the forthcoming transaction, but also a reliable experienced agent who will not allow you to have even the slightest problem. Our agency will be happy to provide you with such a specialist, and his services will be inexpensive.

If you intend to buy property in Mallorca:

  • At the first stage a preliminary contract will be drawn up. This document contains all the obligations of the buyer and the seller, the procedure and terms for the implementation of subsequent actions, as well as the terms of the sale and purchase transaction and other important points.
  • Once mutual agreement has been reached regarding price and other aspects, the object can no longer be advertised as being offered for purchase.
  • All documents relating to the purchased real estate pass the stage of legal verification. If there are any burdens, violations of laws during construction or redevelopment, the lack of a part of the necessary papers, without which it is impossible to complete the re-registration process, the sales procedure is minimized until the identified discrepancies are eliminated.
  • If all the documentation for the apartment, villa, land or house is in perfect order, the transaction is notarized. The parties sign the contract. Payment is made on the conditions specified in the official agreement.

Of course, the best option for the transaction involves a personal trip of the buyer to the island in order to directly familiarize with the object on the spot. If you are satisfied with the price, and you are finally convinced that you want to buy this property in Mallorca, you can reserve it by making a certain amount. Currently, the average deposit amount is 3-6 thousand Euros.

Photo plot with sea view. Majorca

Photo plot with sea view. Majorca

All taxes related to this type of real estate transactions must be paid within 30 days from the date of signing the contract. The buyer repays the amount of VAT, stamp, registration and notarial fees. Whether residential or commercial real estate, it is drawn up in the Spanish Property Registry. The certificate on the right of full possession of the new owner will receive in about 2-3 months.

Where to buy real estate in Mallorca for business?

The most attractive, in terms of doing business, is the south-western part of the island. It is here that there are such world-famous fashionable resorts like Port Andratx and Santa Ponsa. Commercial real estate here is quite decent, but it pays off with enviable speed, and all because there are always a lot of rich tourists in these cities.

Luxury prestigious villas, standing along the first line, in these resort towns are sold from 4 million Euros. And, most importantly, impressive prices absolutely do not scare the true connoisseurs of beautiful landscapes, clean beaches and exquisite service. Here rich people and celebrities, not only from Europe, but from all over the world, live with pleasure.

At these resorts for you:

  •  - perfect golf courses;
  •  - snow-white yachts at berths;
  •  - fishing harbors supplying restaurants with fresh seafood;
  •  - sandy beaches of impeccable purity.

There are a lot of new buildings in Port Andratx and Santa Ponce, but there are also many old villas that require serious restoration (you can buy such a property in Mallorca quite cheaply).

Photo of the Villa in Santa Ponsa

Photo of the Villa in Santa Ponsa

Contact our agency and we will do everything to make you satisfied. Our experts will help you quickly find and purchase the most commercial and residential, primary and secondary, cheap and elite real estate on one of the most charming islands of the  Mediterranean Sea on the most favorable terms.

We are ready to offer you a rich selection of a wide variety of real estate. In addition to penthouses, houses, villas, townhouses and apartments, in our catalog you will find respectable estates and land plots with promising profitable development.

Mallorca is a place where you can live, relax and work right in paradise. Contact our manager - take the first step towards the realization of your dream!

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