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Property for sale in Puerto de Pollenca

Puerto de Pollenca
8 Bedroom villa in Port de Pollença
480 m2
2 500 000 €

If you want to live in Spain somewhere at the seaside, you’d better consider Mallorca. And here we recommend to look for property for sale in Port de Pollenca. The resort is situated in the North of the island and famous for its mountain landscapes and picture-perfect sea views.

Why is this place popular?

Port de Pollenca is a coastal town which used to be a fishing village in the past. Thus, you will see the authentic architecture and a lot of cafes with fish dishes. This place is not about nightlife and crowded streets. It is rather a family-friendly resort. Still, you will not be bored here. You can be involved in water sports, visit the old watchtower, arrange various routes and enjoy calm views of the bay. Here inhabitants participate in various cycling events like year-round hubs. If you want to cycle around you can hire bike without any restrictions. By the way, the town is preferred by the British mostly, so you can speak English and be sure that you are understood. You can find rather cheap property for sale in Puerto Pollensa (Mallorca).
The place is well protected from winds and very comfortable for living. The coast is lined with palm trees and beautiful pines. It offers much more than just sunny days, sandy beaches, and warm water. Here you will see gorgeous villas of various designs, sizes, and prices. There are restaurants and luxury hotels. I you want to save and get even better conditions, you can search for Puerto Pollensa rental property suggested in large amount and diversity. There are excellent apartments in a modern complexes situated near the sea with a public pool and green garden. It will take you a couple of minutes to get to the beach. You can regard a family villa with really huge land are up to 5 000 m2. Such houses include several bedrooms and bathrooms, functional kitchen, nice dining space and room for guests.

Purchase vs rent

We suggest diverse accommodation choice for those who want to rent property in Puerto Pollensa. You will find rather affordable objects. But if you want to have your own real estate, it is easy to choose among Port Pollensa property for sale. The both variants are nice under various circumstances:

  • Purchase. Investing your money into the constructions in such a prestigious area, you can count on a profit, if you decide to sell it back in several years. Still you have a splendid opportunity to live here and take all advantages of the place. To buy real estate in Puerto Pollensa is a nice choice for those who want to shift their place of residence.
  • Rent. If you want to stay here for holiday or the whole summer, you can pay much less and be sure you spend this time being surrounded with stunning scenery. At that, you do not have to stay in this town every year. You can rent the apartment in Palma or stay for a week-end in the South of the island. Try villa, penthouse, townhouse. There are a lot of variants to diverse your life and investigate Mallorca in every its corner.
Choose this place as a main or second home location. Or perhaps, you want to stay here for holidays. In any case, we will be happy to help you to make the right choice rendering our services. Reach us to discuss your expectations and we’ll find the perfect Port de Pollenca property for you!